Wednesday, September 25, 2013

I almost forgot Bob Layton´s birthday !

Can you believe it ? Since May I´ve been pimping the IRON MAN by David Micheline , Bob Layton & John Romita Jr Omnibus Hardcover ( which you can still get at for 57 bucks, which is not bad for a 99.99 dollar book ) and here I go and almost forget his birthday.

Now, as for many comic readers of my generation Bob Layton has been a big part of my four colored adventures be that as inker, artist or writer for Marvel or DC or as co - founder of Valiant where he also edited. Sadly I only discovered his later comic company FUTURE COMICS when it had already folded ( which he founded with Dick Giordano, Allen Berrebbi and David Micheline ) but I got all the issues I could get my hands on.

As it is nearly impossible to do an accurate overview of how big Bob Layton´s influence was on the comic industry on such a short post, I´m going to speak about one character on which he had a huge impact - and that more than once. As you might have guessed from the picture at the top of this post it´s Iron Man. Not only did Bob Layton define the look of Iron Man for me but during his first legendary run with David Micheline and John Romita Jr the team came up with a new twist on Iron Man´s alter ego without which Robert Downey Jr couldn´t have done such a splendid performance in the trilogy : rock star Tony Stark. That´s right.

Back in 1987, when the Iron Man comic book was facing cancelation they came up with the idea that the man behind the iron mask should become as interesting - or even more interesting - as his super hero persona.

From Today´s perspective that seems obvious but back then it was a new approach. And I´m only mentioning it especially because many people forget that besides making Iron Man´s armors look better than ever and coming up with a gazillion different armors the new team also made changes in the way Tony Stark was portrayed. Back to the Iron Man comic book, I wasn´t there from the beginning but I know which issue was my first. I still remember the first page of that comic, a wonderful splash page by John Romita Jr and Bob Layton, and I also still know the first words on that page : " Hoy es el primer dia del resto de tu vida."


Okay, now there might be a few readers out there who just went : " The who with the how on the whaaat ? This Subzero guy´s effing crazy ! "

But as longtime reader might remember from this post I first read the issues of Iron Man by David Micheline, Bob Layton and John Romita Jr in the spanish editions of EL HOMBRE DE HIERRO. As luck would have it I jumped right into the whole DEMON IN A BOTTLE storyline although I didn´t finish it. Yup, the last spanish issue I had ended just with Iron Man smashing the computer that had been controlling his armor and facing a truckload of hired super villains. You knew that Iron Man was royally pissed and that he was just going to tear through all those goons to get his hands on the evil mastermind behind it all. There was going to be the mother of all slobberknockers coming but - that´s where the issue ended.

And it took me a few years to find out how that whole thing was resolved.

I found some scattered spanish issues and the ocasional original issue. I mentioned here that THE INVINCIBLE IRON MAN 147 was the first american issue of the series I possessed but I´m not sure from where I got it. It may have been from a newsstand in Ludwigsburg that was getting its first american comics around the time I went to school. But it´s more likely that it was one of the many american comic books I got from an uncle who was a G. I. One day he just brought a huge stack of comics that contained some AVENGERS by John Buscema, mostly a lot of  CONAN and KING CONAN also by John Buscema ( which basically ruined me for my entire comic reading life ) and THE INVINCIBLE IRON MAN 147. And I still have that same issue somewhere in my comic collection Today.

But like I said, I would only get a few issues here and there and in those times you would get them at various stores and not necessarily in any particular order. You bought what you could get your hands on because in most cases you were lucky to find anything to read at all and that was it. Again, it would be many years before I reunited with Bob Layton´s work and once again a lot had changed about Iron Man, especially his bling.


I know, a lot of you are groaning right now and grinding their teeth but for me the Silver Centurion armor - as it has come to be known around the knowledgeable ones of Iron Man lore - is the epitome of the idea of a better world and the advance of man through the application of science.

Because in it´s best moments the book was not only about another super hero or the exploits of one of the richest men in the Marvel universe. It also was about science fiction and making the things possible that in our world only existed as concepts.If somebody had an idea about anything it could become real in the pages of a comic book. The sky was the limit and I had just arrived at the right moment because there was another era of ironclad greatness waiting just around the corner in my next issue.

And talking about next issue, I´m afraid that´s all we have time for. And no, that means no STORM covers for this post. I know that I promised to post more but I just don´t have the time. Okay, ONE cover. But that´s it.

