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Vault of Horror : And all through the house

Right after I wrote that I probably can´t do a countdown to Halloween I was going through my folders and found this little gem. Originally I had planned to do a few videos only posts to put all the horror related videos on the blog until Halloween but maybe I can add some comic content.

And since I haven´t done a post about the classic EC COMICS - it´s unbelievable, right ? - I thought how about doing one for Halloween.

You might have noticed that I also changed the look of the blog complete with a new blog header. I don´t know how long that look will last. It was not easy to get it exactly like I wanted it to look so it might well stay some time after Halloween. I just hope I can get the old look back again.

From EC´s classic pulp comics THE VAULT OF HORROR is the second best known horror book after TALES FROM THE CRYPT. In 1950 EC´s business manager Sol Cohen decided to change the focus of EC from Educational Comics to Entertaining Comics and due to postal regulations concerning second class mailing privileges - which were crucial for distribution - it was financially wiser to change titles, continuing the previous numbering than to drop one title and start a new one. Other companies did the same like Marvel who continued Journey Into Mystery as The Mighty Thor. So Crime Patrol became The Crypt of Terror and later Tales from the Crypt, Gunfighter became The Haunt of Fear and War Against Crime ! became The Vault of Horror with its twelfth issue. Johnny Craig was the main artist ( like on Crime SuspenStories ) and he designed the Vault Keeper.

He also did some work for other companies like Marvel where he penciled superhero comics like Iron Man issues 2, 3, 4, 14, 24 and 25 and horror books like Tower of Shadows, Chamber of Darkness, Masters of Terror  and DC where he worked on Doorway to Nightmare, House of Mystery, The Unexpected, Ghost, Mystery In Space, and Detective Comics.

Now usually I don´t post entire comic stories but since I did a similar post last Halloween ( and I´m not sure if I can do another post this year until that holiday ) I´m going to post And All Through The House from THE VAULT OF HORROR 35, written, penciled and inked by Johnny Craig. It´s one of the best known stories from EC and was featured in the TALES FROM THE CRYPT movie from 1972 which I already posted in the videos.

The black and white art is courtesy of THE GOLDEN AGE and the colored art was found on this post from that features all the comics that were used in the TALES FROM THE CRYPT series. The TERRIBLE BLOG FOR TERRIBLE PEOPLE has a post on the adaption of this story for the tv series and Jonny Metro at WICKED HORROR compares all versions of it.

Since I already have the black and white art as well as the colored pages why not start the video section with another version of it ? There are a few of these videos on YouTube so you watch a few more after this.

I was looking for documentaries about EC Comics but the 8 minutes short THE STORY OF EC COMICS is the only one I could find. The quality is really bad but there is some footage with Bill Gaines that makes it wortwhile.

A very rare find is this interview with legendary EC / MAD writer and artist Al Feldstein from the MVP Player´s Club. Thank you very much.

Since I already posted the movie from 1972 here is the adaption of And All Through The House from the TALES FROM THE CRYPT HBO tv series.

I know you probably expected a video from the TALES FROM THE CRYPT cartoon show but that is just so awful that I´m going to avoid it as long as possible. Instead here is another video with comicbookgirl19 about HOUSE 2 which was a really cool movie and I guess a lot of people were disappointed because they wanted something like the first HOUSE movie.

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