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Back to the mirror universe

A while ago I posted about the ENTERPRISE episodes that took place in the mirror universe in a post called

  • vulcan booty and comic goodies

  • where I wrote about the hot women in the mirror universe in general and Tpol especially. Since I now found out how to post videos I wanted to post some I found the other week. The first one is about the two ENTERPRISE episodes including scenes from the hot catfight between Tpol and Hoshi.

    This second clip is about the hotness of the mirror universe babes from the first episode with Uhura through all following incarnations. I almost forgot the DS9 version. Makes you wonder what a SEVEN OF NINE mirror univers version would have looked like.

    Speaking of SEVEN OF NINE for me Jeri Ryan was the only reason I watched VOYAGER. If there was ever one reason to be assimilated by the borg is was to try to cyberdo it with SEVEN OF NINE. Sadly the producers of the show realized that she was too hot for television and tried to limit her sex appeal by changing her blue outfit to a darker brown that didn´t show her curves as good. Here is a clip with some highlights of SEVEN OF NINE from an otherwise lame tv series.

    But let´s not forget that this blog is mainly about comics and there is quite abacklog that I have to wade through. So let´s get right to it because I still have to do some christmas shopping. I mean if christmas was tomorrow I would have a present for everyone but I´m still looking for that special something.

    First of the comics I want to write about is STAN LEE MEETS DR. STRANGE one of four ( or was it five ) special one shots celebrating Marvel´s frontman by having him meets his creations. Even if I´m not sure if that is necessary or not any comic featuring Alan Davis is okay in my book. Especially if it is such wonderful art as in this one. Alan Davis is one of the few artists who despite incredible skills has not quite entered the superstar artist category despite decades of mindblowing artwork, not to mention his incredible writing skills. Like David Finch before NEW AVENGERS there still seems to be that ONE special project missing from Alan Davis career which might be the recently started FANTASTIC FOUR : THE END mini series. Hopefully !

    As much as I might whish for it Alan Davis is not the only artist in this issue which features three stories :

    The first one in which Stan gets to meet his creation ( come on that´s not spoiling - it says it right on the cover )written by Stan Lee himself is my favorite one although I found the story a little bit depressing. But you can´t argue with the Davis.

  • Stan Lee meets Dr.Strange

  • The second one written by Brian Michael Bendis and art by Mark Bagley is kind of a commentary about the criticism that Marvel has gotten over all the radical changes sweeping the Marvel Universe the last year. It seems a bit preachy at first but if you take a minute to think about it it does have a point. And we really don´t get to see the IMPOSSIBLE MAN as often as he deserves.

    After a two page sequence from MINI MARVELS ( one of the most funny and hilarious series from Marvel ) the last story is a reprint of MARVEL PREMIERE 3 written by Stan Lee with plot and pencils from Barry Windsor Smith as his best. The series MARVEL PREMIERE had really the broadest spectrum qualitywise which ranged from gems of the artform to really strange and experimental stuff. There also were some issues which contained comics that couldn´t get published anywhere else like the John Buscema drawn first issue of a SILVER SURFER series that was cancelled.

    All in all a really good package.

    Next is the ASTRO CITY SPECIAL. The first issue of ASTRO CITY : THE DARK AGES BOOK TWO miniseries is out so it is about time that I post my comments on this oneshot. There is not much to say about Kurt Busiek´s writing on this series or Brent Anderson´s art or Alex Ross´fine covers that hasn´t beeen said more eloquently before. This superhero series that leaves the mainstream far behind is already known to you or you are missing out on one of the best books this artform has to offer. Now I´m not sure if the story in the book has anything to do with the current ongoing story. It features Samaritan and the villain Infidel, who was drawn by Alex Ross for the WIZARD special DARK BOOK that was all about supervillains. Thanks to clamoring fans who kept asking for his appearance Kurt Busiek penned this selfcontained story. Unlike other, more mainstream books the meeting of Samaritan and Infidel was not at all what I expected but entertaining nonetheless. We also get the whole backstory of Infidel via flashback sequences. What makes ASTRO CITY so special is that it knows pretty well which parts it has to show us and which we can fill out ourselves because we have already seen them a gazillion times in other comics. I know that is not the actual cover I posted but I couldn´t find it and it´s a nice picture, isn´t it ?

    So thank you WIZARD for this one.

  • Astro City Special

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