Initially I wanted to do a post about some new bargain books at amazon Yesterday but by the time I finally had managed to have all the material like links and pictures it was already too late to start a post. And the main book I wanted to pimp - another of Dark Horse´s CREEPY ARCHIVES - had already gone up. It was at less than half price and then got to slightly less than at most comic shops. So I didn´t make the post.

I wouldn´t have been able to order the books - which I tend to do in most cases because I don´t recommend books I wouldn´t buy myself - anyway since I only got my latest comic order from amazon Today. And it seems fate or the universe or some unknown force had other plans for me. Like I said, I almost forgot that Today was Bob Layton´s birthday so I had nothing prepared. Nevertheless I wanted to do a post in honor of one of my childhood heroes and with a bit of luck we can continue this Tomorrow - although more likely the day after Tomorrow - because there are still a lot of good things to come including the return of a certain artist.

For those of you who want to know more about Bob Layton you can go to his wikipedia page or go on his blog and I´m sure he´s on facebook and twitter. There´s also a great interview with Bob Layton on Comic Geek Speak and if you want to add another book to your Bob Layton comic library and you have already ordered the omnibus I´m constantly pimping you might want to check out COLONY, a webcomic he did together with his mentor Dick Giordano before he passed away. You should be able to find the printed version at amazon and finer comic stores everywhere.

Since I posted a video of comic legend Don Lawrence drawing in my last post I wanted to put something similar on this post. But sadly I couldn´t find that so I´m posting an old news report of a comic book signing by Mr. Bob Layton. As you can see not much has changed in the way the media covers comics and who is really surprised that the man on the street has no idea who Bob Layton is. I doubt most of the people who went to see any one of the Iron Man movies heard of him because his name ( along with all the other influential comic creators who were mentioned in the credits ) was buried somewhere in the credits with really tiny letters.

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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Die großen Phantastic Comics

Yes, I know I wanted to write about one of my guilty pleasures - namely SECRET WARS II - next but Terry Hooper just did a great post about german comics on Comic Bits Online where he posted the cover of PHANTASTIC COMICS Band 57 SUMPFDING ( SWAMP THING by Len Wein and Bernie Wrightson ) which reminded me what a great series that was.

Die Großen Phantastic Comics was published by the german comic company Ehapa / Delta which was the german publisher for DC comics.

The line brought all the great fantasy and sci fi series to german readers and it was in the album format. The series started in 1980 and I guess fantasy was a bit more popular around that time, otherwise the series probably would have been called Die großen Science Fiction Comics. Back in the day I was a big sci fi geek and I read everything from CAPTAIN FUTURE to MARK BRANDIS to PERRY RHODAN and even those small - or rather tiny pocket sized - sci fi mini books by Pelikan. The line was called TRAMP, it could fit into any poket and they only cost 1 Deutschmark.

No kidding, the books were so small they could fit into the palm of your hand and you could literary take them everywhere. And you always had enough money to buy one more and read it on the bus or while waiting at the bus station which I did a lot when I was still in school. I don´t think I ever heard of any of the writers but I didn´t care. I just read anything sci fi I could get my hands on. I´m not sure but I think the first one I bought was DANGER ON THE PLANET OF THE CATWOLVES and even though I was not sure what the hey a catwolf was it sure sounded very exciting.

Yes, I still have those and that´s exactly how my copy looks.

Anyway, back to comics back then I read much more than just super hero comics and Die großen Phantastic Comics was a great part of it because it offered various series. As you can see by the first picture I posted they published STORM by the great Don Lawrence who should be no stranger to most of the readers of this blog. He did those great sci fi classics like THE RISE AND THE FALL OF THE TRIGAN EMPIRE which was published in the UK in RANGER and in Germany it was one of the serials in KOBRA.

His STORM series was first published in the Netherlands in album form and later also in the UK and Germany ( the first chapters appeared in KOBRA again ). But although Don Lawrence was pretty well known by german comic fans - at least those who had read KOBRA - that is not the comic that started the line. Instead they chose to begin the new line with a fantasy series from an american comic artist by the name of Mike Grell.


That´s right, baby. WARLORD by Mike Grell. I guess they went with this title instead because german readers already knew Mike Grell from his classic runs on LEGION OF SUPER - HEROES ( Legion der Superhelden )

 and GREEN LANTERN ( Grüne Leuchte ) both published by Ehapa.

Well, they are classic runs now. Back in 1980 they were just darned good comics. Gosh, I´m getting all misty - eyed just thinking about how great DC´s comic books were when I was reading them as a teenager.

