Friday, May 30, 2014

Always with the Condor Comics

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Longtime readers must be really tired with hearing the name of Condor Comics whenever I write about german comics but it´s the company that published a lot of the comics in my formative comic reading years.

Not only did they do the german versions of Marvel Comics,

they also did the german versions of the Marvel Graphic Novels

and Marvel´s EPIC Illustrated magazine.

They also had DIE COSMIC RANGER with First´s WARP and GRIMJACK,


 as well as two Jack Kirby series from Pacific Comics, SILVER STAR

and CAPTAIN VICTORY, although at the time I didn´t appreciate it.

And that was just the superhero section. Condor also did a whole lot of funny and satire books like KAPUTT, the german version of MAD.

Which should not be confused with KAPUTT AG which was the german version of 13, RUE DEL PERCEBE by spanish comic icon Francisco Ibañez.

The series started in Germany under the title AUSGEFLIPPT

and it was one of the earliest works by Ibañez. The simple idea was to show a entire building and all the weird and strange tenants on one page. 


Condor must have bought the license for spanish comics in a bundle because they also did SUPERMEIER, the german version of SUPERLOPEZ,

Francisco Ibañez´s MEIN GOTT, WALTER ( a.k.a. Pepe Gotera y Otilio ),

as well as TOM TIGER & CO ( El botones Sacarino ) 

and of course Francisco Ibañez´s most famous comic in the world CLEVER & SMART or Mortadelo y Filemon how it was known all over Spain. 

But since that is a topic for an even larger post - which took up a lot of the time I spent on research these last days - you´ll have to wait until another day to find out more about that and how this lady ties in with it.

Trust me on this, she really DOES have something to do with it all ( and even if not, she does have a spectacular rear view, don´t you agree ? ).

Okay, I´ll give you a hint : it has something to do with this movie :

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Anonymous said...

"Kaputt" war eigentlich die deutsche Version von "Cracked" ;)

SUBZERO said...

Ups, Danke für die Info.