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Happy birthday Samantha Fox - second part

As you can see it has taken me quite some time to continue with british 80s cult siren Samantha Fox - not only because the new course I have to do for the jobcenter eats up most of my time but also because I had to start the entire post again from scratch and then I had to split it into two parts because it has become much too long ( you can find the first part here ) - so unlike with most celebrity birthday posts which I date to be at the actual birthday this post goes up at the actual day I have finished it.

Longtime readers of the blog might have noticed that most of the stuff in the first part was what I already posted elsewhere. So from here on it´s all brandnew stuff, most of it actual fact backed up by my research, some of it speculations on my part and as always some stories I totally made up. Which ones are which is for you to decide but I hope it´s all entertaining.

Samantha projected an uncomplicated sense of accessibility : an illusion, for sure, especially in the light of what we know now, but an illusion so persuasive that a number of her most loyal fans never married, confident that one day she will trot down the aisle towards them, though everyone else thought she would end up living splendidly in Cheshire or Berkshire with a footballer or a property developer and a batch of little nippers.

According to an interview Sam knew she was attracted to girls after drooling over Bionic Woman Lindsey Wagner at 14 but did not confirm her sexuality until 2003. She said at the time: " People keep trying to say I'm a lesbian. I don't know what I am. All I know is that I'm in love with Myra. " 

" I was quite confused, really, " she says cheerily. " Imagine being a sex symbol and you have these feelings ! I kept thinking I was always going to meet the right man, but I never did. Kept waiting for this knight in shining armour. When's he coming ? He's taking a long time, isn't he ? "

Her first crush was on Richard Chamberlain as Dr. Kildare. " I thought he looked so dishy in that outfit and I still have a hankering to meet him. "

In the past, friends have hinted that she was bisexual, but : " I wouldn't say I'm bi because I'm in a lesbian relationship and I love her and I want to be with her forever. So to say I'm bisexual... it's too shallow. Maybe when I was younger I thought I was bisexual, but I think I was just confused. "

One can only imagine the effect the news will have on those men who saved themselves for her - though it seems a fair bet that some will find it provides a rich new stream of fantasy like her alleged competition against 80s pop sexbomb Sabrina Salerno which now is seen in a new context.

" People always tried to build up this rivalry between myself and Sabrina Salerno because we both started around the same time and we both had big breasts. She was the hot italian ragazza with the dark hair and I was the british blonde bimbo but after we met we quickly became friends. "

Sabrina was a lot of fun and sexually very active. The first time she invited me to her hotel room she was trying to " cure " one of her bodyguards of being gay. He was a big guy and had a dick like a baseball bat but because he was gay he didn´t want to have sex with Sabrina. At first I wanted to leave but after a few bottles of champagne I found myself naked in bed with Sabrina, squeezing this huge towering erection with my tits against hers. The poor fella was handcuffed to the bed and once we got him really hard we went to town on him. Especially Sabrina was determined to tame him and even removed his gag so she could hear how effective she was by the volume of his screams - and she made him scream a lot. I don´t know if he was really gay or just pretended to be but he sure wasn´t after that night because I heard a rumor that he became a dancer for Janet Jackson and used her like his personal blow up sex doll while they were on tour.

Janet is a well known size queen so I bet she was his willing sextoy.

I don´t think of myself as sexy but I am a very sexual being, I always have sex on my mind. I feel very comfortable with it and I think it´s great if a guy has a good sized package. I know the effect my body has on guys so I sometimes use it to get especially well hung guys into my bedroom where I tie them to the bed and bang their brains out in a marathon sex orgy. I go completely crazy and make them squirt again and again until they are completely drained. I regret doing it but I´ll turn around and do it again.

Daimn, now that I think about it there was one concert they had to cancel because Janet´s voice was gone. That pervert probably had her screaming her lungs out while he was relentlessly hammering her into submission with his giant swollen appendage - all night long, don´t stop.

I always knew that Janet was a sex freak ( Janet admitted to joining the Mile High Club and is a well known size queen ) and although the rumors that Bobby Brown banged her in the 80s might not be true it is much more believable that she used Justin Timberlake as her sextoy and dumped him after a month of steamy sex marathons . According to Justin it took Janet an hour to get in my pants after we first hooked up and she was so wild in bed that I didn´t know how to handle it. I was falling in love with Miss Jackson but during our get - togethers she only wanted to have sex.

From that point on we had a few fuck flings with various young and well endowed studs and I guess that she must have had a suspicion about my sexual orientation because a few times after she got me sufficiently drunk she said she just had to find out how many dildos she could fit into me. Of course they were always extremely long double dildos with strange shapes and hidden special features and she gave as good as she got. Sometimes even better because there was this one time where she attacked me with a fourty inch monster and normally that means twenty inches for each one but the crazy slut somehow managed to impale me with a full 30 inches.

There also was this young catholic priest in her hometown who was right out of the major seminary that Sabrina wanted to corrupt. She had seen him under the shower spying from a window and she told me that his package was gigantic, his schlong looked like an elephant´s trunk. And since it would be a sin to allow him to live as a celibate since he was obviously god´s gift to women Sabrina conned me into breaking his vows.

