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Happy birthday cult buttocks Aylin Mújica !

Since it has gotten much too long to keep it in the JOHN BUSCEMA`S TOP TEN AVENGERS COVERS post I have finally decided to give cuban actress Aylin Mújica and bubblebutt sexbomb who turned 41 Today her own post. 

Right now you're probably going : Aylin who ? WTF ? Now what's he talking about ? And before I spent a few months in Spain looking for a job I would have been the same. Longtime readers may remember that I mentioned that when I was in Spain I was not exactly in a highly populated area. So let me illustrate that further : maybe you know or you have heard about the city called Barcelona. It is one of the big Metropolises of the world.

Looks nice, doesn't it ? But that´s not where I was. Well, a little more to the Costa Dorada lies Torredembarra, a town that's your basical tourist trap but that still has a lot of places to go and shops and all kind of stuff. We used to have a small apartment there but that's another story.

Not as good as being in Barcelona but not bad either. But that's also not where I was. That was a totally remote are called La Pobla de Montornes which is an even smaller ..... just think Smallville but not as technological advanced. The streets of La Pobla look something like this .....

Now you might say : okay, that's not so bad. I haven't finished. This is La Pobla but ..... I was not actually IN La Pobla I was in an even more remote area that's outside the town. In fact you have to take the car and drive ten minutes to get to the town ( and I´m using that term very loosely here ) or walk for half an hour. And the streets look something like this :

So, when I came to Spain that year the plan was to go to the comic convention in Barcelona, rest a few days and then go back to Barcelona to find a job. What I didn't know was that my mother had planned to use the remote location to put me cold turkey on comics and since I had spent all my money at the comic convention I was stuck in the middle of nowhere. If Torredembarra is like the ass of the world then La Pobla is the pimple on that ass and where I stayed was the hair on the pimple on that ass.

And when I had read all the comics I bought there wasn't much to do but watch television because I didn't have the laptop yet. My only source of entertainment and hot chicks was the television which is not as bad as it sounds - it could have been german tv. Now on spanish tv I like to watch telenovelas. But not the remakes. I like to watch the originals which are mostly done in Argentina and which sound very strange to spanish ears.

They have a tendency to accentuate the " r " very much which was so hilarious on one telenovela I watched many years ago where the main female character was named Rebecca which of course was material for lots of funny sentences like : " Rrrrebeccca, me hassss rrrrrobado el essssposssso. " Anyway, another reason why I like to watch argentinian telenovelas is that they always have at least two ultrahot latin babes who have a wild catfight in at least every third episode - that's obligatory.

Maybe that's what's wrong with german tv series : there are just not enough hot catfights. The telenovelas are written very simple which means that they use all the television tropes like the evil twin seperated at birth, the child from a rich family that gets adopted and later she has sex with her own father without knowing it and the priest who must keep the identity of the serial killer secret because .... you know the drill.

Everything is black and white and the bad girls are really bad. One of the telenovelas I watched ( since it´s been a long time that I was last in Spain I´m not sure if it´s still on but I found some episodes on the internet - although with hungarian dubbing ) was MARINA and Aylin was the bad girl. And let me tell you when she's bad she's really good. She apparently loves to play the bad girl and she shamelessly uses all her womanly charms ( and her sensational body ) to get what she wants.

When she's on screen reprimanding her maid and servants or menacing people to kill them you can't help but get a hard on. Her sexy eyes are sparkling, she's breathing heavily, her breasts are heaving a lot in her mega cleavage that only covers what is necessary and her firm boobs are almost popping out just millimeters away from a wardrobe malfunction or a nippleslip ..... but Aylin Mújica´s best feature is her incredible derriere.

Yes, this hot massita has an ass that's just inhuman : 36 - 24 - 35 ( ! ) . I remember that once my mother insisted on watching one episode of MARINA with me ( and let me tell you nothing is more of a downer than watching hot chicks with your mother ) where she tried to dissuade me from watching the tv show by pointing out how big and round her ass is.

Oy ! Let me tell you something women of the world : trying to convince a guy that some woman is not sexy by pointing out how big and round and juicy and whatnot her ass or breasts are ? That is not going to work. In fact, that`s what turns us on, okay ? You might as well try to keep your son from screwing the girl next door by telling him she looks like a porn star with her 40GG boobs, what a total nymphomanic slut she is and that she gives the best blowjobs in the country. That´s like free advertising.

I didn't catch all the episodes since these telenovelas go on forever but I caught a few good ones with Aylin in hot lingerie and showing her booty.

Of course the show also had what I call " the Chloe effect " which means that Aylin Mújica was trying to get the main male character of the telenovela to marry her who instead was pining all the time for his lost love Marina ( who got out of jail where she was for a murder she didn't commit but she confessed because she thought her son had done it and the priest knew the identity of the killer but ..... well, it's complicated ).

Like Clark on SMALLVILLE who only has eyes for Lana and doesn't realize that Chloe would spoil him for all women the guy from MARINA is always trying to get back to this boring, unattractive and really annoying chick when he has a piece of grade - a latin ass in his bedroom just waiting to screw his brains out. If I was him I would just let Aylin do whatever she wants to me. I mean she would probably kill me within a few weeks with her sex drive and rule the world in no time but hey - what a way to go.

Normally I put the wikipedia or chikipedia links on my posts but since there is almost no information on Aylin Mújica there here's the entry :

Aylín Mújica is a cuban born actress, model, and ballet dancer who lives in Mexico City, Mexico. She has been married three times and has three children. Her first marriage was to Cuban musician Osamu, with whom she has a son, Mauro, born in 1993. Her second marriage was to mexican tv producer Alejandro Gavira, with whom she has a son, Alejandro, born in 2000. On September 24, 2010, Mújica married actor Gabriel Valenzuela with whom she has a daughter, Violeta, born on April 6, 2010. During the summer of 2012 Aylin and Gabriel Valenzuela announced their divorce.

