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Savage Dragon 200 - the return to greatness

Today was initially the day I had to go to the clinic in Markgröningen but since my operation has been delayed for one day I have a little respite. So I decide to write a post about one of my favorite series SAVAGE DRAGON.

The last few days I have been busy with getting everything ready for my stay at the clinic so I haven´t been on the internet much. I tried to do this post Yesterday but then I got distracted with pictures for this post.

I also thought about doing another post on The Owl, or better the various  heroes or superheroines who have the word owl as their name or part of their name but then decided against it. Well, to tell the truth I could not find the time to do it and in any case my readers might not really be interested to read - again - about owls and superheroes after two posts on the subject. So maybe this will be better received after three months and a half which will probably be the time when I can get back to regular posting. Or at least what passes for a regular posting schedule here.

Another reason why it took a while for this post is that in Germany we just had Fasching ( or Fasnacht like they call it in some parts of Germany ) which is like Halloween only with less spooky stuff and more beer. So I thought the post with Yaya Han, Jessica Nigri and other cosplayers was appropriate for that. And if I had to choose one post that would stay at the top of the blog for some time why not one with the lovely Yaya Han ?

You never can have enough Yaya on your blog ( I´m trying not to drool ).

So, like I said, I thought about doing another owl superheroes related post but instead I got caught up in the whole hype about SAVAGE DRAGON 200 or The Threesome Issue how it has been called by some internet people.

Now usually I try to avoid some spoilers but when I´m talking about a topic like this one that is about a certain issue I can´t. Also, I will mention a few of the older issues so - more spoilers there. If you are already reading SAVAGE DRAGON you know what I´m talking about and you have probably already read issues 201 and 202. If you are not reading SAVAGE DRAGON - what is wrong with you ? Seriously, SAVAGE DRAGON is one of the best written, best drawn comic book series without retcons, restarts or other crap like NEW 52 or Marvel NOW. It´s taking place in real time and it´s done by the same guy who started it with issue one.

I have pimped the book numerous times and even wrote a lengthy post about it in english that I translated into german so that alone should tell you how important this comic is to me. So after 199 issues full of sex and violence, guest stars galore like Madman, Hellboy, God, the Devil, Jesus, a monkey with the brain of Adolf Hitler in a fishbowl on his head, alien invasions, uncountable parallel dimensions and more doppelgangers of Savage Dragon than you can shake a stick at you might think that there is nothing left to shock comic readers. So why all this fuss about sex now ?

For all who don´t know the scene in particular happens between Malcolm Dragon, his girlfriend Maxine Jung Lai and his stepsister Angel Murphy.

Well, not really his stepsister since they don´t have the same mother or the same father. At least as much as the world knows. It´s superheroes, and SAVAGE DRAGON to boot so it´s really more complicated than that.

I think it´s easier to start with Malcolm. He is Savage Dragon´s son ( Savage Dragon or Officer Dragon was the lead character of the book until around issue 170 or so ) and he comes from an alternate universe. Which is where Savage Dragon originally comes from and which was blown up. When Malcolm was born an evil society stole him and made it appear as though he had died while secretly the villain Darklord raised him. And that´s when Savage Dragon was transported to an alternate timeline.

I mentioned it was complicated, right ? Anyway, Malcolm Dragon landed in Dimension X where he met Angel Dragon who is not to be confused with Angel Murphy. This is where this whole comlpicated parallel world kicks in.

You see, in the original timeline ( I think ) Savage Dragon met Angel´s mom Jennifer Murphy who had superpowers and became a member of S.O.S., the government sanctioned superhero team in the Savage Dragon universe. They were teammates, started dating, got married and Dragon became the stepdad of that universe´s Angel. Although that wasn´t as easy as you might think since all superheroes wedding must have some glitch and Jennifer was replaced by a shapeshifter before the wedding.

Don´t you just hate it when that happens ? Anyway, later on Jennifer was murdered, only it wasn´t her but the shapeshifter. That´s when Dragon filed for custody of that universe´s Angel and became her stepfather. To stress this, Savage Dragon and this Angel were not related. Her parents were Jennifer and some bloke who abused her and her mother until Jennifer´s superpowers kicked in and she literally punched his head off.

