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JLA casting Hollywood edition - Big finale !

Some of my readers may have doubted this day may ever come but this is the last part of my Hollywood Edition fantasy casting for the JLA movie.

Well, I had some doubts myself but since this post is rather long there is no part about the JLA comics and let´s get right to the candidates :

Monica Bellucci as Wonder Woman ( Diana Prince )

A woman with steel in her eyes, the beauty of Aphrodite and the ability to turn all men into babbling, drooling idiots. Yep, it´s a description of Wonder Woman but it also sounds pretty much like Monica Bellucci.

Monica Bellucci can fill out the Wonder corsage quite well with her 37C chest, and I wanted to cast her in a movie where she is not degraded, abused, forced into prostitution or raped like in most of her films.

Shheeesh, what´s wrong with the movie industry ? It seems the only roles for women with big breasts are either prostitutes or rape victims ( or raped prostitutes ) and one of the few movies where Monica is not a victim of sexual assault is the ASTERIX movie where she was Cleopatra.

Wonder Woman was in quite a few versions of the JLA so I could as well have put her in the first part. I think I´m going to do that in the special SUBZERO edition. But for now she´s here with the more current members.

I think Monica Bellucci would really be a terrific Wonder Woman and she would have no problem filling out the role with her 37C Wonder Twins.

Ninel Conde as Zatanna Zatarra

One of the favorites of male comic readers and female alike - at least judging by the number of bodacious cosplayers who dress up as her - this part is played by the actress from Mexico with the impressive 40C rack.

Ninel Conde is a mexican singer and actress and - with her incredible chest size of course - model who has starred in the very popular telenovela REBELDE which you can see in a lot of countries like Spain.

The show was on during one of my stays in Spain ( which tells you how long ago that was ) and first I thought it was a continuation of the mega successfull tv show REBELDE WAY starring the megahot Luisana Lopilato.

The argentine telenovela was even on german television but I missed the first chapters. It takes place in a prestigious private boarding high school for kids of the argentine elite and gifted children so singing and dancing is a big part of the curriculum. Luisana plays Mia Colucci who is a bit of a snob and queen bee at school ( her Mom is a famous fashion designer ).

Luisana shot to prominence when she displayed her booming underage body in a sexy dance number giving millions a feeling of guilt about their raging woodies caused by 16 year old Ms. Lopilato´s rumpshaking.

Here is a video of Luisa Lopilato´s full sexy dance with the striptease.

She filled out quite nice and millions of horny shutins could breathe a sigh of relief when she came to legal age and still had a booming body.

Luisana also played the latin counterpart of Kelly Bundy in the argentinian version of MARRIED WITH CHILDREN : CASADO CON HIJOS. There was also a german version but of course the german version sucked. 

But coming back to Ninel Conde, whenever I zapped into REBELDE there was something boring going on so I had to go to the internet to watch her parts on the show which was the mexican remake of REBELDE WAY.

Ninel Conde was born on September the 29th 1970 in Toluca which means that when I made the post with her red plunging cleavage dress from the Latin Grammy Awards she was around ...... 40 years ? ? ? Holy Makarel !

I bet if you look in the mexican dictionary under MILF ( or MMIGF in that case ) there´s a picture of Ninel Conde. And it´s a probably a foldout.

She also starred in FUEGO EN LA SANGRE ( Fire in the Blood ) and she has received the Golden Sun Award as well as the Golden Palms. Her singing career doesn´t seem to be unsuccessful either since she was nominated for a Latin Grammy Award in 2003 where she wore the red dress. I would like to post the complete set but that would bust the limits of this post.

Talking about busts and a complete set ( am I the undisputed master of the segueway or what ? ) I tried to find out the correct size of her breasts but since there are rumors that she had plastic surgery her cup size varies from 34C to 38DD to a whopping 40C - depends on the website you ask.

She could also pull off Wonder Woman or Catwoman but she also got the radiant smile, long legs and breathtaking cleavage for the Magic Maid.

Who could pay attention to anything she does on stage while transfixed by her mesmerising orbs ? I´m feeling my wand getting bigger right now.

Catherine Bell as Catwoman ( Selina Kyle )

I had cast her as Hawkgirl since she looks a lot like her and even has the same hair. But it makes more sense to cast Catherine as Catwoman.

I mean even her name is Cat. Okay Cat - herine, same difference. I never understood why Harm was always trying to get together with other women on JAG when he had such a total knockout right next to him. The entire male staff of the base was probably falling all over each other trying to score with her - except for Harm. It was as if Harm was doing everything he could to avoid good sex. Well, some people can´t be helped. The short australian dude knew right away that she was prime marriage material but it would never have worked since she really wanted to be with Harm.

The jugs of JAG would look good as Seline Kyle lounging at the pool in a micro bikini made of dental floss or in the skintight Catwoman costume.

I don´t think she would do topless or even nude scenes, but if I can´t get her to wear the sado maso costume from the Halle Berry movie at least I have to put the same stipulation in her contract as with Halle. The zipper has to be open - at least - two inches below the bellybutton at all times.

Who knows, we might get an encore performance with the blue bikini.

Here´s a clip with Catherine Bell´s entire blue bikini scene :

As you can see I wrote this when Catherine Bell was on JAG but it seems staying with the military roles has paid off since ARMY WIVES seems to be another huge success. And speaking about huge : Catherine still got it.

Another thing on my " to watch " list are her The Good Witch movies.

And that´s the final part of my Hollywood casting for the Justice League movie so next time it´s back to my special SUBZERO edition of this.

Yes, I said back to the special SUBZERO edition because I already posted Roberta Vasquez ( Big Barda ), Cynthia Brimhall ( Maxima ) and Monique Sluyter ( Fire ) in the JLA MOVIE CASTING : ANDY SIDARIS SPECIAL post.

Anyway, like I explained previously the SUBZERO edition is not dependent on if the candidates have been in any Hollywood movies and porn movies count as acting credit since you also need skills for those. Not necessary acting skills but those actresses also are very talented so there are a few pornstars in there which made finding pictures that were really hot but at the same time also still safe to post on the blog difficult in some cases.

I also had to split the two original posts into various parts and I can´t say how many I´m going to end up with. In any case if you liked the posts so far it´s only going to get better and much hotter in the next installments and if you don´t like these posts just skip to the comic posts inbetween. 

Today´s post was for the biggest part about latina sexbombs so here´s another video of Luisana Lopilato´s sexy dance on the telenovela REBELDE WAY, just in case the one I posted above gets deleted.

And we´re staying with telenovela sexbombs with the next video that has Ninel Conde as Jane and busty Gaby Ramirez with an incredible cleavage.

The next Ninel Conde video I posted has already been deleted so I hope you watched it. There are many hot videos of her on YouTube so choosing the substitutes was not easy - I still hope you like the one I picked.

Since I probably never get the chance to mention her in another post here´s Francisca Undurraga with what must be the best exercise I have ever seen. If she was in my physio group I would go at least every day.

Usually I put a cartoon with the Justice League into these posts but I just couldn´t find a good one with La Liga de la Justicia or Los Super Amigos. Since the other videos are from latino tv I wanted to post a latino video of the Justice League since there are some things that sound better in that version like Ciudad Gothica instead of Gotham City or are just weird like Batman´s secret identity as Bruno Diaz. But since I could only find small parts here is a longer video : QUIEN ES EL PASAJERO No 11 ?

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