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Master of Kung Fu Monday with Gene Day

It´s still a few days until the MASTER OF KUNG FU omnibus comes out so I thought I should do one of these posts since it´s been too long since my last one. But unlike previous posts I want to spotlight Gene Day Today.

One reason for this is that my readers are probably already sick of hearing me gush about Mike Zeck´s art. The other is that my first US issue of MASTER OF KUNG FU - issue 116 was drawn by Gene Day and I don´t know how many times I have read this issue. I still have it in my collection by the way even if I have done and unforgivable sin and colored the cover with a red marker. What can I say ? I was young and bored.

So while I was never a die hard Gene Day fan he was a more than apt successor to Mike Zeck. Most of the series had great art when you keep in mind that you had Paul Gulacy, Mike Zeck and then Gene Day on it. As most people know Gene died way too young and he did brilliant artwork on MASTERS OF KUNG FU not only where the storytelling is concerned but especially his layouts and double page spreads. He did a lot of great issues but a fan favorite is issue 104 A Fantasy Of The Autum Moon ! 

I will not even try to sum up this graphic storytelling masterpiece in words but I know that many comic readers became a fan of the series through this issue and it´s one that comes up most often when people ask how to get started with MASTER OF KUNG FU. But while I don´t want to give any spoilers about the issue there is an entry on MASTER OF KUNG FU 104 on ESSENTIAL MASTER OF KUNG FU and you can see all the pages from that issue on Riley MacGregor´s PRARIE WAREHOUSE & CURIO EMPORIUM .

By the way, MASTER OF KUNG FU had THE best titles of the Bronze Age. Where else can you find alliterations like Devil Deeds Done In Darkness ?

And with that you have heard enough from me and are ready for some Gene Day art ( thanks to A MOMENT OF CEREBUS and JHALAL DRUT ).

We start Today´s links with DIVERSIONS OF THE GROOVY KIND who once again deliver the goodness with Death Masque ! from GIANT SIZE MASTER OF KUNG FU 1. You can also see a few Gene Day pages from issue 115 on Dave Olbrich´s FUNNY BOOK FANATIC and my spanish speaking readers might want to check out LINEA EXCELSIOR where Taneleer Tivan has a revision of the Master of Kung Fu series in 5 parts ( 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 ).

As for Today´s celebrity birthday first up is italian sex pot Angela Cavagna who celebrates 50 years. I remember that she tried a music career when big breasted sexbombs like Samantha Fox, Brigitte Nielsen and Sabrina Salerno lead the charts. She had some heavy bouncing action.

I just mentioned Amanda Pays in last week´s FLASH FRIDAY post and Today she turns 57. Since I don´t want to spoil anything from the season finale of The Flash here is a clip of Amanda from the 90s Flash tv show.

Mister Freddy Krueger, Robert Englund celebrates his 69th birthday and I´m not even going into all the horror related movies he´s been in. What I AM going to mention are the more than a dozen tv shows with hot screen sexbombs he´s been on like Night Court with Markie Post ( he was not on the episode with Markie Post´s Power Girl - sized XXL cleavage ).

Although that probably sucked since Markie had to cover up a lot on that show and only was able to strut her stuff on The Fall Guy so Robert didn´t get to see her awesome body in a bikini. At least not during the takes.

There was also an episode of Babylon 5 in which Robert Englund appeared. That show featured among other sexbombs bootylicious Claudia Christian who showed her amazing stripper skills in the sci fi movie The Hidden.

Claudia is in my Top Ten Movie Striptease list but so far I haven´t gotten around to do a post on her. I never managed to get into Babylon 5 despite the fact that there were such hotties like Claudia Christian and Tracy Scoggins on the show and I guess that´s mainly because it had the misfortune of being on the air around the same time as Deep Space 9.

