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Italian cult siren Simona Ventura - repost

Originally I had done this as a back up for the post on Simona Ventura and saved it in the draft folder ( you never know when blogger might decide to delete your posts and I´ve put much work into this one ) but apparently blogger labeled it as the new post and now it´s on some partner blogs.

I just put it only for like a minute to see if everything was as it should be and that´s exactly when blogger intervened. And while it´s nice to see how quick blogger works it has caused a great deal of confusion for some people who followed the link. If they clicked on the link to TALES FROM THE KRYPTONIAN they were suddenly confronted with a post about the Hulk instead of a hot italian tv presenter which some might take as a rip off. Or if they followed the post link they were lead to a blank page that told them there was no such post. Which is even more of a rip off ! And since I wrote the post on April the 1st of all days some people might even think that´s my sick idea of an April´s Fool prank. Which it wasn´t.

So to make things more complicated I have now saved a third draft version of the post and have put this up as a re - post although it´s a bit shorter than the original version. I thought of putting up this post instead of the proper post but I have already included the post in POST 450 - BEST OF THE BEST and I don´t want to have to change that post again. I have done that often enough and I should really be working on some new posts.

Anyway, here´s re - posted cult siren Simona Ventura, for the longer version with much more pictures go to ITALIAN TV´S SOCCER SIREN SIMONA VENTURA and you can thank blogger for all the confusion.

Originally written - well, actually I wrote the very first version of this on another blog on Sunday, the 8th 2010 and later on another, much longer version ( which was much more closer to this one ) on April the 1st 2012 but the final version that I posted here and for which I cannibalized a few other previously written post went online April the 1st in the year 2014.   


Today she celebrates her 49th birthday so I thoughtit´s about time to do a post on her. Simona is one of the hottest MILFs on italian tv and maybe in the whole world. I first saw her waaay back when we could still receive italian tv via the normal tv cable. She was the presenter of QUELLI CHE IL CALCIO which was probably the best show about soccer - EVER.

QUELLI CHE IL CALCIO is a sports - oriented variety program that is broadcast live from Milan. The popular show mixes coverage of Italian Serie A soccer in real time with comedy and music. And hot women.

Yes, that´s the difference between italian tv and german tv : in Italy a show about soccer has comedy, movie stars, interviews, music acts, a megahot presenter and a dance group with various incredible sexbombs. In Germany it´s some old guys sitting around a table and drinking beer.

But back to the best soccer tv program on the planet.  Not only did they have the hot Simona Ventura presenting the show they also had a ballet with THE italian Ueber Power Girl of all time EVER : Federica Ridolfi.

Aside from participating in the usual dance numbers with the other girls of the ballet troupe Federica also has her solo performances which are ultrahot ( although italian fashion designers Dolce & Gabbana weren´t too impressed with her dance when they visited the show, those dudes were so gay, and I don´t mean that as an insult, just stating the fact ).

Anyway, when men in Italy think about soccer they think about Federica.

Since her wikipedia entry is rather bleak here is her bio :

Federica Ridolfi was born on March 2, 1974, in Rome, Italy. Her father is actor Gianni Ridolfi, who appeared alongside screen legends Sophia Loren and Marcello Mastroianni in various films.

Studying dance since her early teens, she began her career in the world of entertainment as a professional dancer with 17. She was in BAGAGLINO in 1991, and between 1993 and 1997 she appeared in a few Italian variety and talk shows, including BEATRO TRA LE DONNE and FURORE.

In 2000, Ridolfi landed her first acting gig with a brief appearance in the Italian television miniseries LA CASA DELLE BEFFE, co starring Anna Falchi and Pippo Franco. In January 2003, she played Marina in the comedy LA PALESTRA, a tv movie starring Valeria Marini and Maurizio Mattioli. Also in 2003, she appeared on TV's CI VEDIAMO IN TRIBUNALE and IL PROCESSO DI BISCARDI.

In addition to her appearances on QUELLI CHE IL CALCIO ( which she joined in 2005 ), Ridolfi was also featured on QUELLI CHE IL CALCIO ASPETTANO during the 2005 - 2006 soccer season. The live broadcast preceded soccer matches and also included comedy sketches that satirize politicians and other celebrities. In September 2005, she appeared on the cover of Max Magazine, which also featured an interview with the tv star.

But back to Todays birthday babe : Simona also hosted X - FACTOR and ISOLA DEI FAMOSI ( the italian version of SURVIVOR ) because of her good sense of humor and a body that just won´t quit. She has the best outfits on tv ever, is not afraid to show her stuff and while Simona´s not mega stacked she has a lot of sex appeal no matter if she´s wearing a shirt with a bit of cleavage, a hot teacher´s outfit, doing a super sexy wet carwash or dons a black dress that barely covers her big talents. And she also bends over a lot especially when her boobs could fall out of her dress.

Now with movies or comics I could just tell you which ones were the best and you would know where to get them. It´s not that easy with a tv show.

Especially past episodes from tv shows from Italy. I don´t even know if the shows are still on air since I have no access to italian tv. So it´s going to be a lot of pictures and clips. I know that some readers have a problem with that but I don´t want to put any download links on the blog and I also don´t want to link to other websites that are not safe for work. In any case most of these links or websites are deleted sooner or later so I tried to cram the best stuff with Simona Ventura in this post. Bare with me.

Here are some of her best tv appearances : sexy teacher / hot secretary.

And here´s a clip from that show :

Simona also did her version of Jessica Simpson´s carwash video THESE BOOTS ARE MADE FOR WALKING - at least that´s what I think it´s supposed to be - and she really goes all out on this one and gets totally soaking wet. The guy in the car ( I don´t know who the lucky dude is but I envy him ) understandably goes totally crazy inside. Better than viagra !