But she thought this nut was too tough to crack just with the two of us so it was time to get some reinforcements. Sabrina called up fellow italian sexbomb Marlene Morreau whom she met during a gala on spanish tv and Marlene was notorious for her steamy live performances and her skimpy stage outfits which almost got her banned from spanish tv. And if you have seen spanish tv you know that it takes a lot to get banned there.

I contacted german Busenwunder Sibylle Rauch whom I had met on the german talkshow circuit just a few weeks earlier. We got booked for the same shows because we both were models who got famous doing nude pictures and Sibylle tried to garner her popularity from a few soft sex movies and the Lemon Popsicle comedies into a singing career. She was known for being a nympho and she had even bigger melons than me. 

We started by flooding his mail box with naked pictures of the four of us and then came to church wearing dresses with huge plunging cleavages that left nothing to the imagination. We always sat in the front row and during administration of the Eucharist leaned forward so much that our boobs almost fell out. Especially Sybille had a knack for letting her boobs jump up and down and always swung them from side to side to expose her nipples. In any case we made sure he got a good eyeful of our sweaty tits.

For the next part we went to all the local discos, youth clubs and bars to round up all the horny male teenagers of the town and all sexual predators to let them loose on the class of catholic teenage schoolgirls that went to confession every month. We got two dozen very eager volunteers but we had a difficult time to convince them not to rape all those teenage virgins whose boobs had already grown to the size of porn stars and just seduce them and bang their brains out until the end of the month. We tried to bribe the perverts with money but they only agreed to our terms under the condition that we let them do to us what they did to all those girls afterwards. For some reason most of the italian studs favored la ragazza alemana so poor Sybille had to bear the brunt of their sexual onslaught.

It must have been because of some kind of weird Elsa the Nazi woman Fräuleinwunder fetish but all the most brutal, perverted - and of course most well endowed - sex freaks almost lost their minds over drilling Sybille.

When it came to sucking dicks Sybille was an expert who could deepthroat the longest and thickest monstercocks - it was almost like she unhinged her jawbones like anacondas do - but even this nympho was battered into submission by these brutal sex beasts. Helplessly she had to suffer their double - and often triple penetrations that stretched out all her holes.

They attacked her hot playmate body with an incredible ferocity and awe - inspiring stamina pounding her soft insides relentlessly two or three guy at a time until they unloaded sending her into wild convulsions as she was screaming her head off and foaming at the mouth, those sick bastards.  

Apart from an incident where a two day school trip to a no - tell motel escalated to a wild sex orgy where two female teachers were also tamed ( they were 24 and 26 years old and with giant beasts, legs up to the chin and bodies like centerfolds so all the male students were trying to get them drunk enough to pound them senseless for years ) everything went according to plan so that all the sexual escapades weighted heavily on the consciences of those poor schoolgirls. So they went to confess their sins.

Which was the next phase of Sabrina´s master plan. A few hours before confessional started Marlene orally assaulted the guy who had a spare set of keys for the church and drained his balls until he went unconscious. She made him squirt so many times that he was out cold for a few hours so Sabrina and me could get into the confessional booth just after the priest had entered while Sybille and Marlene went to act as lookouts.

Before he even knew what was happening we had closed the door and because the first schoolgirl had already gotten into the opposite part of the confessional booth he couldn´t do anything. At least not without explaining how two sexbombs had gotten into his side of the booth.

Now one schoolgirl after another came into the booth recounting all the depraved sex techniques they had to endure while me and Sabrina re - enacted the whole thing until he got a huge erection in his priest robe. At this point Sabrina grabbed his rock hard giant manhood and pulled it out.

She then started massaging it with her big melons until it had grown to almost twice its size. Then Sabrina deepthroated it again and again and again swallowing the whole throbbing shaft. At that point there was a short break so Marlene and Sybille also got into the confessional booth so we could all take turns sucking his gigantic pulsating member. It was even bigger than Sabrina had described it and we worked the poor guy´s dick for a few hours every day that week without letting him shoot his load.

That was part of the final phase where we caught him under the shower trying to get rid of his giant erection. Sabrina and Sybille went to work immediately and after we made him cum in the shower we dragged him to the bed where we took turns relentlessly pumping his enormous boner into submission. After a few days of draining his balls me and Marlene had enough but Sabrina and Sybille continued taming him until he was their obedient sex slave. I heard that after a few months of using him as a living sex toy they got bored of him and he left the cleric after a scandal where he built a glory hole into the catholic school girl´s shower and all the girls - and a few of the female teachers - sucked him dry for months. He later became one of the biggest male porn stars, Rocco Stiffredi or something. 

But Sam says that since she came out she isn't that bothered any more.

