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A visit to the 31st century with Teri Hatcher

This was absolutely unscheduled since I had already given up on making a new post for cult siren Teri Hatcher this year but as always once I start with a topic I don´t know where it will lead me and this has finally gotten so long that I decided to cut it from my newest SAVAGE DRAGON POST .

Teri Hatcher celebrates her 53rd birthday and I just have to mention her because she has so many connections to comic books. Which is the reason I wrote her cult siren post : I was tired of mentioning her in other posts.

And for those who don´t want to use the link above and read an entire post let´s see how many comic connections there are. The most obvious one is of course that Teri played the BEST Lois Lane on tv so far in the brilliant Lois & Clark - The New Adventures of Superman where she was the first actress who made it believable that Superman would choose her over other hot Justice League babes like Big Barda or Wonder Woman.

Now I said in previous posts that Teri´s breast performance on the show is in that very episode PHEROMONE, MY LOVELY ( season 1, episode 10 ) and it´s hard to beat Teri dolled up as a busty drugged out harem sex slave.

But I think Teri managed to top that with flying colors - what a segueway - in FLY HARD ( season 1,episode 19 ) which is their version of DIE HARD.

Speaking of Superman, Teri also had a guest spot on Seinfeld and Jerry Seinfeld is a big Superman fan. If you don´t believe me check out the Superman magnet on the fridge in Jerry´s apartment on that show. But that´s just a very small comic book connection. A bigger one is that Teri Hatcher did the voice of Coraline´s Mom - and the other Mother - in the animated version of Neil Gaiman´s übercreepy Coraline. And speaking of creepy things, she also appears in the episode The Thing From The Grave from Tales From The Crypt and you can read the classic EC Comic version and the short story on which it was based in my re - post from last year .

As always there are a few links I found while looking for the cover of Tales From The Crypt 22 that I want to share with my readers, some of which I might have posted before and some which I should have had when I wrote my last post. Case in point : COLLECTORS WEEKLY has an interview with Jack Davis - whom I mentioned in said post - about his EC Comics work.

You can find more art by Jack Davis from the various magazines he worked on - including the original art for the six page story The Countynental ! from MAD 14 - on INSOMNIA NOTEBOOK and you might want to check out MICHAEL SPORN ANIMATION where Bill Peckham has two posts with some of Jack Davis´ best work which includes the original art for a lot of splash pages. Speaking of making a splash ANIMATION RESOURCES has a lot of original art by Wally Wood, one of the most important guys in the history of comics EVER since he gave Power Girl her overdeveloped XXL boobies.

Apropos originals, PAPPY`S GOLDEN AGE BLOGZINE has several complete stories in the original black and white version like A Sucker For A Spider by Graham Ingels from Tales From The Crypt 29, We Ain´t Got No Body ! also by Graham Ingels from The Vault of Horror 28 and Tombs - Day by Jack Davis from The Vault of Horror 35. OWNZEE brings us The Craving Grave by Joe Orlando from Tales From The Crypt 39 and for more EC Comics reading head on over to BACK FROM THE DEPTHS where you can find Political Pull by Graham Ingels from Tales From The Crypt 26 and a lot of other stories .

PROFESSOR H`S WAYBACK MACHINE has The Living Death an adaption of Edgar Allan Poe´s story The Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar by Albert B. Feldstein and Graham Ingels from Tales From The Crypt 24 and for more Feldstein EC stories the aptly named CREEPY COMICS has The Strange Couple from The Vault of Horror 14 plus the entire issue of The Vault of Horror 26 . The next one is not really a horror comic ( although it might be for some ) but I know that at least one reader has an interest in classic british comics and it´s not the first time I write about girl comics either.

So in that spirit OUT OF THIS WORLD offers extensive picture material from the british girl´s comics School Friend Annual 1959 and Girl Annual 1965 .

Closing Today´s links INK DESTROYED MY BRUSH has the original cover for Iron Man 1 by Gene Colan and THE GREAT COMIC BOOK HEROES has a post on artist Jack Cole, best known for being the creator of Plastic Man.

Who is pretty much the basis for Ralph Dibny on The Flash which brings us full circle to Teri Hatcher who has two connections to the CW universe.

The more obvious one being that she played Mon - El´s evil mother in the last season of Supergirl. And I have to said, she killed it, figuratively and literal. How can she still look so damn hot ? I know she was the villain but I had to take a break as I was getting full on ten out of ten wood from her.

Speaking of Mon - El, I am watching the reaction videos to the CW shows because I have to watch the episodes by myself and while all the women watching it were freaking out when it was revealed that Mon - El is now married to Imra Ardeen I was more freaked out by the fact that she was supposed to be married to Lightning Lad. So what happened to Garth ?

