Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Happy birthday SUBZERO !

Initially I wanted to write something about Green Lantern issues 31 and 32 but since I couldn't find any preview pages ( again ) and I haven't read the issues yet I decided against it. I still hope to get issues 29 and 30 which are the first two parts of the SECRET ORIGINS story.

I don't know what it is with DC comics lately but it seems impossible to get any preview pages. It's easier to find cbr files to download. So I'm postponing the post on that and instead I'm going to do one about the Green Lantern series and the spin off Green Lantern corps. It's been a while since I wrote something about the series but since I have been looking for pictures most of the day it's a post for another day.

Because its' my 41st birthday today I thought : What better way to celebrate it than by taking a look at what our favorite heroes have been doing in issue 41? Here are the best covers I found :

Okay, I know from personal experience how desperate you can become when you are looking for a job......but this is a bit too much. Volunteers wanted for atom bomb test ? Who the hell volunteers for somerthing like that ? And which newspaper puts such an ad on the frony page ? Daily Suicide ? Besides which scientist goes : " You know, I think we should try our new atom bomb on human test subjects. Igor, put an ad in the newspaper. "

Yes, that's the same BLACK TERROR Alan Moore used in his AMERICA BEST COMICS series. What ? You thought he invented all the characters ? It seems they became part of the public domain so everybody can use them.

I'm not sure on this one. Is that the Spirit or somebody who just looks the same ? And if it is then who swiped who ?

It seems that issue 41 is the big dinosaur issue.

The next one has KID ETERNITY on the cover. I recognised the character because Ann Nocetti ( or was it Neil Gaiman ) used him in a VERTIGO series. I never read the end of the series so I have no idea how it ended. I was cutting down on my pull list at that time and the title got elected. Maybe some day I'll look for the missing issues or maybe I'll just get rid of all the issues when I start to streamline my comic collection.

41 seems to be an unlucky number for Green Lantern.

Yes, issue 41 comes around and Hal gets it.

And it seems that Carol Ferris is always involved in issue 41.

And it seems his pal the Flash doesn't have more luck either. No matter which Flash.

Pre - Infinite Crisis Maxwell Lord. I'm still undecided if the new direction of the DC universe was worth crapping all over the best League series ever - the Giffen League.

Yes, that's the villain of the same name as Marvel's sorcerer supreme. I don't think I have read the first meeting of Tony Stark and Stephen Strange but I imagine Iron Man blasting Dr. Strange unconscious out of habit.

" Sorry, I thought you were somebody else. "

This one was always a personal favorite. Good storytelling and they concentrated on the Spider - Man / Rhino battle.

Another cover of happier times. Pre - Civil War Giant - Man which basically means.....he's still alive. I don't know but is it just me or have all series gone down the crapper ? Goliath - dead. Ant Man - government puppet. Tony Stark - alcoholic and Marvel's most hated. Maxwell Lord - dead....after turning evil.

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