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Thorsday with Jack Kirby : Thor 173 part 2

It has been three weeks since I posted the first part of this and while I initially wanted to continue with the Erik Larsen Thorsday I have decided to finish this first since I have not posted as regularly as usual lately. Which, keeping in mind my erratic posting schedule, is not saying much.

As I feared Christmas is approaching faster than expected and thanks to the jobcenter which needed more paperwork for my application for continued support I had to go to Ludwigsburg this week which cost me two days - one for running the errand and one to recover from the ordeal.

What can I say ? I´m not getting younger and running errands gets more and more tiresome. Also there are only two shopping days left - or is that one and a half ? I have no idea how long shops are open on Saturday or on the 24th of December - I still have to buy AT LEAST three presents not to mention The Big Christmas Contest I was planning to do this year and which I probably have to cancel. Or at least postpone. Today I wanted to go to the bank and pay some comic orders but I got up too late and so I will have to do that Tomorrow. Yesterday I was making a new animated GIF of Yaya Han in her Scarlet Witch costume but when I tried to add a few screenshots for a better version the laptop froze and I could not finish it. Which might have something to do with the fact that I was preparing the other screenshots at the same time. As I predicted not only do I have to cut them but reduce them to half their size otherwise they are not usable. Anyway, I had to finish with the ones that were open and then I had to restart my browser and of course that was it for the animated GIF. So when I got up Today I fired up the laptop right away giving it another try but at six o´clock it still wasn´t finished so I had to break it up again to start with this post. Maybe I can give it another try later or Tomorrow.

Now you are probably wondering about the cover above and what it has to do with THOR 173. I have already used the cover of that particular issue in the first part and since I didn´t want to repeat myself - and because I am including the black and white pages of the german issues I thought why not use the german version of the cover ? I know that my reader always get a kick out of seeing the different covers from other countries.

But the thing is that in Germany THOR did not always have its own title and even back in the days of the Williams Verlag often was relegated to the role of back up feature in DIE SPINNE. So while THOR 171 and 172 was published as MARVEL COMIC SONDERHEFT 3 by Condor issue 173 was split into two parts as back up stories in DIE SPINNE 7 and 8. Not that german readers did mind much because we were happy for anything that came out and back then Condor did not publish that many comics that you could not afford to get them all. So while it may be a bit complicated for Today´s comic readers to find the german THOR issues back then you just bought all the different titles anyway so sooner or later you got all the stories.    

Speaking about getting the story, when last we left our asgardian hero Goldilocks was ready to make his big entrance disguised as the fake Thor to find out to what shenanigans the Circus of Crime´s  is up to and what role Ulik plays in their nefarious schemes. Let´s join the story in progress.

According to the blog statistics this is my 795th post which means that post 800 is only five posts away. Maybe I can reach that goal this year but I don´t know if there are going to be any new posts since there are still a few posts I didn´t manage to finish and which are still in the limbo of the draft folder. I would like to wrap that business up before 2017 starts.

Since we have only two other celebrity birthdays Today I want to give a belated shoutout to one of the biggest movie cult sirens of my youth : sexbomb Joyce Hyser who celebrated her 59th anniversary on Tuesday.

And before you ask : you don´t know Joyce Hyser, you don´t remember the movie JUST ONE OF THE GUYS for which she is best known but I bet you remember this scene where she shows her incredibly big ..... talents.

Back in the 80s your best bet to see some naked breasts were screwball comedies because you knew even if the script was totally worthless and the actors without any kind of talent you were going to get boobage. Joyce Hyser may not be famous and may not have played in the best movies but every prebubescent boy growing up in the 80s saw this movie.

And to think she almost didn´t do it. Joyce had a no nudity clause in her contract and was against showing her wonder twins especially after a female friend told her : " Honey, WITH THOSE BREASTS if you GO TOPLESS in that scene, NO ONE you meet will EVER look you INTO YOUR EYES again ." Thankfully Joyce Hyser shot the scene showing her breasts and without showing them and in the end decided that the scene didn´t work if she didn´t go topless. This is what I call " poetry in motion "

So the thanks of an entire generation of hormone driven boys is yours for logic winning over superstition. Or naked breasts winning over whatever.

Coming to Today´s celebrity birthdays, like Joyce Hyser spanish singer / actress / tv presenter Edurne also rips off her jacket and shirt during her performance of Shania Twain´s smash hit Man, I Feel Like A Woman on Tu Cara Me Suena but everybody who has seen the video knows that she is wearing a corsage underneath. Which she fills out quite nicely. Edurne became known in Spain as a candidate on the casting show Operacion Trinufo in 2006 and as part of the cast of Mas Que Baile, the spanish version of Strictly Come Dancing and she has gone on to present the tv program Todo Va Bien and represent Spain at the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 with her song Amanecer. Edurne has now come full circle as she is one of the judges on Got Talent España. By the way I have mentioned it in previous posts where I added videos from Tu Cara Me Suena but this show is not the same as Lip Synch Battle so besides dressing up and having to do a spot on celebrity impersonation all the contestants are singing live.

