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The return of Flash Friday with Paul Ryan !

If you have read my last post you might be a bit surprised to see this post instead of the next installment of Mark Waid and George Perez run on THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD but since Today is Friday and CW´s The Flash has returned from its hiatus I think it´s high time to bring this series back.

Especially since I left my readers hanging with kind of a cliffhanger back in April last year. Man, I can´t believe that it´s been almost eleven months since I did my last FLASH FRIDAY post but with the course I had to do for the unemployment office and all the things that constantly came up it´s like the gods themselves tried to prevent me continuing this crossover.

As I already wrote in an earlier post there is not much Paul Ryan material after this issue of THE FLASH so even if I am continuing with the FLASH FRIDAY posts it will soon be the end of FLASH FRIDAY WITH PAUL RYAN. There is however more than enough material to keep a FLASH FRIDAY feature going and the same goes for Paul Ryan´s tenure on Marvel´s first family so maybe this will split up into two separate series. But only the future will show if I can make FANTASTIC FOUR FRIDAY WITH PAUL RYAN a thing. And if I finally can find the time to re - read the complete FLASH run ( now that I have all the missing issues ) as well as the FANTASTIC FOUR run by Tom DeFalco and Paul Ryan. For the moment I am more than happy to finally wrap up things with this three part crossover and since it has been some time since I posted the other parts you might want to re - read part one and part two . And now let´s join our story in progress.

Since I didn´t get to do a post Yesterday on International Women´s Day our entertainment section is filled with the finest specimens of female empowering to make up for that starting with wrestling valet / female wrestler / pornographic actress / swimsuit model Tylene Buck Hesemann a.k.a. Brandi Wylde who celebrated her 46th birthday on March the 7th.

Sexbomb Tylene was one of the main candidates from the SEARCH FOR POWER GIRL series on my old boob blog because of her big 34Es and what is kind of funny is that the name she used for doing adult movies, Brandi Wylde sounds less like a pornstar name than Major Gunns or Tylene Buck.

As Major Gunns ( originally they wanted to call Tylene´s character Torpedo Girl for obvious reasons ) she made all wrestling fans happy giving mouth to mouth or ripping her shirt off with her signature " bombs away " move.

Tylene was first introduced as part of the NWO harem and she always had hot outfits either as a horny secretary in a business suit with a huge cleavage that showed off her incredible bust or as a lace and leather clad party girl with not much left to the imagination doused in champagne .

And let´s not forget all the glorious times when she was wearing an itsy bitsy bikini and lounging in the pool with the other NWO Busenwunder.

I have not found any clips from her secretary phase but I will add some material as soon as I find it. She then became part or better moral / sex support for the Misfits In Action and I can only speculate what kind of demented marathon sex orgies those degenerates subjected Tylene to. 

That´s something where the is no official confirmation but everybody knows that Arn Anderson used his influence to have his way with Tylene Buck and the other guys from the NWO constantly used the valets for recreational purposes. Much in the same way that the Misfits In Action tamed Tylene in all night sex position warfare, Flying Brian Pillman made Terry Runnels dress up like a slut in a skimpy leather hooker outfit and used her like a cheap blow up sex doll in a seedy motel room to vent his uncontrollable sexual frustration or the Filthy Animals took turns banging Torrie Wilson´s pornstar body into submission when they were on tour.

Back to Tylene, she was then kidnapped by Lance Storm and pressed into service for Team Canada although she had to undergo a grueling training to become a Canadian - which was mostly an excuse for the male members of Team Canada to get Tylene Buck all sweaty and drool all over her big tits .

As a - at first reluctant - member of Team Canada Tylene was not allowed to show off her assets ( and her breast - ets ) like before despite wearing a very suggestive outfit. Talk about sending mixed messages Lance Storm.

Thankfully she never was in one of those supposedly swimsuits videos by the puritan stiffs of the WWE which are not really swimsuit videos and more making ofs as we only get to see the behind the scenes of the various photoshoots instead of what the photographer sees. I mean the models are posing for a guy who is directly in front of them so how difficult can it be to just put a film camera next to him and let it roll ? Apparently too difficult for the WWE who films them from any side but.

