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Justice League movie casting - so it begins

It´s been a while since my last post but I thought after all this depressing stuff of Iceman suddenly being gay and my upcoming post on the worst Captain America series ever why not do something that´s fun ( at least for me ) ? Like my often promised casting for a Justice League movie.

Or rather the female members of said cast. While it could be entertaining to think about possible male actors who could play the roles of our ( at least before the NEW 52 ) favorite superheroes it´s not half as much fun as making a list of all the hot tinseltown massitas I´d like to include.

The reason why I haven´t done it until now is that it took me some time to prepare the stuff for this post because pictures of possible candidates kept accumulating and I even made a few animated GIFs for the posts.

Because this kind of post can quickly get out of hand I have decided to stick to the original candidates and see how things go from there on.

Now when I did the posts on my old boob blog I had the possibility of just including one or two pictures ( the best ones ) of the candidates since I already had longer posts on them. But here I don´t have anything - or at least not very much - on most of the entries on this hot booty countdown except in a few cases. I´ll try not to put too much stuff into these posts but I´m afraid there will be quite a number of posts spinning out of this.

So who knows when I´ll be completely finished with them all. Which is one of the reasons why I´m posting these with a March date. Most my readers know I was in the clinic for my knee surgery and then in rehab in March but this way I can put them on the blog without them taking the top of the blog before they are one hundred percent finished. Then I will post them at the real date between other posts I will be doing in - between.

Okay, when I started about doing these posts I had to find all the material from my old boob blog and then I had to redo some of the pics I posted because of the nudity. And there are some pictures which I can´t post here so I had to find new ones which was especially difficult where porn stars are concerned. But for the sake of authenticity I´m going to stick to my original selections although I may add a few new ones. Which may just contain one or two with some kind of nudity but not nearly as much as in the old posts and I hope it will be all in good taste. But what the heck, I guess at this post all feminist already hate me so I might as well do the kind of posts I want to make. Who knows, if you readers like these posts maybe I can do a new one with how I would cast the movie right now. 

When I first set out to do this it proved more difficult then I expected - and not only because I had waaay too many contenders for Power Girl.

No, another reason was that while within the Marvel universe there was a manageable number of superheroines in various teams like the Avengers, the Spider - Man universe, the Fantastic Four etc in the DC universe there are not so many teams. And most of the female superheroines ended up being members in the Justice League of America sooner or later anyway.

And then the big question : who to cast ? With the Avengers I went strictly with the looks but with the Justice League of America babes I soon found out that there were just too many hot cinema sirens I would like to post so I decided to do two different casting calls : the first one - which I called the Hollywood edition - is one which mostly limits it to big stars, movie and tv actresses which you could possibly see in a movie about the JLA. The second casting call offered my special picks which are mostly chosen for looks and which include some actresses from Andy Sidaris movies, porn actresses, swimsuit models and a few which I don´t know but sure look the part. To offer my readers as many different hot babes as possible I further decided that once a mouthwatering massita was cast in one version she would not be available as a contender for the other.

Which caused a lot of difficulty, a lot of juggling and going back and forth a few times. But I think I managed to come down to a good selection.

The first part includes members from the Giffen League, the Detroit League and the one with Maxima ( I wanted a redhead on the roster ). The second part includes members from Morrison´s big twelve League, members from the Tornado´s Path restart, Dawn from Joe Kelly´s League ( who was in three of my favorite stories : OBSIDIAN AGE, TRIAL BY FIRE and JUSTICE LEAGUE ELITE ) and a few of the younger superheroines.

Pamela Anderson as Power Girl ( Kara Zor El ) 

Now this may not come as a complete surprise to longtime readers of my blog but initially I had someone else cast for this position. Who I then had to change with someone else who then was used for another position.

In any case, Pamela Anderson was my very first candidate for Power Girl, in fact I started the popular SEARCH FOR POWER GIRL series with her so it´s kind of fitting that she ended up getting the job. And she also clearly would make a very good Power Girl as she even wore a white outfit with a freaking huuuge cleavage window on the tv show LESS THAN PERFECT. 