Back to Jennifer, later on Dragon found out that she was still alive, they were reunited - together with Angel - and were a happy family until Jennifer got killed again, this time for real and Angel stayed with Dragon. I´m not sure if this was the time Savage Dragon was shaking it up with Alex or if that happened the first time Jennifer was believed to be dead.

Ah, yes, officer Alex Wilde, longtime partner of Savage Dragon and one of the major hotties on the book who was modeled after Halle Berry.

I know, she looks rather white on the picture above but she´s of hispanic heritage and supposed to be colored with a much darker skin tone here.

Since the first issue Alex was the one I hoped Dragon would end up with but something always came between them getting together. And when I say " something " I mean of course writer Erik Larsen. First it was that they were both working together, than Dragon was together with the superheroine Rapture, than Alex was with the superhero Dart and they only ended up together when Savage Dragon returned to Chicago from a long absence. He was working with the S.O.S. and Alex was still on the police force so they were not co workers and could finally get down to it.

Which we could see quite in detail in the issues although not as explicit to qualify as porn. You might as why I posted the picture above instead and one of the reasons is that I couldn´t find any of the pages of issues 49 which is when this happened. Needless to say this didn´t make the news.

The other reason is the DEJA VUE section of this post : Erik Larsen went for the jugular in the next issue where he reused this splash page for the reunion of Super Tough and his former sidekick Young Tough, now known as Mace, one of the gay couples in comics that always gets neglected.

Anyway, Alex and Savage Dragon were just trying to get over their past relationships ( by having lots of conscientious sex ) so that didn´t last long. Later on it seemed as if Alex and Dragon were finally together.

But as always things were more complicated : the Dragon that was using Alex like a blow up sex doll was an impostor from a parallel universe.

( click here for the full six pages of this back up story from issue 132 and here for the artwork without obstruction by word balloons and captions )

You see, there were lots of sex scenes in SAVAGE DRAGON before issue 200 hit, so it´s kind of weird that now there´s this buzz on the internet ( the scene below doesn´t end like you expect : the guy isn´t really Savage Dragon and he shoots the girl in the head to steal her super powers ).

First there was Malcolm´s mother Rapture with whom Savage Dragon had lots of sex with - which obviously led to the existence of Malcolm - which happened on page. There even was issue 17 which was released in two versions due to explicit content like Dragon and Rapture in the shower.

And here´s the colored version of the splash page as always :

To further elaborate, here´s one of the censored pages from the issue.

And here is the uncensored version for you to compare the two.

There was all kind of skimpy outfits going on with Rapture which some may call gratuitous while other may see it as keeping it real with the characters. In any case, I didn´t complain when Rapture ended up in a wet dress - a result of learning that somebody with spikes all over his body like Horridus and a water bed is really a dangerous combination.

Talking about Horridus, she´s one of the best supporting characters on the book and pretty hilarious since she´s always talking about sex. If it wouldn´t be too long to add it now I would mention the issue where she was giving Dragon a blowjob but I´ll have to do another post on Savage Dragon to cover that. Back to the women on SAVAGE DRAGON there is of course Rita Medermade, named after the Beatles song who in another life would have been a hugely successful stripper, men´s magazine centerfold or porn star. She had the body for it and had a huge crush for Dragon. She even stayed with him for a while which led to this memorable scene :

Rita and Savage Dragon did have sex later in the series but it didn´t work out because of  Rita´s insecurities revolving about her body issues and she married fellow police officer William Johnson during one of the many alien invasions ( I think it was during the MARS ATTACKS storyline ).

There are also Amy Belcher who operated under the name of She Dragon

and Dart, whose niece is now the head of the super villain society

but I´ll have to leave that for another post since it´s already 30 minutes past the deadline. Okay, I had already explained where Angel Dragon came from. She was from Savage Dragon´s original timeline but there was also a second Angel - Angel Murphy, NOT the one from the actual issues - whose mom was also a Jennifer Murphy but she never married Dragon. When Dragon´s original universe was destroyed Angel from his timeline was in Dimension X and came over to the new universe so for a time there were two Angels. The one from the old universe was turned evil by a creature called Mr. Glum, she killed her own mother and ended up with the world conquering Mr. Glum where she is his willing sex slave ( natch ).

So, to come back to issue 200 after the original Savage Dragon has left the spotlight in favor for his son ( I already covered how this happened in this post ) the main characters are Malcolm Dragon and Angel Murphy .