Back to Die großen Phantastic Comics, WARLORD was one of my favorite series although I´m not sure I read all of them. I certainly read all who had art by Mike Grell and some of the later ones but I don´t think I held out to the end. What can I say ? I had a tight budget since I got no regular pocket money from my parents and even back then I had some standards where quality is concerned. From all the WARLORD books there are only two left where I know exactly where they are. All the others are buried under tons of other comics in some god forgotten place or became victims of my mother throwing away my entire comic collection. But the Mike Grell issues were great stuff. Since then there has been a german reprint by the fine folks at CrossCult but I do hope DC does another volume of their SHOWCASE edition so I can finally read the entire series.

Besides WARLORD there was another series by a british artist and not only do I know where every one of the albums are I´m one hundred percent sure I have all of them. I´m speaking of CAMELOT 3000.


CAMELOT 3000 written by Mike W. Barr and drawn by Brian Bolland was, is and always will be one of my favorite comic series of all times. Amen.

I don´t even know how to praise this absolutely mindblowing book. It´s one of the best sci fi series ever, in fact one of THE best comics period.

It´s a brillaint re - imagination of the Arthurian legend with really great art by Michael Bolland and I remember it had far stuff like some alien invaders, Arthur revealing himself to the world on live tv ( I think Merlin transformed the microphone of a news reporter into a snake ) and Sir Tristan who was reincarnated as a woman which put a unique twist on his relationship with Isolde. Yup, leave it to those weird british comic guys with their constant gender bending to bring lesbians into mainstream.

If you don´t know this book it´s an absolute must - read especailly when you keep in mind that Brain Bolland doesn´t do much comic work nowadays except for covers. I don´t know if I had seen his work somewhere else ( which might have been possible because he did interiors for comics like BATMAN 400 or pin ups ) but this is where I stood up and took notice of him - like most of the people who read CAMELOT 3000. This is really an essential and should be in every comic collection.


And those were pretty much all the comics from Die Großen Phantastic Comics I read. There were of course some other comics in that line but they didn´t interest me much. There was TAAR, but for me he was just a cheap Conan knock off and I think I didn´t read more than 1 or 2 issues.

And with AROK I didn´t even start. For me he was in the same category as TAAR - which may have been justified or not - so I didn´t even bother.

Another series I totally skipped over was AMETYST, PRINCESS OF GEMWORLD mainly because for me it fell into the category of " girl comics ". How should I know that it would become Legion canon later on ?

Now there were only two more comics published  aside from the series mentioned above. The first one was BLACK DRAGON written by Chris Claremont and drawn by John Bolton, which was a one shot, I think.

And the other was SUMPFDING. It was number 57 of Die Großen Phantastic Comics, which was re - named as simply Phantastic Comics.

I don´t know if they had planned to publish the entire series but they canceled the whole line the next issue which was a WARLORD issue.

So that´s the story of Die Großen Phantastic Comics and I must say you really have some weird luck to pick the penultimate issue to start.

Thankfully this wraps up Today´s topic as I´m already starting to race against the clock. Maybe I´ll add a few more pictures or more information to this post Tomorrow but for Today I have to call it a day. But what I´m definitely going to do is post more STORM covers by Don Lawrence. They are just awesome beyond words. Like totally Airwolf squared, dude !

Up next will be probably more STORM and also more WARLORD and then - hopefully - my love letter to SECRET WARS II. But now it´s time to come to the hugely popular video at the end of the post. Since we pretty much began with STORM and ended with STORM Today´s video shows comic master Don Lawrence at work. There is also a second part of this.

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Friday, September 13, 2013

Calling in sick ( at least if I worked Today )

Today I´m just doing a short post because I was sick for most of the day, just watching some episodes of Challenge of the Super Friends in the mexican version and some old episodes of Doctor Who with Tom Baker.

I just recently found some new episodes online - or rather I found some old episodes I hadn´t seen before : TERROR OF THE ZYGONS and PLANET OF EVIL. Both are in four parts what was the standard back then.

What is a bit strange is that so far I only found episodes of the old Doctor Who series with Tom Baker. I just finished watching parts seven and eight of the DOCTOR WHO REVISITED documentary ( what´s weird is how nobody mentions that Eric Robert´s Master wears Doctor Strange´s costume ) and it got me really interested in seeing some episodes with Sylvester McCoy but so far all I could find were episodes with Tom Baker. Yes, I know he´s everybody´s favorite Doctor but I would like to see some other interpretations. Guess it´s my own fault because I stopped with the old Doctor Who episodes back when. Now they are only available through a website where you have to wait 3 hours for each download which makes downloading four episodes in 15 parts an almost herculean task.

