Tuesday, February 16, 2016

By George : Legion of Three Worlds issue 2

Yes, it´s once again to put on your flight rings and travel one thousand years into the future for one of the biggest brawls in Legion history. 

I know that you probably expected to see the next issue of George Perez´ LOGAN`S RUN but I always try to keep things balanced so because my last post was Marvel related and my next post will also be Marvel related I wanted to post something from DC. I thought about writing about THE RETURN OF BARRY ALLEN since most of the tv series THE FLASH is based on that particular story but I´m going to keep that for a FLASH FRIDAY post. So with that in mind I still wanted to post something from George Perez so the second issue of LEGION OF THREE WORLDS was elected.

Now I won´t even try to give you a summary of all the weird and crazy things that happened in issue 1 because that´s impossible so just check out the first post in this series . Let´s just say that a lot of s - word went down and things are going to get a lot worse before they get better. When I first started this I wasn´t sure how this would go over with my readers since it was not that long ago when it initially was published but all the positive responses have encouraged me to continue. It appears a lot of people missed this series and a lot of people like to remember a time when DC knew how to treat George Perez - before he was relegated to a Power Girl / Huntress series with bad writing and an even worse Power Girl costume or doing inks on titles like GREEN ARROW or SUPERMAN.

Is it any wonder he went to KABOOM! to do his own thing ? And DC can´t even blame anybody else ( like they usually do ) because they are the ones who f - worded this up. But in this post we want to concentrate on the good stuff so let´s start with the second issue of Final Crisis - Legion of Three Worlds. Like in the first post I added all the original art pages I could find but don´t get too used to it. The good news is that managed to find issues 3 to 5 so I can post the entire series. Some people may think this could be a problem but in my experience if a series is good people will buy it even if they have already read it. Heck, I bought all the single issues, then I bought them again when I was exiled to Spain, I bought it again as a hardcover because I already knew I was going to re - read this one ad infinitum and then I bought the german hardcover to give it away as a Christmas present. So anybody who tells me that people who haven´t read this series before will not buy it because they can read the issues on this blog surely doesn´t know what he´s talking about and should not work in comics. I mean, yes, sometimes people read comics online and they don´t buy the single issues or the trade. Which is mostly because what they read sucks, duh. If your comic is crap than people will not buy it especially if they have already read it and know what a big pile of crap it is. It doesn´t - obviously - work with Marvel and DC because there are diehard fans who will read their series no matter into how big a pile of crap it´s been turned into. And there are new comic readers out there who have no idea how good comics used to be and to them this crapfest is the new normal. Those suckers have no idea how much Disney and DC is screwing with them but any one who is too lazy to get educated about comics has made his own bed. But regularly if your comic is good people will buy it even if they have already read it and if your comic is crap people will not buy it when they have read it. Sometimes they won´t even take it for free. Okay, before this whole rant started I wanted to mention that I could not find any original art on issues 3 and 5. Meanwhile :  

Daimn, and that was only issue 2. Next up is more future mayham than you can shake a stick at and as I said, I couldn´t find any original art for that issue so if you know where to find some contact me. Now this post was all about the Legion and one of the earliest artists on the book was Curt Swan who would have celebrated his 96th birthday Tomorrow. Now with a name like Tales from the Kryptonian I should do a post on that but I´m afraid I will be busy all day with a post on cult siren Yvonne Romaine who has her 78th birthday on that day. So much for DR WHO vs DRACULA.

Now if I want to get to that birthday post I should wrap up this post but first there are the usual links to take care of and there are always a lot of links when the Legion of Super - Heroes is concerned. In keeping with the topic of this post inker Todd Klein on TODD`S BLOG has a review of Final Crisis 4 and issues 1 and 2 of Final Crisis - Legion of Three Worlds and there´s also a review of the first two issues with lots of pictures by Neil04 at DARKSEID REVENGE . Brawl2099 at the OBSERVATION DECK ponders the question Why Doesn´t The Legion of Super - Heroes Get More Love ? and Matthew E at Legion Abstract : Legion of Super - Heroes analysis and commentary has a very helpful post on where to start with the Legion of Super - Heroes. And you can find more helpful information in the Legion Publication History post of the LEGION WIKI. But wait, there´s more.

If you want to read more about classic Legion stories STEVE DOES COMICS has posts on Superboy and the Legion of Super - Heroes issues 197 , issue 198 , issue 199 and issue 200 which sadly is the last issue Dave Cockrum did because the boneheads at DC refused to return the original art for the double page of Bouncing Boy and Duo Damsel´s wedding. Just goes to show you that the suits at DC always knew what´s " best for business ". Everything bad has also his good side as this led to Dave Cockrum doing the New X - Men with Claremont and Mike Grell taking over the Legion.

Speaking about Dave Cockrum he was not only a great penciler and designer - as he showed with his costume designs for the Legion and the New X - Men - he also did help other pencilers shine through his fabulous inks as you can see in this post on DIVERSIONS OF THE GROOVY KIND. 

And last but not least the LEGION OF SUPER - BLOGGERS has DC´s Who´s Who entries on Sun Boy , Princess Projectra and The White Witch

Since I already covered the Legion of Super - Heroes cartoon in various posts Today´s cartoon related video is about GALACTIC GUARDIANS, and how it evolved from SUPER FRIENDS. Art wise the show was based on Jose Luis Garcia Lopez´ guideline bible for all the characters DC published.

I always say that you can find the best stuff on YouTube - especially if you are looking for something else - and I never knew that there had been an ADDAMS FAMILY Halloween movie that reunited the entire original cast.

Today´s comic related german video is from Bunte Welten where he takes a look on some Superman comics in the attic he got from his Dad. This is depressing because I read most of these comics when they came out.

Since posts about the Legion are always about time travel and one of the Legion´s biggest enemies is the Time Trapper here is the short film TIME TRAP written and directed by Michael Shanks, SMALLVILLE´s Hawkman.

To finish up Today´s post is another video from Lip Sync Battle, this time from the UK pendant. At first you might ask yourself why we need a UK version but I guess after seeing Jorgie Porter´s performance of I´m a Slave 4 U you will want more of this. She´s better than the real thing.

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There is no Tomorrow unless the time Trapper sees it.


Terry Hooper-Scharf said...

You need Lip Synch UK -Carole Vorderman!

Love these Legion pages. One day I may buy the trade! HAH!!

SUBZERO said...

I have seen that one. At first I thought " Why do we need a UK version of Lip Sync Battle ? " Then I saw the ones with Jorgie Porter, Michelle Keegan and Carole Vordeman and I was " Where can I find more episodes ? " I´ll have to see if I can find the show with Carole Vorderman on YouTube. She´s a babe and a half. And to think that someone once said she could not work on tv because her boobs are to big. That guy needs to be neutered retroactively.

SUBZERO said...

And forget the trade, you need the hardcover here.

Terry Hooper-Scharf said...

Vorderman is a woman with a very high IQ and for years she was co-host on teatime quiz -Countdown. Dressed badly (!) and her hair was, as she admitted, awful. Suddenly she realised she COULD wear more fashionable clothes and re-style her hair. I think she was "Rear of the Year" twice but she has a very matured, curvy figure. AND brains. Carol Kirkwopod a UK TV weather woman is also famous for boobage.
Looks ain't everything and I prefer a woman with a brain. Though Vorderman...oy