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Bart Sears / Mark Texiera double feature

Since both Bart Sears and Mark Texiera celebrate a birthday Today and I have already done posts on both of them ( two on Bart Sears last year ) and I can´t do two posts on one day this year they get to share a post.

One of last year´s Bart Sears posts was a small retrospective of his work so this year I´m going to post more stuff from his legendary run on JUSTICE LEAGUE EUROPE which now - finally - has been released in trade form.

Longtime readers probably expected more Power Girl pictures as for me Bart Sears is the quintessential Power Girl artist but I already wrote a lot about her last year and I don´t want to simply re - post stuff in this post.

So far DC has made various attempts at a Power Girl comic and so far they have failed to varying degrees because they can´t seem to grasp the obvious : put Keith Giffen and J. M. DeMatteis on the book as writers and get Bart Sears to draw it.Make Guy Gardner or the Flash, Wally West, the co - star and the book practically writes itself. I tell you, one of the main problems with comic companies is that they try to re - invent the wheel.

Coming back to Wally West, Yesterday I was all set to do another FLASH FRIDAY WITH PAUL RYAN post ( I had already put all the pages of the next issue into a folder ) when I stumbled over a few preview pages of DC´s REBIRTH one shot. Now if you have already said goodbye to everything DC does - of if you are wrapping up the few series from them you still are reading like myself - you might want to skip this part because it contains a really big spoiler. BE WARNED ! You CONTINUE READING at your own risk.

Still with me ?

Okay, apparently none other than Wally West - the REAL Wally West and not those effed up versions DC has been doing the last years - makes his triumphant return to whatever this new not - rebooted version of the DC universe is called. From what I could see online he first tries to contact Batman ( I´m not sure if this is an homage or a blatant rip - off of CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS ) before he finds Barry Allen . As always you have to take the good with the bad where DC is concerned as there are now TWO Wally Wests loose in the DC universe, the original and the one from the new tv series, as they obviously need to pander to the non comic reading crowd but I´ll take my chances and it seems I´m not the only one who gives offerings to the gods for the return of the One, the Only, the True Scarlet Speedster. So one of the reasons why I didn´t write a FLASH FRIDAY post - the other reason involves hasian cosplay goddess Yaya Han but we will get back to that later - was that I placed a comic order to get REBIRTH ( as well as the missing issues of THE SHADE miniseries, one of the downsides of finally emptying my comic subscription box at the Sammlerecke in Esslingen ) and we´ll see if there are more books with Wally West to check out. Anyway, it´s good to finally have MY Flash back ! 

Now you´re probably wondering how I´m going to make the segueway from Bart Sears´ JUSTICE LEAGUE EUROPE to Mark Texiera and GHOST RIDER but have no fear, one more time it´s Power Girl to the rescue !

A big part of my Mark Texiera birthday post in 2014 ( wow, has it really been that long ? ) was about issue 430 of THE MIGHTY THOR by Tom DeFalco, Ron Frenz and Al Milgrom. The thing is that I mainly bought it because Ghost Rider was a guest star and it brought me back to reading Thor. So I post more pictures from select Mark Texiera series this year.

I also have a trade paperback recommendation as I have read PUNISHER : NIGHTMARE since I last wrote about Mark Texiera. A good story with great artwork by Mark - that you can get for around eleven bucks - although I would not recommend it for diehard fans of the Ennisher as the Frank Castle in this story is definitely more rooted in the real work with a lot of introspective thoughts harkening back to his PUNISHER WAR JOURNAL stories. There is also a PUNISHER IN SPACE trade but so far I have shied away from it since I haven´t found a single review that was even half positive. I also have A HERO`S DEATH from IDW in my amazon cart so maybe I can give you a review of that on next year´s Mark Texiera post.

Before we come to the rather long link section of this post you probably want to know how Yaya Han came to be one of the reasons I didn´t do the FLASH FRIDAY post Yesterday and - besides the obvious one - the thing is that I wanted to add another animated Yaya Han GIF from her Scarlet Witch cosplay as I have had various requests clamoring for her exotic charms. Naturally the first thing I did was look for it online but as usual in the end I had to do one myself. Which I find a bit strange. Supposedly Yaya Han is all about the boobs and less about the cosplay - at least if you read what people write online and in the comment section of her videos on YouTube - but when you look at her and Jessica Nigri´s presence on the internet ( as Jessica Nigri is Yaya Han´s biggest rival as cosplay sexbomb ) you will notice that there are less GIFs of Yaya Han than there are of Jessica Nigri. And going even further there a at least a dozen videos of Jessica Nigri´s breast cosplay moments while I still haven´t found a single one of this kind about Yaya Han. I´m not entirely sure what that means.

