Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Gil Kane covers Black and White Wednesday

I know that it´s technically still Tuesday but " Black and White Wednesday " just sounds better and when I have finished the post it´ll be Wednesday anyway, so the point is moot. My last post was about comics master Gil Kane but I felt he deserved a bit more attention than I could give him on such a short notice so I went into my archives and dug some nifty covers.

As usual I wound up with too many covers for one post - the man has had a very long career after all working on a plethora of books - so, as the title suggest I am putting all the covers where I found the original art here. I have tried to find the color versions of the covers but I was not always successful. So, scroll down the post and enjoy more Gil Kane art.

I hope you like my selection and I even managed to squeeze in THE NEW ADVENTURES OF SUPERBOY and some Power Girl. The CAPTAIN MARVEL covers are courtesy of Richard Guion who posted it on GIANT-SIZE MARVEL and you can find more Gil Kane art at COMIC BOOK BRAIN

Today we have a lot of birthdays to go through and I´ll start with a comic related one : DANGER GIRL creator J. Scott Campbell, who turns 43.

I have to admit that I´m not entirely sure what he is doing at the moment but I think he does covers for Disney. There was a time when I followed his work back when he created big hits like GEN 13 and DANGER GIRLS. I think he´s still milking the last one, doing one special repackaged edition after another and doing a plethora of mini series but I don´t think most comic people are really that interested unless he would do the interior.

Somehow I fell off the train when WILDSIDERZ was announced and I really thought that had tanked. As it turns out this was planned as a mini series and I don´t know what happened but two issues did came out. I found this out when I was looking for the VALIANT comics. Anyway, since I don´t think interviews are as interesting as seeing the artists at work here is a video where he draws Storm and as you can see he puts a piece of paper on it so he doesn´t smudge it. This is a trick I had to find out on my own.

Next up is Shannen Doherty who celebrates her 45th anniversary. I mentioned her in my posts about Alyssa Milano and while we probably never will know why exactly she left CHARMED I guess it worked for her.

There are three birthdays I want to mention that have no video ( since I only put five into each post, otherwise this would blow out of control ) the first one is Tom Clancy who is no longer with us. He wrote a lot of thrillers that have been turned into movies like Hunt for Red October, Clear and Present Danger, Patriot Games and The Sum of All Fears. We´re staying with this part of the movies as Das Boot is one of the most seen war movie and german singer and actor Herbert Grönemeyer who starred in it turns 60 Today. What´s more Wolfgang Treu who was the cinematographer of that movie also celebrates his 86th birthday Today.

We continue with the videos : I think David Letterman has retired but before his 69th birthday he interviewed all the big names like Janet.

From one pop icon to the next, Ed O´Neil famous for playing Al Bundy is even older than David Letterman, 70. After that iconic role he has again huge success on MODERN FAMILY or like they call it in the spanish speaking countries THE SOFIA VERGARA SHOW. I have the first two seasons of that but I still haven´t started watching it. And right after that I can watch MARRIED WITH CHILDREN since I got the complete box set the last time amazon was doing one of their super sales. Initially I wanted to post the documentary about the show but since that has disappeared from YouTube here´s one of the best parts of the show : Psycho Dad.

Hardy Krüger who becomes 88 years old Today is probably more of an icon for my german readers - at least the ones from my generation - as I always liked his work in such movies like Hatari ( which I must have seen a few dozen times ), The Flight of the Phoenix and The Wild Geese ( Die Wildgänse kommen in german ). I found the last two on YouTube but opted for this one so people know there is a good version of this movie.

And last but not least we have a Russ Meyer hattrick since three people who acted in his movies were born on this day. Charles Napier didn´t live to celebrate what would have been his 80th birthday but Candy Samples ( 88 ) and Pandora Peaks ( 52 ) are still kicking. Pandora even was in an Andy Sidaris film and I think Russ Meyer did his last movie with her besides the still unfinished The Breasts of Russ Meyer mammoth project.

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Terry Hooper-Scharf said...

Hardy Kruger had a big following in the UK. "The One That Got Away" (1957) was the movie that made his name here. I think most people under 50 will ask "Who?" but that's kids. 88 years old -good on him.

Terry Hooper-Scharf said...

What happened to my comment about Gil Kane??????

SUBZERO said...

Dunno, lost in the internet ether like the last comment I wrote on another blog. Or your blog. I don´t remember. I wrote something very long, then it got deleted and I gave up. Meh. It happens.

Now the world will never know your brilliant thoughts on Gil Kane.

Terry Hooper-Scharf said...

Weird. Just checked CBO and the last comment from you was re my comment about posting Girly photos there...and you advised against it! It's odd because Ben Dilworth has had comments vanish, removed or rejected. I have no idea what's going on. Like Blogger losing images in posts continuously!

Oh well.