Sunday, June 11, 2006

vulcan booty and comic goodies

Before I start with my post for today I wanted to mention that the comics I ordered have finally arrived on Saturday.

I ordered them from a new online dealer, namely Andi´s Comicexpress and you can take the word express literally. Not only did all the comics I had ordered arrive in pristine condition and in nice comic bags but they arrived really fast. When I´m ordering comics online I already expect to have to wait two weeks if there are any trades in the order. But not this time. Wow. My Thunderbolts collection is complete again. And I got a nice CIVIL WAR postcard and a info booklet for Erlangen. I just love it when you order comics and you get some goodies. Here is the link if you want to check them out, they have american comics and german comics :

  • Andi´s Comicexpress

  • It´s Sunday afternoon and I finally have some time to write. After watching the episode of Enterprise ( the first with the mirror universe crew. Wow, does T Pol look hot or does she look hot ? ) and some ice cream I´m " chilling ", listening to the new jazztracks I downloaded ( just go to the RedJazzRadio link on this blog ) because there has been no new show and thinking about the last comics I read.

    But then I made the mistake to google for some pictures of T Pol for my blog...thank god I didn´t google Jolene that would have taken forever. Now at least I have some decent pics to post. I even found some animated avatars from the next episode which apparently will have a fight between mirror T Pol and mirror Hoshi ( which is german slang for guy ). Catfight ! ROWWR ! I think there is a rule that women in the mirror universe have to be ten times sexier than their normal counterparts. Which i thought was impossible in t Pol´s case but a low cut uniform that accentuates her ripped midsection goes a long way. So who´s complaining ? I really like the new uniforms.

    Anyway, back to the important stuff. It´s been now two months since I started this little blog and so far I have 30 posts, two readers, one link on another site to my blog and zero comments. So my mission in Erlangen ( apart from getting tons of sketches and drawings from artists like Humberto Ramos ) has to be to pimp my blog like there is no tomorrow. Maybe that will get more traffic on my blog. And if everything else fails I have to devote one post to Power Girl.

    Now what comics did I read ? The first was Moon Knight 2 which was really excellent but a little graphic. I was quite surprised to find such heavy imagery in the comic. On on hand I thought : Yes, that´s how comics have to be done. On the other hand I thought : Now, this is nothing I would give my kids to read. I mean, having read comics in Spain and Germany I am used to pretty heavy stuff ( on the spanish end ) but also to some heavy censoring ( on the german end ). So while I applaud it I´m also wondering how much will survive if there is ever a german version.

    But let´s talk a little about the original issue. In issue 2 we learn a little more about how Marc Spector came to the low point we found him im at the end of last issue. Like I said pretty gruesome and gory stuff but it perfectly shows the ugly side of the superhero business. It´s not all about saving cats from trees and almost naked hot chicks from drowning. Some times it´s deadly, crazy arch enemies and bloodied body parts and mutilated girlfriends stuffed into refrigerators. Great storytelling and great art. This one has it all. If you have not picked it up already you should definitely check it out.

    Here are preview pages from issue 2

    Now the new Blue Beetle series gets more frustrating for me the longer I read it. Now maybe it´s just me but in Blue Beetle 3 I realized for the first time that the story is told in two different time zones. The first is before the events of One Year Later and the other...well, after. I don´t know if that is due to bad memory on my part or if it´s because of bad storytelling. But it was a really confusing read. There was a guest artist in this issue but he was not that different from Cully Hamner, the series regular artist, to distract too much from reading.

    Action Comics 838 - I almost had finished to read the issue when I realized why Superman was not using his superpowers : he didn´t have them yet. This issue takes place before the one I read last week. Okay, now it all makes sense. The art was also not that exciting so I guess I won´t be putting any Superman comics on my pull list before Carlos Pacheco starts his run.

    Fantastic Four - A death in the family was a good read with solid art by Lee Weeks who really should be doing more comics. His fill in issues of the Hulk on the Bruce Jones run were really tight and he finally deserves some regular gig. The story was not the big earth shattering epic but a nice character study about what makes Marvel´s first family so special putting the spotlight on Johnny Storm. He´s always playing the part of hot headed team member and all around goofball that people forget how intense he can be. The one thing that always has priority is the family. Just ask Don Corleone. I also liked the John Byrne Fantastic Four story that was included.

    Some preview pages

    100 Bullets 72 Is there really somebody out there who is not reading 100 Bullets ? Or hasn´t heard about it ? At the moment it is the only Vertigo book on my pull list due to the fact that it not only has great writing by Brian Azzarello but top notch art from Eduardo Risso. Now the stories are sometimes confusing for me because there is so much going on on so many fronts. But after a few issues it all falls into place and makes sense. So although I don´t know what the two brothers have to do with the big picture I´m sure it is something important.

    100 Bullets 72

    That´s all for today and I hope to get one more post done before the start of Erlangen. Because the only way for me to post some things during the time would be if somebody in Erlangen could let me use his computer. Which I very much doubt. But I will be taking my notebook ( the regular kind not the electronic version ) so that I will be able to give you my impressions and my latest misadventures when I have returned.

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