Sunday, June 21, 2009

New links I should have put up long ago

From time to time I like to look for my blog in the search engines. Not only because of vanity but to see who links to my blog.

Or who mentions it. Which is only recommended because while you may know the people you contacted or got in touch with and who you know to have a link to your blog - there may be people out there who mention your blog or even link to your blog without your knowledge. And some of them are so selfless they don´t even tell you that. So I like to surf the net to see if my blog appears somewhere I´m not aware of.

One such website that mentions my blog is BOOKSTEVE´S LIBRARY but I haven´t had time to really read the blog so I can´t tell you what it´s all about. In any case here´s the link :

  • post about my blog on booksteve´s library

  • I found some other websites on this search website called Technorati :

  • my blog on technorati

  • Some of them I already knew because they are link partners like GREAT CEASAR´S POST or BOB MITCHELL IN THE21ST CENTURY. And I wasn´t surprised that MATCHING DRAGOONS came up since I did a post about Jonah Hex in which I put a link to the site.

    So I knew that there was the "The number one Jonah Hex fansite" quote in the " They at last read me " section of the blog. What I didn´t know is that there´s a link to my blog right next to it as well as a link in his link section. Hell, he even did a short post about my blog.

  • matching dragoons´ post about my blog

  • Tales From the Kryptonian is a new addition to the comic book links section. From Germany, he covers both DC & Marvel and has some pretty interesting insight on the different books and the teams contained therein.

    Swing by, tell him howdy, and if ya like him, toss him a link.

    Now if that´s not enough to get on my link section I don´t know what is. So there´s now a permanent link to MATCHING DRAGOONS ( aptly named after Jonah Hex´ weapons of choice a matching pair of Colt Dragoons ) not only the number one Jonah Hex fansite but the number one resource page - period - about Jonah Hex.

    It has like hundreds of posts about why Jonah Hex is the meanest SOB who ever lived and if you don´t believe me just read the entry about how Jonah Hex manages to shoot a guy while being dead, stuffed an mounted on a pedestrial.

  • hardcore jonah hex

  • The blog has also a complete list of Jonah Hex´injuries and a bodycount feature ( currently : Jonah Hex - 407, Scalphunter - 5 ). Here is the link to the main site, go check it out I´m sure you´ll like it. And if you do drop Dwayne, the canoe guy a comment and tell him SUBZERO sent you :

  • matching dragoons

  • Another blog that has a link to my blog but I didn´t link back to is RANDOM HAPPENSTANCE. A few months ago I wrote a comment on his blog about doing a link exchange but I totally forgot to leave my e - mail address or to click the notifier button in the comment section. So I was totally oblivious that he had taken me up on my offer and he probably must have been thinking : " that guy never linked back to me. What a gyp ! " No, sorry, I just totally forgot. Mea culpa. I have also put it in the permanent link section so I hope he can forgive me.

  • random happenstance

  • This search engine called Read Wire comes up with a few of my posts for the search terms " dead " and " girl " since I mentioned the Marvel character Dead Girl in a few of my posts. It doesn´t link directly to my blog, rather they show my posts in a page with their own layout. But there IS a link to my blog on the top of the page so I don´t really mind.

  • my posts which mention dead girl

  • On another search engine called Big Devil my blog appears when you search for the words " kryptonian " and " words ". Of course you can also find my blog if you just type in the words " kryptonian " and " tales ".

  • my blog on big devil

  • And for some strange reason my blog is cited as refering to I LOVE ROB LIEFELD and mentions " All Star Superman in 11 panels " which I linked on my blog on this site dossier to I LOVE ROB LIEFELD. Who knows how that´s connected ?

  • site dossier for i love rob liefeld

  • I have also looked for my own blog on this site. I still don´t understand all the info you get with this search but I´m not going to post the entry for my blog. I don´t want any hackers out there to sabotage my blog. It´s enough that my own computer is constantly working against me - as all the persons around me.

    So that was the rundown of the new websites where I got mentioned and to which I wanted to say thanks. And to all the websites that linked to me and I didn´t link back before now : Sorry guys.

    New to the blog ? Everything you need to know about TALES FROM THE KRYPTONIAN :

  • top ten posts

  • more posts of interest


    Dwayne "the canoe guy" said...

    'Matching Dragoons' was the weapon of choice for Jonah. he had a matching pair of Colt Dragoons (I don't remember which issue they first showed up in).

    Thanks for the linky love. I always enjoy your views on the various books that are out there.

    Dwayne "the canoe guy" said...

    Wow, Sexy, you said it better than anyone else could have.

    SUBZERO said...

    Wow, I´m gone for two days and somebody hijacks the comment section. I have no idea what that was all about but now the previous comment just looks weird.

    Anonymous said...

    You are a very smart person!

    Anonymous said...

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