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ELVIRA - the comic

As promised here´s the ELVIRA post I was working on. This time I have a bit more comic stuff about The Mistress of the Dark.

Originally I thought there was nothing new to add, but because some of the download links have vanished I had to look for new sources. While doing that I came about some interesting stuff of which some has to do with comics. So if that´s something that doesn´t interest you you can just scroll down to the download links.

Now, the only Elvira comics I have in my collection are from CLAYPOOL but since the covers are all photo covers they don´t look to exciting and are not really interesting for comic fans. But before that DC comics did an ongoing series that lasted 11 issues and included a special. According to the comicbook databases the first issue was published in January 1986 but judging by this beautifully drawn cover by Brian Bolland I´d say it was published earlier.

Now it says " JAN 86 " on the cover but there are two reasons why I think it was published earlier :

1 - as somebody who read comics at that time I know that most comics were still sold at newsstands ( I began buying them at the train stazion newsstans in Germany ) and as most printed matter that was sold at newsstands it was predated.

At newsstands the magazines are taken of the shelves as fast as possible to put on new stuff and earn more money. Which means that if it says " JAN 86 " on the cover and your comic is published in January it´s taken of the shelves at the end of January. And you have less than a month to sell it. But if your comic is published in October and it says " JAN 86 " on the cover then you have a few months to sell it. Or at least till the next issue hits the newsstand. As I said, I read comics at that time and I always wondered why the new issue had the date of the month after next month.

2 - as it clearly says " 1ST 64PAGE ISSUE HALLOWEEN SPECIAL " on the cover I´d guess it was published before the 31st October 1985. Otherwise it´s not a Halloween special.

Now, I haven´t read any of the actual issues but Brian Bolland was not the only high profile artist on the book. This ELVIRA´S HAUNTED HOLIDAYS SPECIAL cover was doner by Jose Luis Garcia Lopez.

And on top of that this issue also included a pin up by Paul Gulacy.

a gallery of elvira´s haunted holidays ( full issue )

Now I have to give credit where credit is due, I found these and most of the stuff at Vinnie Rattolle´s blog who did a few posts about her :

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More comic covers :

more about the comic from comic database

Looking for a little sumthing - sumthing extra to give my readers I found a video of GUARDIAN OF THE ABYSS presented by Elvira. Sadly the download link has been deleted but to tell the truth the movie is absolutely horrible - and not in a good way. The only good parts are the ones iwth Elvira so it´s no big loss. You can use your time more useful by watching the ELVIRA - MISTRESS OF THE DARK movie.

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