While Babylon 5 is big on story Deep Space 9 always put the characters first and at the end of the day you can tell as good of a story as you want, if I´m not interested in the characters I could not care less. And in Deep Space 9 they did more characterization in one episode than Babylon 5 did in a whole season. I mean we know that the chief of security Garibaldi like Duffy Duck but has it ever been explained why ? In Deep Space 9 we got a whole episode of Rom dealing with the post traumatic effects of war and they also continued with the main story. And it was one of their best episodes. Storywise Babylon 5 was a lot of build up but always fell flat on the pay off. Like the war of the shadows. That was like twenty episodes of build up and then the big finale was done in five minutes with the main action taking place off camera. Like : " We beat them, I handled it. " And no aftermath. In Deep Space 9 the war against The Dominion was more than one season and you were at the frontline and you saw how it affected the characters afterwards. So it was not a good idea to have Babylon 5 on the air at the same time that was everything it was not.

And I´m not saying that Babylon 5 did not have it´s special moments.

Coming back to Robert Englund he played an evil character who turned his female victims into little wax dolls in an episode of Charmed with sex symbol Alyssa Milano. I finally managed to pay tribute to her last year but I had to split it into two posts ( the main post and the bonus round with her best episodes on Charmed ) because I might have gone overboard with the GIFs. But with pornstar cleavage like this can you blame me ?

He also was on Sliders but that was before Kari Wuhrer joined the show. She was put on the cast as the boner guarantee for the male audience and they got more than their money´s worth in the Wild West episode where her big melons are almost spilling out of her snug saloon girl corsage.

She also was in HOT BLOODED, a really bad movie that doesn`t even have full frontal nudity. Nevertheless it´s one of my favorite movies with Kari because she looks really hot in this one. You get to see a lot of cleavage and boobs and in the first sex scene on the bed you can see her sexy ass.

And because one scene where she´s at a gas station and pulls down her leather top to make the desk clerck horny. She´s really pulling it in all directions so you get to see her full boobs. I have no evidence but I swear I can see some nipple. I bet Kari had to do this scene a hundred times as the crew was sabotaging all takes just to see her boobs again and again.

In any case, I had this scene on a video tape on a loop and I must have heard the words " This material just doesn´t breathe ! " a hundred times.

Like I said there is no full frontal nudity in this cineastic masterpiece but you get a bit of sideboob in a scene that was heavily cut on german tv.

They cut parts from when she´s using a whip to get into the mood and pours hot wax on his body. They also cut some parts from where she´s on top of him which I didn´t know until I found the movie on the internet.

Damn you, german tv for keeping Kari Wuhrer´s sideboob away from me !

Some of you are probably going " Stop with the babes. What about comics ? " so while he hasn´t been in any comic movies he has done quite a list as voice actor. He´s the voice of Felix Faust on Justice League, the Riddler on Jeff Matsuda´s The Batman, Myglom on Green Lantern : The Animated Series, the Vulture on The Spectacular Spider - Man, Pluto on Hulk And The Agents of S.M.A.S.H., Dormammu on The Super Hero Squad Show, Dread Beaver on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Stagman on Regular Show and Jason Meyers on Randy Cunningham : 9th Grade Ninja.

You probably expect me to add a horror video but since I don´t have one about Nightmare On Elm Street I´m taking the chance to post the episode Underwater Oddyssey from The Fall Guy. I have already posted the other episodes where you can see Markie Post in a bikini Baker´s Dozen and Inside Outside but I couldn´t find this episode. At least I think this is the right episode since the title doesn´t give you much information. I thought about posting a different episode since there are quite a lot of videos on YouTube right now but I don´t know in which episodes you can see more of Markie Post and the internet was too slow to look through them all. I guess I have to do this in the following weeks and bookmark the best.

Even though Diego Rodríguez de Silva y Velázquez is one of the biggest painters in spanish history Today´s youth probably knows him best from his appearance on El Ministerio Del Tiempo which sadly is on hiatus.

While doing the research for my last post I came upon the japanese anime Superman De Las Galaxias of which I have never heard. As usual this has nothing to do with the Superman we know from the old comics.

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