Anyway, that´s not really what I wanted to write about and I´m sure I´m not the only one who has to go back to watching old episodes of Doctor Who to bridge the time until the 50th anniversary special episode finally airs. It´s just that lately I seem to spend more time with old stuff.


What I mean with old stuff is old comics, old movies and old tv series. And it´s not only Doctor Who. With all the new tv stations that are available now in Germany I watch more episodes of Star Trek, Starsky and Hutch, The Streets of San Francisco and other 70s and 80s series. I also just started with the tenth season of Dallas and just got the first season of Fall Guy, mainly for Heather Thomas who plays eyecandy Jody Banks.

Heather Thomas mainly got the part because of her absolutely amazing bikini figure that she showed in a few episodes as well as in the intro. Thanks to her stunning 37 - 23 - 32 measurements she became a famous pin up model with posters in every adolescent boy's bedroom at time. 

She even replaced pin up godess Raquel Welch on the number one spot.

Careerwise she didn't manage to cash in on her popularity mostly because she didn't want to use her physical attributes to succeed and the high points of her filmography were her parts in Fall Guy and the screwball comedy ZAPPED. Beyond that she appeared in such awful movies like CYCLONE and RED BLOODED AMERICAN GIRL and the less said about that the better. So her part in history is keeping generations of male viewers hooked to Fall Guy by providing the highlight of the week with the short moment during the intro where she appeared in her famous blue bikini.

Yes, Markie Post was also on the show but she doesn´t appear until the second season and has her most famous episodes ( the ones in which she sports some hot bikinis that give her a chance to show off her incredible 36 - 24 - 36 measurements ) in season three. So far only the first two seasons are available in Germany like it is with a lot of series here.

But I already wrote at length about that in my post about Pop culture tv siren Markie Post so back to my tv ( and DVD ) watching habits.

It´s not that I ONLY watch old tv series. Together with the first season of Fall Guy I also ordered the first season of MODERN FAMILY because they had a special " Get the first season for ten bucks or less " sale at amazon. And the first season has been really expensive ever since it came out. So I have been waiting a long time to see this one. Okay, they show the episodes on RTL NITRO now but I would really like to see it in order.

I really like watching the shows without commercials and with the end credits and more than one episode at a time. And it really is always a mix of the old and the new because I like to mix it up instead of watching all the episodes of one series straight before starting another one. Right now I have just finished seasons three, four and five of THE DEAD ZONE and on my desk are the first seasons of HAWAII FIVE - O, BOARDWALK EMPIRE, seasons two and three of ANGEL and the second season of MISFITS. By the way, if you want to buy the first season of HAWAII FIVE - O in Germany ( the new one not the old one which my mother watches a lot now ) be sure to get the version where it´s in two parts. It has all the material that the complete box has but it´s at least 15 EUROS cheaper.


Now tv series are not the only things where I go back to older stuff. It seems that comic companies nowadays are either trying to alienate older readers on purpose or they´re just more interested in promoting new movies or toys - or they just don´t care. Probably some Hollywood thing.

So it shouldn´t surprise anybody that I´m reading more old Marvel comics than new ones. I mean, most heroes aren´t recognizable anymore and since titles like the Avengers seem to turn into scinece fiction comics more and more I have gone back to the glory days of the team.

I got the AVENGERS - SERPENT CROWN hardcover and the one with the THING - SERPENT CROWN AFFAIR ( which is basically one story told in two parts and two titles ) both with some great art by George Perez. Like this wonderful splash page from AVENGERS 148 with the Avengers beat by the Squadron Supreme, Marvel´s stand - in guys for DC´s Justice League.

And I also just recently purchased THE PRIVATE WAR OF DOCTOR DOOM hardcover - which also has some very fine issues by George Perez - and the HEAVY METAL trade by John Buscema and Tom Palmer.

Now I would have preferred it if the John Buscema and Tom Palmer issues would have been in hardcover but I guess Marvel doesn´t think all the issues of Roger Stern´s run deserve the special hardcover treatment.

