Monday, January 25, 2016

By George : Legion of Three Worlds issue 1

In honor of Geoff Johns´ 43rd birthday Today I wanted to do a long post about his best comics - all pre NEW 52 - but as always I slept for most of the day ( after spending the first six hours of the day finishing the John Romita Sr post ) so instead I´m going to hit four birds with one stone by posting the first issue of FINAL CRISIS : LEGION OF THREE WORLDS.

Now you´re probably asking yourself why four birds ? Well, the answer is number : I get to post something related to Geoff Johns on his birthday and not any story but one of his best. Number two is I get to post more George Perez art and if you have read more than three posts on this blog you already know that Perez is my art god. Number three is I get to post something related to the greatest comic series of all time, the Legion of Super - Heroes. And number four is because I always try to give these posts a little extra oooomph I´m posting some of the original pages. 

Now Legion of Three Worlds was a five issue mini series that started in October 2008 and like it happens with most of George Perez´ work some of the issues took a bit longer to come out then they were supposed to.

Issue 2 came out in November 2008 and issue 3 came out in April 2009. But you knew it was not because he was lazy, quite the opposite and when issue 3 came out you could see all the extra work he had put in. Which is why nobody bothered as much as if had been another artist. I don´t know how other comic readers handled it but because money is always a factor I don´t mind if some issues take longer to come out. I saved them up so I could binge read the whole story anyway. I also got the hardcover when it came out and when Today´s kids read it they have no idea how long it took for some issues to come out. They just know that it looks terrific. Or they go : " Oh, this looks old school. How boring. " Anyway, unlike INFINITE CRISIS the FINAL CRISIS main comic is something you should try to avoid. While DC laid the seeds for INFINITE CRISIS for three years and every new lead - in title to the main series was better than the last one FINAL CRISIS happens very ad hoc and seems more like an afterthought. So even if it has some nice art by Carlos Pacheco it is not a very good story. The main story. The tie - in series are another beast altogether. I haven´t read FINAL CRISIS : ROGUE`S REVENGE yet - mainly because of Scott Kolins awful art - but I have heard good things about the story.

So if you are a George Perez fan or a Legion fan or a Superman fan or a Teen Titans fan or a Flash fan or just like to read good comics here´s one of Geoff Johns´ best stories from back when he still had the magic touch.

There are no links for this post but there are quite a few birthdays for Today I have to mention. First up is german Schlager star Roy Black who would have celebrated his 73rd anniversary. One of his songs I always liked is Schön ist es auf der Welt zu sein, a duet he sang with Anita.

I don´t know if the kids Today even know who he is but growing up in Germany Terence Hill a.k.a. Mario Girotti was one of the biggest movie stars and he celebrates his 76th birthday. He starred in a lot of films but he is probably best known as one half of a comedy duo he formed with Bud Spencer a.k.a. Carlo Pedersoli. All their movies are still shown on german tv ( sometimes it´s the best thing you will see all day ) and one of the best is Zwei wie Pech und Schwefel from which the scene below is.

We make the jump from Germany to France with Florence Geanty who turns 50. She´s best known for playing ex - stripper Marie ( Marion in the german version ) in the french soap SOUS LE SOLEIL ( Under the Sun ).

It took me a really long time to find this clip because at first I just wanted to post a short clip with her best scenes. Then I tried to find the original episode but since there were none with her I´m posting the german vid.

Another birthday is Comicbookgirl19 who celebrates her 31st year. I could not find a video about any of the series Geoff Johns´ wrote ( I guess she is more of a Marvel reader ) so I chose this one because I just recently read the second half of this story. I don´t think the comic is as much of an asskicker as it is painted here and I´m glad I only read the second half because the first part sounds like it is filled with a lot of clicheés. I guess I´m just ruined by decades of reading the best Thor stories there are.

And I want to end the post with an audition from The Voice Kids Australia to commemorate what would have been Etta James´ 78th birthday.

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Terry Hooper-Scharf said...

This Legion series I never got. Basically, Final Crisis did it for me and by this time DC was dead for me. Now it looks like I missed a good series!

SUBZERO said...

Yeah, Geoff Johns wrote a pretty good story and George Perez just drew his heart out on this one. Basically every guy who was ever in the Legion is in this comic. DC was already starting to crumble here and there but this was one of pillars that held it up for a while longer in my eyes. I´m not sure if I can post the rest of the series because the only other issue I have complete is issue 2. Maybe I can put ther last three issues in one post.