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It´s Veterans´ Day Friday with Demi Moore

Today is Demi Moore's 54th birthday so it´s about time to re - post last year´s cult siren entry. It will come as no surprise that STRIPTEASE is one of my favorite Demi Moore movies and on my Top Ten Movie Stripteases.

Now one of the reasons for doing these cult siren posts - aside from the fun making it and the increase in readership it brings - is that I can easily link to them, re - post them or add new stuff when available. Since I have found a lot of new high quality GIFs from STRIPTEASE I decided to do a new version and since most of the GIFs are very big I had to cut a lot of GIFs from the original version - which you should definitely check out. 

Not many actresses can carry a movie like STRIPTEASE which calls for a performer willing to take her clothes off and Demi Moore is not shy about letting the audience appreciate her remarkable physical condition. No accident of fate has made Moore the highest paid actress in Hollywood, she has the kind of intensity and force of will that brought Joan Crawford to a similar prominence. Her great earnestness and determination can also be seen here : her role as exotic dancer Erin Grant has the ravishing actress buffed and toned enough for the cover of MUSCLE & FITNESS

For those who haven´t seen STRIPTEASE yet ( I´m assuming there are those ) front and center in all of this is Demi Moore who plays Erin Grant.

She´s an F.B.I. secretary with the mind of a saint and a body made for sin who loses her job and the custody of her daughter thanks to her drug addicted booze swilling ex husband, Darrell ( Robert Patrick ). To raise the money for legal fees she take a job as a stripper because she has a boner inducing body and needs to make money fast. That´s the realistic part of the movie because in a lot of other movies you have women with bodies that make photomodels envious struggling with low paid jobs to raise money for whatever when they could make much more money using their mindblowing physique on the stripper pole. Not so Demi Moore who knows her best attributes and starts her new career off with a bang, tearing up the stage and looking amazing doing it. As she struts her stuff on stage and shakes her huge 36C money makers for the leering male clientele like there´s no Tomorrow she quickly becomes the top draw at the club thanks to her well choreographed performances and her unrelenting hardbody.

It all hits the fan one night when some dude and his pals show up for a bachelor party and get into a scuffle with Erin's number one fan who is Congressman Bob Dilbeck ( Burt Reynolds ). Bouncer Shad ( Ving Rhames ) is there to keep Erin safe but the pictures of Dilbeck from that night are used to blackmail him. The lawyer for the guy who got roughed up at the bachelor party wants to blackmail Dilbeck for big bucks, but another guy who hangs out at the club, Jerry ( William Hill ), he wants to blackmail Dilbeck to force him to help Erin get her kid back. Complicating matters further are some dangerous and corrupt businessmen who need to make sure he gets reelected because they've invested a lot of money in him and they're willing to take out anyone who might serve as a bump on his road back to congress, including Erin. The only one who can help our stripper mom is a cop named Lieutenant Garcia ( Armand Assante ), who actually seems sincerely interested in trying to help her get things back on track.

I don´t want to get into more detail for the benefit of those who have not seen it but besides Demi Moore there are a lot of other actresses playing her stripping co - workers like Pandora Peaks, Russ Meyer´s final muse and Rena Riffel who seems to be in every second erotic movie from that time like BOUND CARGO, DARK CONFESSIONS or such erotic masterpieces like UNDERCOVER HEAT starring Athena Massey, SHOWGIRLS starring Elizabeth Berkley and SHOWGIRLS 2 - PENNIES FROM HEAVEN ( I didn´t even know there WAS a Showgirls 2 ! ). She also appeared in mainstream movies like David Lynch´s MULHOLLAND DRIVE but in my opinion you can spend yor time better by watching one of Rena Riffel´s erotic movies. 

An actress who also plays a stripper in this movie and who clearly doesn´t get enough screentime is PaSean Wilson as Sabrina Hepburn ( at least I think it´s her ) who has an incredible ass made for that role. I once saw a Making of Striptease where she shows what she´s really capable of but for whatever reason the Making Of is not included on the DVD or Blue Ray.

Here´s a shot of the rest of the female cast of STRIPTEASE and as far as I know these are from left to right Dina Spybey, PaSean Wilson, Pandora Peaks, Kimberly Flynn, Rena Riffel and Barbara Alyn Woods. All of them have some good scenes in the movie but it´s mostly Demi Moore and her hot performances that put STRIPTEASE on my Top Ten Movie Striptease list and rightly so. I mean she´s the real reason why people ( and when I say people I mean guys ) watch the movie and while there are critics who say the movie flopped at the theater this is one of the movies that made its money from videocassettes, DVDs and now Blue Rays. It even came up as the number one guilty pleasure of filmfans at a recent poll on Lovefilm.

