Monday, September 22, 2008

What's up SUBZERO ?

For the last four days I have been trying to post something new but I just didn't have the opportunity. On the weekend my brother brought some DVDs to watch and of course we had to see three movies a day. And when he's not watching movies he's on the internet watching stuff on YouTube.

Despite what everybody says there is more than just trash on YouTube and you can find some really good clips - especially about comic related stuff. A lot of interviews which will be the topics of one of my next posts like the one about Phil Foglio. It seems that while the rest of the industry is trying to figure out what the future of comics will be he not only found the answer but he is already living it. Too bad the rest of the comicworld is too busy to notice.

I also have been a bit busy trying to convert this blog into the world's best comicblog. Well, you have to aim high. Being Germany's best comicblog is fine but why stop there ? So in order to become the best comicblog ever I have to increase my traffic, then get some sponsors or ads ( since neither DC, Marvel, Image or Dark Horse seems to be interested in making me their bitch and I have to pay for my comics somehow ) and then.......who knows ? So don't be surprised when this blog turns into a total sell - out comic blog in the near future. Got to earn the bread.

So, before all this increase of traffic, sponsoring and total sell - out happens I have to do one thing : write more posts. Today I have already wasted two hours going shopping with my brother who takes the term " going shopping " literally. I mean a normal person drives the car to the supermarket where he is going to do the shopping. My brother drives to the nearest parking facility and then goes looking for a supermarket. Turning a shopping experience into a marathon ( which comes from the greek and means " walking like a gazillion miles because he's to stupid to park the car where he shops " or something ) and wasting a lot of time.

Anyway, because of that I have only time for a quick post so I'm posting three clips from YouTube. The first one is a Batman vs Superman trailer using scenes from the first Batman movie with Michael Keaton and the Lois & Clark tv show with Dean Cain. From all the Batman vs Superman clips on YouTube this is the best one and it's a nice ELSEWORLDS experience that shows what could have happened.

Clip number two is a funnier clip that shows known Marvel characters like Thor and Professor X having a party. In the comics the most interesting parts for me were always the scenes with the superheroes when different teams would meet for team ups or to have some kind of social afterhours interaction.

No matter if it's the X - Men playing baseball or shooting hoops or the JLA meeting with the JSA for Thanksgiving ( like in JLA / JSA : VIRTUE AND VICE ) or the New Mutants on a field trip I always found it more interesting than the hero / villain fights. Not that there's something wrong with that but seeing the characters interact on a social level helps to flesh out the characters and demonstrate the team dynamic.

In my opinion there should be more of that in comics especially pool parties. Especially pool parties with teams that have a lot of hot superbabes in scantilly clad bikinis. If you remember my review of GIANT SIZE AVENGERS the only good part of the comic was seeing Ms. Marvel, Black Widow and the Wasp in their bathing suits. Without that you can totally forget the comics. Scenes like these really sell comics especially on books with a high babe percentage.

Like the New Warriors / X - Force. They had like Jubilee, Namorita, Boom Boom....etc. Which should be the topic for a COMICBABE BATTLE SPECIAL FEATURE. But really in my opinion there need to be more superhero beach parties in comics. Because when you really think about it today's comic market is kind of thinking it's making comics for it's main audience : namely guys between 19 and 36. But it really isn't. I mean what do you prefer to read : some superhero having problems with women and whinig about it for pages without end or cool guys and hot chicks having a pool party ?

See ? But there's no comic out there like that. So comics are not really made for their main audience. And that for me is a bigger problem than kids not reading comics.

But more about that when we discuss the KIRKMAN MANIFEST. Man, there really needs to be a comic titled SUPERHERO POOL PARTY. And don't try to steal my idea. You heard it here first. Anyway, there need to be more parties in comics. And this clip shows how I always picture those events - not the clean, censored versions we see in most comics. There's probably more stuff going on than we can see in the comics like Guy Gardner throwing Power Girl into the pool

or Lobo spiking the drinks.

Last but not least is a clip from KA - PUFF ! number 7 called " Der Maskenmann " and it's more for my german readers. KA - PUFF ! is a comic magazine that can be seen through a tv station from Austria that's really interesting, funny and informative. I would have put a link on this post but so far I have found no website where you can see their stuff. There is one episode on MILLUS' website and a few short clips on YouTube ( though mostly short trailers ) but that's all.

If you live abroad you probably don't know KA - PUFF ! If you live in Germany......well, it's practically the same. You can only see the episodes on their website via live - stream. But the websites is constantly down and the live - stream doesn't work whenever the episodes are aired. They are always fixing it afterwards but then it's already too late and you have to wait for the next episode. Of course till then the live - stream is on the fritz again.

And of course they don't have an archive for past episodes. The only way to see the episodes is through some links for MEGAUPLOAD that have been posted on the german messageboard Comicforum. I used to go there on a daily basis but since writing my own blog I haven't as much time as I used to have. Maybe that's gonna change when I get back to Germany. Anyway, here's the link to the Comicforum with the links for watching KA - PUFF !! :

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  • Maybe I can post more later today since there's nothing interesting on spanish tv and on german tv their a showing reruns of angel. And don't forget to RSS this blog if you like it.

    Here's a secret invasion banner I found on the net. I have been making my own secret invasion banners but I'm afraid they're too sexy to post them on superblog. Maybe I will put some on my other blog.

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