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Arthur Adams black and white Wednesday

As expected the new course I have to take for the jobcenter has thrown a monkey wrench into my posting schedule but despite having almost no sleep over the last three days I still wanted to do a special post for the 54th birthday of one of my favorite artists, the legend Arthur Adams.

Unlike other birthday posts in this case the problem was not finding enough material - since I have been planning to do a post for quite some time - but rather to bring it down to a workable number of pictures. I tried to include color versions where available but a lot are commissions and single art pieces so it was not always possible. Anyway, here are some of my favorite covers and pin ups all drawn by the amazing Arthur Adams.

Since the only Arthur Adams related link I have is COMICS TAVERN which provided a few of the color covers and there is some Marvel and DC art in this post I want to post a few which don´t fall into any specific category.

With that in mind we start with DIAL D FOR BLOG which has the scoop behind the very first - although unofficial - Marvel / DC crossover that originated with the famous Rutland Halloween Parade and ran through Amazing Adventures 15, The Mighty Thor 207 and Justice League of America 103 which I think I already mentioned in earlier posts and there´s also a post on all the actors who portrayed the Fantastic Four´s Human Torch including Saturday Night Live legend Bill Murray who voiced Johnny Storm in all thirteen episodes of The Fantastic Four Radio Show from 1975.

Apropos for fans of Fantastic Four audio dramas there´s a post on CRIVENS ! COMICS & STUFF on Power Records Presents : The Fantastic Four and you can find anything you ever wanted - and then some - about those famous comics for the ears at the POWER RECORDS blog. And speaking of Marvel´s freaky foursome this is sadly only for my spanish readers, Pedro Angosto at MAN OF BRONZE lists his top 10 of Fantastic Four runs and there´s also an interesting post on how he would like comics to be made which has a lot to do with the catastrophic way comics are done now by Marvel and DC.

Speaking about the way comic books by the big two are going now ( or is that currently only Marvel since DC seems to be on the way to at least partially patch up things with readers ? ) a lot of people are giving up on comics and although I have long since accepted that I´m in this for live ( if I ever get fed up with american comics I´ll probably stick to comics from Germany, Spain, France and the rest of Europe which all have fantastic comics ) you might want to read J. D. Roth´s report How I Sold My Comic Books ( And Why ) on GET RICH SLOWLY before you take that big step just to prepare you for the fact that - as Terry Hooper on COMIC BITS ONLINE always tells us - your comics might not be worth as much as you believe.

Speaking about selling on a broader level, there´s an interview with Los Bros Hernandez on BLEEDING COOL entitled We Don´t Know How To Sell Out which I´m including here since I don´t know when I will ever get around to do a post on them or their fabulous Love and Rockets book.

Finally some other blogs that are worth checking out and which I might have mentioned in previous posts are : LONGBOX GRAVEYARD , PENCIL INK , JLA SATELLITE , and especially THE BREEVORT HISTORY OF COMICS tumblr which has not only covers but also a lot of those important interior pages us bloggers need and which as so hard to come by. Before we come to the obligatory birthday rundown of the day I want to mention a birthday I missed. Asian porn super star Miko Lee turned 40 ( or 37 depending on if her year of birth was 1977 or 1980 ) on the 30th of May and I did not do a re - post because I didn´t have the time but more importantly there is nothing I have to add at this point to last year´s post - which readers who missed it might still want to check out. Anyway, happy birthday Miko Lee !

Today´s list of jubilarians starts with Haley Atwell who celebrates her 35th birthday. She is best known for playing Agent Peggy Carter in the Marvel movies and in a tv series - which I only have seen the first chapters of but those were great. Haley also was in a series called Falcon that had nothing to do with the Marvel character of the same name. Speaking about the Marvel cinematic universe, Brian Cronin at COMIC BOOK RESOURCES lays down some Avengers comic 101 in When We First Met - Every Incarnation of Ultron for all people who only know the unimpressive movie version.

More impressive on the other hand is Hayley Atwell´s booming 37E bust which even manages to distract Craig Ferguson completely in this clip.

I can´t believe that swimmer and ten time olympic medalist Franziska van Almsick is older than Hayley Atwell but she turns 39. Besides winning olympic medals, setting records, being voted as German Sportswoman Of The Year, World Swimmer Of The Year and European Swimmer Of The Year she has done photoshootings for Maxim and written children´s books.

Speaking of hot sexbombs who earn their money in swimwear, a cult siren I have mentioned in a few posts is Krista Allen who celebrates her 46th birthday. The bodacious brunette played Clark Kent´s hot new teacher on SMALLVILLE, Jim Carey´s new neighbor with the big boobs in LIAR LIAR and the sexy oracle on CHARMED ( she was also in a series called Black Widow which had nothing to do with the Marvel character ) but she is probably best known for her role of Jenna Avid on BAYWATCH HAWAII.

Now my readers outside of Germany probably don´t know what BAYWATCH HAWAII is and for the longest time I thought it was a BAYWATCH spin off.

Like BAYWATCH NIGHTS. So I was very surprised when I went looking on amazon for that and couldn´t find it. That´s because in Germany they titled seasons 10 and 11 of the regular show BAYWATCH HAWAII which exists nowhere else. Only in Germany there is a BAYWATCH HAWAII. I do not know if they felt the need to give it an extra push because they exchanged the whole cast and relocated to Hawaii or they thought the german viewers would be too confused. In any case it was a weird thing.

