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Happy rumpshaking birthday with Alizée !

Today Alizée celebrates her 32nd birthday and initially I just wanted to mention her in the birthdays of Today´s post but after going through my GIF vault I realized that it is impossible to narrow it down to just a handful. And because the part with her would probably be longer than the rest of the comic post I decided to finally give her a post of her own.

Now usually when I have a celebrity about whom I have already done a post on ye old boobie blogge I just whip out the old copy / paste schtick but since most of the post were pictures and download links I´ll have to write a bit more. Alizée is also part of the cult sirens where I could swear I have already done a post about them only to find out that I didn´t.

Like usual I went to wikipedia to get a few infos but they omit the most important facts. For those few that don´t know her, Alizée Jacotey or just Alizée for short is a french singer best known for her perfectly round bubblebutt which she loves to put on display and her erotic dance moves like what has become known around the world as the Alizée bodywave.

But I´m getting ahead of myself. When Alizée was 16 she entered the talent contest on Graines de Star as a singer because they only allowed groups in the dance category in which Alizée originally wanted to start.

She gave the winning performance and was discovered by Mylene Farmer with whom she produced many top 25 hits like her first one Moi Lolita which you might have heard if you don´t live under a rock because it became a worldwide number one hit. Alizée got a lot of mileage out of her Lolita image which she milked for all it´s worth and she´s always been aware that she can easily give most males guilty pleasure by shaking her firm jailbait ass in their face. On numerous occassions she delivered steamy live performances which were only excuses to expose her butt cheeks to a drooling audience. The best known is J´en ai marre ( I´m fed up in english ) in which she was 19 years old so guys all over the world could stop feeling guilty about their fantasies of the sexbomb voted the Second Sexiest Woman In The World in 2010 and 2011. This performance is referred to in Spain as el baile del pescadito which means dance of the little fish and it took me a while to grasp why. I was so hypnotized by Alizée ´s rotating rear I never noticed the little red fish on her hotpants.

Here are a few more animated GIFs from that historic dance number which is only a small selection of the best of the best I found on the internet and check out JOJOHELPS for more then 100 GIFs of Alizée.

Since the GIFs above are actually from three different tv shows and it would take a few posts to put them on the blog in GIF form I have decided to add them all. The first one has censorship bars ( some kind of voting ) through most of it´s duration which is why I could not use much of it.

This one also has huge bars blocking the spectator´s view on Alizée´s perfect bubblebutt, this time it´s to bid on an auction for various pieces including a guitar of Johnny Hallyday and an original Walt Disney sketch.

If the performance in the following video looks familiar it´s probably because this stage dance routine is the inspiration behind the in game dance routine for the Female Night Elf race in World of Warcraft.

This is the same video as above plus the following interview.

This is one I hadn´t seen before, Alizée performing on Hit Machine.

Just to include all performances of this song in the post I´m adding the videos from Top of The Pops and Eurobest. The video below must be from the british show because in the episode that was broadcast in Germany the camera guy went to extreme lengths not to film Alizée´s buttocks.

I can´t possibly list all her accolades - you can use the wikipedia link at the top of the post for that - so I´m just going to mention a few things.

According to the IFPI and SNEP, Alizée is one of the best - selling female French artists of the 21st century, and the singer with most exports out of France. She entered the music business in 2000 and has since released six studio albums, the first two composed by Laurent Boutonnat and written by Mylène Farmer. Her first album called Gourmandises received Platinum certification within three months of release. After its international launch in 2001, Gourmandises was a success both in France and abroad, earning Alizée the distinction of being the highest selling female French singer in 2001.The album featured her most successful single Moi Lolita which reached number one in several countries in Europe and East Asia, in the UK the song was acclaimed by the New Musical Express who recognised it with a  Single of the Week award. It became a rare example of a foreign - language song to chart highly in the UK, peaking at number 9. Alizée followed it with a series of albums that attained immense popularity by pushing the boundaries of lyrical content in mainstream popular music and imagery in her music videos, which became a fixture.

Despite her sexbomb body, steamy performances and being portrayed as the ultimate Lolita through her early albums Alizée has managed to emit a modest, demure and family - oriented image in public during her teenage years which is one of the reasons why she had so many younger fans.

Here is one of those, a cover of La Isla Bonita by Madonna, Alizée´s big idol. This was a french show and I think Madonna was one of the guests.

In 2013 and all grown up with an eight year old daughter Alizée finally got her chance to compete in a dance competiton as she became one of the contestants on the fourth season of the reality show Danse avec le Stars.

Since we don´t get french tv through cable anymore I had to go to the internet to get any clips of this at all but it was totally worth it. I have said it a few times but it bears repeating that even though Germany does nothing else than copy other countries movies and tv shows they have the worst versions of everything. I have seen Dancing With The Stars and the spanish and german versions too ( at the moment I can´t remember the names ) and the german shows are just the worst without any question.

Since my french is not that good - and wikipedia doesn´t deem it necessary to elaborate on that point - I don´t know if she was one of the outsiders but she definitely became a crowd favorite with her electrifying performances and stunning outfits like for her Bollywood inspired dance.

Normally the people I like don´t win the contests but Alizée did win the fourth season of Danse avec le Stars, in fact the show was so successful that she went on tour the next three years with Grégoire Lyonnet, her partner from the show. They started to date and married in 2016.

I wanted to add Alizée´s version of swan lake to the post as an example of the more difficult dances she pulled off but the only videos I found were of bad quality or from the tour or both. So instead here is the tango.

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