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Jenny Poussin JLA movie casting re - post

Way back when I split my old blog into two separate blogs - the boob blog and this comic blog - I never thought I would get to write about Jenny Poussin but she became one of my candidates in casting the JLA movie and since Today is Jenny´s 31st birthday I want to re - post her entry.

As with all my re - posts I have shortened the post a bit and added a few new pictures here and there to keep things interesting ( there was a short part about another candidate for my casting which I cut ) as well as a brand new video section and here is the link to the original post if you want to read the full post. So without further ado Happy birthday, Jenny !

Originally posted on Sunday, October the 18th, 2015 :

Our next to last post of the SUBZERO edition of my casting of a Justice League movie is - almost - another solo post and it´s all about Supergirl.

Now I said next to last because there is still one post which will be about the alternatives that came to my mind while writing these posts. I would have included it here but the part of the post with Jenny got longer and longer until I finally had to cave in and give them both a post of its own.

At first I had just posted what I had put in the original post but then I decided to put more information about her in the post since I had not written anything about her on this blog. I had only posted a few pictures here and there and then I thought, why not add a few pictures or better add her best pictures ? And then I went off topic on the whole cosplay scandal ( you can read all about it later ) and then it was really too long.


Now before we come to the part you like best I want to talk about the title of Today´s post. I´m writing this in advance so I´m only guessing but I have probably not finished my often post phoned post about John Byrne´s The Supergirl Saga. And the second post I wanted to write about Maxima.

And that´s still in the pipeline but right now finishing with the Justice League casting call post has the higher priority. Only for the moment.

So we already covered how poorly Superman treated her ( when he wasn´t shoving his tongue in her throat ) and the problems with the Legion of Super - Heroes that arose from the 80s relaunch that erased her history.

But Supergirl was not always the helpless victim. It was not all kissing cousins and making out with her superhorse and hiding in an orphanage while drunk Superman was living la vida loca at the Fortress of Solitude.

Nope. The Maid of Steel could be quite nasty and a real pest. When she was in one of her moods she turned ex - boyfriends into stone statues,

ratted out Superman´s secret identity to his boss just for the fun of it,

and got into a fight with those flying mini pests, the annoying Kandorians who formed the Superman Emergency Squad. Everybody hates the guys.

So Supergirl was not always the goody goody girl most people picture her when they think of the Silver Age and she had really a lot of criminal energy. Which brings us to the eagerly awaited part of this post :

Jenny Poussin as Supergirl ( Kara Zor - El )

Now the new Supergirl is more of a Slackergirl but since she´s thinner than Calista Flockhart I was looking for someone who was also slim.

Because if I was casting the original Steel Maiden, the real deal, pre - crisis Kara Zor - El I could be looking for any hot blonde with a big rack.

But for the new version that was not an option. So I was looking for somebody slim, fit even and with nice bongos : enter Jenny Poussin.

Who she is ? Here´s what she says about herself on her official website :

Hi, I'm Jenny -- your sexy busty blond fitness, bikini and glamour model ! 

You may have seen me featured on the cover of various mens magazines and even on TV playing the sexy busty blond, what a stretch huh ? Lol.

I'm French Canadian, born in Montreal and proud of it. I love to work out, going out to party and guess what ? Dress sexy ! I can be your girl next door but also your erotic blond bombshell leaving you begging for more.

As for her biography I had to go to the Adult Wikipedia for that :

The tits on Jenny Poussin are fabulously fake giving her a Barbie doll appearance that is surprisingly hard to find. The French Canadian pornstar, born in Montreal on the 19th of July 1982, currently works as a fitness and glamour model. The talented blonde bombshell has used her assets well, and has a string of successful appearances in music videos, TV shows, adult film and a long list of photo shoots. Her talents don't just lie in the adult entertainment industry, she has also continues to promote herself via mainstream media and modelling agencies.

You can see the luscious Jenny Poussin in prestigious publications such as Playboy, Esquire, Maxim, Picture, American Curves, Planet Muscle, FHM and 2Wheel Tuner. She also has an official website full of full on glamour shots and videos where she bares all for her growing number of fans. 

She has become kind of a pop culture icon appearing in adult comics and various artists have done their rendition of her, even as a superheroine.

Jenny Poussin also does photoshoots with all kinds of costumes and some of them do look like they could be superhero costumes from the comics.