On top of that she would also do nude scenes or at last topless striptease scenes like the unforgettable boner - inducing opening from BARB WIRE.

Pamela achieved worldwide recognition through her role on BAYWATCH but she was first discovered as the Tooltimegirl on HOME IMPROVEMENT, a role later played by the equally hot Dedde Dunning. Pamela managed to turn her sudden popularity into bit parts on tv shows like MARRIED WITH CHILDREN where she was on an episode with Becky Mullen .


It´s the episode where Al is having these dream sequences with first Becky, then with Pamela and then with both fighting over him but each time it´s about to get interesting Kelly - of course - wakes him up.

I really can´t decide who´s hotter in the episode, Pamela or Becky. I mean Pamela is Pamela, my very first candidate for the SEARCH FOR POWER GIRL series but Becky is nobody you would throw out of bed either. In any case, Pam has the looks, the right breast size and if we get her to do a striptease in the movie we got the classic Power Girl. She´s perfect.

So far I haven´t done a solo post on Pamela Anderson but there are more than enough that mention Power Girl so I won´t put up any further links.

Christina Hendricks as Maxima

I know, Maxima started out as a villain for Superman and was only a short time in the Justice League of America but it´s just a perfect fit for Christina Hendricks. Although that presented me with the problem of finding a substitute for her as I had originally cast her as Power Girl.

I mean, a Power Girl movie with Christina Hendricks would just rock. Now the whole thing with Superman not wanting to mate with Maxima because of his morals or because he loves Lois soo much is total hogwash. In real life any guy would jump at the chance to do the nasty with a hot redhead - especially if she´s built like Christina with her 38DD´s. I think the real reason Superman said no to Maxima was that he´s totally p#ssywhipped.

But I think it does have to do with the fact that he´s married to Lois. If you think about it : would you cheat on your wife if she was one of the best investigative reporters on the planet ? Especially keeping in mind that she´s extremely jealous of all your fellow superheroines who are built like pornstars. I bet she knows where Batman keeps the kryptonite ring.

So even if I have to bend the rules a bit with this Christina is Maxima.

If you have seen her performance on FIREFLY you know she can pull it off. You know, for being such a huge fan of her I should have found the time to watch the first five seasons of MAD MEN that I have on my huge " to watch " pile but there´s just so much stuff. As it seems I mentioned Christina Hendricks before but there´s also no single post on her. 

Sofia Vergara as Fire ( Beatriz da Costa ) 

Yes, I know, Fire is from Brazil and Sofia Vergara is from Colombia but both come from latin america and if there´s anyone who can pull of the superhot ( in both meanings ) firestarter of the Giffen League it´s Sofia.

With her 40DD´s she´s a 100 percent natural beauty who can do the hot massita and looks like someone who could get horny shut-ins to spend their money on an adult website ( where she´s technically not naked ).

Although I´m still a little miffed because Sofia did her naked stroll for winning an Emmy for MODERN FAMILY ( supposedly ) when no camera could film her she´s perfect for the role. Yes, the two first seasons of that show are also on the pile. So far I haven´t started watching because I have seen some episodes on tv and the gay couple puts me off every time. As you can see Sofia looks great in green which is a requirement.

Uma Thurman as Ice ( Tora Olafsdotter )

You can´t cast the Justice League Europe without Ice. When you have Fire you must include Ice. And who better to play the icequeen that melted the heart ( or another body part ) of chauvi Guy Gardner than Uma Thurman ?

Especially if you can pick her form her days when she had her giant boobs and a huuge cleavage. She would also be a good candidate for Power Girl ( in fact I did a post on her birthday but it was more about Power Girl than about Uma Thurman so maybe I can do one about Uma Thurman in the future ) but she can also pull off Ice. I have to find some actresses for the other roles as well. And who knows, now that her and Fire are in the new JUSTICE LEAGUE - GENERATION LOST series some producers may think about including her in an upcoming Justice League movie or even do a cameo with Guy Gardner in the GREEN LANTERN movie that comes out.

