Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween special : Jim Aparo´s Spectre

Most readers probably expected me to continue with Avengers 300 - or start for that matter since I didn´t really begin talking about it - but since it´s Halloween I thought I should do a special post for this occasion.

For ages I wanted to continue with my posts about Jim Aparo´s issues of THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD and just Yesterday I found some pictures about the hidden easter eggs in his later issues. So I thought I should do a post about one of the fun nerd games you can play while reading the issues called " spot the secret clue to next issue´s guest star " but since it´s Halloween Today I decided to do a post about Jim Aparo´s creepier comic series and what could be creepier than THE SPECTRE by Michael Fleisher ( what an apt name, in german Fleischer means butcher ) and Jim Aparo ?

So I decided to post the entire story THE WRATH OF THE SPECTRE from ADVENTURE COMICS 431, the very first issue this creative team did.

Normally I don´t do posts with entire issues but this is a special post so I´m taking a page out of the book - or blog in this case - of fellow blogger Old Groove from DIVERSIONS OF THE GROOVY KIND. In fact, I´m taking more than one page, I´m taking exactly 12 pages since he posted the story before . But this wouldn´t be TALES FROM THE KRYPTONIAN if I didn´t put my unique twist on things so I´m continuing my BLACK AND WHITE posts by posting the colored pages beside the black and white original pages which I found at comicartfans which you should definitely check out if you are interested in original art pages. And now without further ado here´s the story, I hope you enjoy it and happy Halloween !

Now if you want to read more about Jim Aparo´s THE SPECTRE head on over to Groove´s blog and check out his synopsis on the series , these fantastic splash pages or you can read The Anguish of The Spectre ! , The Gasmen and The Spectre ! or Grasp of the Killer Cult ! from THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD issue 116 where The Spectre teams up with The Batman.

Time for videos. I already posted SHOWCASE PRESENTS - THE SPECTRE so here´s the original Captain America cartoon series. Those guys at Marvel pretend that motion comics is some brilliant concept they just came up with but Stan and Jack did that way back in 66, beyotches !

Up to this day there has been no Dragonball live action movie that really kicks ass and if you watch this trailer you know it´s because there´s not one guy in Hollywood whose head is not stuck into somebody´s rear end.

Speaking of Hollywood, here´s another video with Melina Pendulum ( and her very distracting cleavage ) about deconstructing tropes in movies.

And last but not least you might want to watch - or re watch - one of the classic horror comedies GHOSTBUSTERS that just celebrated its 30th anniversary this year about which ComicBookGirl19 made a long review.

This is the end of Today´s post. Since they still don´t celebrate Halloween in earnest in Germany I won´t put on a costume and go trick or treating but I will watch some horror flick - CREEPSHOW 3 if I can find it or the TALES FROM THE CRYPT movie from the 1970s I posted not too long ago.

Happy Samhain and may the Goddess and the Green Man bless you.

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Terry Hooper-Scharf said...

Aparo's work looks great in B&W! And The Spectre when the character meant something. Neat.