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JLA movie casting : The BAYWATCH edition

This post is almost another solo post since it is mainly about Carmen Electra but I have decided to also include Erika Eleniak. Since the post is also about Batgirl it gives me an excuse to indulge in two of my favorite activities : post more Jim Aparo art and rant about the new short Batgirl.

You can never have enough Jim Aparo art on your blog and I hope I can soon find the time to do my big black and white post on the classic BAT MURDERER storyline by Len Wein from DETECTIVE COMICS 444 to 448.

Carmen Electra as Batgirl ( Barbara Gordon )

The second Baywatch babe on the countdown ( after Pamela Anderson and before Erika Eleniak ) rumpshaker Carmen Electra has the role of Batgirl.

I know, that she´s a bit short for the part because the original Batgirl in the comics was all legs - and boobs. And ass. But really, one of the main reasons why she made Robin so horny was that she was taller than him.

Which isn´t as easy to prove as I thought because even if they appeared in the same comic and a lot of the covers there are no covers were they are standing next to another in such a way that you could say who´s taller.

I guess it was just a given. There was however a story in which Batgirl kissed Robin and there must have been some letters about that because in the letter page the guys at DC made it clear that Batgirl was twenty five years old while Robin´s age was kept vague as " still a teenager ". So Batgirl is definitely older which is a good argument for her being taller.

Anyway if you have seen Carmen Electra´s horny hula dance on Baywatch you know why I just had to include a professional gogo dancer / stripper / nude model in my countdown. Very few can movie it like Carmen and even the height is no problem since Batgirl was almost shorter than Robin in YEAR ONE and the latest NEW 52 retcon made her probably even shorter.

I have to find a way to make her costume similar to the swimsuit from the PLAYBOY cover. Only with a black bat instead of the bunny symbol.

Of course Carmen gets the part because of her stripper qualities which she showed in BAYWATCH. Man, David Hasselhoff is my hero for putting all these hot horny sexbombs on tv even though he never took them up on their various casting couch sex offers ( at least that´s what he says ) .

( scene from Carmen Electra´s first episode Rookie Summer in season 8 )

Well, if that´s true he was probably the only one who didn´t get any as buxom blonde Pamela Anderson paints a different picture of the set of Baywatch in an article from 2003 . Pam admitted having steamy sex liaisons with all of her hunky lifeguard co - stars and often enjoyed some extra - curricular activities with her cast mates in their trailers. " I think I slept with everyone at least once. Everybody was having sex behind the trailers, in the trailers, around the trailers. " Colleague Geena Lee Nolin adds the cast's motto was " If the trailer's rocking, don't come knocking. " 

( Carmen´s hula dancing scene from episode 4 season 8, Memorial Day )

And to think that Denis Rodman had all this and let her go. If you ask me that one is gay, not Iceman. He wishes he was a rod man - get my drift ?

Man, can you imagine coming home from work and finding this nympho sexbomb dancing the Kama Sutra fertility viagra dance in your bedroom ?

( scene above is from the Baywatch Hawaiian Wedding special )

So no matter what the costume for this Batgirl or the outfit for Barbara Gordon will be Carmen can make anything look good even a simple t shirt.

Erika Eleniak as Hawkgirl ( Kendra Saunders / Shiera Hall )

One of the best movie stripteases of all times and a personal favorite of mine is Erika Eleniak´s strip from UNDER SIEGE so I had to include her.

And which better role is there for her than the pretty bird who gets all the boys worked up ? Erika Eleniak was on Baywatch and in Playboy but sadly her boobs grew to enormous dimensions - after she had been in Playboy.

Erika´s not the superstar she deserves to be mainly because of bad timing and not making the right movies. Too often has the blonde with the big twin zeppelins played the part of shy girl instead of asskicker.

If Erika had done one movie where she flaunts her big tits in some steaming sex scenes but also shows her great acting skills she would be one of the greats. She never had her BASIC INSTINCT or STRIPTEASE.

Now I have put all the best Erika Eleniak stuff I have into the post about UNDER SIEGE - which I linked to above - but while doing this post I came across this cool website where you can find tons of stuff about her like interviews, lots of pictures and even some movie clips ( and others ). They are not of the best quality but at least they are free and SFW.

One last bit of Baywatch trivia : Michael Newman, called Newmie on the show was a real lifeguard, he was the inspiration for the show created by his childhood pal and fellow lifeguard Greg Bonnan and also was David Hasselhoff´s body double or leg double because he had chicken legs.

But aside from putting some of the hottest women on tv screens all over the world BAYWATCH also taught everybody the basics about CPR along with 25 other life lessons - according to the BuzzFeed community.

We start Today´s video section with the very first episode of BAYWATCH. Centerfold Teri Weigel is in it as a bikini model doing a photoshoot although I think they cut the topless part out in the american version.

edit : the pilot episode of BAYWATCH has been deleted from YouTube so here is the best clip with Teri Weigel I could find. I DO like the shirt

One of the best parts of the final seasons on BAYWATCH was Krista Allen and this is one of her best scenes. She should have been in the JLA cast.

( animated Krista Allen GIFs above courtesy of SHARDWICK website )

Before Carmen Electra drove men crazy on BAYWATCH she tried her luck at a music career so here is her hot music video GO GO DANCER which couldn´t be played ( they played music videos ) on Mtv before midnight.

From one hot go go dancer to the next, I have mentioned asian sexbomb Christine Mendoza in quite a few posts but since I never did a post on her - at least on this blog - I thought it is about time to post a video with her.

And since Hawkgirl is part of Today´s casting call our cartoon at the end is the first episode of Lou Scheimer´s Filmation series from the 1960s.

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I was watching an HBO special the other night on real - life maximum - security - prison guys. I glanced up, and my poster was in quite a few cells. I was screaming " Oh, no ! " Carmen Electra

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