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It´s splash page Saturday with Jim Steranko

After Yesterday´s extralong Markie Post appreciation post I wanted to take things slowly but as Today is Jim Steranko´s 78th birthday I just have to pay homage to one of the comic greats who has influenced entire generations of creative people inside of comic books and outside of it.

Starting out as a Jack Kirby clone Jim Steranko quickly found his own voice and impressed readers and comic creators alike with his elaborate page layouts, first on CAPTAIN AMERICA but even more so chronicling the adventures of Marvel´s foremost super spy in STRANGE TALES. When you hear people talk about trippy 60s comic pop art this is what they mean.

Now I won´t even try to sum up Steranko´s illustrious career in one post and you can find other posts where you can get more art and interviews with the master in the link section. There is a lot of Jim Steranko´s work available in the MARVEL ESSENTIALS, MARVEL MASTERWORKS or various omnibus books like the S.H.I.E.L.D. omnibus so if you want to stock up your Steranko comic library it should be no problem. I myself got the pocketbook THE COMING OF THE FALCON from Panini UK not too long ago which is like a Best of the Best of Captain America artists. The book starts with Jim Steranko followed by Jack Kirby and John Romita and closes with John Buscema and Gene Colan. If you want to get the issues in hardcover I have to tell you that they have been split up in the Captain America omnibus books as well as in the MARVEL MASTERWORKS but if you just want to read the story it was just recently released as an Epic Collection.

This is my 777th post and I don´t know if that number has a special meaning but as promised here are the links for more Jim Steranko goodness starting with 13TH DIMENSION has a post on Captain America issues 110, 111 and 113 as well as one with more Jim Steranko covers .

Of course Jim Steranko couldn´t be absent from the Best Captain America Covers on A COMIC BOOK EDUCATION , you can find more examples of Jim Steranko´s mindblowing art in John R. Parker´s article The Impossible Man : Celebrating The Extraordinaire Life And Career Of Jim Steranko over at COMICS ALLIANCE , THE GREAT COMIC BOOK HEROES also has a post on Jim Steranko´s Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. series and FORBIDDEN PLANET has a review of the SHIELD by Steranko - The Complete Collection trade.

THE DRAWINGS OF STERANKO has a lot of Jim Steranko art including the complete The Exile At The Edge Of Eternity story from Superman 400,

Jeff Spry offers an in - depth interview with Jim Steranko on COLLIDER and there´s an interview with Jim Steranko on 20TH CENTURY DANNY BOY.

And more Captain America stuff : Brain Cronin on COMIC BOOK RESOURCES ponders the often confusing question Is Captain America Super Strong Or What ? since it changed from writer to writer, Andrew Kardon at THE ROBOT`S VOICE presents The 10 Crappiest Moments In Captain America´s History and since I mentioned the Epic Collection Captain America - The Coming Of The Falcon in this post you might want to check out the review of Captain America - Streets Of Poison on POLITE DISSENT . SENTINEL OF LIBERTY writes about Captain America in Germany and SCANS DAILY has a post on Thor 390 in which Steve Rogers a.k.a. The Captain ( sometimes called the superhero formerly known as Captain America ) lifts Mjolnir and there´s also a review of the issue by Matthew Peterson on MAJOR SPOILERS .This actually brings us to the question what if Steve Rogers is still worthy of lifting Thor´s hammer ? Would he not be a better choice to take over for his old Avengers buddy since he is a genuine super hero ?

Last but not least there is an episode with Jim Steranko on COMIC ZONE RADIO ( from the blog roll ) that you should have listened to long ago.

Today´s birthdays start with Corin Nemec who turns 45 and is best known for playing the lead character in Parker Lewis Can´t Lose - which had the wonderful title Parker Lewis - The Cool Guy From School in Germany - and Harold Lauder in the small screen adaption of Stephen King´s The Stand which also starred undeservedly underrated sexbomb Laura San Giacomo.

She could have been a big star with her superior physical attributes as her mammoth 39E melons put other actresses busts to shame and even got porn stars envious since Laura´s magnificent mammaries are all natural if she hadn´t dressed like a nun. She still couldn´t hide her double airbags.