Aylin began dancing at the age of 8 years. She studied folk dance, ballet, choreography and music at the National Ballet School. At the age of 15 she entered the Higher Institute of Arts where she studied drama and at 18 years, she studied at the International Film School in Havana, Cuba. In 1992 she traveled to Mexico to kick - start her acting career there. She began working as a model in television commercials and video clips of singers like Marcelo Cezán, Willy Chirino, Albita Rodriguez and others.

The actress has posed nude in the spanish magazine Interviú1 and also appeared in a photoshoot in H PARA HOMBRES . In January of 2010 she appeared nude in EXTREMO magazine and in March of 2013 she did a nude photoshoot for the mexican edition of PLAYBOY magazine, proving that she had still an incredibly spectacular body at thirtyeight years old.

Mújica also appeared in several Mexican TV shows, including TV Azteca's morning weekend TV Show TEMPRANITO and the telenovela AMOR EN CUSTODIA. In 2006, the actress began working for Telemundo. She was offered an antagonist role on PECADOS AJENOS but she declined before accepting and was replaced by Catherine Siachoque. She worked in the soap opera AURORA in 2010. Her most recently appearance was in the hit telenovela CORAZON as the main antagonist. But the best title of all the telenovelas Aylin has been on is SIN SENOS NO HAY PARADISO which translated to english means Without breasts there is no paradise.

During 2014 Aylin Mújica, appeared on SECRETANDO 2, a web-telenovela, playing Daniela. So happy birthday Aylin and thanks for the mammaries.

Our next video shows that sometimes truth really is stranger than fiction because how high are the chances that two latin sexbombs with two incredible bubblebutts celebrate their birthday at exactly the same day, have exactly the same age and their first names are almost identical ?

I´m talking about Aylen Alvarez who has one of the best butts around.

Okay, let´s go down the checklist. Are they both latin sexbombs ? Aylen Alvarez is from Cuba - check, Aylin Mújica is from Mexico - check. Awesome bubblebutts : Aylen Alvarez 37 ( ! ) check, Aylin Mújica 35 ( ! ) check, their first names sound similar and both turned 41 Today.

Since I can´t write much about Aylen I put her in the video section.

Thalia is one of the biggest stars in Latin America and I first saw her on the spanish tv show SORPRESA SORPRESA ( surprise surprise ) where famous people surprise their fans. Although it was before my exile to Spain I want to include her since she helped through these hard times.

Thalia is the total package because she has the soul of a saint, the voice of an angel and a relentless body made for sin. Her moves on stage drive men crazy and although she does not fall into the usual blonde archetype with big breasts she could easily multiply the circulation of any gentlemen magazine with her classic curves. Because she just oozes sex appeal from every pore but without coming off as cheap or dirty. I think I have talked enough about her so here is one of her famous hot live performances.

Like I said Thalia is also one of the biggest recording artist in spanish speaking countries ( to list all her accolades would bust the length of this post but if you have some extra time you can read her wikipedia entry ) so it´s no wonder that she did the songs for the spanish versions of ANASTASIA ( in spanish and portugese or brazil - I´m not sure ) one of my favorite animated movies. I have to buy the spanish version the next time I´m in Spain if it includes the language version for Latin America.

As you can see in the clip above the dress from ANASTASIA suits her much better because of her breathtaking measurements. She would definitely be perfect in the role. Too bad they didn´t make a movie version with her since she also had a long acting career and is one of the most famous actresses from the most famous telenovelas at the 90s seen around the world. Anyway, to help you cope with that disappointment here she is on a tv show from Brazil rocking that skintight dress. She definitely works it !

Another hot massita from spanish tv is Ivonne Reyes who is not also incredibly sexy but hilariously funny, a combination that is not as unusual in Spain than it is in Germany. I think here you can count them on one hand. Which is not supposed to be any kind of segueway to a comment about Ivonne Reyes who is - as we say in Spain - tastier than bread.

Also unlike most german celebrities Ivonne does not shy from showing her incredible body like in this clip even if it´s only in underwear.

And to show you that she still got it here´s a more recent clip with Ivonne Reyes showing off her incredible bust size on LA SEMANA MAS LARGA.

Another incredible blonde spanish sexbomb is Marta Sanchez who I wish I had caught on tv more often. She definitely sings at the top of her lungs.

Last but not least here is a video from LA PARODIA NACIONAL, another show I watched religiously during my exile. It is a show where political topics were turned into satirical songs to the melody of famous songs.

I guess this kind of songs became popular among the spanish populace during the restrictive regime of Franco and while in Germany most people still have the mentality of helpless peasants in dealing with the state and its elected representatives the people in Spain are much more distrustful of politicians. It´s one of the reasons why there is no real investigative journalism in Germany aside from a few exceptions like Günther Wallraff.

Anyway, during the time I was watching it LA PARODIA NACIOONAL was one of the most popular shows on tv and there were always five teams competing with each other for best parody of the week. The lyrics of the songs were written by viewers and interpreted by various artists of which LAS MIRANDAS was my favorite group - for obvious reasons. The show was a nice way of keeping up with actual topics ( which were always explained before the song and most often they did a little report with a hidden camera or an inquiry ) and see some hot women at the same time.

You can find a lot of these clips on YouTube and I picked the one below because it´s one in better quality - the show is rather old - with the hot sister team of Laura and Patricia Ugarte a.k.a LAS MIRANDAS in a really hot outfit and because it´s about a scandal from that time where gas stations cheated the customers in regards to how much gas they put in the tank. Yes, gas and money is a topic that will always be important.

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