Friday, June 19, 2009

Your next favorite superhero book

Since I haven´t posted much the last few days I thought I could share a review I wrote for amazon.

You may not know it but a few months ago I started to pimp my blog more seriously which also included becoming an amazon partner and putting order links on my blog. Now so far this hasn´t generated any income but today I got an e - mail from amazon asking me if I wanted to write a review about LOVE AND CAPES - DO YOU WANT TO KNOW A SECRET ? the first trade that collects issues 1 to 6.

And boy did I ever especially since it´s going to be the first review. Since I read the thing I have wanted to pimp it on my blog but never got around to do it. So I wanted to use the opportunity that I have practically already written the review to get a cheap post. I know, I´m lazy - what else is new ?

I used some of what I wrote for FREE COMIC BOOK DAY but since I´m quoting myself that´s not stealing. Anyway the review is going to be on the website in 48 hours but here it is for those who can´t wait that long :

I discovered this series through issue 10 that was released as the FREE COMIC BOOK DAY that I ordered on a whim without any big expectations and which totally blew me away. Once you have started to read it you just want more so I had to get the first trade.

Now there may be people out there who think they have seen it all when it comes to comics. And as somebody who reads comics for more than 30 years I know that the comics who bring a breath of fresh air into the superhero genre are few and far between. I mean there are hundreds of superhero books out there and dozens who offer a funny look at superheroes.....or think they are funny. So the whole idea behind LOVE AND CAPES - girl meets boy, boy turns out to be superboy, girl tries to deal with it - does not sound too original. The combination of romance with superhero with ordinary life is not really new but in this case it all meshes together so well it is astounding.

You get the impression to read the comic to a hit tv comedy show that just has not aired yet and if there is any justice in the world it is only a matter of time till LOVE AND CAPES - THE MOVIE comes out. Thomas Zahler shows you things you have seen a hundred times in comics but by fastforwarding over the superhero battles we have seen so often and through adding Abbey, the normal person who comes into the strange world of alien invasions and secret hideouts, it is all new and exciting. While spinning a lovestory Thomas delivers comedy gold with perfectly timed punchlines that are the envy of every tv writer.

The characters seem familiar right away probably because they are so believable and down to earth instead of the generic clones you find in most " hip " comics. And the art evokes a classic feeling that makes it timeless with a deco look and classic lines. At first glance it looks deceptively simplistic but Mr. Zahler has more expression in a few lines than others with a dozens of them.

While it has some in - jokes and some hilarious stuff it also has quiet character moments and there is a really touching romance beneath it. A bittersweet superhero love story that everybody should read.

This trade includes he first six issues and tells the story of Abbey who just finds out that her boyfriend Mark is also the Caped Crusader, the defender of Deco City. If you think having a relationship is hard try adding superpowers, tell - it - all books written by super exgirlfriends and what to wear for a dinner invitation to Atlantis. Someone said that with great powers comes great responsibility but in this book love conquers all.

Love and Capes : I allow it !

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    Cool! Ne Anerkennung für deine Seite+Arbeit mit der du wohl nie gerechnet hattest, das ist doch mal was.

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    Na ich hoff mal dass es das ist und nicht Verzweiflung nach dem Motto : Huaa, wir haben noch keine Rezenssion. Wollen Sie nicht eine schreiben......schliesslich haben Sie so ein Teil gekauft.

    Auf jeden Fall warte ich noch drauf dass die Rezi auch online geht.

    Vielleicht schreib ich dann noch weitere. Wobei man bei amazon ja nicht zu comicfachspezifisch werden sollte weil da viele Comicmuggel unterwegs sind.