The only good video with the wrestling sexbombs is Divas Undressed because most of it is a lingerie contest and they could not do their usual shinanegans because of the live audience. Anyway, as I said Tylene Buck was never in one of those but don´t despair because she appeared in something much better. As most people know she did very explicit bikini videos and eventually porn but for me her breast ... I mean best moments were in the IRON MAN swimsuit videos ( she´s on volumes 3, 4 and 5 ) when she modeled supertiny microbikinis or released her big 34E airbags.

Since I gave Tylene Buck her own cult siren entry - where you can find more wrestling sexbombs as well as more pictures, GIFs and other stuff with Tylene Buck - I thought I had already posted all videos with her I had bookmarked but I did find this match where she has a catfight with Daffy.

Hawaiian sexbomb Chona Jason turned 55 who is best known for her hot sex massage / threesome scene in Sinful Intrigue where she plays Mai - Ling ( really, like there are no other names for asian women, but that´s Hollywood for you ). The main character of that movie is played by Becky Mullen so if you want to read more about the movie check out her post .

Longtime readers may be already tired of this but it seems that nowadays I can´t write a new post without mentioning hot sexbomb Becky Mullen .

Besides appearing as Sally, the farmer´s daughter on the first season of GORGEOUS LADIES OF WRESTLING and various guest appearances on every major tv show ( of which her most memorable is an episode of MARRIED WITH CHILDREN opposite Pamela Anderson ) Becky also was in various erotic midnight movies including SINFUL INTRIGUE with Chona Jason.

With all that said german audiences know her best from taking her clothes off on TUTTI FRUTTI . But her biggest contribution to american culture still is HARD HUNTED and there are two other actresses from Andy Sidaris movies who appeared on TUTTI FRUTTI, Sandra Wild and Carolyn Liu. I wrote more on this in my Andy Sidaris edition of Casting the JLA movie .

Andy Sidaris was probably THE BEST director of action movies for adults and his cast read like a WHOS´S WHO of playmates : Roberta Vasquez , Ava Cadell , brunette Cynthia Brimhall, Dona Speir , Pandora Peaks , Julie Strain , Shae Marks, Samantha Phillips and Julie K. Smith to name just a few.

Becky Mullen´s post is a spin - off that used to be in one post with Janet Jones Gretzky , best known for appearing in a white swimsuit in Police Academy 5 - Assignment Miami Beach and real live Power Girl Leslie Easterbrook who had the most famous scene in Police Academy 4 - Citizens on Patrol in which she emerges from a pool in a wet t - shirt .

The post also included 80s cult siren Monique Sluyter and the Tutti Frutti girls but that part got too long and I had to give it a post of its own which I re - posted in 2016 in a new and better version . She was a candidate from my JLA movie casting series - as Fire a.k.a. Beatriz da Costa in the Andy Sidaris Special - and before getting her solo post she was regularly in all the annual re - posts of italian mega soccer MILF Simona Ventura . But the living blow up sex doll from the Netherlands was not only in PLAYBOY multiple times she also was a big factor in my obsession on blondes with giant breast like Power Girl with her impersonation of Marilyn Monroe .

For those who haven´t read any of my previous Andy Sidaris posts besides those I already mentioned there is the Ava Cadell solo post , the Dona Speir post ( with reposts in 2017 and in 2018 ) and a Sybil Danning post .

I thought about omitting Chona Jason from the post but since I never really wrote much about her I decided to do a bit of research. Anyway, Chona likes motorcycles, fast cars and owns a Porsche Carrera. She is a former PLAYBOY model thanks to her 34C - 24 - 34 measurements but before you think this exotic beauty from Hawaii is only a master of sex techniques she also has a black belt in tae kwon do. She first flashed that well - toned body in the aptly named Knock Outs ( 1992 ) before getting les - be - friendly with a co - star while riding her man in Sinful Intrigue ( 1995 ) which may be the best way to visually enjoy this large - breasted beauty.

Chona also got naked in various episodes of the television series Erotic Confessions as well as in the movies Big Bust Casting Call, Girls of the B - Movies ( 1989 ), Dragon Fury ( 1995 ), Dish Dogs ( 2000 ) and Shira : The Vampire Samurai ( 2005 ) - which you can find on YouTube although the nude scenes have been censored - and her non nude movies include Summer Job ( 1998 ), Hard As Nails ( 2001 ) and The Time Machine ( 2002 ).

And since I already mentioned Tylene " rhymes with " Buck´s birthday I can´t skip Melina Perez who celebrates her 39th anniversary Today.