Malcolm Dragon is Savage Dragon´s son from another universe. Angel Murphy was adopted by Savage Dragon but she´s not blood related to Savage Dragon nor Malcolm Dragon and she´s also a native of the old universe. She and Malcolm grew up like brother and sister but they are not. But there always was some kind of attraction between the two.

During the last alien invasion Angel even asked Malcolm to have sex with her because she thought it was the end of the world and they would die.

Well, Malcolm refused that time - mostly because he wanted Angel to keep hope - and as it later turned out this was not the end of the world. Somehow the yellow press got hold of some pictures of Malcom and Angel in compromising positions so now everybody thinks they did have hot sex.

Malcolm then was going out with another girl - Thiera - but that didn´t work out. After this he started to date Maxine, Angel´s best friend, but because her parents want her to marry a chinese guy they also break of.

Well, kind of. Malcolm really likes Maxine and Maxine really does not want to be with anybody else then Malcolm. But because her parents thinks that being with a superhero is too dangerous they constantly send her on dates with chinese guys and after the hundreths or so date Maxine finally snaps, tells her parents to stick it, leaves home and moves in with her Malcolm.

Of course Angel comes around unexpectedly and catches them.

Which leads to the threesome that you have heard so much about.

Now in issue 201 we learn that Maxine taped this without Malcolm´s or Angel´s knowledge and when I read this the first thing that went through my mind was that this is SO bound to turn up on the internet. Because celebrity sex tapes ALWAYS wind up on the net - intentionally or not.

I thought for sure I knew how this was going to happen when I saw these preview pages. The situation is that after the threesome Angel tried to get back with Daredevil ( a superhero who she had a crush on but who didn´t want to start a relationship with her back then because she was sixteen ) but somehow it doesn´t work so she wants to spend the holidays with Malcolm and Maxine. At the same time Maxine invited Malcolm´s ex girlfriend Tiera to stay who accidentially gets a hold of the sex tape.

I thought for sure I knew how this was going to end but leave it to Mister Erik Larsen to throw you a curve ball when you least expect it.

So will the sex tape with Malcolm´s threeway with his girlfriend and his " stepsister " ( not really ) find its way to the internet ? Maybe the s - word will hit the fan when Angel finds out there is a sex tape and Malcolm´s ex girlfriend knows about it when she visits for the holidays but judging from this preview picture I doubt it. With SAVAGE DRAGON you never know.

Okay, this is the end of this post. I know this was kind of rushed in the end but if this doesn´t get you to check out SAVAGE DRAGON nothing will.

edit : Thanks to Jose Diaz on facebook for clearing up that the current Dart is the niece of the original not the daughter like I thought and that I confused the two Angels. I was not sure if I knew who was who but like you have seen their history is a bit complicated so I may be forgiven for two mistakes in this long post. You try to condense 25 years of comic continuity in one post and tell me how it goes. I bet even Spider - Man´s story gets complicated at this point if you have to work in all the retcons and restarts. I have corrected the mistakes - I hope - although I usually like to keep my posts real without changing too much. But as this is one post I might want to share with others or even include in my next BEST OF TALES FROM THE KRYPTONIAN round up I made an exception. And before I forget it thanks to Erik Larsen for sharing this on facebook.

There´s also one last thing I have to add before closing the blog for the next few months. I couldn´t really add a big picture with Yaya Han in her Chun Li outfit at the beginning of the post because then it would have gone into the links and other stuff on the right side of the blog but here´s a bigger one. And yes, that is the full size of the picture, because I CAN !

Normally I look for videos related to the post but since it´s already three hours past my appointed deadline ( I hope I can get to the clinic on time Tomorrow, err, make that Today ) I don´t have the time to look for it. So instead I´m posting a few videos which I would like to stay on the blog until I can do a new post which will be in three to four months or so.

The first one is for the original THE SECRET LIFE OF WALTER MITTY. I haven´t seen the original version but in the german translation there was always some machine or contraption going " packety packety pack ".

Of course my favorite Danny Kaye movie is THE COURT JESTER and the most famous scene is the part about The Pellet with the Poison.

Although I have to say, I´m really much more familiar with the german translation. It´s just the version I know - like most of the germans from my generation. Just ask anybody about Der Becher mit dem F√§cher dude.