What it meant Yesterday was that I spent too much time making all the individual screenshots to do a post afterwards. I have made a very short GIF of what I have done so far but I´m afraid that besides cutting all the screenshots I also have to make them smaller to get longer GIFs. That will take a while so don´t expect any of these GIFs to pop up soon and maybe somebody out there with a better programm than imgflip can make a few of these and save me some time. It would really be greatly appreciated !   

So I mentioned DC´s REBIRTH initiative - since they don´t want us to call it yet another reboot - that comes in after CONVERGENCE, which was not meant to right any mistakes from the NEW 52, of course, which in turn was ALWAYS meant to culminate in REBIRTH and NEVER designed to be the new status quo. Now despite how much of this you want to believe the fact remains that the NEW 52 is over and done with so it´s time to look to the future which means for me getting rid of most of the remaining links concerning the NEW 52 - apart from some I´m keeping in the hopes of doing a post about the Legion of Super - Heroes. If you have no interest in these just go directly to the next part and for all others pack a lunch.

I have done a lot of comic news postings about the NEW 52 but I stopped when things got too depressing and naturally a few things got swept under the rug. Most of the links are from COMIC BOOK RESOURCES, a site I don´t frequent as often as I did because I don´t post that often, I don´t post that many comic news and I don´t read as many comic news. Also the site gets more difficult to navigate and bookmarked articles disappear. I still think it´s an important site so it stays on the links for the time being.

Starting with the CBR links Josie Campbell conducted The DC Comics New Reader Litmus Test in which new readers tested the NEW 52 titles in March 2011 ( I may have posted the other installments of this series ), Greg Burgas reviewed the first issues of every NEW 52 title and grumpy old fan Tom Bondurant reviewed week four ( there also may be more posts from this ). On BLEEDING COOL we had Heather Kenealy taking a look at DC Through The Eyes Of A Marvel Zombie with posts for week one , week two , week three , Justice League 1 and the big finale and Adisakdi Tantimed wrote a post about the oversexed T & A approach the NEW 52 took on female characters. Then we went back to COMIC BOOK RESOURCES where Mark Buxton offered his list of 11 titles Which Deserve A New 52 Revival in December 2014 of which four are now in the DC REBIRTH line up. Although Legion of Super - Heroes is still not among them and so far they have not managed to do a decent Teen Titans book despite various attempts. Finishing up Brett White claimed that The New 52 Has Stopped Working in November 2013 and lastly Vaneta Rogers at NEWSaRAMA wrote a requiem on the NEW 52 when REBIRTH was announced. And that´s that.

Congratulations for soldiering on through all that or if you just skipped it welcome back. As unbelievable as it sounds we have a third comic book birthday Today even if the name Edouard Karali may not be familiar to many. To german comic readers from my generation he is better known under his nom du plume Edika since the french cartoonist who was born in Egypt 76 years ago has been a mainstay of U - COMIX ( the original version, not the new diluted magazine that is published now ). He is best known for his whimsical and bizarre humor and his big breasted erotic sexbombs which got the protagonists of his comics into all kinds of trouble and often graced the cover of U - COMIX. Sometimes his covers alone were worth the price of admission as he was a master of telling an entire story on one panel like the on below. Which - again - has to do with Yaya Han because it´s one of the candidates for my COVERS YAYA HAN SHOULD RE - ENACT post which I still haven´t done because it would probably be too explicit.

Some readers may remember that I explained the three criteria for my selection of covers in this post and the cover above is in the top five because it meets all three : while it is kind of basic from a costume making viewpoint you could add something more to it, it is one of my favorite U - COMIX covers of all time and if done right it gives Yaya ample opportunity to show skin. If she wants to do it justice not only her sexy legs and some serious butt cleavage ( which Yaya Han hasn´t done so far ) are demanded she also has to squeeze her 40D oppais into the mother of all cleavages with her nipples showing - another first for Yaya. Now no matter if Yaya does or does not decide to do that we know from her Power Girl cosplay that she´s an expert at filling out magical boob windows and cleavages.

And she already did a sexy doctor / nurse cosplay with her Super Sonico costume. Daim, that girl knows how to fill a uniform and I bet her fiancee was only too eager to play Doctor. Hashtag " luckiestguyontheplanet ".

Coming back to Edika, I had planned to do a post on him a while back but like always I didn´t get around to do it yet. I also didn´t expect to find any videos of him but there are a few on YouTube under the title Surreal City that are based on his comics although they are not made by Edika.