Speaking about my Top Ten Movie Striptease list Demi Moore and Halle Berry are always fighting for the top spot. Halle Berry has one of the best bubblebutt´s in showbiz but she did just one - rather short - striptease in LAST BOY SCOUT while Demi Moore had five hot scenes in STRIPTEASE.

Now if Halle does a movie where she strips as often as Demi she will go right back to the number 1 position because her body just doesn´t quit ! I think she has played a stripper in some movies since I wrote this but so far I haven´t had the time to watch them. So while technically speaking Halle hasn´t as much stripper points as Demi she DID have a topless scene in PASSWORD : SWORDFISH and there is her steamy sex scene in MONSTER´S BALL which was so realistic that people say Billy Bob " Luckiest Guy On The Planet " Thornton really screwed Halle Berry´s brains out on camera.

Now usually doing the movie cult sirens posts means I have to do a lot of animated GIFs. And I did a few of those because I don´t always find the right ones for the post on the internet. But before starting with my own GIFs I went on the internet because there MUST be a lot of Demi Moore GIFs out there, right ? Well, not as many as I would have liked but a few were in better quality then what I can make so you can enjoy those.

Another reason for making my own animated GIFs - and I already did one of Demi Moore for my Top Ten Movie Striptease list which I included in various posts - is that I can make sure all the GIFs are safe for work.

Because a lot of the Demi Moore STRIPTEASE GIFs I found are not going to be posted here. I know, at this point probably everybody has seen the movie so this should be all right but it is better to be safe than sorry.

And speaking of STRIPTEASE : in my opinion this movie shows how clever Demi has been in choosing her movie projects because she did it not at the beginning of her career when it wouldn't help much - nor at the end to prove that she still looks good ..... what is often the case with female stars who haven't taken their clothes off before so that in most cases this is rather useless ...... since the viewer has no reference to compare. No, Demi did the movie when she was in absolute top form which is the reason that she will always be remembered like that and the reason she got a cool 12,5 mill to show her new and improved 36C - 27 - 36 body.

The only thing I can't wrap my head around is that on german tv the movie is always put under the section crime comedy. Okay, there are funny aspects in the movie but they also have that in LETHAL WEAPON. But I guess when someone as hot as sexbomb Demi Moore takes her clothes off nobody pays much attention to the rest of the movie. And germans are strange to begin with so ...... who cares ?

Another thing Demi will always be remembered for is dumping Bruce Willis for Ashton Kutcher but - she's the ultimate MILF so what did you expect ? I'm all for older women going for younger men, older men going for young hot women ( especially asian cosplayers with big boobs ), younger women going for older men, younger men going for older women, younger women going for older women, younger men going for older men. We have to forget aboutthe whole age thing in relationships. The important thing is finding a person you are happy with. So, you go Demi. More power to her.

The only regret I have concerning Demi Moore´s movies is that the Evil Witch of the West ( or like other people call her : Drew Barrymoore ) has her claws so deep entrenched in the CHARLIE'S ANGEL franchise that we don't get to see a movie produced by Demi. We all know it would have been better than anything the witch is going to do. I mean the first movie sucked totally and the only good scenes in the second one were the ones with Demi. When I first saw the first movie I was shocked and couldn't believe that there was a mind twisted and sick enough to believe that the evil witch was angel material. Well, as it turned out she was the producer of the flick so she casted herself. Good going. Sorry, gotta barf......

Now back to more pleasant things. Even though STRIPTEASE is my favorite Demi Moore movie she also has great scenes in other movies though they can be rather short like in G. I. JANE. The training montage scene where she is doing push ups is really short but it has it´s moments.

Damn, she does have the longest legs and what an ass on that woman !  

Of course this was one of the scenes where I could not find a proper GIF so I had to make them myself which took quite a while. On the plus side I could cut off the unnecessary part of the frame and concentrate on Demi. 

Which is what the director should have done here. I mean, this is why guys buy DVDs and high resolution plasma tvs. But where is the zoom ?

Yes, I know that she had a nude shower scene in G. I. JANE but since she only showed her back - all of it, though - and I´m more of a boobs man ( and I actually don´t have a clip from the shower scene to make GIFs ) ...

Another movie I want to mention is 1993´s INDECENT PROPOSAL where Mr. Harrison got to rub his raging Woody all over Demi Moore´s real life blowup lovedoll body much to the chagrin of then husband Bruce Willis.

