Thursday, August 04, 2016

Totally testosterone free Thorsday post

So here I was, all set up to post more Tom Palmer goodness from his issues with John Buscema for another THORSDAY post when I stumbled upon the pages of WHAT IF ? issue 10 featuring Jane Foster who came to fill out a role Today´s reader might be more familiar with. Say what ?

Contrary to what some writers or editors at Disney might tell you, the idea of Jane Foster as a female version of Thor is not exactly new.

I do not want to list all the other female versions and variants of Thor here - because I have already done so in previous posts - but even if you ignore the fact that there already was a story where Jane Foster was ill and could only be saved through sharing Sif´s life energy ( not by Mjolnir since he has no healing powers nonesoever and don´t let any overworked drunk writer with no clue how things work in the Marvel universe tell you otherwise ) in this story they already had done the whole Jane - Foster - becomes - a - female - version - of - Thor schtick. And this story is over 35 years old for crying out loud ! Hey, Disney, recycle much ? Anyway, you might have noticed that I wrote " a female version of Thor " and not " a female Thor " because she does not become Thor. She becomes Thordis. Yup, even the creators back then were not crazy enough to believe Jane Foster could become Thor. Because Thor is a guy. Which is not sexism but stating a fact. If you don´t believe me look it up in the original version of the Edda. Says right there : Thor, god of war and thunder, a dude with a really bad temper. And don´t think they were not gender specific back in those days. Because when you look up Sif it says that she is a woman. And when you look up Loki it says aaah, well, kind of .... both, I guess ?

You may also notice they didn´t have to come up with a way to change the inscription on Mjolnir to make it possible that a woman could possess the power of Thor. Because at that time Donald Blake only possessed the power of Thor, he did not become Thor. That would be changed later.

Anyway, I have to thank the guys at THOR GODDESS OF THUNDER for providing the pages from WHAT IF ? isssue 10 and you can find a short recap of the issue ( yep, AND they did the whole story in one issue to boot ) in DEN OF GEEKS 20 Uplifting Marvel What If ? Stories post.

Today is a really short post as I didn´t have all the pages from WHAT IF ? issue 10, so if you know where I can find a few more drop me a line. The list of celebrity birthdays is also short beginning with Daniel Dae Kim who turns 48. He´s best known for his appearances on Lost and Hawaii Five - 0 where he plays Chin Ho Kelly. The only bookmarked video that relates to the show was Grace Park at Craig Ferguson´s Late Late Show which I didn´t want to post so I went looking for videos with Daniel or Chin Ho Kelly. There were no good ones with Daniel and all the Chin videos were too mushy. I was looking for one where he´s kicking ass and shooting stuff and punching people in the face. You can already guess how many of those I found by the fact that I posted the recap of season 1 instead.

We also have the 55th birthday of soon to be Ex - President Barack Obama which should make a few people here in Germany very happy. Because then they can get back to somebody they can hate without remorse. I mean, as far as Presidents go Obama was too nice, too good looking, too charismatic, he was literate, could articulate himself, had no substance abuse problems, no sex scandals, he was funny .... it was almost as nobody had explained to him what a president is supposed to be.

Now I was listening to some of his latest speeches and if I had known what this twitter feud between him and Queen Elizabeth ( another celebrity birthday Today but as I could not find any good videos with her - and I thought she had done an appearance in the Doctor Who - the banner at the end of the post will have to do ) I might have posted that. In the end I decided to be selfish and go for a video of Thalia from the Fiesta Latina at the White House show since we probably will not see the likes of this once Donald Trump is President of the United States of America.

And with that we are in the dearly departed section. Louis Armstrong was born just one year after the aforementioned Queen Elizabeth but while she managed to get to the ripe age of 101 he died 69 years old. I thought about posting a video with songs from High Society, one of my favorite Bing Crosby movies but I think this one is a better homage to Satchmo.

If this wasn´t a Thorsday I would probably do a post about french comic author René Goscinny who has written every major franco - belgian comic from Asterix to Lucky Luke, Isnogud, Little Nick and Oumpah - Pah.

Last but not least we have a video with the manliest Thor, bodybuilding, steel bending, brick smashing 70s and 80s rock star Jon Mickl Thor.

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