Speaking about comics in 2014 there was a controversy because Jenny cosplayed as G.I. Joe´s Baroness and people thought it was too sexy

First of all that´s how the Baroness is supposed to look. She´s a bad girl, a classic femme fatale and looking sexy is just part of the whole package.

Second, if you stay faithful to the original Baroness costume it´s difficult to not look kind of hot and sexy in it. I mean, if you are cosplaying in a skintight leather outfit and trying not to look hot ? That´s a challenge.

Third, that´s not by far the riskiest cosplay costume I´ve seen out there.

Last but not least it was also not the skimpiest outfit of Jenny Poussin.

In her photoshoots Jenny goes by the motto : " Less is more. Wearing nothing is best. " and sometimes her naughty bits are barely covered.

And sometimes they are not covered at all and those are the pictures I can´t pose here. I think the whole thing was blown out of proportion by the same people who are now trying to impose their morals on other comic readers and comics creators like with the Batgirl cover controversy. Seduction of the Innocent.2. Okay, back to our Justice League casting. 

Like the unknown Wonder Girl earlier she looks surprisingly like her comic counterpart ( maybe she was the model for the late Michael Turner ) and if we have to include the Maid of Mehh at least let her look like Jenny.

Now where is my sample of pink Kryptonite ( it makes female Kryptonians super horny ) ? I could have sworn that I left it around here somewhere.

Since the original post had a lot of Jenny Poussin videos I´m covering the other celeb birthdays Today and because this section has gotten a bit out of hand lately I´m dialing things back. We start with Jared Padalecki who celebrates his 34th birthday and he is best known as one half of the Winchester brothers from the mega successful mystery series - what we used to call horror back in the day - Supernatural. Which only sounds good in english. In spanish it sounds like what you might put in your gas tank.

Anyway, I have lost track of the series since they changed their time slot three times in a month here on german tv. I had the last episodes of whatever season we were watching taped but my brother with whom I always watch the series never bothered to catch up. Right now it´s in reruns and it´s always in the cheap DVD set sales but since it is censored considerably in Germany this is a series you better watch in Espana.

Benedict Cumberbatch turns 40 and after Sherlock Holmes and KHAAAAAN !!! he adds another iconic role to his resume with the Marvelous Master of the Mystical Arts, the Shiznit Sorcerer Supreme Doctor Stephen Strange.

Also celebrating his 40th birthday Today is Eric Prydz, best known for his music video Call On Me which made 80s aerobic sexy again and was on tv in two different versions. I picked the regular one because it´s in high def like we used to say but you can also find the uncensored version.

I also want to give a shout out to my man, Anthony Edwards who turns 54. He has had iconic parts like Goose in Top Gun, Mark Greene in ER or his appearance in the Revenge of the Nerds movies. He has also been in Zero Hour ( not related to the DC crossover event ) and Northern Exposure but my favorite movie with him is Mr. North, probably because it´s not a big budget blockbuster. If you haven´t seen it yet you need to check it out.

If I was Richard Pini I would be insulted a bit because when you google him the first thing that comes up is his wife Wendy Pini. And then Elfquest. And then a lot of Elfquest stuff before he eventually comes up.

He celebrates his 66th birthday and while he always comes second he had a big part in the success of Elfquest as co - creator, co - writer and editor.

Since I just did a post about Elfquest last month, on Wendy Pini´s 65th birthday there is not much to add to the subject matter. I did get the first volume of Elfquest - The Last Adventure in the german version ( as there seems to be no hardcover available in english ) but I haven´t gotten to read it just yet. There is however a video I couldn´t fit into the last post.

Max Fleischer is also among our celebs of the day who is best known for his incredible Superman cartoons which have inspired whole generations of artists and still can go toe to toe with any cartoons produced Today.

Coming from Eric Prydz aerobic bunnies to a different kind of dancers our last birthday is french artist Hilaire Germaine Edgar Degas, one of the founders of impressionism. One of his main subjects were ballet dancers and I´m sure you have seen his paintings on posters or postcards.

When I first posted this there was not much Supergirl related videos on YouTube but that all has changed thanks to the tv series. The show is slated to return - this time at the CW - so here is Awesome Comics with their thoughts on the season wrap up and speculation about season 2.

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