Because of her stunning physique and her athleticism Melina quickly became a crowd pleaser not in the least because of her unique way of entering the squared circle that drove all males at ringside into a frenzy.

Melina first was friends with Gail Kim but then a bitter feud between these two emerged that was great to watch. Gail Kim is one of the best female wrestlers on the planet and Melina goes at it with no remorse - she even gave Gail Kim a jumping dropkick in the face in one of the matches. I missed most of that because it shomehow fell into the period where I did not watch a lot of WWE wrestling - either I had other stuff to do or it was one of those dark periods where no tv station wanted to pick up wrestling because it was too much of a nice sport - but there were a few matches where Melina and Gail Kim faced off against each other. Okay, I could post a match where Melina fights somebody else but since I didn´t get to do a post about Gail Kim on her birthday this year I wanted to pick a video with her. I already posted one of their best fights in an earlier post so here is a video that is only part of the fight - and you can watch the full match and WWE Superstars episode here - but I picked it because it has the best quality and while it is a female / male tag team which means you also have to watch two guys wrestle ( ugh ) you really get your money´s worth here.

You know, at the moment I don´t watch a lot of wrestling thanks to my Mom holding the tv hostage but the only aspect I really miss are the women. There are some great athletes among them and most of them have incredible muscle control. Now I don´t think I have already posted this so for all those who miss old time wrestling and the classy Diva´s from before THE SPORSTER has the Top 15 Hottest GIFs of Stacy Keibler.

And we are staying in the squared circle as Rick Steiner, one half of the famous Steiner Brothers turns 57. Which brings us to hasian Leia Meow who - like Tylene Buck - has the right name plus two huge oppais for porn.

Leia a.k.a. Kristina Laum was the manager of the Jung Dragons and she always got lots of attention for her hot outfits although she also has wrestling skills and could put a Frankensteiner on Jamie Noble if necessary.

Leia Meow started at ECW under the name of Kimona Wanalaya and besides sharing a lesbian kiss with Beulah her biggest claim to fame was her infamous striptease ( sorry for the bad quality of the video ) during a long intermission after the ring broke at an ECW event. Also longtime wrestling fans might recall that she was with Rick and Scott Steiner when they were called the Varsity Club. Now I don´t care under which name the Steiner Brothers wrestle since they are a top notch tag team but because of the whole college boys angle Leia Meow dressed up as a cheerleader .

Maybe someone out there can help me out and knows from which match the animated GIF above is and where I can find the video on YouTube.

Speaking of legendary hot women, cult siren Ornella Muti turns 63 who is best known to american audiences - at least the ones from my generation - as Princess Aura in the 1980 adaption of newspaper strip Flash Gordon.

To european movie goers she was known as the stunningly beautiful - and quite often scantily clad - romantic interest in dozens of romcoms, a lot of them starring Adriano Celentano as the gruffy guy with the soft interior.

Now before people forget that this is a comic blog and start thinking this is a wrestling blog I want to include a video about the Flash and since I don´t want to include one with cartoons here is one that ties in to the Flash of Earth 2 since Jay Garrick just appeared in the latest episode of The Flash. Man, I really look forward to John Wesley Shipp´s cameos.

The reason why I did not include a cartoon video with the Flash is that the ones I still have a pretty short and I wanted to add a longer one. This may sound like a DC related video - as comic readers from my generation know they got a lot of mileage out of the name Solarman from a new identity for Superman to a new villain like in the now almost forgotten Superman V - The Quest For Peace ( some people still don´t believe this movie exists ) - but it actually ties in to Marvel comics. There actually was a comic called Solarman and the only reason I know this is that Mike Zeck did some of the covers for this short lived book. The cartoon had even worse luck since they only produced this pilot but I guess you have to decide if it was a blessing or a curse that it never went into syndication.

After I mentioned k - pop girl band Rainbow Blaxx in my last post I went back and checked if I hadn´t posted something with them before and I included one of their live performances of Cha Cha in a post. That´s right, only one and not even the best one. After working on this the last three days here are the top five live versions of Cha Cha as usual ranked from number five to the best. The order of the videos depends on the quality of the picture, the outfits and the overall hotness of the performance with extra points given for nylon stockings and dry humping the stage.

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Wine me, dine me, Frankenstein me.

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