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Happy birthday Gail Kim ( not a re - post ) !

Today canadian professional wrestler, wrestling valet, model and actress of korean descent sexbomb Gail Kim - Irvine celebrates her 40th birthday.

Now since I already did a post on wrestling legend Gail Kim last year usually I would consider doing a re - post but since I never got to do the follow up post I promised my readers ( for which I already selected all the material ) here we will have all new stuff which I couldn´t fit into the first post. Yup, this is not Disney´s Marvel so when I tell you something is all - different and all - new you can bet your bottom dollar that it IS stuff you haven´t seen before. Not just a rehashing of old ideas and story lines plus gays.

That also means that I will try not to repeat anything I have written in my last Gail Kim post. So if you want to know more about her just go to the other post. I hope this will make the post a bit shorter and let´s face it, you´re not here to read my musings you want to see Gail Kim in action.

Now as usual I am not up to date on all things wrestling and even moreso than last year. Since my Mom resides here at the moment it has been months since I watched wrestling and even before that I had to make an effort because WWE wrestling has become too much of a dog and pony show - and not in a good way. I mean, what does it say when you would rather watch three episodes of Thunder In Paradise than any episode of a WWE show ? I have to say I started watching more NXT because there is more wrestling and less sports entertainment involved. Even TnA had become like the WWE and the only reason to watch it are the Knockouts.

Which is way better than the WWE´s Divas - which is why they had to restock from the NXT roster. Anyway, most of the GIFs in this post are from last year and I haven´t even watched any TnA wrestling clips through the internet so I don´t know if there still is a TnA wrestling league or if Gail Kim is still active. For all I know she might have become a full time model or an action movie star. On the other hand things might still be going on as usual and she is still having matches against the Dollhouse.

Which I always found a bit boring. If you have been watching wrestling since the 80s this whole " one against a group " thing is kind of done to death. I mean, really, how many times do you have to get your ass kicked before you go for back up ? Anyway, with Today´s wrestling everything turns into a group thing sooner or later. I don´t know, but I have never been someone who tends to be in groups. Even in school I never wanted to be in any cliques - which is how I always ended up with the weirdos and school rejects. For Todays kids this may sound a bit strange but back then you were not cool if you read comics or knew a lot about tv shows.

At least being good at art helped a bit because sooner or later all of your classmates needs a favor that involves drawing something and the girls don´t totally think you´re a creep. Well, at least until they see what you draw. Back to wrestling I always liked it better when it was just one on one like with Gail Kim and Taryn Terell. Those were some epic matches.

I may have already posted this video but before we come to the Gail Kim versus Angelina Love GIFs I think abit of context is needed. We have to keep in mind how Gail Kim returned to TnA wrestling and how Velvet Sky was clobbered by the Karen Jarrett gang on a regular basis. I don´t think she got any help from her old Beautiful People ex - partner at that time.

No, you really can´t say that Angelina Love is a nice person although she has two 34E arguments that are 100 percent certified crowd pleasers.

Speaking of Angelina´s love balls am I the only one who thinks it´s a bit hypocritical to have a special move called the implant buster when you are walking around with some obvious enhancement in that area yourself ?

I am adding a few wrestling videos although I know that most of them will probably be deleted until next year. On the other side what good is it to bookmark them if I don´t put them on the blog when I have the chance ? There are a few I will save for other posts where Gail Kim fights other female wrestlers about whom I have already written in the past. But apart from them there will be quite a number of wrestling videos on this post.

Now Gail Kim´s feud with Brooke Tessmacher ( somebody at TnA wrestling must have been a big fan of the Richard Donner Superman movies ) must have been around the time when they still showed TnA on german tv because I remember watching them in the living room with my brother.

At this point you have probably seen enough hot women beat the stuffing out of each other so I want to close the post - or at least this part of it - with a happy Gail Kim. Well, Gail Kim in a bikini always makes me happy !

This first video is a compilation which I decided to include at the last minute because you won´t find these Gail Kim moments anywhere in GIF form and I don´t have the necessary time to make them all myself. But if there is anybody out there who has enough free time on my hands be my guest and most importantly send me an e - mail or link when you are done.

The second one is from a photo shoot Gail did for Muscle & Fitness, a magazine I used to buy on and off when I was a regular commuter. Some reading material you only buy when you see it at a newsstand and if you don´t frequent one a few times a week you just stop. I used to buy this and the special IRONMAN issues for the swimsuit pictures - a lot of them with swimsuit models that later became Divas like Trish Stratus or Tylene Buck - but that dried down with the rise of the internet. I still have the IRONMAN Swimsuit Special videos somewhere and one of these days I have to find an internet store where you can get them on DVD. Those were awesome and much better than anything related to wrestling Divas.

I added this section after I had put all the material in that was original intended to go on the post because it´s kind of a throwback to the last Gail Kim post. Longtime readers might remember I mentioned that Jade from the Dollhouse had the potential to be more than just a background character if she was willing to bring her qualities more to the foreground.