Maria Gracia Cucinotta as Big Barda

Most of my comic casting posts revolve around Power Girl so I don´t have many non - blonde candidates. I also had to find someone to play Zatanna and Wonder Woman so the choice for the role of Big Barda wasn´t easy.

But Maria has not only an impressive chest ( 39D !!! ) she also is an oscar winning actress who brings real class to any project she´s on. In the DC comics Big Barda was always characterized as a " big " woman regarding her cupsize - except in a few occassions with writers who don´t want to do their homework - so Maria would be great in the part. Big Barda was a member in quite a few incarnations of the League until she was killed off in DEATH OF THE NEW GODS . Okay, I´m not too thrilled about DC killing of one of the few bigbreasted superheroines they have. But at least it was written by Jim Starlin who destroy universes like no one else and knowing comics she´s already back by the time you´re reading this ( is she? ).

Here´s an interesting fact I didn´t know : Big Barda´s mother ( from whom she apparently got her stunning figure ) is Big Breeda who, like the name says was selected for breeding Apokolips finest. Yeah, I know who selects the women for that and who does the test runs. It seems even Darkseid needs the nookie now and then. Now I haven´t done a post on Maria Gracia Cucinotta but I did one on Big Barda that is in my TOP TEN POSTS list from the links and which you might want to check out now .

Diora Baird as the real Batgirl ( Barbara Gordon )

Batgirl was never a member of the Justice League but as Oracle she´s the eyes and ears of the League as well as universal database and all - around girl Friday. And when I say the original Batgirl I mean the one who was around when I started to read comics that kicked ass and was taller than Robin. Just for those out there who read BATGIRL YEAR ONE and might have some wrong ideas about her. You won´t find much about Diora Baird on the blog ( I have included her because she has a stunning body and I saw some pictures from YOUNG PEOPLE F - WORDING ) but you might have read my big post on the whole Batgirl controversy last month.

I have also included the Cassandra Cain Batgirl in part two ( to have another sexy asisan on the team besides Dr. Light is always a good idea ) so it´s only right to include the original Batbabe in the list. Especially if this lets me include a mouthwatering 36DD actress like Diora Baird.

Salma Hayek as Gypsy ( Cynthia Reynolds )

Originally I had her cast as Zatanna because she would look great in fishnets. And because a stage magician´s first rule is to distract the audinence - which Salma can do great with her impressive cleavage.

What she wore in WILD WILD WEST could as easily be her stage outfit as well as the outfit for a hot gypsy woman. Which was the reason that I cast her in that role. As a member of the Detroit League she also was in the adventure of the Justice League Europe where they fought Despero that resulted in the death of a few members. The issue with Mr. Miracle´s funeral is still one of my favorite issues and should be covered in one of my upcoming DEATH IN COMICS posts. It´s a recommended must read.

Hmm, people often call the Giffen League the Bwa - Ha - Ha League but they often forget that during that time there were some pretty hairy adventures. Which had a rather high bodycount and even Power Girl ended up in a come after one of these fights. You can find posts on JUSTICE LEAGUE AMERICA 40 on SCANS DAILY and about the whole story arc ( issue 38 - 40 ) on CBR´s A YEAR OF COOL COMICS archive Day 65 .

Coming back to Salma Hayek, she has great stripper skills as she has shown in FROM DUSK TILL DAWN  ( which I covered in this post )

and her chest has become even bigger as she showed on the german gameshow WETTEN DASS where her giant funbags were in danger of exploding out of her traditional Bavarian dress ( which I posted here ).

I have no idea how big her boobs really are as you can´t find any information online but I guess somewhere between a 36EE and 38C.