The third birthday I have to mention is german tv personality Annina Ucatis who turns 38 and was a candidate in my Search For Power Girl series although she didn´t look that part when she first started out.

Now I know what you are thinking but Annina did not start as a model either, she studied economics after graduating from school and became a property clerk and real estate agent. Because she always has wanted to have big breasts she went through two operations that turned her from a C cup to a DD and she decided to put the twins to good use as a model. With her augmented breasts she posed for magazines like HUSTLER. 

But as she herself admits Annina had become addicted to plastic surgery and wanted to become bigger so when german surgeons denied her a third operation she went to Spain where she finally got her 42G melons.

In 2007 she was still working as a real estate agent but was fired because her breasts were too big and damaging the company´s image although her clients never complained and never had a problem with her large breasts. Anyway, Annina decided f - word all that and started a career in the porn industry and soon was Germany´s best known big bust model. For a time she was together with celebrity whore Oliver Pocher but I guess she was just too much woman for him. In 2009 she joined the cast of Big Brother where she was often shown naked or taking a shower and the network had no problem with using her double airbags to boost the ratings. After she left the show the network did a reality show spin off with her before she became part of a third reality show where she worked as a - surprise - real estate agent. In 2013 she married a real estate mogul who is 20 years older than her and I bet he has no problem with the size of her breasts.

Now before you forget that this is supposed to be a comic blog because of all the hot celeb boobery I want to pimp a comic about which I have written before, El Eternauta written by Hector German Oesterheld and drawn by Francisco Solano Lopez whom some readers might know from Kelly´s Eye published in Britain in Valiant and in Germany in Kobra or the brilliant erotic comic The Young Witches. Like I said, there are not a lot of shopping days left before Christmas and if you still need a present for somebody El Eternauta is available in a nice hardcover in Germany. 

Firstly, what does it say about Today´s tv that a lot of the pilots that were so bad they didn´t dare put them on tv back then have been turned into shows ? The witch, werewolf and vampire sharing an apartment ? Change the witch for a ghost and you have Being Human. The saga of an italian Mafia family ? The Sopranos. With Lost Flight they just got rid of the first part. Exoman is Mantis. The Asphalt Cowboy is basically a cross between McCloud ( no relation to Highlander - I think ) and The Highwayman with Sam Jones although without the truck - which truth to tell wasn´t great.

Secondly, maybe it´s because I have a soft spot for cheesy entertainment but IF these shows had aired I would have probably watched them. John Denver as a balladeer / crime fighting badass ? Joe Penny as a samurai who does all kinds of things with his sword except cut people - because his weapon of choice is a truck ? Sign me up. An entire show about Evel Knievel ? That´s the best. And with the Fuzz Brothers the title alone is worth the price of admission but then you have Louis Gossett Jr. , man. And I won´t even get into the glory of Vincent Price and Peter Lorre as crime fighting antique dealers. Or Christopher Lee as Lucifer and Sammy Davis Jr. as his devil minion. DeForrest Kelley as a coroner. Leonard Nimoy as an ex race car driver with super powers. Adam West as a tv actor who thinks he´s a real cop. Al Bundy as French Connection´s Popeye Doyle.

How can anyone resist the kung fu action of Men Of The Dragon that also has hot babe on babe martial arts catfights ? The Orphan And The Dude is just comedy gold. As is probably a western show by Ed Wood about a gun slinging insurance inspector investigating the DD Ranch. Although it does sound more like Russ Meyer or Hugh Hefner should have produced that.

I tell you, if I had a tv station I would have a show that just has these pilots but if that was a german show they would ruin it like Schlefaz.

A television show that GOT approved is Faerie Tale Theater and as it fits with the weather here is The Snow Queen, the episode I could not post on Lauren Hutton´s birthday. As usual I found the good stuff too late. 

Assuming I can get up early enough I will spend most of Tomorrow with some overdue Christmas shopping so I don´t know if I can finish this post by then much less do a FLASH FRIDAY post. So as this may be very well the post that will be up on Christmas the cartoon video of the day is one of the best Christmas tv specials of all time, A Charlie Brown Christmas.

For my spanish readers here is La Navidad De Charlie Brown, the version with the latino dubbing although this is the one I´m least familiar with.

And last but not least for my german readers - if there are still any left - Fröhliche Weihnachten, Charlie Brown the version from my childhood. This is one reason why I did not care that much if the Peanuts DVDs I bought had the german version or the english one. If it was the german version it´s the one I know, if it´s the english one it´s one I haven´t heard before and if it has both than that´s the best. Anyway, if I don´t get to do a post on Christmas I want to wish you Föhliche Weihnachten, Feliz Navidad and a Merry Christmas, Hanuka, Kwanzaa or however you call the winter solstice celebration. And remember : you´re halfway out of the dark !

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