Well it seems I was not the only one who thought along those lines as other people seem to have noticed Jade a.k.a. Mia Yim´s ... I was going to try to avoid the term porn star qualities because of the racial stereotype that all asian women are natural born blow up sex dolls but when she has arse antlers I stop arguing. A tattoo is something you get not something that happens to you and it´s not called tramp stamp without a reason. 

Her asian predestination as a porn star notwithstanding Jade decided to try her luck in the squared circle before taming well hung potent studs for a living. Besides her superior oriental sex techniques she has a background in Muay Thai as well as in lucha libre which was very helpful in becoming the new Knockout champion. At least for a time but I don´t know if she is currently still the champ. She definitely has the fighting abilities, a tireless hardbody and that natural korean flexibility that is helpful in both camps.

And to show you that she´s not only a freak in the bed but also knows how to wrestle here´s her first title defense against Madison Rayne.

What started out as just a short post has become longer and longer so I am going to wrap up things. Which means that I don´t have time to go trough all of my bookmarks but I still want to share a few links that I came across while looking for the site where I usually get my wrestling clips ( only to find out that it is completely outdated - like me ) with my readers. I am very careful with what I share on the blog because I don´t want to put anything out there that´s NSFW but with these I think I am safe. As I don´t know when I will have the chance to do my next wrestling related post here are the links for a hot GIF of Taryn Terell from her Playboy days , more Gail Kim vs Dollhouse GIFs and for more high quality wrestling GIFs than you can shake a stick at go to the WHATEVER I FEEL LIKE tumblr.

Our first celebrity birthday is musical super star Rihanna who turns 29. I think I had some posts on her on the old blog but so far I haven´t found the time for it. Also I am not current on all things Rihanna ( like what´s the name of her latest music video ) since I don´t watch much music television lately and I don´t have a video bookmarked so we leave that for a later date. For now here is a GIF from her almost wardrobe malfunction at SNL - I posted a link to a high quality version of this in an earlier post.

Apropos, I could have sworn that I mentioned singing sexbomb Ophélie Winter who celebrates her 43rd birthday in an earlier post because she was one of the candidates for the french superheroine Crimson Fox from my Casting the Justice League of America movie posts but it seems I must´ve replaced her with someone else when I overhauled these posts.

This is the first video I saw of Ophelie Shame On You ( it was around the time when we first could watch french tv through the tv cable so I was always zapping through the french tv stations when I was channel surfing and I only caught the second half of it which was still better than having nothing ) which made a very big impression on me and I chose the english language version of the song because it is the one with the best quality.

And we are staying in that time period - although not on the continent - because that´s when Cindy Crawford became one of the first supermodels ever. It´s hard to believe that she turns 51. How time flies. I went on the internet to look for an iconic image of her that was safe to post but I had no idea what I was looking for. Once I saw this picture it all came back.

I really was convinced I had to put Sidney Poitier in the Dearly Departed section and was very relieved to find out that he is alive and celebrating his 90th birthday. With the huge lists of celebrities we lost last year I may be forgiven this oversight. I wanted to post In The Heat Of The Night but since I could not find it - or any of his other movies - in good quality ( I was desperately trying to find Let´s Do It Again with Bill Cosby which was arguably not one of his best movies but one I must have watched more than a hundred times as a kid growing up ) here are his top five films.

Definitely no longer with us is Dwayne McDuffy, best known for his work on the animated Justice League cartoons ( anyone who reads this and only knows the recent Justice League Action cartoons do yourself a favor and seek them out ) and the Milestone universe titles like Hardware, Icon or Static Shock. I remember that when these comics first came out I didn´t pay it much attention since I thought that as a white man ( even one with spanish roots ) I was clearly not their intended target audience and I also was more interested in the mainstream superhero comics.

But just a few months ago I found a lot of these Milestone issues for a really low price and since you can practically get them for peanuts at most comic shops I wanted to know if they are worth reading. I think I got to mention this comic haul on the blog although I still haven´t found the time to do a review of them. So instead of the Justice League Unlimited extra with Mark Hamill I wanted to post ( and which you can find pretty easily on YouTube ) or an episode of the Static Shock cartoon ( which I missed completely and of which you can´t find any complete episodes ) here is the History of Icon - who has a few similarities to Superman.

Speaking of icons, Today is also the anniversary of movie maker Andy Sidaris but since I just did a post on Dona Speir a few days back - just like last year - I am not going to make a special post since I already did one and I don´t think that there is anything I haven´t covered in previous posts.

Which brings us to the final video which is dedicated to german comedy bedrock Heinz Erhardt. In my last Gail Kim post I posted a trailer for Karl May´s The Oil Prince because he has a small part in it but this time I am posting the first part of a Heinz Erhardt special. Which is due to the fact that I could not find any of his movies in good quality but he was always better in front of a live audience anyway. Like reciting short funny poems or the hilarious sketch where each word has to begin with the letter g.

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