Thursday, September 11, 2014

Subzero´s newest problems with blogging

Well, as I have mentioned before for a few days now my old media player is making screenshots again which is something I have been busy with .

Because so far I always had to rely on pictures somebody else has done and posted on the internet. Which is no problem - as long as you find what you´re looking for. But it DOES get more difficult when you can´t find what you´re looking for on the internet because it´s either a very obscure thing / person or something other people might not know.

Well, now I can make a screenshot of that particular person or movie or scene and even though the size and quality of the picture depends on the size and quality of the clip it IS doable ( if I have a clip of the scene ).

 Like with Stella Getz smash hit TA - DI - DI - BOOM which came out in 1996 but which was impossible to find for a long time. She had a much bigger hit with FRIENDS so that was what she was known for in Germany and her video for Ta - Di - Di - Boom was only once shown on the show NACHTSCHICHT which showed uncensored music videos after midnight.

Now Stella wasn´t naked or anything in the music video but I guess they didn´t show the video on regular music television because she had squeezed her still considerably big talents into  a push up that was at least two sizes too small. She also had tied her shirt under which gave them much needed support since she was shoving them in your face.

Well, I guess Busenwunder Stella had just too much bouncing action going on for der german television which probably was her way to get rid of her girlie image by pushing her boobs almost up to her chin. And before you ask, yes, she was already 19 years old when the music video was shot.

The thing is that back when I had my old boob blog ( I really should have copyrighted that name ) I wanted to do a post on this with the full works : pictures, music video and download link . Now that I have some material I can´t use it since that´s not what this blog is about. Mind you, the video is still not watchable on YouTube from Germany because the GEMA tells me " it might contain music. " Well, D´ uh you moron. It´s a music video. What do you think ? But I have to calm myself before I really get riled up.

I found it on MyVideo but for some strange reason there´s no embedding code anymore. Just at the end of last month I put a video by Udo Jürgens on the blog but now they seem to have disabled that function. Figures !

Coming back to blogging and finally being able to do some screenshots the downside is that with all things this option is a double edged sword.

On one side I can finally put up pictures of all the neglected or forgotten cult sirens out there who bare it all ( so to speak ) to turn unbearable dreck into fun trash and who never get top billing or any awards. I can finally write about Erika Eleniak and post pictures from UNDER SIEGE.

Because so far all the pictures and stills I found on the internet were with her breasts exposed or at least some nippleage so posting them was risky.

But now that I can make my own screenshots I can show the scenes I find best which may often be some cleavage instead of full frontal nudity.

Not that there´s anything wrong with that if it´s done tasteful.

But the thing is that now I have a choice. I get to make the decision and I can pick the right moment so that you can see a little bit of nudity but in a tasteful manner and without making this an ADULTS ONLY blog.

Now the downside to it all is of course as they say the agony of choice .

Because picking the right moment is not as easy as it sounds at first and one of the reasons why I didn´t post the last days ( this post for instance should have been up Yesterday ) is that I was busy with finding the right pictures and figuring out exactly where to add them. Thanks to the good fortune of finding VULCAN, SON OF JUPITER - which is in public domain so no copyright infringements here - online, although in a very low quality, I made some screenshots of Bella Cortez ( among a few other sexy screen seductresses from other clips ) and ended up with more than I bargained for. In the case of Bella Cortez it was too many and it was no easy task to narrow it down to only five, at least if I use that many for this post.

It´s a difficult question. Which moment from a certain clip do you pick ?

It´s easier if you can add a clip from YouTube, but you also want to add a picture just in case the video is taken down, which is not an uncommon thing to happen. So you also want to add a picture - just for emergencies.

Or more than one picture. Which would be easier to do in form of a GIF but first of all, I don´t know how to make them. There have been some cases in the past where I posted more than one picture from a scene on one of my posts and later found an animated GIF picture on the internet.

Now don´t get me wrong. I have no problem with that. First of all I find all of the pictures I use on the blog somewhere else ( although I DO cut them or polish them up now and then ) and I would be really delighted if someone took these pictures and used them to make a GIF picture of it .

The problem is that even if somebody does I still can´t use it on the blog. WOW, it seems I can use GIFs on the blog. Hello, Fräulein Biedermann !

Is this a new thing ? Because up to now blogger didn´t do it. Maybe it´s the new browser. In any case I now will probably go back and put those GIFs I couldn´t put on the blog before in the posts. If I can remember where I put up links. It seems ( and I have tested this a bit over the last few days ) that after posting pictures of screenshots there are GIFs on google+ which I can use. Now I don´t know if there´s somebody on the internet who does this or if that´s an automatic function of blogger.

