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By George : Legion of Three Worlds issue 3

For those who are currently spending the holiday at home and are maybe just a little bored right now I wanted to post something special and what could be better to get you comiker juices flowing than George Perez´ third issue of the brilliant FINAL CRISIS - LEGION OF THREE WORLDS ?

Strangely enough this is the third time I´m trying to post this, the first two tries I spent too much time looking for some original art pages.

As you will see I wasn´t very successful in finding any of them - or better I DID find some pages but the quality was not good enough to include them here. You see, I´m not including these pages just for curiosity´s sake but so that people can see George Perez´ great pencils. Which you can´t see if the page is not of a certain quality. So this will be a rather short post although I will include a piece of original art. But more about that later on. When I started this series of posts I was expecting some negative feedback but so far the responses have been overwhelmingly positive. Apparently a lot of people either passed up on this book or remember it fondly and as Today´s output by DC is rather questionable in quality it reminds people of why they used to love those comics. Now you might say : " But Subzero, this is only a five issue series and you are already three issues in ? There will be only two more glorious months of George Perez goodness left. "Don´t despair, with four issues of George Perez´ sci fi classic LOGAN`S RUN there will be enough George Perez related stuff to post with a possible AVENGERS BY GEORGE PEREZ and a WORLD`S GREATEST COMIC ARTISTS : GEORGE PEREZ spotlight on it´s way. And since I like to have things balanced once Legion of Three Worlds is over I will start with the first twelve issues of the Mark Waid penned The Brave and The Bold which George Perez drew ( with a little help by Jerry Ordway ). I already have all the pages laid out with a few original art pages although I hope to find a few more before I have to start that.

But that´s enough preamble for now so let´s get in media res with issue 3 of Final Crisis - Legion of Three Worlds. As usual too much cool and crazy stuff has happened in the first two issues to recap it all here so if you have not done so already check out my posts on issue one and issue two .

Now you may have noticed that in the story Geoff Johns makes reference to the first Legion of Three Worlds adventure in which the three Legions came together to aid the Tornado Twins ( the son and daughter of Barry Allen and Iris West and the parents of Xs from the Legion ) against Zoom and his 25th century speed soldiers. And you might say : " Wow, that sounds like a cool story. Where can I read it ? " Well, you can´t. Because it was never written. Geoff Johns dropped the hint of that story though it hadn´t happened yet and he obviously meant to write the story at some point in the future ( no pun intended ) but he never got around to do it. And now with the NEW52 obliterating the old continuity I doubt we will ever get to read it. Are there even the Tornado Twins in the NEW52 ? Sometimes I wonder how that story would have played out. Anyway, I´m really behind on my SHOWCASE PRESENTS : THE LEGION OF SUPER HEROES so I don´t know if this is something Geoff Johns came up with on his own or if there were seeds for this in the olden days Legion stories.

Now before we come to the video section there was one piece of original art by George Perez I want to share with my readers. I already posted a few colored pages ( don´t ask me in which post ) of the first AVENGERS / JUSTICE LEAGUE crossover that never got made. Well, here´s a page that is labeled as being from that same story. Can anybody back me up here ?

And with that we start the video section which heads off with a celebrity birthday from Yesterday but since this post was supposed to go online Yesterday I guess that´s okay. In any case I just had to give a shout out to my girl Mariah Carey who turned 46 Yesterday if my sources are correct.

Because some online pages say she was born 1969 while others say it was 1970. I´m going with 1970 because that was the date that was official when I wrote my first Mariah Carey posts back on the old boob blog.

Another thing that´s hard to get official accuracy on is Mariah Carey´s breastsize. I googled it Today but the " official " size of 38D is totally bogus. I mean around the time of the Annual Golden Globe Awards in 2010 her breastsize was officially confirmed as 38DD and by 2012 when she did the Christmas video with Justin Bieber her jingle bells had grown another few sizes bigger so they must have been 40DD or at least 39DD. So maybe I´m biased here but she doesn´t look like a 38D woman to me, sorry.

Anyway, the videos I post Today are special because I have been looking for them a long time. I think I first posted the picture above and the one below of Mariah´s big gold discs stretching her blue shirt in 2009. It took me a while before I found more pictures of this set but I had no idea from which performance this was. Daimn, Mariah really looks so hot .... drool. 

A few years after that I found another set of pictures and finally learned that this was from a live performance on The Today Show in 2003. But I still couldn´t find any videos of this no matter on how many websites I looked. Strangely enough I did eventually find videos of this just a few months back when I had stopped looking for them and on YouTube of all places. I haven´t posted them yet as if I was waiting for her birthday. 

Now if you have seen the post when it first went up you might have noticed that there were a few hours between when I started adding the videos and when I added the two animated GIFs with Mariah Carey.

The reason for that is that I wanted to do something special for Mariah´s birthday - if I did not do a full post on her like she deserved - and at least add some cool GIFs but after a quick search on the internet I had to come to terms that the ones I was looking for were either nowhere to be found or too small. So I had to do all the screenshots and because Mariah Carey was too small in some of them cut them to the right size. Which was especially difficult when the camera was swaying from one side to the other. All things considered I think I did a great job. The GIF below is of course the best part of her OBSESSED video and I have to say that I was a bit obsessed with the video for a while. Mariah looks very different than in the videos below but I think she got bigger in all the right places. She definitely looks happier since she stopped worrying about her weight.

Three things I would take to a deserted island ? Mariah Carey, Janet Jackson and Halle Berry. I´m bending the rules a bit by posting two videos of Mariah but it´s her birthday and it took me long enough to find them. There is a third one from this performance on YouTube but the quality is even worse then in these two so you would only injure your eye sight. 

Since I didn´t want to post another New Teen Titans or Avengers video with George Perez art - they get kind of repetitive after a while and I want to keep some for upcoming New Teen Titans posts - I thought about another artist who worked on the Legion of Super Heroes where he delivered a legendary run as well as on such books as Green Lantern, Green Arrow, Green Lantern / Green Arrow and of course Warlord.

He was one of the main artists on Ehapa´s GR√úNE LEUCHTE comics I read as a kid - the other artist was Joe Staton - and I always enjoyed his stuff. I never understood why DC never did a collected edition of all his Green Lantern issues because they did three or four different versions of Neal Adam´s Green Lantern run. At least they have started reprinting his brilliant Green Arrow series now that the Arrow tv series makes people interested in Green Arrow comics. Maybe it will take a Green Lantern tv hit series to finally see more Green Lantern by Mike Grell paperbacks.

Here is an inteview with Mike Grell about the books he worked on.

In issue 3 of Legion of Three Worlds Dawnstar, Polar Boy and Wildfire travel back in time to the day when Lex Luthor starts loosing his hair so I thought it might be a good time to remind people why Lex Luthor is bald.

Sometimes I am just too tired for my brain to work properly or else I would have made the connection between the Legion of Super Heroes and Captain Future sooner and could have posted more Captain Future videos.

Because not only do both series take place in the future and were adapted successfully into animation but Edmond Hamilton, the creator of Captain Future also wrote comics. And guess which ones ? That´s right, he wrote Legion comics. So here is the first part about Captain Future from Der phantastische Adventskalender which focuses on the cartoon. As you might have guessed by the title it´s in german and if you don´t want to wait until I post the next video head on over to his YouTube page where he has more videos on the Captain Future pulps and other comic stuff.

Last but not least here another video for my german readers. It´s an animated fairy tale movie called The Hunchbacked Horse ( Das bucklige Pferdchen ) which I found while making the post about Krabat.

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