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Flash Friday : Running away from home

Another FLASH FRIDAY post continuing Paul Ryan´s run on the second volume of the book with issue 122 by Brian Augustyn and Mark Waid.

As we have seen in our last episode the friction between Wally and the city council has been increasing as the politicians feel that the city has unduly suffered for the heroism of The Flash. So it´s a blessing that the city of Santa Marta in California is hellbent on becoming the new home town of The Fastest Man Alive. But like the Ferengi say if something is too good to be true it usually is. This is the beginning of an interesting storyline that brought the Flash out of his usual stomping grounds of Keystone City and pondered all kind of questions about what kind of compensation a hero should get and how long you have a responsibility to a city and it´s people. Especially if they no longer want you around.

I know it sounds ridiculous but having a spike in the daily clicks also has it downsides. Because as nice as it may be to get 2,100 clicks or even over 2,600 clicks when you go back to your regular click per day ratio it can be a sobering experience. And when it looks like a downward spiral - going from 2,600 clicks to 1,600 then 1,200 and finally 1,100 you are asking yourself if you are doing wrong. Well, I have long ago learned that the daily clicks are like rain, sometimes there comes a lot and you don´t know why and at other times there is just almost none. So you have to enjoy the high times as long as they last and don´t mind the low times.

Now megabusty 38C cosplay icon Jessica Nigri who celebrates her 27th birthday surely doesn´t have to worry about such trivial things because she surly has a ridiculous high amount of daily clicks for what she does.

Because Suicide Squad and Harley Quinn is all anybody is talking about right now - and because I didn´t want to post any of the compilations about Jessica Nigri´s boobs - here is a video of her Harley Quinn cosplay. I still find it weird that there are people out there who see themselves as big Harley Quinn fans but they have never read a comic with her in it. On the other side Harley first appeared in the animated Batman series by Bruce Tim first so the comics are not really the source material here. I was thinking about doing a post on Jessica but I´m still so far behind with posts that it ain´t even funny anymore and I would have to finish my big Yaya Han post first anyway before thinking about starting a new one. 

Next up we have sexbomb Tawny Kitaen who turns 55 and who is probably better known to people of my generation for things like the screwball comedy Bachelor Party, one of Tom Hanks earliest big movie roles.

Back then they put the emphasis on screw which means there were a lot of hot massssssitas in the movie like this unknown blonde bombshell.

Now Toni Alessandrini is better known as she was in quite a few bikini competitions around the time the Bikini Open were so popular and in some erotic tv series. Besides having 16 movie credits the stripper who says of herself : " My whole body is an erogenous zone. " won Miss World Burlesque 1980, Miss Exotic World 1991 and danced in a Playboy revue.

And yes, that really is a very young Michael Dudikoff in that scene.

Coming back to the screw part, Monique Gabrielle who later played Emanuelle, the french soft sex kitten with the high scream of pleasure factor who rides guys so hard they forget on which side the doorknob is, showed her perfect melons ensuring that the movie would be in reruns forever. I managed to find a GIF that is safe to post so if you want to see her completely naked you have to get the movie. Which is totally worth it.

Speaking about sex kittens, or should I say sex kitaens ? Tawny also secured herself a place in the Olymp of rock video chicks when she did her incredible splits on a car hood in the video to Here I Go Again a song by Whitesnake whose lead singer David Coverdale was her husband. 

Tawny became the forerunner with her incredible leg splits for generations of music video girls like the one in Billy Idol´s banned Cradle Of Love

And we´re staying on the small screen as buxom former 38E knockout Loni Anderson celebrates her 71st birthday. That´s right, I´m saying former 38E because sadly she has reduced her breathtaking busticide to a 38C. The blonde bombshell was very popular with the boys at her school because she already had an incredible 37D bust at the tender age of 14. She worked her way through school by winning beauty pageants and when she was 18 she had to become a teacher to support herself and her baby.

Best known for being married to Burt Reynolds and playing the highly - paid, sexy, intelligent, and incredibly efficient receptionist Jennifer Marlowe on WKRP in Cincinnati which turned her into a sex symbol overnight Loni was hired for the part after a decade of unemployment because the producers saw a photo of her in a stunning red swimsuit.

The show suffered through the Nielsen ratings during its four year run but had a strong and loyal following among teenagers and young adults thanks to it´s main attraction. Later on Loni played Jane Mansfield, the role she was practically born for alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger and appeared in the episode Of Guilt, Models And Murders on The Incredible Hulk tv show.

She also was on Love Boat wearing the red swimsuit for the audience.

The guys in Tinseltown thought that putting her and Lynda Carter in one show was a no brainer but even back then beauty and acting talent could not substitute good writing and so Partners In Crime was short lived.

Speaking of starring in a tv series opposite wonderful Lynda Carter, John Saxon who celebrates his 81st birthday is best known as the guy with the inexhaustable reserve of suitcases in Enter The Dragon and the father in A Nightmare On Elm Street but like Loni Anderson he also was in a comic book tv series, but in his case from DC. I´m speaking of course about the Wonder Woman tv series where he played a Nazi. But it was not in any episode, no, it was in The Feminum Mystique, a two part epic not only featuring John Saxon as a Nazi general but also The Adams Family´s own Morticia Adams Carolyn Jones as Wonder Woman´s mom and an incredibly buxom Debra Winger as Wonder Woman´s sister Drusilla / Wonder Girl.

Who was the result of an editorial snafu. There was a story in which Wonder Woman had an adventure together with two younger versions of herself, as a toddler and as a girl and one guy saw only the cover and thought Wonder Girl was Wonder Woman´s sister. And so decades of confusing origin stories and contradicting retcons began. Anyway, for more about the Wonder Woman tv series and Lynda Carter you can read my recently reposted Wonder Woman post and to know more about The Feminum Mystique check out the post on DOG STAR OMNIBUS . Or go to RETROSPACE where they have dedicated two entire posts to this saga.

A quick shoutout - but no video - goes out to our last birthday candidates, Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the surface of the moon and John Huston, director of movies like The Treasure Of The Sierra Madre.

Since The Flash, Arrow, Legends Of Tomorrow AND Supergirl are all on hiatus right now the only thing left to do - when I´m not catching up on The Blacklist - is remembering the best moments of the seasons past.

Speaking about catching up since I just had a birthday last week and none of us is getting any younger I decided to beef up my Studio Ghibli DVD collection and got Nausicaa from the Valley of the Winds, The Cat Returns ( I like the german translation Kingdom Of The Cats better ), The Castle Of Cagliostro, Porco Rosso and the complete Anne Of Green Gables anime series. Okay, The Castle Of Cagliostro is technically not a Studio Ghibli movie since they only were able to start the studio with the money they made with the movie but it´s the same production company. And I have to say Porco Rosso was much better than I expected. And so much fun.

And since the symphonic music is such an integral part of the Studio Ghibli movies I want to combine anime and music in my last video that someone posted on facebook. It´s in celebration of Studio Ghibli´s 25th anniversary and for more GIFs just check out the Studio Ghibli tumblr .

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