Sunday, April 16, 2006

Pull my list ( Part two )

Yesterday I wanted to post the rest of my pull list that got shredded by Netscape but because of a new computer virus I stayed away from the internet. It´s an old saying that computers help us with the problems we wouldn´t have without them. So today I decided to write in another programm first and then to save it before posting.

That´s how I should be doing this anyway. So I´m writing this in the only writing program left on my computer : WordPad. Actually I´m not writing it anymore because now my brother all of a sudden needs the headphones on the other computer. And of course I can´t hear music on the radio or the CD player because my brother can´t have any music when he does something. Which is basically the reason why I stopped inking, drawing or doing any other kind of creative comic things because I can´t work without music. It´s just unnatural for me. If everything is dead silent I just keeep waiting for the zombies to turn up. So in order to do this posting ( which obviously not only the dark gods of the internet want to prevent but also my own brother is trying to sabotage ) I will go to my sleeping room to get the CD player.

Okay, I´m all set up to go. Normally I just listen to RedJazzRadio a podcast radioshow about jazz music ( it´s on the link list ) but since I don´t have a CD player that´s mp3 compatible I´m listening to the soundtrack of COWBOY BEBOP I got for christmas this year. COWBOY BEBOP is a science fiction anime about a crew of bounty hunters. And it has really good music from Yoko Kano. The only downside is that all the audioclips of the anime on the four CDs are in japanese so I have no idea what they are saying. But I bet it´s swearing....sure sounds like it. And the lyrics in the booklet are in japanese so I can´t read that either. Anyway, COWBOY BEBOP is really worth watching if you get the chance you should try it. The main character reminded me what Gambit of the X-Men could be if he was cool. But back to the second part of the pull list.There are still a few titles left before we come to the top spot. I have no idea what I wrote yesterday in the post that got lost so my comments are not what I originally wanted to say. So we have to make do with the tryout version.

Jason Pearson is one of the artists who sadly does very little comicbooks. Especially issues of his own comic Body Bags so I am really happy that finally there is a new issue I can read. Sadly two of the three stories contained in BODY BAGS : THREE THE HARD WAY have been published before although only in black and white. But one new story is better than nothing and if I remember correctly there is another special scheduled to come out pretty soon with more adventures of the bodacious Panda and her sidekick Mack.

One of the best ways to be an outcast in the german comicscene is to read Captain America - and saying it out loud. Captain America is probably as popular here in Germany as Hitler is in the United States. And that´s not something I just pulled out of my hat. It´s something that I experienced firsthand when I wrote ( and published ) an article on a german website why Captain America is the most important superhero of the Marvel Universe. That got a lot of reactions.

I don´t know why Marvel felt the need to start with a new number one on the current incarnation of Captain America but if it got just one new reader to pick it up then it´s okay with me. Because this series deserves to be read by more people. Ed Brubaker and especially Steve Epting deliver some of their best work with a really iconic Captain America and one of the best stories of his history. Although Steve Epting is not drawing this issue the work by Mike Perkins is almost as good. I think he also did last issue which began the story of the resurrection of the daughter of the Red Skull which I highly enjoyed. So CAPTAIN AMERICA 16 still holds a high position on my reading order.

Issue 3 / Issue 4 / Issue 5 / Issue 6 / Issue 7 / Issue 8 / Issue 9 / Issue 10 / Issue 11 / Issue 12 / Issue 13 / Issue 15 / Issue 16

The next spot on my pull list is by far the most dubious. SQUADRON SUPREME 1 owes it´s high spot only to the first incarnation as SUPREME POWER and will have to earn his stay on my pull list all over again. Going from an adults only to an all ages readers comic has so far never been a plus for any series in my experience. I can see Marvels reasoning behind this decision as faulty and out of touch with reality as it might be. But having done good by me so far I´m willing to give the book the benefit of the doubt before cancelling it. I doubt it is really going to be a better series because they toned it down and are offering a light version now but at least they didn´t change the creative team. Yet. For the moment being I´m just hoping they did not fuck up one of my favorite comics too badly.

Now what is the top spot for this month ? On the top of my reading list is without any real competition ALL STAR SUPERMAN 3 which you already have guessed because of the picture. So far I have really enjoyed all the ALL STAR issues ( yes, I know Frank Miller´s Batman is not very popular in the USA ). Grant Morrison writes a really grantmorrisonesque story which is the only way to describe it. I know it´s probably not even a real word - but it should be. There really is no one to compare him to or his unique gift to find what makes each hero cool and remind us readers of it. Or showing us for the first time like he did in his Animal Man. But I also have to mention Frank Quitely´s superb artwork ( I always have to doublecheck how to write his name - sorry ! ) who really draws Superman and Clark like two different persons. I think this is going to be one of the more memorable Superman stories on a level with WHATEVER HAPPENED TO THE MAN OF TOMORROW.

We are almost finished with my pull list now. Okay, I know what you´re thinking right now. What is left ? We just reached the top spot. The number one. Well, the last category on my pull list is the section called " Read it later ", the comics I can´t read because my comicshop missed an issue or the ones I want to read in the right ambiente. In this section we have first EXILES 75 - 79 which I can´t read because I still haven´t gotten around to read the issues before them ( issues 69 - 74 ). Because I´m a huge fan of Paul Pelletier and Tonx Bedard since NEGATION over at the now defunct CrossGen I put Exiles on my list when they took over as the new art team. But every time I was nearing the point where Exiles was on my reading order it was time to visit the comicshop again and so the issues began to pile up. When I heard that Jim Calafiore was taking over the art reigns for a storyarc I decided to wait with reading till the return of Paul Pelletier as regular artist. This way I can read all the Jim Calafiore issues real fast.

The other comic I will read later is SUPERMAN / BATMAN 24. I saved up the first issues of the series for a vacation in Spain and read them in one sitting which probably fried a few braincells due to a sensory overload of comic coolness. I then made the mistake to start reading the Supergirl stroyline before the last issue came out and was kept hanging with that cliffhanger for a few months ( there is a dirty joke with the word cliffhanger which I won´t get into now because....well, because it does not translate from german to english too well ). So I decided to wait till a special moment to read the Carlos Pacheco story. I thought I would have a chance to read it in a quiet moment maybe over christmas but that was obviously a foolish assumption on my part. The next stroyline started and when I read that the lateness of the series was due to Jeph Loeb´s son being sick and eventually dying of cancer I decided to wait thill issue 25 has come out. Hopefully Carlos Pacheco´s stint on Superman will have started at this point so that I don´t have to suffer any pachecodeprivation. That´s not a real word either I´m afraid. What the heck, I´m starting a new vocabulary right here.

So that was the rest of my pull list and after I posted this ( and edited the posting before this one ) I will get to some reviews and rants. I think the first thing on my list will be some comics I regret having bought, comics that were not worth the money. Till then, think clean thoughts.

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