Did he die, are they going to get married later on and is there even a Lightning Lad in the CW universe ? Man, I have to say, with all the anxiety for the next Supergirl episode in January I am not so interested in what happens to Supergirl and more hyped for Legion of Super - Heroes action.

On YouTube there are all kind of people who claim to be well versed in the DC comic book universe but there still were not that many who knew who The Ray was or anticipated the Legion of Super - Heroes when Mon - El mentioned that he had been stranded 1,000 years in the future. Apropos, it took me a while to realize that this strange " Karamel " everybody was talking about was an amalgam of the names Kara and Mon - El. Because I don´t get why people nowadays have to do that. Is it so f - wording time consuming that you don´t have the time to say Kara AND Mon - El ? The same goes for saying " ship " instead of relationship, friendship etc.

Second, lay off the dude ladies. Kara has no right to get on a high horse after how quickly she dumped Jimmy Olsen. And she was NOT away from him for seven years or separated by 1,000 years either. I mean the poor guy was left in a time period where it´s safe to say that even with a lot of kryptonian gadgets and super powers Kara is no longer alive. He moved on.

Speaking of moving on, what I want to know is that now that it looks like the Legion will help out Supergirl against Reign, did they bring Brainiac 5 ? Because in the original comic books there was this pending romance between him and Supergirl. So it would be interesting to see that.

Speaking of things that would be interested to see, they really put Alex through the ringer in this season and I´d love to see some fallout from that. She still wants to have kids and as one of the bosses at the DEO she sure can have her pick of all the strapping, healthy hunks. She can make a list of the best candidates for donating genetic material and I´m sure the guys will volunteer for the penetration patrol under the condition that they do the insemination the old fashioned way. So Alex has to swallow that bitter pill ( no pun intended ) and use any trick to get the lucky bastards to squirt as often as humanly possible even if she won´t climax.

Of course once word goes out about of her special midnight olympics all the guys at the DEO will call her by her new nickname Duracell Danvers ( because she has a copper top, she can go on forever plus she´s a bunny ) and after work they always try to get her drunk enough to drag her to the recreation pool where they take turns using Alex like a blow up sex doll.

Naturally all her hard efforts won´t work out and in the end she will have to ask somebody like J´onn J´onzz to help her out with the inception.

One more thing about the Legion : if the wait for the new episode of Supergirl may seem long the wait for the second hardcover of SUPERBOY AND THE LEGION OF SUPER - HEROES is going to be even longer because that comes out on July the 17th next year. It reprint issues 241 to 258 and DC COMICS PRESENTS 13 to 14. If you don´t have a present for that Legion fan get volume one because while it´s not perfect it´s pretty darn good.

The last volume of DC´s Archive Editions of The Legion of Super - Heroes was number 13 and I skipped that one because it was so all over the place.

And while the first Superboy and the Legion of Super - Heroes hardcover still suffers from that there are some great issues with art by Jim Starlin, James Sherman delivers some stunning pages with excellent inks by Bob McLeod, Mike Nasser and Josef Rubinstein floored me with their Mon - El spotlight and there´s also the always present Mike Grell. So this book has my recommendation and I´m predicting that volume 2 is also going to be great because Joe Staton starts to appear more regularly in these pages.

Now continuing with Teri Hatcher´s comic book connections she also appeared in Tango & Cash where she showed her dancing skills. Her co - stars were Sylvester Stallone who appeared in the first Judge Dredd movie and Arnold Schwarzenegger who was the only one who took his role as Mr. Freeze seriously in Joel Schumacher´s Batman & Robin abomination.   

Ah, yes, you want to know what the not - so - obvious connection to the CW universe is I spoke of. Well, one of Teri´s most successful shows is Desperate Housewives where she proved that she still looked racktastic . And who could ever forget the famous " I´m not a stripper ! " episode ?

You know, I always found it very strange that this incident never had any repercussions in the show. Here we have a megahot MILF like Susan Meyers being mistaken for a stripper because she is pregnant and her boobs are so blown up that all the horny students think she got implants.

And when she tells them that she´s not a stripper and that her breasts are so big because of her pregnancy - that´s it ? It´s a bit hard to swallow ( no pun intended ) that not even one of them comes to visit Susan after that.

I mean, in the real world word would get around about this hot MILF who crashed the party and was mistaken for a hooker because of her perfectly rounded boobies. You can bet the guys would be lining up to bring over her daughter´s homework although they would conveniently come over when her daughter and husband are not home. Especially the blond guy at the party who says " That´s hot. " looks like he just got a huge erection.