Which I can understand from a business perspective. The most beloved story from the run is UNDER SIEGE which is already available in hardcover with ASSAULT ON OLYMPUS a close second in scope and grandeur. Apart from that it´s pretty difficult to single out any other particular stories so the rest will probably not sell as good in hardcover - if it sells at all - which probably is the reason it´s being offered as trades. At least the bulk of the run is now available through the new THE ONCE AND FUTURE KANG and HEAVY METAL trades. The only issues that are missing right now are the last ones from Walter Simonson´s run on the book and I really hope they put it into one book together with Walt´s Fantastic Four issues.

You see, Walt Simonson really got big cojones, so he used his tenure on Avengers to write the prologue to a story that wraps up much later in his run on Fantastic Four where he writes and draws. But I already mentioned this stroke of genius in this post ( which oddly enough also mentions Markie Post and Heather Thomas ) and I don´t want to repeat myself.

Which seems to be all I have time for Today. Once again our time is up and I haven´t even gotten to the part I really wanted to write about, namely SECRET WARS II and what I loved about it. No, seriously dude.

Terry Hooper just made a post about SECRET WARS on his blog ( I hope you all check out his posts religiously on his new address that´s also on the blogroll of this post ) to which I commented. I just had to mention the sequel - the nine issue mini series SECRET WARS II - because that was around the time I got in and it was just so big and with a gazillion tie in issues it was crazy. But I will talk about that at length in my next post.

As I have mentioned Sylvester McCoy in this post Today´s video at the end of the post is ENDGAME a documentary about the last days of the classic Doctor Who series and how it would have continued.

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Saturday, September 07, 2013

Reposted ( and longer ) Superman Saturday

Sometimes I get a bit carried away with my posts, because I keep adding to them and adding to them and all just because I´m too lazy to do a new post. The thing is I want to keep my blog a bit diverse so I want there to be at least four posts on the first page instead of the two that are now there. So here is the Superman stuff that has gotten really long reposted again. Mainly because it alliterates with Saturday.

I also put the Power Girl cosplay in here to put it higher in the blog. Gotta pimp the Power Girl cosplayers dude.


Like I promised in my last post here´s the second part of hommage pictures of Action Comics 1. The first one is one of Image´s Superman clones who was an interesting concept when Ed McGuiness was drawing him and they let him do the things DC was afraid to do with Superman. In this story they sadly destroyed everything to make him unique and even gave him a secret identity although there was no need for that.

I just don´t understand why some writers are so hellbent on forcing secret identities on characters even if it makes absolutely no sense. Like when Dan Jurgens gave Thor another unnecessary secret identity after Walter Simonson finally got rid of all the Donald Blake stuff. Oh the humanity.

Back to Image´s Superman clones the more successful one was Supreme especially once Alan Moore got his hands on him and did all the things they didn´t let him get away with at DC. Okay, there was one story that included the boring " guy travels backwards in time and becomes his own origin story " that has been already done to death and was extremely annoying when the Flash went back in time and caused his own origin. But you have to forgive this one blunder in an otherwise fabulous run.

And there´s even a wonderful homage cover to the first issue of Superman´s selftitled book by Jerry Ordway on issue 41 of Supreme.

Back to the homage covers of Action Comics 1.

Here´s Wonder Woman doing her version of the pose although it´s slightly changed in that she´s coming out of the water.

Another homage this time a variant cover by Dale Eaglesham for JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA which is rather clever since Damage is catching the car not lifting it. I don´t know if he could. It´s from issue 8 which is part of the brilliant THY KINGDOM COME storyline, one of THE best stories of the JSA and of Geoff Johns. I know he´s getting a lot of flack for the stuff he´s currently writing ( you know, reading this and FINAL CRISIS - LEGION OF THREE WORLDS it´s almost impossible to believe it´s the same guy who was one of the main architects of the NEW 52 train wreck ) but if you want to check him out in his prime read THY KINGDOM COME.

If you want to know more about the story you can read my post on it .

Here´s Spidey riffing on The Man of Tomorrows coat tails - or better cape tails. I find it interesting that Spider - Man´s strength never has been so much in the foreground like with Superman. I mean, he can easily throw around cars with his proportionate spiderstrength but you never see him do that. Mostly you see him going up against supervillains so it´s difficult to get a good grip on how powerful he really is. Which means that when he´s throwing around cars people are surprised.

And from one Todd McFarlane picture to another here´s Todd´s own creation fooling around with a car. I don´t have this issue in my collection because - I think - my last issue of the title was 200. And that was mostly because nothing was happening in the single issues and I got tired of waiting around for the big anniversary issues for stuff to happen. You know, that´s one of the things I liked with Marvel comics, that the really important stuff didn´t always happen in the issues 25, 50 or 100. And they took the anniversary issues to look back on the history or such.