Vanessa Demouy as Crimson Fox ( Vivian and Constance D'Aramis )

Although I don´t always do this time I´m going for a french actress to play the role of the Justice League Europe´s twin tornadoes from France.

Vanessa is mostly known in France and Germany thanks to two tv series in which she starred as a dancer ( called Dance Academy here - like dozen of other tv series ) and a model ( Models in Paradise ). Not only is she a hot french actress / musician / model who looks like a worldfamous jet setter / model / millionaire, no we would also get to see Vanessa in two parts at the same time as she would play twins. Talk about doubling your fun.

Nikki Cox as Dr. Fate ( Linda Strauss )

Dr. Fate was a member of the Giffen League till the time when the mantle of Dr. Fate was shared between a guy and a girl ( like in the case of Kent and Inza Nelson ). I have to confess I haven´t read that many issues of the DOCTOR FATE title by Shawn McManus but she even was on one of the covers of JUSTICE LEAGUE AMERICA so the female Dr. Fate is fair game.

Since it could be really anybody beneath that skintight costume I opted to go with the candidate for the real Jessica Rabbit lookalike contest with the porn name. Do I even need a reason to put her on the casting list ?

Nikki´s breast have become quite small as can be seen on LAS VEGAS so I would take her from when she was doing UNHAPPILY EVER AFTER.

Kiana Tom as Dr. Light ( Kimiyo Hoshi )

Well, who else should I pick ? I didn´t want to pick the usual suspects like Grace Park, Linda Park ( who plays a character on Enterprise that´s also named Hoshi - talk about being inventive when it comes to asian names ) or Tia Carrere. By the way, are Grace Park and Linda Park related ?

Anyway, I managed to find a good candidate for the asian Batgirl ( after a bit of research ) and since I didn´t want to just go the usual route with someone like Bay Ling or Tila Tequila I chose one actress I personally find ultrahot. I think it´s especially devious to have her play such a stuck up character when she´s built like a centerfold. This incarnation of Dr. Light was in the original Giffen / De Matteis League, later in Justice League Europe and in a more recent incarnation of the League where she confronted the corpse of the evil Dr. Light during BLACKEST NIGHT.

I didn´t even know he had died. Not that it could have happened to a nicer guy after what was revealed in IDENTITY CRISIS. So with Kiana Tom we got the sexy Dr. Light covered. By the way, I did a celebrity birthday post on Kiana Tom although it was mainly about her sexy scene in UNIVERSAL SOLDIER - THE RETURN where Goldberg rips open her shirt.

Yes, if I was casting this part Today I´d just choose Yaya Han. Sue me.

Sophie Marceau as Catherine Cobert

Speaking of hot babes getting their shirts ripped open brings us to the last contestant of this part of the Hollywood edition of casting the Justice League of America movie. I guess that in America she´s mostly known for her appearance in the James Bond flick THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH but she has a long career of getting naked on camera in such classics as DESCENT AUX ENFERS ( Descent into hell ) or MES NUITS SONT PLUS BELLES QUE VOS JOURS ( my nights are more beautiful than your days ). 

Sophie has made the transition from teenie star ( after the hitmovies LA BOUM and LA BOUM 2 that were extremely popular in all of Europe ) to big star actress and I think she can pull of the part of french hottie that has Booster Gold falling head over heels for her. Only to discover that his pick - up routines don´t work with 20th century women. And is hit in the face when she recognizes him in costume - much to Blue Beetle´s delight.

Not only does Sophie drop her clothes very often in her movies she also shows great cleavage like in the film THE MUSKETEERS REVENGE ( or The daughter of D´Artagnan like it´s called in Germany for some reason ) that has one of my favorite scenes with her. But more about that later. 

Sophie also had a wardrobe malfunction in Cannes 2005 where her dress slipped off. Some say this accident was faked but what the hey, I don´t care. If she did it on purpose that only makes her cooler in my book.

