Thursday, July 28, 2016

Tom Palmer Thorsday : Ragnarock part 1

When I did my Tom Palmer tribute post last month I got a few comments that reader expected a longer post but I already knew that I could not go into detail about all of the comic books that he worked on - not without making it superlong - and so would have to continue in other posts.

And since it has been too long since I posted something about my favorite Avenger I decided to start with the Ragnarock saga Tom Palmer did with John Buscema in THOR 272 to 277 with a bit of 278 thrown in the mix because while it is not inked by Tom Palmer it is the story´s final chapter.

The main reason why I decided to go with this Thor story instead of any other material or series by Tom Palmer is that it is a neat little package and I kept finding more and more pages which have just been lying on my laptop. So I decided to share it with my readers. Now I don´t have all of the pages - and I´m not reposting any pages I have already posted in the Tom Palmer tribute post - but I have included all original art I did find.

Now even without having all pages of the complete issues this would have been one very long post and as I´m trying to do shorter posts I have split it into two posts. So I´m afraid I´ll have to leave you with a cliffhanger.

Okay, if you know your norse mythology I guess this one was not that big of a cliffhanger but we will continue with the story - hopefully next week. In the meantime if you know where I can find any of the missing pages please contact me. As we don´t have any birthdays to attend to we can go right into my video selection starting with an Avengers related one.

Speaking about The Avengers there is of course the tv series which got me first totally excited when I learned there was a tv series called the Avengers and then totally depressed because they were not the right Avengers. Where was Thor, where was Iron Man, where was Captain America ? Of course I was a bit more forgiving once I got a taste of Diana Rigg and in fact this video is a leftover from her birthday a few days ago.

Another video for my german readers and to prevent the post from being too super hero heavy. There are all kinds of comics out there, you know ?

It has been quite a while since I posted my last video from a casting show and here is another stellar performance by the talented Emily Keener.

And for closing things out the best thing ever : nutella. Yep, I can´t believe that there are people out there who have no idea about nutella. How can you live without it ? Nutella is just the best thing created.

Now one thing I often do lately instead of eating something is watching videos on youTube about other people eating stuff. I guess at a certain age food really IS more like porn than actual porn. What I found a bit strange is how they eat Nutella here since I have never eaten it without at least a slice of bread. But that´s why I like watching these videos.

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