Okay, not a lot I can say about this one since I never read any of the BUFFY comics except Joss Whedon´s FRAY. I´m a huge fan of Buffy and the Angel spin off series so I probably SHOULD be reading them since the tv series continue in comic form. Somehow never gotten around to it.

Maybe when I have watched the two seasons of ANGEL I have lying in my to watch pile. I got them at one of the " 2 seasons for 20 Euros " sales of amazon and mainly got them because of Charisma Carpenter who plays Cordelia and has some nice outfits in the second season.

This one is Walt Disney´s Super Goof - at least I think it is. In Germany he´s just called Supergoofy and all I remember from him is that he got his superpowers from eating some special peanuts. Kind of the first superhero doping case I got aware of. What a great example for the kids.

Here´s one with everyone´s favorite sailor from the new IDW series which I think ended with issue 12. At least that´s the last issue I saw of it at my online comicshop. I really can´t say if it was any good because I only got issues 6 and 12 which were drawn by Roger Langridge. I just love his stuff like the brilliant SNARKED mini series or his THOR - THE MIGHTY AVENGER of which - incidentially the complete trade is right now available at amazon Germany for a measly 12 bucks.

This is one from this year´s FREE COMIC BOOK DAY but I don´t think you´ll read about it in my posts about this year´s issues.

I have no idea from where this is. The name Nodwick sounds familiar but I´m just drawing a blank here.

The same here. The only thing I can say is that by the price tag it´s obviously a british publication. Maybe Terry Hooper can help me out.

Another unknown series. The art looks interesting though.

And with this last one - also from parts unkown - we come to the end of this new intallment of the hugely popular ( at least I hope it is ) DEJA VUE section. If you have any information about the unknown covers or have any homages to Action Comics 1 that I have missed please let me know.


Time to make a lot of my readers happy with another section about one of those incredibly talented and sexy cosplayers I never meet because I don´t go to comic conventions. Or rather the return of a very popular one. Some of my longtime readers may remember that I posted a picture of Power Girl cosplayer  lady_wolf_star with a link to some other pictures.

She´s my current number 1 of Power Girl cosplayers because she really knows how to fill out her costume ( especially the magical cleavage window !!! ) proving that such women DO exist in the real world.

Now apparently she has some new pages under the name of Vegas PG or it could be her sexy twin. Anyway here is her facebook page the photosteam with dozens of pictures and here´s a website with a few selected pictures . I also found an interview with her on J1studios .Here are a few pictures of her and let me tell you it was really difficult to get it down to five. I especially like her new costume design for Supergirl. Daym, girl !

And here we are back to Power Girl again with the classic pose. Perfect costume - like it´s supposed to look - and all I can say is : Brritzki.

This picture kind of reminds me of Alex Ross´ cover for JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA although the hair is a bit different.

This last one has more of an Amanda Conner vibe to it with the trademark Power Girl snark and her goods almost popping out.

So why are you still reading this ? Click on those links already, check out the plethora of hot or funny pics and like her on facebook.

And once again we´re at the end. I thought about adding more Power Girl stuff to the post but the goal is to make the posts shorter but more frequent. And I think it´s better to post Power Girl in small doses to prevent my more sensitive readers from getting massive nosebleeds.

So instead of taking time to get some much needed rest I just spent most of this day ( I also watched the three episodes of SUPERNATURAL I taped from last week ) after work at the laptop writing not one post but splitting one post into two and adding a lot of new material.

Yes, the burden of writing a blog and being a perfectionist. So I don´t know what my next post will be about. It could be about FREE COMIC BOOK DAY 2013 which is a post I already prepared - or I could write about another of the few series at Marvel I´m still reading to get some kind of balance here. Judging from the last handful of posts a new reader might get the impression that the guy writing this stuff is some kind of diehard DC nut but it´s not that. The thing is after I mentioned ALL NEW X - MEN in my last post I ordered DAREDEVIL by Mark Waid volume 5 from amazon because it´s at 13 bucks right now. So that may be my next topic.

Since this post was in grand part about cosplaying I want to include this video that was brought to my attention by Terry Hooper from Comic Bits Online ( You DO know that his new blog is here , don´t you ? ) that just shows cosplaying at the highest level : JLA versus Avengers. Enjoy !

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