Friday, August 26, 2016

Flash Friday : Race Against Time - part 2

Today is Otto Binder´s birthday so I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to do a special edition of FLASH FRIDAY and take a break from the Paul Ryan issues with FLASH 114, part 2 of Race Against Time.

Usually I don´t like to start stories in the middle of things but the reason why I selected this issue is that Otto Binder wrote ADVENTURE COMICS 247 which introduced The Legion of Super - Heroes and in this story Wally West lands in the 31st century where he meets the Tornado Twins who will become members of the Legion. Sibling Rivalry is written by Mark Waid with art by mi paisano Oscar Jimenez with help by Anthony Castrillo. For the sake of understanding the story it´s not important why Wally keeps bouncing from one era to the next but if there is enough reader interest we may explore the worst Flash ever. It might be a good idea to go back and post the entire Race Against Time story before returning to the Paul Ryan issues because it leads directly into FLASH 119, his first issue.

Since you must be already tired of hearing me rant about how great Wally West is I´ll let Chris Sims at COMICS ALLIANCE explain why this period was the best part of the second volume of the Flash and why Wally West is the best Flash ever, for more stories from the 31st century you can find the origin of Bart Allen, a.k.a. Impulse by the late Mike Wieringo on SCANS DAILY and read about The Legionnaries Who Haunted Superboy from Superboy 206 on THE BREEVORT HISTORY OF COMICS where you can find other cool posts about Wonder Woman, Superman or Captain Marvel.

Today could have been a totally different FLASH FRIDAY as Francis Manapul celebrates his 37th anniversary who penciled the adventures shortly before the NEW 52 and into the first three years of new era.

Aww, who am I trying to kid ? I stopped reading Flash when they made Barry Allen the Flash again and retroactively changed his origin story implanting the murder of his mother. Seems like every super hero at DC has to emulate Batman now. So I can´t tell you anything about the quality of Francis Manapul´s work besides what I could gather from this video.

If scientists one day start cloning the perfect woman they need look no further for a living genetic blueprint that latin superstar and sex icon Thalia. She turns 45 and not only is she one of the nicest persons on the planet who oozes sex appeal from every pore with an incredible body AND voice. No, she also has the best stage outfits in the universe which would make other singers like Beyonce blush and her sultry fertility dance makes Janet Jackson´s patented erection inducing stripper moves look tame.

The video - or better videos as in plural - are a bit older but if Thalia is known for the most daring stage outfits she really tops herself here in what I guess is the latin version of the sorting hat from Hogwarts.

Since the video above is too short here is one with the full performance of her hit Amor A La Mexicana and it has the best quality I could find.

Our last celebrity birthday is award winning cartoonist Ted Rall at 53 whom I met at a comic convention but I am not exactly sure which one.

As that leaves me with two videos to pick freely from the vast vault here is one for my german readers about Reinhard Kleist and graphic novels.

When Wally West first started out as the new Flash he had to eat a lot to keep his body supplied with enough calories to burn through so fittingly our last video is about food. As somebody who´s been to a few countries I know that the same food can be prepared very differently and I always find it interesting to see other people´s reaction to foreign dishes. I have always believed that the things that unite us as people are more than the things that separate us and deep down people like the same things : good food, good movies, good music, good books, good comics, good art period and last but not least hot women ( or hot guys if you´re into that ).

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Terry Hooper-Scharf said...

Somewhere I have a tatty comic with the first appearance of the mysterious Tornado Twins! Much fonder memories of the Silver Age LSH -the Black Echelon story and more!

SUBZERO said...

Sorry I didn´t answer sooner but Yesterday was so hot I spent most of the day sleeping or drinking beer. Damn Radler beer just shot through my metabolism like water. And Today I had to put the finishing touches on the post first.

I´m not sure if I have read any Silver Age stories with the Tornado Twins since I have only read the first and third Showcase presents with the Legion. Right now I´m taking a break in my Legion reading but the last trade I got was AN EYE FOR AN EYE where Princess Projectra kills Nemesis Kid.

Terry Hooper-Scharf said...

Well, we are talking 1960s. I think my grandparents were taking me for a day out to the beach which meant two long bus journeys. I got a couple comics to read and one was Adventure Comics 372 or 373 (I thought it was a LSH issue). And at the end it is revealed that they are descendents of Barry Allen. Hang on -I'll check.....bloody hell. Can't remember my name half the time but I remember Adventure Comics #373 1968 and as it was October I probably picked it up in Summer 1969. Drink water. Drink Waldmeister pop. Beer ain't good in the heat despiute what beer companies tell you!!