Since we´re on the subject of medieval times here´s a video my brother found about the Messer - which was not a sword, honest gov´nor. This really gives you a new perspective on the phrase of Messerstechereien.

Last but not least I want to pimp a german vodcast, DAS PHANTASTISCHE PROJECT. There will be many of these in upcoming posts since he covers a lot of subjects I love like Captain Future, Mortadello & Filemon or YPS comics mit Gimmick. For Today´s post I chose this video that explains precisly what´s wrong with Today´s superhero comics by the big two.

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Happy birthday sci fi cult siren Jeri Ryan

Today hot sci fi sexbomb Jeri Ryan celebrates her 47th birthday so I think it is about time to finally put the post I did on her on the comic blog. 

STAR TREK VOYAGER stuck Jeri Ryan and her big tits in a skin - tight suit in the show after Season 3 as the 36DD drone of Borg Seven of Nine ( or Sex with Nine ). It´s no surprise that it´s the role she´s best known for.

Jeri was one of three reasons to watch the show, and I´m not counting her awesome twin torpedoes and the holographic Doctor as three.

I´m also putting half - klingon sexbomb B´Elanna Torres on the list.

But to tell the truth for me it was mostly hardbody Jeri and her big borg boobies that I could even suffer the show because it was so badly written.

She´s the only reason people want to get assimilated - although in this case I´d rather be tittilated, if you catch my drift. I think Harry Kim is probably one of the few males in creation who was afraid to get it on with her. Most others - myself included - would love to have a borgasm with a sex machine ( literally ! ) that´s built like Jeri. And as a cyborg she can take a great deal of punishment and has a lot of endurance. So you don´t have to be gentle and you get a lot of mileage out of this cyber amazon. 


Borg - couture is clearly heavily influenced by the science fiction classic Buck Rogers In The Twenty - Fifth Century. Ryan’s ‘ orphaned ’ spandex - clad demi - alien Seven Of  Nine was usually rated 10 by the male fans that the character was clearly put in to attract after a ratings dip.

Ryan only took the role at the fifth attempt by producer Jeri Taylor. A certain contingent of Trekkers took umbrage at the inclusion of a crew-member so overtly sexy in the usually glam-free Trek-verse. The rest of us set our VCRs as we fell for the oldest trick in the book.

Jeri Ryan discussed the costume with Trek Today :  The whole ' sex symbol ' or ' babe ' thing doesn't bother me. It's the costume that I wear on the show which is ... a little snug, shall we say, and doesn't leave a whole lot to the imagination. I don't have a problem with it because of the way this character's been written, how intelligent she is and how strong she is and what a wonderful female portrayal she is.

Although there is lot of booty in Star Trek : Uhura in the original series,

the green chick which was played by Batgirl Yvonne Craig,

all of Kirk´s girls which he just seemed to find on any planet he was on,

Tasha Yar in Next Generation got android Data to turn on his sex files,

there were also Deanna Troy and Beverly Crusher in Next Generation,

bajoran chief of security Major Kira on Star Trek - Deep Space Nine,

Jadzia Dax on Deep Space Nine ( who had been a man in her last life ),

Ezri Dax on Deep Space Nine ( she was the next incarnation of Jadzia ),

then the former borg drone Seven of Nine on Star Trek - Voyager

or vulcan crew member T´Pol on Enterprise played by Jolene Blalock.

Really, someone at starfleet has a knack for picking hot chicks.

Man, I´d love to do a sandwich with T´Pol and Sex with Nine during the time of Pon Farr. Between the insatiable vulcan nymphomanic sex addict

and the inexhaustible cyborg sexdoll you could probably wear yourself out for all time. Not that anybody would complain about going out like that.

Coming back to Jeri Ryan she didn´t get naked on STAR TREK VOYAGER although there were some scenes in which she was supposedly naked we just didn´t get to see it since there was no full frontal nudity involved.

The best we got were some scenes where we could see her back - but not her butt like with Jolene Blalock in the unforgettable sex massage scenes.

( go to Jolene Blalock´s solo post to read more about her sex massages )

I heard that Kate Mulgrew was constantly bitching because she didn´t get the attention she thought she deserved as star of the show. Okay, let us think about this, there are two women on the show : one a bitchy old broad and one a smoking hot sexborg. Hmm, who gets more attention ?