A few impressions from Simona Ventura´s sexy performance :

And if you don´t believe me here´s the clip so judge for yourself :

Another of Simona´s best tv moments was on ISOLA DEI FAMOSI where she wore a dress that was obviously waaay tighter than she anticipated.

During the show she was constantly fiddling with it because she could obviously not breathe - at least not without spilling out of her top.

Now she´s in quite the dilemma because on one side she was desperately trying to prevent the dress from squeezing her breasts up to her chin. But then you see her pause with her hand grabbing the zipper, realizing that if she loosens the dress ( or if her breasts destroy the zipper which´s more likely ) she might show more than she wants. In the end she decides to let it be even as more and more of her bosom is squeezed out of the top.

 That´s the best part and when she bows down during her entrance.

Simona really is one hell of a horny MILF I wouldn´t mind getting some lip service from. I bet she always gets highest marks with the banana test .

Sorry, but I couldn´t find a clip of that on YouTube so I had to upload one from my archive and the quality is not so good but it´s better than nothing.

And it gets better : on X - FACTOR Simona was wearing various black dresses with such impressive cleavages it left all males speechless.

Here are some clips from the shows :

Next up is another special video. I think Simona has lost a bet and has to do the famous " chin chin " performance from the COLPO GROSSO show.

For my non - european readers out there : there was a show called COLPO GROSSO from Italy with some dancers dressed as certain fruits who would dance to a special song and when the last refrain said " chin chin " they popped their tops and the candidates had to make a bet ( before they opened their tops ) if they had stickers of fruits on them or not.

If they had fruits - or rather stickers with fruits - on them the candidates would win points and if they had enough of them they could get the hot women who represented the european countries to strip. Who could get the most women the most naked was the winner and the points they would score were called country points or L√§nderpunkte, a word that has become a household expression in Germany since then. It´s not unusual to hear german tv viewers say : Well, we´re not going to see any L√§nderpunkte in this movie. Anyway, the show was done to promote the Ecu, the new currency for a United Europe ( no, that really didn´t work out that well ) but the important part was getting to see girls strip. Although the men always couldn´t remember which girl represented which country and so often the hottest looking girls never got their turn.

The show was adapted by various countries and it was called AY QUE CALOR in Spain and TUTTI FRUTTI in Germany. In Germany it was the show nobody watched ( or admitted watching ) but everybody saw.

When it was first shown in the 80s I was doing my military service in Munich and in my room there was cable tv - unlike at home. So every Sunday afternoon I took the ICE to Munich, bought some american comics at the station, went to the barracks, showered, shaved and watched TUTTI FRUTTI before going to sleep. I had some happy dreams back then.

In Germany the show was hosted by Hugo Egon Balder, Tiziana and Monique Sluyter, who may be responsible for my fixation on Power Girl.

I mean it must have been around the same time when I read Bart Sear´s version of Power Girl in the pages of JUSTICE LEAGUE EUROPE and when I saw Monique´s striptease as Marilyn Monroe on TUTTI FRUTTI .

In the old comics artist Wally Wood kept making Power Girl´s breasts bigger and bigger to see how far he could take it. Or at least that´s the urban legend. Fact is that the artists after him drew her with normal proportions....or what is considered normal for superheroines. Till Bart Sears took over the character and buffed her up and returned her to her signature breast size - at least for up until the whole NEW 52 fiasko.

For me Bart Sear´s version is still the definite version of Power Girl.

But back to Monique Sluyter. I think she´s dutch and she was one of the girls on TUTTI FRUTTI. I have to say I liked her more than Tiziana who always played the goofy part. Not that Monique couldn´t be goofy and would have problems with the german pronunciation ( although her accent could drive men crazy ). But she always did it with charme and some tongue in cheek humor. It also helped that she is totally hot.

Now, back to Simona, she also has to do the chin chin dance even if she´s allowed to wear a bra beneath. Although she has to do it two times.

But sexy Simona can even top that. Here she is with a stunning strapless black dress that´s just a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen !!! 

It´s a wonder that her impressively well rounded star qualities ( 36DD ! ) don´t fall out the way she´s leaning forward so far and so repeatedly.

Man, this woman is just too much ! The top of her dress can barely contain the wonder twins from spilling out. If only we were that lucky !!!

Anyway, thankfully I also found that clip since it´s her best clip EVER !

So, this post has gotten longer than expected - and with a lot more clips - but finally I got to give a shout out to one of my favorite tv cult sirens.

Manny happy returns Simona and Viva Italia !

To close things here´s a compilation with some of her breast moments :


Now since this post is a re - post I thought I should add a little something something extra for my faithful readers who have already read all this.

And because there are always so may YouTube clips I want to post and not enough posts to put them in. Since this post was about italian tv shows most readers in Germany or the UK might not be familiar with I thought I could keep the european theme going. Lately my brother has begun to get very interested in music - much to the lament of his environment - and this week we started watching some Blues documentaries. Now one of the roots of Blues music is the Boogie Woogie and if you want to know where the Boogie Woogie comes from it was explained by Jools Holland on The Jonathan Ross show. Just skip forward to around six minutes of the clip :

The Jonathan Ross Show is one of my favorite shows but - as usual with the good stuff - I can only watch it via the internet. To people in the UK I don´t have to explain who Jools Holland is but for all others, he has a show called LATER WITH JOOLS HOLLAND where he plays with the Who´s Who of musicians. You can find a lot of the clips on YouTube.

The great Alicia Keys was also a guest on that episode of The Jonathan Ross show and she demonstrated what a fantastic voice she has.

For those who haven´t seen it here´s the full video with Alicia :

So that was the Simona Ventura re - post which - as usual took much longer than I anticipated - and I hope we can get back to comics ( especially the All - Star Squadron ) in our next post. Can we, please ? 

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