Tuesday, February 24, 2009

John Byrne appreciating Tuesday

Today I spent a lot of time with my comic collection. After the crushing experience of selling some of my comics to the comic shop I frequent for......well, measly 20 bucks I have decided to try the marketplace in the PANINI message board to peddle my stuff.

Since I did get less than 50 cents for the comics I sold to the comic shop I think it would be better to first try to sell them online. If I can get at least 1 buck per comic that is twice as much as I get from the shop. And any comics that are unsellable online I can still bring to the comic shop. I´m not sure if anyone wants the issues I´m trying to get rid of - especially those old issues of SPIDERMAN CHAPTER ONE, ASSASIN SCHOOL, SHI and some issues of TERRA OSCURA....well, you know the drill.

It´s harder to select the parts of my comic collection I want to get rid of now that I know that I probably won´t get enough to buy a chewing gum for a comic. And I have more comics in my collection than I thought I had. Stuff I totally forgot. But somehow I can´t give them away - they are like my kids. My own flesh and blood. One of the reasons why I avoid doing stuff like this where I have to pull out a lot of my comic collection are the looks I get from my mother. You can see that she thinks : It´s all trash. Someday when he sleeps I´m going to throw it all away. Ah, the love of a mother. Nothing has destroyed as many comic collections.

So Today I´m going to start a new thread at the message board to see if anybody´s interested. Like I said I was going through my comic collection which meant bringing all the comic boxes I have stored in the basement up, looking them through and deciding which to keep and which to get rid of. I also rearranged some of the boxes to get all the HULK issues ( well, most of them ) in one box as well as most of the TITANS issues.

Previously I had taken the John Byrne issues and the Dale Keown issues where I can easily reach them so I can read them whenever I want. But the fact is that I never got around to it so I decided to put them all together so I can find them when I need them. As for the TITANS issues - I had totally forgotten how many restarts the book has had over the years. If you think trying to follow THE LEGION is difficult you can try to figure out TITANS continuity with TITANS, THE TITANS, TEEN TITANS, NEW TITANS, NEW TEEN TITANS, TEAM TITANS, TITANS TOTAL SELLOUT, TALES OF THE TEEN TITANS and so on. Some of the titles even have two or three volumes.

But we will get to my big TITANS post at another time I´m afraid. So today I had to haul all my comic boxes upstairs only to bring them back to the basement again which is the only sport I practice at the moment. No, really, that´s my only exercise. The good thing is that I finally found a few things I was looking for. One of the things was MARVEL FANFARE 11 which is the second part of the BLACK WIDOW story by George Perez. I was sure that I bought issue 11 at the Comicboerse in Stuttgart but at that time I had totally forgotten where I had put issue 10.

It´s the classic case where each time I find one of the issues I have totally forgotten where I put the other issue. And every time I tell myself : I´m going to put the issue I have somewhere I can remember later. And it never fails. Whenever I find the other issue I have totally forgotten where that special place is where I put the other issue. Well, now I have them both together in one place. I just don´t know if I have issue 12 somewhere. But right now I don´t care.

The other good thing is that I put some things together like all the NEXUS issues with the other comics by Steve Rude like THE MOTH or the CAPTAIN AMERICA and SPIDER - MAN miniseries he did. Did you know he did an issue of TEEN TITANS ? I also found the JLA / DOOM PATROL issues by John Byrne I wanted to re - read for quite some time. Every time I had to look for some comics in the comic boxes I have upstairs I was looking for those issues but I just couldn´t find them. Well, now I know that was because they weren´t upstairs at all.

I know what you´re thinking right now : why would anyone even buy the JLA / DOOM PATROL issues least of all read them ? Twice ? What can I say ? If you are a regular reader you might remember that I already wrote that I still have a soft spot for John Byrne in my comic collecting heart. All right, there are some comics he did that I´m trying to get rid of right now like ( as I already mentioned ) SPIDER - MAN CHAPTER ONE but I still find some of his stuff highly entertaining. It may not be hip to today´s comic reading audience but to an old geezer like me that´s not as important as being able to tell an entertaining story.

In fact I have the trade of the issues he did for JLA CLASSIFIED ( I think they were the last issues of the title ) in my comic box at the comic shop. Anyway, now I can read them again. Staying on the subject of John Byrne ( I think I have already lost my complete readership right now ) one of the things I now have upstairs is the complete collection of NEXT MEN one of the best books by John Byrne ever. Sadly the series was cancelled before it´s intended finale so we will never find out what his plans were. But it was one hell of a ride.

If you haven´t read the series you should definitely check them out as some of the issues have been collected to trade since. In the series John´s different art style began to show where he went into a more realistic style to better transport the subject matter. What I have always liked about John Byrne is that he is always different in each book he does. Unless he does two books at the same time.....yes, he is one of the few artists who can pull that off......his style is different on each new book. Like the art on DEMON is not exactly the same as on DOOM PATROL.

The art on JLA is also different even if it´s the prologue to the DOOM PATROL series. A fact that went totally over the head of the comic reading community in Germany. It is one of the big mysteries how anybody reading comics for more than two years cannot come to the conclusion that if a certain creative team does a story in JLA guest starring a new team that´s scheduled to get it´s own series afterwards - well, that the story in JLA has to be the lead - in to the new series. Sounds obvious to me but apparently I was the only one in Germany.

Well, anyway, the one thing I really would like to see is a new edition of the SUPERMAN issues John Byrne did that were totally changed by the inker. I mean if you are the artist you draw the pages. And if you are the inker then you just do the inks. But changing the art and doing more work than you´re getting paid for just to feed your ego ? I´ll never understand that. The job of an inker is to support the artists and let him shine. Not tweaking his art to what you think it should look like.

And did I mention that it is MORE work ? Work you don´t get paid for ? So, that´s what I would like to see from DC. Because I saw some original pages in a n issue of DOLMEN and it looks much more emotional and more dynamic than after the inks.

That being said I will now go to the message borad to post my new treat to sell my comics. And read some John Byrne stuff later on. And hopefully I will get to my big TEEN TITANS post next time. For real.

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