Monday, February 02, 2009

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This weekend after two months I finally received a letter from the unemployment office which to my chagrin did not contain the expected notification if my solicitation for receiving financial support has been approved but rather more questions about the same thing as in the last letter. And they asked for more documents and papers.......effing bureaucrats.

I swear Gemany has the most bureaucracy in the whole world. Today I wrote a reply and I hope that it won´t take forever to get this whole thing wrapped up. Understandably I wasn´t in the mood to write many posts since then ( especially if it means that my wonderful MADMAN post won´t be on the first page anymore ) but there are a few things I wanted to mention. I´m not one who posts much in the departement of news because I used to think that readers who are interested in that stuff can get that information much quicker and with more hard facts on other news sites.

Well, Yesterday I was over at COMICGATE reading their WELT AM DRAHT news section because I wanted to read the coverage of the french comic convention in Angouleme when I realized that I made the announcment about the HORST RELOADED blog ( Geier even used this title when he made the announcement on the german Comicforum - how cool is that ? ) almost a full week before they posted it. I also have mentioned the price increase from 2.99 to 3.99 that Marvel is implementing right now as well as the trouble with PREVIEWS upping the ante in respect for what articles in the catalogue have to create in revenue to stay in the catalogue at least one week before it was mentioned on Comicgate.

So I think I´m going to write a bit more about such important news in the future. For my readers who regularly consult NEWSARAMA or COMIC BOOK RESOURCES it may be old news but my german readers will get the chance to read it a week before it´s mentioned on COMICGATE.

Who knows ? If this is successful and turns into a regular thing maybe they will put the news on their blog earlier. I mean I´ve made them enough offers about translating parts of my blog for them - like my series about the comic conventions in Barcelona. Although it´s kind on unnerving if you have to give somebody the direction for a blog you have been writing for three years now. Especially if that person says he´s up to date on everything related to comics on the internet. " Wow, you got your own blog ? And how long have you been writing ? " Thanks.

Anyway, this just reminds me that one of these days I have to post my " Why Wolverine has to be an ugly bridge troll " essay I wrote for them years ago and which to my knowledge never got posted on Comicgate.

Speaking about announcing things before they are posted anywhere else there is a new podcast especially about the Legion of Super - Heroes called THE LEGION OF SUBSTITUTE PODCASTERS where you can find all the information about the Legion, it´s members, the creators involved and basically all things Legion. There are 17 episodes on the site so far which even cover the FINAL CRISIS : LEGION OF THREE WORLDS and SUPERMAN AND THE LEGION OF SUPER - HEROES storyarcs.

Okay, as the title says : new feature. You may have noticed that I have added a new widget ( what we used to call gadget in the 80s ) to the blog. Last week I noticed that I now had a regular follower but since I had not added the necessary display for that I only noticed it on the dashboard for the blog. So now I have my first " official " regular follower. Well, I like to think that I had one or two regular readers before that - thanks to all my regular readers - but now I´ve got an official follower.

Which I have to say sounds a bit like a cult. Beware of my follower you miserable unbelievers. Or is a follower more like a stalker. You have been followed. Anyway, since I´m not averse to the idea of world domination I´m sticking to the cult thing. My first official follower ( and hopefully just the first of millions ) is the writer of the fantastic blog WARREN PEACE SINGS THE BLUES whom I just recently wrote an e - mail about doing a link exchange.

I don´t know if he misunderstood the e - mail I wrote or if he thought this would be a better way. In any case it prompted me to add the " follow this blog " feature which is awesome.

I have no idea how it is different from the RSS feed but it´s just awesome. Every thing new and shiny is. Yes, I´m easily excited. Okay, that just sounds wrong on so many levels. Anyway, the new feature is now on the blog so you can become a follower if you want to support TALES FROM THE KRYPTONIAN. And if you don´t want any attention you can become an anonimous follower. No pressure there.

Back to WARREN PEACE SINGS THE BLUES : it´s a blog about the kind of comics I don´t read or better the comics I used to read when I had more money. Yes, it´s all about the Benjamins. When I had more money I went to the comic shop more often and in between buying my usual mainstream comics from Marvel and DC I bought much more stuff from independent publishers. Right now I´m on a pretty tight budget and with the backlog of almost one year these are the comics that fall to the wayside.

Apart from Terry Moore´s ECHO, Erik Larsen´s SAVAGE DRAGON, Stan Sakai´s USAGI YOJIMBO and Jim Balent´s TAROT there are no independent books I can follow.

So it´s nice to have the possibility to read about that part of the comic industry on WARREN PEACE SINGS THE BLUES. That way I could find out that new material has been released by LOVE AND ROCKETS creators Jame and Gilbert Hernandez in the form of LOVE AND ROCKETS : NEW STORIES 1 as well as SPEAK OF THE DEVIL by Gilbert Hernandez alone. I prefer the works they do together because the solo comics from Gilbert have too much drama and are waaaay too heavy for me.

Okay, time to wrap up this post that has become longer then I expected. Check out WARREN PEACE SINGS THE BLUES and head over to COMICGATE or directly to WELT AM DRAHT if you want to read about Angouleme. There are links to the english version of the Angouleme website as well as links to other blog who covered the event. For me as someone who doesn´t read many french or belgian comics it´s not that interesting. I find most franco - belgian comics deliver in the art departement but fail where the story is concerned. And as mentioned I read more stuff when I had a bigger budget to spend. I think one thing all comic readers have to face is cutting down on the number of comics they buy.

Which may not be as big a problem as we think because the new policy of PREVIEWS could mean the end of the direct market and the end of many indie publishers.

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