And let´s be realistic : nobody likes Captain Janeway. Not because she´s a woman. But because she´s frigging crazy. With the other Captains you knew where you stood. Kirk always broke the rules and his crew was the most important thing for him. Picard always obeyed the rules - but his crew was more important. Captain Sisko bended the rules on occassion because he was first stuck out in the middle of nowhere and then he became an emissary of the gods. And in the end he became a god. But Janeway ? One day the rules are the most important thing, the next day she couldn´t care less because it´s Wednesday or that time of the month.

And she didn´t care about her crew at all. They could all kick the bucket as far as she cared. With her as captain your f - word - ed ! Just ask Seven of Nine, she was told by Janeway that she´s nothing but a toaster. 

Of course Jeri starred in other tv shows like BOSTON LEGAL for which she did a supersexy photoshoot and even had a scene in which she undressed till she only had a shirt on - which showed much of her fantastic breasts.

I really was lucky to catch that episode because after ALLY MC BEAL I really stay away from courtroom drama series. And I prefer to watch James Spader in THE BLACKLIST. What I did see was the TWO AND A HALF MAN episode with Jeri. In the episode she plays an old flame of Charlie Sheen who starts a relationship with his brother but he is too obsessed with what happened when she was with Charlie - so he ruins it. Poor guy, I bet she would have spoiled him for all other women on earth.

I also caught the episode QUEEN FOR A DAY from WAREHOUSE 13 where Jeri Ryan had a small guest role as Peter Lattimer´s ex wife Amanda.

Kate Mulgrew who played Captain Janeway on STAR TREK VOYAGER was also on the show as Peter´s Mom ( kind of a reunion here although I´m not so sure Kate was so happy to see Jeri again since she was always bitching about Jeri stealing the attention of the viewers away from her ) which didn´t exactly made it easier to watch the show. Not that it isn´t difficult enough to watch the show as they kept changing the time the show was on, then it was put on a different channel and now they are doing marathons. Some day I´ll buy all the seasons and binge watch it. 

What I didn´t watch was the O.C. even if was supposed to be for comic people so I didn´t see Jeri in it. And I somehow missed DRACULA 2000 which was probably as bad as it sounds so I might have lucked out on this one and the only good parts were the ones with a very busty Jeri Ryan.

I also don´t watch BODY OF PROOF, another tv series where Jeri Ryan appears but I´m already watching too many crime series as it is. Although judging by the scene from the episode FALLEN ANGEL I may reconsider.

Other shows where Jeri Ryan appeared include THE SENTINEL, WHO`S THE BOSS, MATLOCK and LEVERAGE. I guess that´s everything covered.

Oh, I almost forgot, Seven of Nine was in the only STAR TREK VOYAGER comic I bought called FALSE COLORS. It was a prestige format one shot from Wildstorm and Jim Lee did the variant cover ( I know it´s the variant cover because it was almost impossible to find a picture ).

The story was written by Star Trek novelist Nathan Archer and the interior art was done by Jeff Moy ( and possibly Phil Moy on backgrounds ) and W. C. Carani, who had a lengthy run on DC´s threeboot LEGIONNAIRES book.

I don´t remember much about the story so it can´t be that impressive but it wasn´t my favorite Star Trek crew either. I only bought it based on the art and I don´t have any idea where it is at the moment so I can´t check how well the comic has held up. But I know I must have it somewhere.

There are no links for this post except this one that I just had to post. I didn´t make this up : 7 bizarre facts about Deanna Troy´s cleavage .

And with that we come to the video section of this post. Since the number of animated GIFs and pictures I can put on a post are limited here´s a video with Seven of Nine´s best Star Trek Voyager moments.

Here is a video full of aliens and earthlings getting busy Star Trek style.

And since it´s Jeri Ryan´s birthday, here she is on one of my favorite talkshows, The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. I have discovered this show in the last few years only so I haven´t seen this clip myself.

And here´s yet another appearance of Jeri Ryan on the show.

This might be the best clip ever from Craig Ferguson´s Late Late Show. For those of you who don´t know, there´s a robot prop on the show called Geoff Peterson and the guy who does the robot´s voice does a spot on Morgan Freeman imitation. So guess who was on the show one day....

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