Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Most underrated comic artists : Ross Andru

Just last Sunday I mentioned him in my post about Len Wein and Today would have been Ross Andru´s 89th birthday. So in homage to the main artist on Spider - Man when Williams Verlag and later on when Condor published the title again in Germany here are some of his splash pages.

And with that we wrap up the second post of Today which leaves me with only one more to go. Which means that Brent Anderson and Neal Adams have to wait for their posts until Tomorrow. Sorry guys, I´m only human.

Since I have already done all the birthdays of Today in my post about cult siren Ava Cadell here are Yesterday´s birthdays. First up we had porn star Madison Ivy who turned 27 and you can guess why there´s no video with her. While I can´t give a list of her best movies ( not only because I have probably only seen a fraction of it but also because tastes are different ) I want to give a shoutout because she always looks good in dem movies.

The fact that I had to search the internet for a picture of bikini model Raquel Gibson who had her 31st anniversary should tell you how small my picture archive had become. It used to be that I had tons on her. Anyway, Raquel often models with her sister CJ, she is of italian and filipino descent and was the Playmate Of The Month in November of 2005.

British talk show host Alan Carr celebrated the big 40 Yesterday and I don´t think I have seen any episodes of Chatty Man from 2016 yet. I try to keep up but I don´t have enough free space on the laptop right now.

Today´s music video comes from 42 year old spanish singer / songwriter Merche and I have chosen a longer video with some of her greatest hits.

Tennis super star Steffi Graf turned 47 and she is one of the main reasons why tennis became so popular in Germany. Which in turn torpedoed my tv program since all my favorite movies or tv series were delayed for hours or outright canceled because of some tennis match. Somehow they never did this with wrestling but that tells you which sports rich people like. 

One of the series that managed to escape the brunt of that was Baywatch which starred Yasmine Bleeth who celebrated her 48th birthday Yesterday.

I don´t have a picture or GIF of Traylor Howard and at the moment I´m too tired to look for one. Her 50th birthday was up Yesterday and while her name might not sound familiar you will immediately know whom I´m talking about when I tell you that she plays Natalie Teeger on Monk.

Five years older is Boy George and while some songs of Culture Club have become part of my phonographic DNA I found the whole Is she a boy ? Is he a girl ? controversy at the time just tiresome. Like it really mattered.

German Power Girl Sibylle Rauch celebrated her 56th birthday Yesterday and she was one of the biggest erotic actresses back in the day. Sibylle played in a lot of the erotic movies that swept Germany in the 80s but her most famous roles were in the israeli series of erotic comedies EIS AM STIEL ( Lemon Popsicle in english ) that were among the most watched movies in Germany at that time. The movies follow a trio of friends on a quest to loose their virginity and as usual hijinks and breasts ensue.

Sibylle used that popularity to further her film career and start as a singer ( this was the time when women with big breasts like Sabrina Salerno, Danuta or Samantha Fox became big stars thanks to the predominance of music videos ). She later became a porn actress with one of the biggest german porn companies and her movie BORN TO LOVE even guest starred british porn superstar Sarah Louise Young. But Sibylle topped the success of this with SISTERS IN LOVE where her sister Sylvie Rauch appeared.

Sybille also was the publisher - as well as the face - of the german edition of HUSTLER from 1992 till 1995. She did a lot of cocaine and I thought she had died in 1997 but apparently she survived her suicide attempt. 

Originally I had another video for this post but that was deleted. Luckily I found one that not only has Sybille but also ties in with my next post.

Yes, I only mention Sam Irvin´s 60th birthday because he was the producer of Elvira´s Haunted Hills and I can post another Elvira video.

We finish Yesterday´s birthday´s with Donald Trump who turned 70. The video I chose to celebrate that is Top 10 Times the Simpsons Predicted the Future but I´m not sure if the prediction about Donald Trump counts as he hasn´t been elected as the President of the United States yet.

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