Saturday, April 15, 2017

Suddenly a scary Saturday with Tom Sutton

We owe this to my latest re - post of cult porn actress Sarah Louise Young of all things because when I did the entertainment block for the post I collected so much incredible Tom Sutton art that I thought why not do a post in honor of one of comicdom´s unsung heroes, the late Tom Sutton ?

Tom Sutton who died in 2002 has assured himself a place in pop culture history because he was not only a prolific artist at Warren Publishing´s Creepy and Eerie magazines but the first artist to ever draw Vampirella.

If that would have been his only claim to fame it would also have sufficed but his work has appeared in every comic company and if like me you are a fan of horror comics like the german Geister - Schocker or Gänsehaut or if you read the old Bronze Age Marvel stuff you will see him pop up in the credits for a lot of titles like Ghost Rider, Werewolf by Night, Man - Thing, Planet Of The Apes, Godzilla, Star - Lord and Doctor Strange to name just a few. At DC he drew the original I Vampire serial and a lot of their Star Trek comics, at First Comics he drew Grimjack and he has done a ton of work for Charlton Comics. Here is just a small sampling of his artistry. 

You can find more on Tom Sutton at STAR WARP CONCEPTS , there´s a Halloween Spotlight on Tom Sutton at Charlton Comics on IN MY NOT SO HUMBLE OPINION and you can revel in a whole plethora of Tom Sutton art from various publishers at MARVEL MYSTERIES AND COMICS MINUTIAE .

Our good pal Old Groove from DIVERSIONS OF THE GROOVY KIND has various posts on Tom Sutton where you can read The Sewer Tomb of Le Suub from Psycho 5, The Phantom of the Opera from Psycho 6, Revolution from the Psycho 1974 Fall Special, One Autumn At Arkham from Creepy issue 64, Lighthouse of the Possessed from Vampire Tales issue 4 and one about his inks over Bob Brown on Warlock . RAGGED CLAWS NETWORK also offers an extended reading experience with The Well from Creepy Things 1, Man´s Best Friend from Scary Tales 26, Goo from Midnight Tales volume 3 issue 7 and The Kilgore Monster from issue 8 of that series in a double feature, another double billing with The Night Of The Demon from issue 9 and The Strange Mr. Milque from issue 10 and finally a last two - in - one with The Weirdest Character I´ve Ever Known from Ghostly Haunts 38 and There´s Life In The Old Girl Yet from Ghostly Tales 152. But wait, there´s more :

FOUR COLOR SHADOW also has multiple entries with Superhero , Blood Is Thicker a back up from Rawhide Kid 61 and To Sneak .... Perchance To Scream from Tower Of Shadows issue 4, RIP JAGGER´S DOJO offers Chamber of Darkness 4´s three stories : The Monster by Jack Kirby, The Man Who Owned The World by Tom and The Sword and the Sorceress by Barry Windsor Smith and THE HORROR OF IT ALL jumps once more into the breach with Gunnvor The Sorceress from Out Of The Shadows issue 9.

THE PEERLESS POWER OF COMICS has a post on Tom Sutton´s short tenure as an artist on Doctor Strange and speaking of Marvel´s Sorcerer Supreme MARS WILL SEND NO MORE presents the epic Doctor Strange vs The In - Betweener confrontation from Doctor Strange 27 and 28 in two parts .

You can see two pages from that run ( as well as other great original doctor Strange artwork ) on THE HOWARD HALLIS DOCTOR STRANGE ORIGINAL ART COLLECTION AND GALLERY , THE BRONZE AGE OF BLOGS has a Tom Sutton adaption of H. P. Lovecraft´s Through A Glass Darkly from All New Ghostly Tales 113 ( yep, Disney even stole that idea from somebody and there will be more about H. P. Lovecraft in a moment ) and last but not least SHADOWGUM has a review of IDW´s Tom Sutton´s Creepy Things.

Today´s first celebrity birthday is british 80s porn super star Sarah Louise Young who turns 46 and got her own post which you can read by following the link at the top or just click the Older Post link at the bottom of this.

But I can´t let the opportunity pass to post another video with sexy Sarah even if it´s a very short one. Here she is from her best days. Ay, massita !

We are staying with british sexbombs from the 80s with the world´s most famous page 3 girl Samantha Fox who celebrates her 51st birthday. Sadly she never did star in porn flicks even if she had the perfect body for it but we can console ourselves with the countless topless pictures she made.

If you have read my Sabrina Salerno posts you know that I think Samantha Fox never lived up to her full potential ( even if we leave porn movies out of it ) which became blatantly apparent by the time it took me to find a video where you can an idea of how stacked ( 36D ) she was in her prime.

And we are staying on the continent with british televison director Peter Moffat who is the first in our Dearly Departed section. His works include All Creatures Great And Small and various Doctor Who serials although he is - at least as far as I could ascertain - not related to Steven Moffat, the current writer of the world´s longest running science fiction series.

I don´t know if I would say that Uruguay - borne argentine comic artist Alberto Breccia was a contemporany of Tom Sutton ( he definitely is better regarded ) in any case a lot of artists at the Warren magazines were influenced by his art style. Since I don´t like to repeat myself you might want to check out this post from March 2013 that goes a bit more in detail thanks to Diego Cordoba´s amazon review of Eerie Archives vol 11.

To learn more about Alberto Breccia go to DOWNTHETUBES that has a creator spotlight in many parts, MERCURIAL BLONDE has a few posts about this seminal comic artist like Alberto Breccia and the Power of Suggestion in Horror Comic´s Imaginery and speaking about horror comics, Alberto Breccia is also one of the artists - among such masters like Richard Corben and the late Bernie Wrightson and Graham Ingels - in five adaptions of H. P. Lovecraft stories presented by CAIXA DE GIBIS . Since I already posted the episode from Continuara about Alberto Breccia´s most important comic Mort Cinder here is one that takes a look at the different comics he drew.

I also want to acknowledge Wilhelm Busch´s 185th anniversary who - at least in Germany - is considered to be the original inventor of comics.

We close out the post with a final birthday shoutout to renaissance man, painter, inventor etc. Leonardo Da Vinci one of the few geniuses in history who really knew everything there was to learn at this point in time. Since then the amount of available knowledge has exploded so nobody has duplicated the feat so far. Today he is mostly known for the unproven conspiracy theories surrounding his person but instead of one of the countless documentaries about him I chose and episode of The Tick cartoon. Here at least we know it´s an entirely imaginary tale - or is it ?

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The Groovy Agent said...

Sutton is all kinds of awesome! Great post! I love your choices! I think he was one of the best inkers ever over Gil Kane, too!

SUBZERO said...

Thanks for the compliment. Tom Sutton just kept popping up in a lot of comics I read in the last year and his artwork looks so different in every new book. I think he really deserves more recognition.

sroman said...

Thanks for the link to my StarWarp Concepts post! Tom was an amazing artist, and it's always good to see him getting the attention he's always deserved. As for your sample choices--man, could that guy draw!