He would molest her until she agreed to give him a blowjob which would turn into a deepthroat session which would turn into a double breasted boner massage which would turn into having one time only sex. Which would turn into one more but this time really the last love making night.

Which would turn into wild uninhibited sex every Wednesday night. Which then would turn into every other night which would turn into every night until he has successfully tamed her to be his obedient blow up sex doll. 

Okay, coming back to what really happened on Desperate Housewives, one of her co stars is Neal McDonough a.k.a. the Arrowverse´s Damien Darhk.

I tried to find an interview with Teri Hatcher about her role on Supergirl because I was hoping for a reunion with Dean Cain but I had no luck. So here is one from David Letterman where she looks absolutely stunning !

And speaking of stunning ladies, cosplay queen extraordinaire Yaya Han has done another flawless costume and her Zhen Ji from Dynasty Warriors 8 may be my new favorite together with Tekken´s Eliza. Just check out the set of gams on my girl and the fan service window doesn´t hurt either.

Now I want to apologize for my last post - or the first part of this post ( thinking too much about these things can hurt your head ) - because I promised to try and reign things in where Yaya Han is concerned but once again things got a bit out of hand. Even though I re - wrote some of it. I can´t help it that she tickles my personal fancy as she combines four of my fetiches ( comic book / anime / cartoon sexbombs, dress up and role - playing, women with big breasts and asian girls ) but I know that I don´t really mean her as a person and am just projecting my sex fantasies on her.

So I try to be professional here but it´s hard ( no pun intended ) when she does such mind - blowing photoshoots that turn me into a drooling idiot.

Despite my impressive perv credit I must be the worst stalker though because I completely missed these new videos so I wanted to post them as soon as possible. By the way, for all those waiting for new animated GIFs of Yaya Han by yours truly that is in the works but it will take some time as I have so many other things I have to take care of like Beebo Day.

In the meantime if anybody else out there feels the urge to make one of those GIFs with superb quality and much bigger size than I can manage please be my guest. Also if anybody knows how to buy the 2018 Yaya Han calendar in Germany I´d be much obliged if said person would share that.

Apropos sharing, while I am trying to ease up on Yaya I am not completely forsaking the asian persuasion so Today´s music part is - once again - all about k - pop band Nine Muses. Ever since I posted their sexually charged performance at ( or of ? ) the Adult / Coming of Age Ceremony there have been requests for more of them so I went looking for videos but of course now I have so many music videos / live performances I want to post and so few posts to do it in and I´m not even mentioning the other k - pop bands I want to spotlight. They really are the Queens of Fanservice. Daimn, dem girls really know how to shake it and Lederhosen never looked so good !

For Today I have tried to include something festive that´s in the spirit of the holidays since Beebo Day is coming up pretty soon. So the first thing I thought about is their wonderful rendition of the classic song Santa Baby.

I know what you´re thinking. After all this talk about how sexy the girls from Nine Muses are this was a rather tame performance but don´t worry.

Instead of Silent Night, Holy Night here is Sleepless Nights of which I found literally dozens of different versions and I tried to pick the best.

I saved the piece de resistance for last as our girls get more naughty than nice and the aforementioned tight tight Lederhosen are out in force.

Now this is kind of a re - post as I included this live performance the last time I posted some of their best live gigs ( which strangely enough also contained some stuff about Teri Hatcher and Yaya Han ) but this one is of higher quality which with these videos makes all the difference. So lock the door, get the tissues ready and enjoy our girls in full screen HD glory.

After so much in this post was about Tales From The Crypt you probably expected another episode from the tv show or something about the classic cult comics from EC Comics but instead I am going with something for my spanish readers. At this point I am so far behind with posts that there are dozens of bookmarked videos I don´t get to post so I wanted to take this opportunity to post something I came across when I found Amor A Todo Gas with Peret. YouTube always suggests other videos you might find interesting and in this case there were some under the title Historias Para No Dormir - Stories To Stay Awake. I had to do a little research and the show was created, written and directed by Narciso Ibáñez Serrador and ran from 1966 to 1982. They adapted a lot of Edgar Allen Poe stories so I thought it appropriate to include their first version of The Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar called El Pacto and starring Narcisco Ibáñez Menta. Who is the father of Narciso Ibáñez Serrador and the main character in most of the episodes ( El Asfalto is a must see ). They did a second version - under the original title - for the final third season of the series. 

We are staying with adaptions of classic stories with our last video. There must be hundreds of versions of Charles Dickens´ A Christmas Carol ( heck, even Doctor Who did one even if they took the Christmas Carol part quite literally ) and I think I bookmarked a few cartoon adaptions of which this is the first one. I hope I can put up a few more until Beboo Day.

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