Friday, April 21, 2017

Road to Flash Friday part 2 : Green Arrow

I know that posting has become rather sporadic - at best - lately but since I have already prepared everything for the big GREEN LANTERN / GREEN ARROW / FLASH crossover THREE OF A KIND here is the second part.

Going over this month´s posts you might wonder why there are so few posts and then three posts on the same day : the Sarah Louise Young birthday re - post, the first part of the brand new Samantha Fox birthday post ( which appears and disappears ) AND the Tom Sutton birthday post.

And then no posts again until Today. Well, if you have read the last few posts you know that I am currently doing a course for the jobcenter which takes up most of my time and energy. I had already done the new version of the Sarah Louise Young cult siren post in advance and as always I did the bonus round on the fly. And since I did not have that much material on Tom Sutton I had to go look for stuff on the internet. Which worked out better than expected and in the end I had to create a new folder for all the Tom Sutton artwork. So the Sarah Louise Young post was finished and went online as planned but I also realized that I had some free time that day and since I thought it would be a terrible waste to just keep all that gorgeous looking Tom Sutton art in a folder on my laptop I decided to do a second post for that day. Especially since Tom Sutton is really an unjustly underrated artist. Okay, so now we had two posts in the bag but the fact that I never got to do a Samantha Fox cult siren solo post began to weigh on me especially because I had always planned to do one so I wouldn´t have to re - post Sarah Louise Young every year. I mean after a certain amount of re - posts there is nothing new to add and I like to spice things up on the blog so it would be nice to have the possibility to alternate between Samantha Fox one year and Sarah Louise Young the next year.

Maybe even throw some Tom Sutton into the mix now and then and just put up links for Sarah Louise Young and Samantha Fox. Longtime readers know that once I get an idea in my head - even if it´s not a particularly brilliant one - I can´t concentrate on anything else until I have done it. So I made a post for Samantha Fox but for some reason blogger cut off some of the pictures. I couldn´t figure out the reason behind that no matter how hard I tried so the post went back into the draft folder. Then I had some free time and I started the post again from scratch and kept working on it off and on for a few days. But when I had finished the first version it was too long so I had to cut it into two parts. Now as I said I like to switch things up on the blog which means that I don´t like to do two posts of the same kind back to back. No matter if it´s two Marvel posts, two DC posts or two cult siren posts I always try to put something different on the blog with each post. So now that I am finally doing another quasi FLASH FRIDAY post the first part of the Samantha Fox birthday post is finally going online officially ( without the link to the second post which I can´t include until that post is finished ) but since I need the in - between posts part two will not go online until I have finished the next comic book related post.

But that´s already enough behind - the - scenes stuff for Today since you are probably going cross - eyed at this point and we continue our story in progress which started in GREEN LANTERN issue 96 and since I posted that way back at the end of March you might want to go back to that before reading on. Or if you haven´t read it yet you definitely need to go back. 

As I´ve already said I have been so busy this month that things got a bit overwhelming which is the only excuse that so far I completely brainfarted that cosplay queen Yaya Han celebrated her 35th birthday on the 10th of this month. You might think somebody who is so obviously obsessed with her would have that date more on the forefront of his thoughts but no.

I still haven´t managed to make much headway on finishing up MY BIG YAYA HAN POST and so I tried to do a post last year - which naturally turned out completely NSFW - to at least get that out of my system but this year I´m just too swamped with stuff. Maybe I can do another cosplay update post in the meantime because there are a few new costumes that are just too good not to feature like her Eliza ( which according to her website is from Tekken Revolution. God, I used to know things like this but I´m just too out of gaming ). Not only does it have a great cleavage ( no wonder with Yaya´s impressive 40D guns ) but it also let´s Yaya show off her sexy legs.

There´s also the matter of the covers of certain comic books or magazines I would love to see Yaya Han re - enact or at least see her wear the skimpy costumes on them in her next hot cosplay. About which I´m of two minds.

On one side it´s another of these things that I keep thinking about in the back of my head and which is driving me crazy. On the other I know that IF I really start this there will be no way to contain it to just one post so it´s likely to spin even more out of control than my Casting the Justice League of America movie series did. And it goes without saying this series would probably be even more NSFW which would be another reason not to do it.

Of course I´ve already thought about how to best group the covers I´ve selected so far and there is one all about Yaya doing male characters. Now I know that Yaya has said in some interviews that she doesn´t dress up as female versions of male characters but that is not completely true since I know that she DID dress up as the tenth Doctor. Anyway, while I know that it is probably for the best if I don´t do the cover posts there are some outfits I totally think Yaya should do. Well, I can still dream, can´t I ?

And speaking about costumes, since I can´t put all of Yaya´s cosplays of the last year in this post here is a video showcasing all of her great work.

Man, her craftsmanship ( Or is that now craftswomanship ? I´m never sure what the politically correct phrase is nowadays. ) is impeccable as always.

Today´s birthdays

James MacAvoy 38

Tony Danza 66 Taxi and Who´s The Boss ? Dad of Alyssa Milano

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Michael Turner 2008



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