BAYWATCH was really big in the 90s and it is like THE ultimate babe tv show. No kidding. No other show had more actresses who were featured in Playboy or playmates. If there was a hot babe during the time the show was produced you can bet that she´s in - at least - one of the episodes.

You can say what you about David Hasselhoff but he sure has an eye for hot sexbombs and he is my hero for putting them on tv. So it´s no wonder that Krista Allen was added to the Who´s Who of male fantasies that was going through the revolving door on that show like Pamela Anderson, Carmen Elektra, Tracy Bingham, Teri Weigel, Jenny Mc Carthy, Jasmine Bleeth, Donna D´Erico, Kelly Monaco, Brande Roderick, Stacy Kamano, Nicole Eggert, Mitzi Capture, Gina Lee Nolin and Erika Eleniak before her.

Besides that Krista played famous french soft sex nympho Emmanuelle in 8 made for tv movies. As she did it when her body was in prime condition she was able to believable portray the sex machine with the high moan factor who merciless milks men until they can´t remember on which side the doorknob is. The show had some strange 3D effects - because that was the new thing at that time - and the stories were not that great but it was all worth it to see Miss Allen get her freak on. Whoa, did she ever.

Here it was shown on PRO7 but so far I haven´t seen the DVDs anywhere. Maybe I´ll have to buy them in Spain. So here´s to Krista Allen, many happy returns and thanks for the mammaries. And if you haven´t seen them do yourself a favor and hunt down those Emmanuelle tv movies.

Speaking of great tv entertainment, mangaka Akira Toriyama turns 62 who is of course best known for DRAGONBALL and the adaption as a tv series which is known around the world. I saw it first in Spain because it came to Germany 20 years later but even then it was shown only in censored form because they had to save the little kids from dangerous scenes like this.

Oh, the humanity ! Anyway, so far there have been various unsuccessful attempts to do a DRAGONBALL movie and you really begin to wonder why it´s so difficult if everybody knows the characters. Plus there are plenty of fan made DRAGONBALL movies out there that show how easy it is.

Speaking of being out there, while Krista Allen only was in the episode First Person Shooter of THE X - FILES ( although double billed as CG sex fantasy Maitreya and the real life basis stripper Jade Blue Afterglow ) Mitch Pileggi who celebrates his 65th birthday was in most of them as Assistant Director Skinner. He also appeared on SUPERNATURAL, played Al Hawke on the awful BIRDS OF PREY series, voiced Doctor Stanton on BATMAN BEYOND and Commissioner James Gordon on the ugly THE BATMAN cartoon by Jeff Matsuda. The less said about that the better.

As I said, Krista Allen played Emmanuelle in the made for tv movies and Roger Corman who turns 91 produced the US version of EMMANUELLE 6 with german sexbomb Nathalie Uher. He also produced a lot of Edgar Allen Poe adaptions like MASQUE OF THE RED DEATH with Vincent Price and Hazel Court ( who has her own cult siren entry on this blog ), THE ARENA with Pam Grier and NOT OF THIS EARTH with mega porn star Traci Lords.

It seems that I have to wait another year until I can write my big post on Roger Corman who has contributed immensely to my teenage movie going / video watching years with such personal favorites like STEPMONSTER with Ami Dolenz ( about which you can read more in these posts ), erotic classic DINOSAUR ISLAND with Nikki Fritz - among other hot sexbombs - the really bad VAMPIRELLA with Bond girl Talisa Soto and last but not least PROPHET a.k.a. THE CAPITOL CONSPIRACY with hottie Wendy Schumacher.

Getting more info on her was very difficult because instead of using her real name she goes by Alexander Keith in the credits which doesn´t sound very feminine. In the movie Don " the Dragon " Wilson plays an FBI agent who was part of a special experiment to give operatives mental powers and the bureau is secretly using him to track down the other members of the group and kill them. Wendy plays his handler and boy DOES she know how to handle him. Not only does she f - word him figuratively she literally tries to f - word his brains out. Daim, she can handle my pole anytime.

Since I have mentioned this for two previous candidates I want to add that Roger Corman was the producer on THE WASP WOMAN and CYCLOPS which have nothing to do with the Marvel characters of the same name.

But he did get to dip his toe into the super hero world with the BLACK SCORPION series and earlier with the first infamous and now legendary FANTASTIC FOUR movie. If this is the first time you heard of it BEVERLY GRAY has a post on what is for many the only real Fantastic Four movie and you can find anything you ever wanted to know about that film on TEAKO 170 . One last thing on Roger Corman : he made the original THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS film and you can find a review on THE FERGUSON THEATER .

Usually I don´t have a lot of movie producers in this section but I just had to pay homage to the late Albert R. Broccoli who has not only entertained the whole world with adventure and excitement from the first Bond movie DR. NO to GOLDENEYE but thrilled us with dozens of Bond girls.

Now I didn´t have a video for this and since this is about producer Albert R. Broccoli I didn´t just want to add a video about the Bond girls - as satisfying as that may have been. Luckily I found this documentary about the almost herculean struggle it took to bring the world´s greatest spy ( one of the main problems was that the americans couldn´t get over the fact that he was not an american but a british secret agent ) on screen.

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