Thursday, September 18, 2008

more troubles

So. It looks like I'm going to stay a bit longer in Spain than I wanted. The good news is that I now have my return ticket to Germany. The bad news is it's two months later than I had initially planned.

So instead of getting a headstart on my Mom to bring all my comic stuff in order I'm going to be thrown headlong into it secret comic raid stealth missions and all. Just another catastrophy waiting to happen. Ah, the exciting life of a comic book addict. That should have been the name of my blog. Whatever.

Yesterday before going to bed I was surfing the internet to see if I could find more pictures by Alex Miranda.

Since I have now two more months to kill ( and since my brother will be back in Germany early next month which frees the computer for me ) I thought maybe it's high time to resurrect one of my favorite categories : COMICBABE BATTLE. For me it's always fun to do and since I get more responses from my readers for this section tham anything else it seems to be pretty popular in that departement. It's true that I have most of my files for that section in Germany but with a bit of luck I can do one or two full entries. Or if not a full entry maybe another spotlight on a COMICBABE DELUXE like I already did on Jessica Rabbit ( at least I think I did one ).

Anyway, while looking for the Miranda stuff I stumbled upon a website that has tons of nice babe pics besides of tons of political cartoons. Now while I'm not going to post any political stuff ( the two things that are too dangerous to discuss are always politics and religion ) there is a lot of potential material for COMICBABE BATTLE. So today ( and probably tomorrow ) I will be reviewing four years worth of postings and I won't be posting those long rants you have come to expect from me.

Nevertheless I'm trying to put up something whenever I can. Now that I have a counter ( although I still haven't figured out how to get one with a display ) I know that I have more than three readers so I want to post more frequently. I can't promise that I can post something tomorrow but since I already have all the material for a possible new post it's not going to be that long.

So for today it's just this quick announcement with a few picks as a small preview for future posts.

Next time we will get to the fallout from DEATH OF THE NEW GODS.

A small reminder to check out my other blog ( link on the right side ) where I have added more Janet Jackson goodness ,more about Pamela Anderson and overhauled the Christine Mendoza entry as well as the one about Debbe Dunning

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