The movie has an important message though you might think that people already know that you can´t put a price tag on being able to give it to a hot massita like Demi Moore. Actually there are three life lessons here :

For the guys : don´t even think about whoring your girlfriend out because it will eff up things forever. Unless you´re a pimp. Then that´s okay. But if you are not a pimp don´t whore out you girlfriend for money because hot sex with a sexbomb like Demi Moore will get you through financial troubles better than all the money in the world will not get you through not being able to give it to her because you have screwed things up.

For the girls : don´t let your boyfriend whore you out for money. Unless he´s a pimp. Then it´s okay. But if he´s not a pimp he will always think about this and no amount of money will make you two forget this. In the end even if you do it for him he will not appreciate it. Some things you cannot share with another guy and comics and women are among those.

And for the old horny geezer with a truckload of money who makes the indecent proposal : Go for it ! Nope, I got nothing on this one. I mean, you´re old, you have more money than you will ever spend so what is the worst case scenario here ? You croak while an absolute sex goddess like Demi Moore rides you like an electric bull ? There are worse ways to go.

Back to INDECENT PROPOSAL one of Demi´s best scenes is in the shopping mall where she is trying on a very expensive black dress and her shirt is hanging so low she is almost topless. And what a great pair of melons !

And that is the end of our post. I have managed to put all the good and important animated GIFs on the post and if I have anything else to add I´m sure I will do that over the next few months. Until then Happy B - Day, Demi Moore, many happy returns and thanks for the mammaries !

Since I´m writing this in advance I hope I can also re - post cult siren Jamie Lee Curtis who celebrates her birthday on the 22nd this month since I found a lot of HQ True Lies GIFs and I haven´t done a GIF version.

Since this year we have an abbreviated version of the Demi Moore post I want to mention a few important celebrity birthdays. Now since Leonardo DiCaprio´s father is half german and half italian many germans consider him " one of us " but I don´t know. Anyway, he turns 42 and since I couldn´t find any interesting talk show appearances here is the trailer for Before The Flood. And yes, his father was an underground comic artist as well as a distributor and producer of comic books. You can google that or check out Jim Stryker´s great article on COMICS CLASS about Cocaine Comics.

The weird thing about climate change is that there are still people who refuse to believe that this is what happens before the ecological disasters that are in all those distopian science fiction stories, comics and movies.

The last few months I have been watching a lot of Studio Ghibli movies and one of the common elements is that they all talk about the dangers of mankind exploiting nature. For decades - no, centuries - everybody from scientists to philosophers, movie makers, authors and artists knows this will come if we don´t change our ways. There is no way to NOT know this.

On to more pleasant things, the name Edmonta Benton may not sound familiar but you know canadian sexbomb Anne - Marie Martin from playing Sgt. Dori Doreau, the hardbody of law with legs up to her chin on Sledge Hammer. The blonde with the incredible curves who was a horse riding world championship contender for America celebrates her 59th birthday.

Anne - Marie also appeared in episodes of the Wonder Woman tv series, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century and T. J. Hooker and in Prom Night and Halloween II - the last two with JaMILF Lee Curtis whom I mentioned in this post. And if you think Runaway was the worst movie she did think again because she also was in the Doctor Strange tv movie. She really deserves a post of her own but so far I don´t have enough material for that. Thankfully there are more episodes of Sledge Hammer on YouTube than when I first mentioned Anne - Marie Martin so here is Model Dearest the episode where sexbomb Dori goes undercover as a swimsuit model.

Today´s In Memoriam section starts with Dave Cockrum, who came up with everything I loved about The Legion Of Super - Heroes as a kid. Of course because of the success of the movies he is now most associated with his groundbreaking work on Marvel´s foremost team of mutants.

I was saving this for the second Marvel Visionaries : Chris Claremont post - since Kitty´s Fairy Tale is one of the stories included in the book - but I do not know when that will be and there is no time like the present.

We are staying with comics, giving a shoutout to Bernd Pfarr, underground comic bedrock through his contributions to Zebra, Zomix, U - Comix, Pardon and Hinz & Kunz as well as longtime cartoonist of the satire magazine Titanic where he reached a broad audience with Sondermann.

I couldn´t find any videos about Bernd Pfarr himself but there are a few about the Sondermann Award which was created in honor of him. With a total sum of 7,000 Euros it is Germany´s highest rewareded comic award.

We end this post with the much requested Daje Monroe who could easily star as the main character in Striptease - the tv series ! with her moves.

If you are one of those who couldn´t wait for me to post more videos of her and checked out her channel you already know that she left YouTube. So for the moment all we have are the few twerk videos she DID make.

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