I will spend most of Tomorrow putting the finishing touches on this post so I want to include a video for Jennifer Beals´ 53rd birthday, Cinderella from the Faerie Tale Theater series with Mathew Broderick in the role of Prince Henry and Shelley Duvall as the host. I have wanted to post a video from this series ever since I first found out this existed. Christmas is coming up and that has always been a time when they show a lot of fairy tales on tv I thought it appropriate. I stumbled upon this series - as so often - while doing research on Lauren Hutton for a post but of course I found this too late to do me any good. Apparently Shelley Duvall came up with the idea to the series while shooting the Popeye movie and asked Robin Williams for advice who appears in the first episode The Frog Prince.

Besides well known classics the series also includes Rip Van Winkle which I never read and it has a cast of the Who´s Who of Hollywood with Leonard Nimoy, Christopher Reeves, Jeff Goldblum, James Earl Jones, Vincent Price, Christopher Lee, James Coburn, Billy Cristal, Carrie Fisher, Valerie Perrine, Diane Ladd, Doris Roberts, Anjelica Huston, Barbara Hershey, Helen Mirren, Ellen Barkin, Lesley Ann Warren, Joan Collins or Liza Minelli.

Since we talked about Power Girl I wanted to include real life Power Girl Anna Semenovich in this post who could easily fill out that role or star in any Russ Meyer movie with her bonerinducing 43E ( !!! ) bust. I don´t know what it is with former female athletes that makes them boob out that much after ending their career ( you may remember hungarian gymnasts Csisztu Zsuzsa and Stefany Hohnjec who could have made a second career as blow up sex doll production models ) but I guess it must be that they stop with the doping which gives the female hormones that have been suppressed so long a chance to come back with a vengeance and turn them into the ultimate Sexbomben. Now in the case of former figure skater Anna Semenovich I don´t want to say she was born for porn ( which totally could be the title of a reality tv casting show for porn stars in spe ) but nomen est omen and she has the word " semen " in her name.

Despite her pornstar name Anna decided to become a pop star instead and I have posted her video I saw you dancing before but I finally found a version of enough quality to make some animated GIFs from the clip.

But I don´t want to only do re - posts so here is a new video which I guess is an interview with her best tv appearances. It´s difficult to know as I can´t understand a word. Nevertheless you get your money´s worth on this one. Or more since being on YouTube you actually get it for free.

Most of the reaction videos I include are about music, movies or tv but from time to time you come across one that really makes you think.

After mentioning Yaya Han so many times I have to include a video with her and I have the feeling this may also be a re - post but I get that feeling with every video and I have so many posts with Yaya Han that I can´t go back and check them all out. I´m sure if I already posted this somebody will point it out sooner or later and if not that´s not the end of the world.

Apropos, what I´m sure that I haven´t posted yet is Andrea " Yunie " McFall´s interview with cosplayer Loki of Venus on BLEEDING COOL with an appeal to stop the slut shaming that still plagues the cosplay scene.

Now I can´t understand that we still can get past this and people are still so obsessed with boobs. I mean, look who´s talking and all that but I know I´m a certified old pervert and I´m fully aware of my unhealthy obsession about cosplay boobs and Yaya Han´s boobs in particular but I would rate that as a positive obsession or at least not a harmful obsession since the only one who is damaged here is me from spending too much time on the computer. To paraphrase myself what I can´t understand is people spend so much time and effort with things they clearly don´t enjoy just to bring other people misery and make them feel bad for themselves. It´s one of the reason why I stopped being active in german comic forums and started my own blog. Because I did not want to continue with doing something that brought me no pleasure, made others feel bad and wasted a lot of time. Everybody has his own opinion and everybody has the right to like or dislike things. But if I don´t enjoy something and it is not something I have to do - like paying taxes - then I rather go and do something else.

So to everybody who writes lewd comments in Yaya Han´s videos about her boobs I say if you don´t like that stop watching her videos. There are literally hundreds of other female cosplayers out there you can follow and your time is better used writing something nice about them instead of insulting Yaya. Now if that situation is not enough for a face palm it seems that booth babes and sexy cosplayers are in danger of being completely banned from events thanks to the ever present social justice warriors.

I don´t know what to say but I wouldn´t want to go to a con without any of the hot booth babes and cosplayers, that would be too dull. And really, with all the social problems like poverty, war and crime going on in the world and now The Trump don´t people have anything better to do than be threatened by boobs ? Maybe the new job I should be looking for is human convention boob shield where I act as a special bodyguard for delicate people and throw myself in front of these dangerous breasts.

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