But now my favorite scene from THE MUSKETEERS REVENGE : in the scene below D´Artagnan´s daughter ( Sophie Marceau ) is captured by the villain of the movie to be sold off to a brothel, but only " to the sleaziest one where they waste the whores very quick " as she says. The guy who has to sell her bitches that at the price he has to get for her he´ll never get rid of her. At which point the bad woman tells him that in this case he should be glad, ripping open Sophie´s shirt and revealing her gorgeous breasts.

Man, who wouldn´t love a hot sexbomb that he couldn´t get rid of ? I would never sell her to a brothel. Banging Sophie ? THAT´S priceless. 

And that´s the first part of the Hollywood casting for the Justice League movie - my 530th post ! There is a bit of nudity at the end but the scene with Sophie Marceau is just too hot not to post and I think if you have endured my boring ramblings up to this part ( or not if you only look at the nice pictures without reading any of this ) you deserve some kind of reward. I hope you like my picks and there are still more babes to come. 

As unlikely as it seems I have two links to add that I found while making this post, one about the history of Mister Miracle and one about the role the Sandman character may play in the NEW 52 DC universe. I´m not sure if the last one is really that interesting but it does have a lot of pictures.

As long as this post is I should probably not add more stuff but I can´t have a post without the obligatory videos at the end of the post. Since it´s already four hours past the deadline I can´t start looking for videos on You Tube but I think I picked some that have to do with Today´s topic.

It´s been a long time since I posted anything with Power Girl or cosplay so I want to seize the opportunity to hit two birds with one stone by putting this video of ElektraKnight´s Power Girl photo shoot on the blog.

The next video has something to do with Wonder Woman. I hope I didn´t already post this, it´s Debra Winger who played Wonder Woman´s sister on the tv series next to Lynda Carter on the David Letterman show.

Okay, this next one is maybe stretching things a little but since we had Fire and Ice in the post I want to put the animated FIRE & ICE movie in the post which was based on Frazetta´s work. What an inspiration.

And since it was all about the girls here´s  one of my favorite Schlager singers, Bill Ramsey with the song THE GIRL WITH THE EXCITING WALK.

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Bill would he appreciate all this cleavage? Well, as an ex GI probably, yes. Forget I asked!

Terry Hooper-Scharf said...

Okay. You REALLY disappoint me. You would be my "Go-to-guy" for this info! So, I'll tell you Salma's stats: 39-24-36 in 99-61-91.5 cm
Now stop drooling and read a comic!

SUBZERO said...

As always you´re the master of all things but I have to add that I originally wrote this a few years back and I haven´t looked into it since. And for some reason it´s very difficult to find more than one website that agree on anything. Especially if it´s the breast size of celebrities.

Anyway, speaking about comics I totally forgot two things I wanted to say about Batgirl and Maxima so now I have to see if I can find some material to back it up.

As for being disappointed, I never pretended that this was not THAT kind of blog - on occassion. Didn´t the past teach us anything. You think after dozens of posts on cult sirens people might finally notice. Maybe I should change my blog picture.

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It's why blogs can be fun. Different people have different ideas -and I'm the LAST person to say how you should run your blog! Ahh, I cannot wait to see your reaction to the Suicide Squad Harley Quinn!
And while I have to tread the acceptable for most ages past...I often resist temptation to post a girly photo for the hell of it. At least when you do it here it IS comic book related! ;-)

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Well, not always. Sometimes I just post pictures of hot women but I don´t think I could ever do the babe of the day post that is just one picture with a bit of text. Nothing against that but if I don´t have a lot to say about a woman I´ll probably mention her when her birthday is up.

Although as things are these get always longer and longer as I have just seen with the posts on Star Trek babes Jeri Ryan and Jolene Blalock that I haven´t finished yet.

Anyway, I try to keep it as safe for work as possible but in some cases where everybody has already seen it - like with Halle Berry´s exposed breasts in SWORDFISH - ah, what the heck. It´s not like somebody will see it here first before checking out the movie.

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