Coming back to Corin Nemec, when I got the first season of Parker Lewis Can´t Lose as a Christmas present I wasn´t sure if it still holds up. You probably have had this experience yourself that you loved a series when you were young and when you watch it again later it´s so bad that you can´t understand how you ever managed to watch this Dreck. So this being an 80s series I was afraid that most of its appeal where the 80s Zeitgeist and a big dose of nostalgia but after watching a few episodes all my fears were laid to rest. While you can definitely get the 80s feel it´s still a fun show with an amazing cast that effortlessly takes you back to those bittersweet days when school is the most important thing in life.

Robert Patrick celebrates his 58th birthday who is best known as the T - 1000 model from Terminator 2 : Judgement Day and Demi Moore´s good for nothing ex - husband in Striptease. As it is Demi celebrates her 54th anniversary next Friday so I hope I can do a pimped version of her cult siren post since I have found some new high quality animated GIFs from Striptease that I can´t wait to put on the blog. Some of them have nudity and right now I´m thinking that I should be able to post them nonetheless since most males on the planet have already seen Demi Moore´s boobies.

Demi Moore is not the only sexbomb Robert Patrick worked with as he starred in Double Dragon where Alyssa Milano´s body was booming and she put her firm teenage butt cheeks on display in a pair of cut off jeans.

I finally managed to pay tribute to her last year but I had to split it into two posts ( the main post and the bonus round with her best episodes on Charmed ) because I might have gone a bit overboard with the GIFs. But Robert Patrick´s best babe movie must have been The Cool Surface in which a young Teri Hatcher takes her clothes off. Aside from that Robert played John Dogget on X - Files and Agent Gallo on Scorpion ( much to the amusement of my Mom because in spanish gallo means rooster ) as well as making appearances on Tales From The Crypt, Burn Notice, The Unit, NCIS, Superman - The Animated Series, Batman Beyond, The Batman, Ultimate Spider - Man and Avatar : The Last Airbender. Originally I wanted to post Nostalgia Critic´s review of the Shyamalaramadingdong crapfest but since that video was deleted from YouTube here´s a fan made video that delivers with all the fight scenes that were missing in the movie.

Staying with my favorite tv shows Armin Shimerman turns 67 who is best known for his role as bar owner Quark on Star Trek : Deep Space Nine.

He also appeared on an episode of Remington Steele, had a whole bevy of young sexbombs like Sarah Michelle Gellar, Eliza Dushku and Charisma Carpenter as co stars on Buffy where he played Principal Snyder, was a criminal in Tricks Of The Trade with Yesterday´s birthday babe Markie Post and was on Sledge Hammer with the mega hot MILF Anne - Marie Martin.

Speaking of blonde sexbombs, german cult siren Elke Sommer celebrates her 76th birthday and you can find a an interview on CLASSIC FILM AND TV CAFÈ and a review of Deadlier Than The Male on DOUBLE O SECTION  .

Since she had starred in the Karl May western Unter Geiern ( see the plunging cleavage outfit below ) I originally wanted to include another Winnetou movie but those videos have also been deleted from YouTube. 

Thankfully I also bookmarked the Bob Hope movie Boy, Did I Get A Wrong Number in which Elke plays struggling actress Didi who has become famous for showcasing her stunning centerfold body in bubble bath commercials rather than for her acting. This is a role Elke could fill out.

Our first Dearly Departed celebrity birthday is Roy Rogers who has starred in countless movies as well as on the Wonder Woman tv series. He was in two episodes of The Fall Guy and I had to pick the one with Markie Post.

A shoutout also goes to Vivien Leigh who is best known for the epic Civil War cult drama Gone With The Wind and A Streetcar Called Desire.

There are a lot of Jim Steranko videos on YouTube but I chose this one because it´s the only way for most of my readers to see it. I mean, let´s be realistic for a moment, those Artist´s Editions are sold for incredible prices which are multiplied a few times when they get shipped overseas.

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