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It´s Flash Friday : Quicker Than The Eye

Welcome back to another edition of FLASH FRIDAY celebrating the one, true Flash Wally West as well as the work of the late Paul Ryan.  Like most of the posts on this blog this series was more a spur of the moment ( no pun intended ) but I have to confess I´m enjoying re - reading these issues more than I expected. In any case more than the current DC books.

At the moment I´m not reading many DC comics, I´m just wrapping up things on SWAMP THING and ANIMAL MAN as well as on BATMAN and BATMAN INCORPORATED. The only series I might be following for a longer time is oddly enough BATMAN AND ROBIN because I don´t like Damian Wayne at all. Not only because the whole Batman as a father thing is another nail in the coffin of the kick ass Batman. I mean they could still salvage that by giving Superman a son - although a daughter would be much more entertaining - and revive the Saga of the Super Sons. But Damina is just one of those characters like Danny Chase in THE NEW TEEN TITANS who nobody really likes but the writers think the readers just don´t get them and so they keep shoving them down our throats.

Granted, Damian has much more fans than Danny ever had but while he may be entertaining as a story device that keeps me coming back to BATMAN AND ROBIN I don´t think I´ll ever warm up to him as a character. He just comes of as very unlikable although Today´s writers seem to be unable to understand what made the Titans reboot by Marv Wolfman and George Perez so successful and write them like boring brats as we could see in the latest JUSTICE LEAGUE VS TEEN TITANS movie. It´s nowhere near the quality of the original confrontation between the two groups.

But Today´s post is not about the New Teen Titans, rather one ex - titan, Wally West and the third part of this little story in which he finally has the final confrontation against Mister Frost. It is not however the end of Flash´s troubles with the major of Keystone City which will continue through the next story - which will be a two parter against Justice League Europe villain Major Disaster who got a serious power boost during the UNDERWORLD crossover - and finally come back to bite him in the ass.

Today´s birthday list starts with Michelle Borth who turns 38. She played Catherine Rollins on Hawaii Five - O and she became a permanent member of the task force when Kono was doing her globetrotter thing. Right now I am not up to date on the series but I think they wrote her out at the end of the last season I saw and I have no idea if she will return.

John Stamos celebrates his 53rd birthday whom I honestly only know from Full House. Not from Fuller House because I only recently became aware of the whole thing about how Jodie Sweetin boobed out on the show. One of these days I´ll have to start watching the episodes because they are just taking up space on my laptop that I need for comic blogging stuff.

Next we have a comic related anniversary as Valerie Kaprisky turns 54. She was in Breathless with Richard Gere that prominently featured the first issue of Silver Surfer´s own comic as well as issue 11. You can read all about that on another DIAL B FOR BLOG post, SEAN THE SORCERER posted the origin of the Silver Surfer from issue 1 of his own mag and according to LIFE BETWEEN FRAMES Quentin Tarantino called it one of the coolest movies ever made so I don´t know why CELLULOID HIGHWAYS Keith Phipps thought he needed to come to the defense of that movie.  

We´re staying on the topic of hot sexbombs in movies as Darby Hinton celebrates his 59th birthday who was the main lead in Andy Sidaris second bullets, bombs and boobs movie Malibu Express. Yes, some people say it´s the first one but technically speaking that was Seven and the only reason that it is not included in any of the collections is that it is not out on DVD. Besides the cineastic masterpiece with Sybil Danning Darby has made appearances on the original Hawaii Five - O, two episodes of The Fall Guy and The Highwayman. As for comic related work he was in a Night Man episode and on one of the best Lois & Clark : The New Adventures of Superman episodes ever Barbarians At The Daily Planet.

We´re staying with tv cult series as Jonathan Frakes turns 64 who shares a birthday with Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry. I don´t know if that had anything to do with him getting the role of William Ryker on Star Trek : The Next Generation where he got his hands all over Marina Sirtis.

A lot of people complain that Marina´s character was mainly there as eye candy but in the original draft it was even worse ( or better depending on if you wanted to see more skin or not ) where Deanna Troy was basically the crew´s living blow up sex doll. Rather then the ship counselor she was supposed to be the ship´s consolation officer, a orgasmic priestess from the planet Betasex whose female inhabitants were the perfect prostitues because of their telepathic skills coupled with their stunning physique and extremely high pain threshold. Versed in all known sex techniques of the universe Deanna was to be used by the male crew members for stress relief. She also was supposed to have three breast and although they toned it down Marina got to strutt her stuff in a few memorable scenes. 

Coming back to Jonathan Frakes, he also was the host on The Paranormal Borderline called X - Factor : Das Unfassbare in Germany. My mother must have watched every episode but for me the presentation of the stories were too short to build a well rounded opinion about whether the stories were true or not. You had more chances of getting it right by throwing a coin. Jonathan also did the voice of Xanathos in Gargoyles and appeared in episodes of The Fall Guy and The Dukes Of Hazard. He will also lend his voice as the narrator of the new Guardians Of The Galaxy tv series.

Gerald McRaney who also was on The Dukes Of Hazard celebrates his 69th birthday although he is best known for playing Rick Simon on Simon & Simon. He also appeared on Thr Rockford Files, Diagnosis Murder, Murder She Wrote, Burke´s Law, Hawaii Five - O and The Incredible Hulk. There even is an episode where Simon & Simon has a crossover with Magunm P. I. and I have to apologize for the bad quality of the clip and the subtitles.

Speaking of Magnum P. I. and Burke´s Law Jill St John guest starred on those shows as well who is best known for her role in the James Bond flick Diamonds Are Forever. She turns 76 and she also has some comic book credits as she was in a Brenda Starr tv movie and an episode of the campy Batman tv show where she disguised herself as the Boy Wonder. I don´t know but Batman must have been blind not to notice those two huge bulges under Robin´s uniform. Holy DD dioptrien deficit, Batman !

So far we have listed a lot of people who guest starred on Burke´s Law so we are certainly not going to stop before mentioning cult siren Debra Paget who celebrates her 83rd birthday. In our last FLASH FRIDAY posts we had the anniversary of Cecil B. DeMille´s anniversary and Debra starred in his bible epic The Ten Commandments although she´s best known for her role of Seetha in Fritz Lang´s The Tiger Of Bengal and The Indian Tomb which was sometimes released as one movie under the title of Journey To The Lost City. Thanks to her skimpy movie outfit that only got past the censors through a miracle she received more fan letters than sex icons Betty Grable and Marilyn Monroe. Betty also appeared in the western Broken Arrow and played Ilene in Prince Valiant with Robert Wagner.

We still have three videos left so here is one for my german readers about graphic novels. There are quite a few about comics now that they call them graphic novels - and I will be posting them all eventually - and I say let them call it what they want as long as they are reading comics.

And since there also is no particular music video connected to the birthdays I went with the blind audition that gives me goosebumps.

For the obligatory Flash video at the end of the post I have chosen one where the title may be a bit misleading. If you are a longtime Flash fan like myself you have probably read most of the stories but since there are a few good nuggets in there I´m adding this for the newer Flash fans who have only read the occasional Flash story besides the NEW 52 version.

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