I also don´t know how many pictures can be used to make a GIF and how many are too many. This will need some work but at least now I might be able to put my favorite scenes on the blog like Julie DuPage on the french tv show EXTREME LIMITE ( it was called Die Draufgänger in Germany which means The Daredevils, but then another show got the same title and whenever you look for it on amazon you only find the wrong one ) who didn´t have very big breasts but boy, did she know how to squeeze ´em right. I bet Mutenroshi would be beyond himself and when I saw this I instantly knew which part would fit perfectly between Julie´s funbags.

Ah, that´s what I call poetry in motion, guys. Merci beaucoup, Julie !

Still , I should not complain too much since the possibility to do my own screenshots does come in handy for the occasional wardrobe malfunction.

Or the quick peek at paradise in all its splendor that´s just there for a nanosecond and which too often in life is easily missed or overlooked.

I think the most difficult thing for me will be to show some restraint and only use this in moderation - which for this post is obviously tOO late.

So come on Sonya, show me how you always get another season of TALK TALK TALK financed by the chairman of the german television board.

Okay, maybe that´s really just some nasty gossip that´s going round but she really has some skills. Here´s another look at that hot massita !

I also have to be careful with the GIFs not to overdo it. Because the files are pretty big and I don´t want to run out of space for posting pictures. Right now I´m still figuring out how to use this in a comic related function ( I thought about posting a GIF of various covers but somehow this might get too distracting when you´re reading and I haven´t tried if this works yet ) but to tell you the truth I´m really excited. This could really work.

Since we had a boatload of sexy women on this rather different post ( in fact there were also hot sexbombs Tatyana Ali, Nia Long, Letoya Luckett and Kenya Moore included but to shorten this I put them into a post of their own ) and if I tried to include videos of them all this post would never end. But before this the gods have put YouTube which doesn´t have any of the good stuff and surely no nude clips so nothing from Erika Eleniak or Joyce Hyser anyway. I have found a few videos though.

The first one is with Germany´s mega MILF, Sonya Kraus in her blue dress. The highlight is of course the scene I used for two of the GIFs.

Speaking of the GIFs and german sexbombs, another one is Jeanette Biedermann and here´s the part of CALLGIRL UNDERCOVER I used. I´m also including it because it´s not only the best part of the movie but also the only that´s wort seeing. Really, if you have seen this you can skip the rest of the movie and save one hour and a half of your lifespan.

So this was the part with the hot sexbomben but now for something completely different : our first one is kind of a taste for our next post about a rather forgotten masterpiece ( more or less ) of cinema called VULCAN, SON OF JUPITER. I got the idea while looking for the original 300 movie which Terry Hooper mentioned in one of his posts. I didn´t find the movie but I found the VULCAN film as well as THE 300 SPARTANS trailer.

I also want to include a rather odd one which I found rather recently of KALIMAN which all the gringos probably don´t know. He´s a mexican comic book hero, whom narrates stories that take place in exotic places and he´s very famous across Latin America. He was created by Rafael Cutberto Navarro and Modesto Vázquez González. There also were Kaliman comic books which depicted the adventures of Kaliman and his young companion Solín, an egyptian boy who is descended from Pharaohs.

Kaliman had his own radio show since 1963, for 26 years, it never failed to be printed every week without interruption, it printed 1351 copies, which featured adventures that took place on exotic sites. The comic book was born due to the huge success of the radio show of the same name. In 1965 it leaped into history reaching its highest popularity.

And with our last video we continue the 80s cartoon shows I don´t know. Originally I wanted to post something from VISIONARIES but since I could not find any full episodes from the show here´s JAYCE AND THE WHEELED WARRIORS instead. At least this one goes almost one and a half hour.

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Terry Hooper-Scharf said...

Mann, hast du nicht comic zu lesen?? And I must stop this. I started explaining something to someone in German this morning and got an odd look.
I think its the BQC on your blog doing this. "BQC"? -Boobage Quality Content, old boy. And German TV seriously censored that music video? I was my first boobs on German soap commercials in the 1960s. Man, your country has gotten way too PC.
Nice post though....and careful...we may owe that baby a lot of internet money one day!
Oh, what would German TV have done with Transvision Vamp videos? Wendy James wore some tight outfits and her boobage was...sigh

SUBZERO said...

The germans have always had problems with boobs and as far back as I can remember there has been a " no naked boobs before midnight " rule that´s still in effect.

In Amerika naked they rather censor naked boobs then violence. Here they joke about the americans but they´re just as bad if not worse.

What´s even more frustrating is that german tv is taken over by the secret gay conclave for world domination so you are constantly bombared with naked male arses but it takes a few days until you can see naked women´s buttocks or even breasts.

German tv is more restricted then in the 80s now.

Okay, they didn´t show you the good videos but there were shows like TUTTI FRUTTI on the air and there was at least one good erotic movie on every week that you could count on.