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Comic reviews again

After my little rant about translations I wanted to write about some comics I have read in the last few days before returning to the last part of my Erlangen Diary. First up are two comics from my brother´s pull list :

Birds of Prey 94 - Continuing the ONE YEAR LATER story I´m still baffled who the new member of the team is. Maybe it was explained somewhere but I have no idea who the woman with the strange powers is. For the story I don´t know what Black Canary wanted to achieve with her switch for Shiva but I fear it can lead to no good.

Skye Runner 2 - Now, I never was much of a fan of fantasy comics to begin with. Most of them are too formulaic for my tastes and use the old cliches. Or they try to establish their own universe and are much too complicated. Skye Runner is the latter for me. The art is good but the story is just not for me.

Now to the comics from my own pull list :

52 Week 4 to 9 - Now, this series is much better for me. It´s interesting to see what happened in the missing year with twists and turns appearing now and then. It seems Booster Gold is about to find out what the repercussions of his altering of the time stream are. I think he has not realized it yet but when he helped Batman in finding OMAC he changed the course of history. The scene where Ralph was pissed at him because he never told him his wife was going to be murdered showed what I was thinking the whole time. I mean Booster means weel, but he COULD have prevented her death or the death of his best friend - Blue Beetle.

Another interesting thing is what The Question is all about. He seems to know more than he let´s on and the reader is as frustrated as Officer Montoya because we only get bits and pieces.

The new Batwoman was introduced in issue 9 but I think we will see her in costume in the next issue. Now the fact that there was so much hype about Batwoman being a lesbian is kind of weird. There are two gay members ( no pun intended ) in YOUNG AVENGERS but it never got the media attention as the new Batwoman.

Which may be due to the fact that Marvel did not make a big announcement about it like - BATWOMAN IS BACK AND SHE IS A LESBIAN. Or that Marvel already knew they were going to get negative responses for trying to do Young Avengers and they thought it would be better not to tell that two of the Young Avengers are gay. Because that is not the main focus of the stories.

Now I´m curious to find out what happens in the next issue now that Luthor has cooked up his latest sceme of...well, you will find out if you read the issues.

Maybe John Irons will be able to settle his differences with his daughter but for the moment it seems like Natasha is determined to do whatever is necessary to step out of her fathers shadow as a super heroine.

Teen Titans 37 - It was already on the chopping block. This was supposed to be my last issue of the series. The art was not as good as when it began and the last few issues have been just about the new strange members of the team. But after reading the last few pages with Robin and Wonder Girl I will keep on reading. Great characterisation and a really heartwrenching scene. Robin doesn´t handle the loss of Conner very well and it may take him some time to get over it - if ever.

Thing 7 - Now this series is on the chopping block all by itself. Many comic fans are complaining that they read to many comics and have problem cutting down on the number of series to read. My problem seems to be that I´m much too fickle and spoiled when it comes to comics. Because I find it difficult to add series to my list that achieve the high qualkity standard I expect. and when I have finally found such a gem in most cases that means it´s being cancelled in the next six months. Now it seems like spidergirl WILL be back but Dan Slott´s THING is definitely cancelled despite my pimping in this blog.

Thankfully it ends only after the big poker tournament in issue 8 which should provide for a good ending in the trade. And maybe there will be a continuation if it sells well. Now issue 7 is drawn by Kieron Dwyer who is one of the artists I like but whom I don´t see in the mainstream very much. I kind of miss his art along with the likes of Kerry Gammill, Ron Lim and Mike Zeck. I guess now that the end of the series is coming Andrea de Vito will not come back but that´s okay for me. Now in the story Ben wants to give Alicia a special gift for her birthday since he´s jealous of her new boyfriend. I´m not so sure if I like the idea of Ben and alicia not being a couple anymore but things change. Which is the main focus of the story.

One of the funniest things of the issue was the panel where there are all these signes posted around Reed´s time machine. Which obviously are there to prevent Ben from using it for his own crazy ideas. But if you have to live with a crazy brother like me you already know that it´s no use. My favorite sign was the one with the words " Remember the Alamo " which has a totally new meaning in this context. I wonder what Ben´s involvement in that historic moment was that Reed uses it to remind Ben of the dangers of time travel.

  • Thing 7

  • Fantastic Four 538 - And speaking of the everloving blue eyed idol of millions Ben is also the main focus of this issue of Fantastic Four. I´m not postin the cover because they just don´t look good. In this issue with much better inside art by Mike Mc Kone the repercussions of CIVIL WAR begins. With the Human Torch hospitalized and Reed and Susan on opposite sides of the issue Ben has to decide on which side he is going to be on. Will he fight with the people of Yancy Street or against them ? So far he has tried to be neutral but there is no chance to sit on the sidelines on this one. A very good issue.

    Secret Six 2 - We get to find out more about the attack on all the secret six members in last issue. Same art team which still is not too thrilling. The only thing that I found strange was to find Ragdoll whjere he was on the last page. Didn´t he escape the attack of IBAC ? Or was this supposed to be the first Ragdoll ? Confusing.

    Shadowpact 2 - Another pre-Infinite Crisis spin off so I can´t say too much about it after the second issue. Bill Willingham´s art pleases me much more than the art in Secret Six but for the story I will wait another few issues before making a verdict.

    Blood of the Demon 16 - Another series that vanishes from my pull list without any involvement from my part. John Byrne seems to gear up for his big finale in this one with the fight of the two Etrigans....or was it three ? I guess I lost count but I love it nonetheless. I definitely have to check out the first issues of John Byrne´s new Atom series when it comes out. I really enjoyed all series that john Byrne has been involved in so far.

    Sgt Rock - The prophecy 6 - And this series also wraps up. The end of the story was a bit strange but kind of what I expected. Great art by Joe Kubert but I think this series is more gered to fans of either Sgt Rock or Joe Kubert. Despite this I urge every reader out there to check it out. If you are not already reading it maybe you will find it interesting.

    CIVIL WAR 2 - Unlike the last action packed issue this one was a litle slower paced as sides were taken and new alliances forged. The big surprise at the end was not that shocking due to the fact that it was revealed in Spider-Man. Or the Jay Leno show. Still a good read and the art by Steve McNiven looked better than ever.

    And that wraps up today´s comic reviews since my uncle will be paying me a visit in a few minutes because he has trouble with his laptop. And I have to cook.

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