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Some Spider - Man for your ears and eyes

These posts really keep on coming without pause even if I shouldn´t be spending so much time on the internet on the days I´m not working. And to top it all of I really thought I had written my last Spider - Man post.

But like always I just have to mention this on the blog. Man, I really didn´t want to do another post so soon after my last one. Especially since it will take my ultralong post about SPIDER - MAN : ENDS OF THE EARTH from the front page.

It really took me almost a week to finish that and now it will be just gone. But that´s life. So, anyway, since I mentioned in my last Spider - Man post that I think Dan Slott´s Ends of the Earth might be the last good Spidey story for the next years it´s time to take a look back at all the great Spidey stories of the last decades.

Now most of my readers know, what a great fan I am of such classic stories like FEARFUL SYMETRY - KRAVEN´S LAST HUNT, THE DEATH OF JEAN DeWOLF or - probably the most famous one - THE DEATH OF GWEN STACY. But don´t be afraid, I´m not going into another one of my rants.

The reason why I mention it is that on ComicGeek Speak ( which I´m sure you all follow religiously since it´s on my blogroll ) there is a Spotlight series about Spider - Man that´s almost finished. As usual the discussions are in - depth, extremely informative and totally hilarious. I guess you have to take it with humor if characters like Aunt May keep coming back from the dead. Here are the episodes so far :

Spider - Man in the Silver Age / Spider - Man in the Bronze Age

Spider - Man in the Copper Age / Spider - Man in the Chromium Age

Spider - Man in the Modern Age

And as a special treat Book of the Month : Kraven´s Last Hunt

Okay, the second reason why I wanted to do this post - yeah, it would be a bit measly to just put up these few liks - is that in one of the podcasts Power Records are mentioned. For those who don´t know anything about them ( like I didn´t ) way back in the 70s there were some records released by a company called Power Records which were based on comics like Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman but they also did tv series like Kojak, Star Trek or The Six Billion Dollar Man . And of course they did some based on Marvel comics.

One of those, and it´s mentioned in the podcast, was SPIDER - MAN : THE MARK OF THE MAN - WOLF which was of course an adaption of AMAZING SPIDER - MAN issues 124 and 125. As you can see it was a two piece set which included the recording and a comicbook.

I did some research and there really is a Power Records homepage that has an entry about The Mark of the Man - Wolf where you can see all the pages of the comics. Which comes in handy for all those who don´t own the issue, but they are really too small to read them properly. So if you have the issues you might want to get them. The downside is that there is no audio on the post but I found another website and you can listen to the audio here. Man, I remember reading the german version of the issues and I just loved them. I mean, Spidey and a werewolf ? How could you possibly top that ?

Well, you can also watch the thing via YouTube because somebody apparently made a video out of it.

Now as fate or the internet gods would have it in the audioplay certain parts were cut to bring two issues of Amazing Spider - Man down to 15 minutes. If you watch the video above you will see that they skip over the splash page - probably because splash pages only work visually - but on fellow blog DIVERSIONS OF THE GROOVY KIND posted it this Friday. No kidding, we didn´t coordinate our posts but in his latest post entitled MAKING A SPLASH : MARVEL COMICS 40 YEARS AGO, JUNE 1973 the second splash page is from Amazing Spider - Man 124, The Mark of the Man - Wolf. Which means that the man - wolf story was first published exactly 40 years ago. That´s weird.

Another strange coincidence is that just Yesterday I finished reading my copy of SAL BUSCEMA - COMICS FAST & FURIOUS ARTIST and in the art section there is the reproduction of another Power Records combo pack, this time CAPTAIN AMERICA - AND A PHOENIX SHALL ARISE.

It´s an adaption of CAPTAIN AMERICA 168 featuring the Falcon. There also is a post where you can read the pages on the power Records blog and you can get the audio here . And here´s the video.

The third Marvel audio by Power Records I could find is MAN - THING : NIGHT OF THE LAUGHING DEAD. You can find comic pages, the YouTube videos and the mp3 audio on SFFaudio´s entry on Power Records

Now if you are more a fan of the Distinguished Competition COMICS ON THE RADIO has the complete audio for the Batman record from 1975 and there are lots of Superman record audios on THE SUPERMAN HOMEPAGE .

If you remember those records from your youth you might get a kick out of hearing them again and if you haven´t heard them already you definitely should. And there are just dozens of other strange records that can be seen on the blog so be sure to check that out. Oy, that´s so 80s.

And of course there are also lots of videos on YouTube about those recordings like this one about Planet of the Apes. I have seen at least three of the movies adapted.

Man, I can´t understand those people who say they only find crap on YouTube. I always find such incredible gems on the site. I guess it really is one of those cases where you only find what you are looking for.

To get the audios for the Planet of the Apes Power Records just go to HUNTER´S PLANET OF THE APES ARCHIVE where you can listen to them all as well as find transcripts of the tv audio plays and everything else about Planet of the Apes.


Since it´s only a few days old I haven´t have had the time to compile many pictures for the section of classic comic cover homages but one of the most used covers is of course the one where Peter Parker quits being Spider - Man with the costume in the trashcan ( which I think is pretty fitting since I technically also quit Spider - Man, at least the new issues ). He did that numerous times so here´s a selection of variations on a theme. Of course this is not complete and if you know some covers I missed please send me a comment.

So that´s all for Today and in our next post we will finally talk about NEMI unless something more important comes up.

Since this post is pretty Marvel - centric ( a thing that I don´t expect to happen very often in the future unless I´ ll be talking about some olden Marvel funnybooks ) Todays video is the intro for the new Marvel Online game. I have heard from reliable sources that the game pretty much sucks but the intro is great.

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Terry Hooper-Scharf said...

Hah. Spiderman 2...again?? Fed up with reboots when the character should be developed more. Interesting to see the Vulture and Rhino will be in this film:

Hopefully there wont be more reboots!

SUBZERO said...

I´m trying to stay away from movie news as long as possible so I can be surprised. With the last Spider - Man movie that worked pretty well. I liked it and some of the characters like Flash Thompson were more " fleshed out " than in the Sam Raimi movies.

No pun intended.

Man, I promised to stay away from the internet Today but I just added some links for Power Records audio of Superman, Batman and Planet of the Apes.

Terry Hooper-Scharf said...

Oh come on. The internet OWNS you. You are the computers bitch. We all have to learn that at some time.:-)

SUBZERO said...

Yes, Skynet has officially taken over.

On the other side I just found the Doctor Who - Children in need 2007 Special, Time Crash on YouTube. Is that the fifth Doctor ?

Terry Hooper-Scharf said...

Yes, Peter Davidson is the 5th Dr and took over from Tom Baker and Colin Baker (no relation) took over from him.

Anonymous said...

Hola! I've been following your site for some time now and finally got the bravery to go ahead and give you a shout out from Kingwood Texas!
Just wanted to mention keep up the great work!