For ages, the thought of upsetting her most dogged fans got in the way of clearing the air : " I was worried - course I was. Really worried. I did think I might get a nutty fan after me. They call me their princess and that. I have had stalkers in the past. So you think, oh God, I don't want to upset anyone, I think I'll keep it quiet. But then you get brave, don't you ? " 

Before Sam realized her sexual orientation her personal life has included a number of disastrous relationships with men that drove her to women, not least Australian conman Peter Foster who was her first real boyfriend.

He made bets with his friends how long it would take him to have sex with Samantha Fox then he cheated on her with another woman ( now here I want to know with whom you cheat on Samantha Fox, the only possible candidates are other Übersexbombs like Janet Jackson , Halle Berry , Erika Eleniak , Miko Lee or Yaya ), used her to promote a bogus brand of slimming tea and sold the story of their sex life to a newspaper.

She was also disappointed in rocker Paul Stanley of the band Kiss, who told her that he could not be faithful to her, and was as good as his word.

A liaison with spanish bull - fighter Rafi Camino did not work out well for Samantha Fox, either. He just wanted to use her as a sex slave and never introduced her to his parents, who thought her not good enough for him.

As Sam recounts : Rafi was very catholic when our relationship started so he wanted to wait with having " real sex " until our marriage so we could only have sex that did not involve penetration. Due to Spain being such a catholic country most spanish girls keep their virginity until the age of 18 while starting with oral sex at 15 which makes them the ultimate blowjob experts. Since boys in Spain start their sexual activity at 16 most spanish girls start sucking off older classmates and more often than not relatives, which in many cases includes older cousins and uncles. During the next three years most girls have oral sex at least three times a day so that by the time they are completely broken in as oral sex slaves on their 18th birthday they could give pornstars deepthroat lessons. Anyway, for the first weeks I just massaged Rafi´s dick with my breasts - what they call " hacer la cubana " in Spain because according to urban legend that is the technique cuban women used to roll cigars - and then deepthroat him.

At first swallowing his whole shaft was impossible for me because he is hung like a horse but over time I naturally got so good at oral sex that I could have him erect for hours without allowing him shoot his load. But after a week of completely draining his big balls he threw all his beliefs overboard and started banging my brains out like there´s no Tomorrow.

Since I wasn´t fully sure about my sexual orientation at that time I tried to please Rafi but when he realized that I never climaxed no matter how hard he pumped me he became obsessed. I guess it was an insult to his manhood and virility and he made it his personal quest to make me cum.

I tried to do my part by dressing up in latex boots or as a sexy nurse and even wore a complete rodeo outfit with a cowboy hat, boots and chaps. In the bedroom he started to go for harder and more and more perverted sex and used more and more depraved sex techniques. It got so far that he went on a strict diet of bull´s testicles because they were sold as an aphrodisiac and it really helped him stay erect for a full weekend during which he almost wore me out. But he managed to bring me to an orgasm three times which only encouraged him in his endeavors to " cure me ".

Now the floodgates were open and after a few months of trying to break my will with sex like in some porn movie and dicktame me unsuccesfully he brought over two friends - another bull fighter and a basketball player who had even bigger horsecocks than Rafi - so they could take turns drilling my soft body. At this point I was practically constantly sexually assaulted by three fuckmachines who used me as their private blow up sex doll.

At first those guys took turns trying to pump me into submission with their overdeveloped members but when they saw that they managed to make me cum now and then they got really serious about that. Now it had turned into a competition to see who could make me scream the loudest and one always had to top the other. One time they had me screaming like crazy for hours so the mad neighbor called the police but when the two officers realized who I was they insisted on escorting me to the station to fill out a formal complaint. Of course I never got there because they just handcuffed me to the backseat of the police car where they drilled me in every orifice for hours before letting me go with a warning instead of a fine. After that Rafi´s friends still were keen on making me scream but only so that I would open my mouth enough for them to shove their enormous erections down my throat. That way they didn´t disturb the neighbors with one penetrating me orally and the other pounding me hard and they started tagteaming me, working me relentlessly from both sides.

But things really got out of hand when they ganged up and if double penetration was not enough now they triple penetrated me with their almost inhumanly big cocks every night. Thankfully the sex marathon left them out cold for the entire day but when they started bringing their friends to those midnight orgies I knew I had to pull the plug so I was relieved when I went on tour and left the whole business behind me.

For Rafi on the other hand these marathon orgies had awoken his inner sex freak and he later tried to tame a lot of international sex godddesses, starting with extremely busty singers like polish 41F ( at only 4 feet 11 ! ) boob phenomenon Danuta Lato, italian siren Sabrina Salerno or mexican vulcan Thalia and spanish sex freak Ana Obregon. Yep, once he and his two horny friends had their way with me he became a virtual love machine.

They basically turned me into a 24 hour open free bordello for them and their friends and I didn´t miss my career as an unpaid prostitute. After that and other experiences I was not so keen on sex with men anymore although unfortunately I had become addicted to oral sex which I still am.

I am a bit ashamed but I especially love to dicktame underage boys with huge schlongs and bring them into puberty prematurely. When I was at the height of my pop star career and after my sex training by my bull fighter and his band of sexual addicts there were a lot of arranged meetings with fans and I used them to give in to my sexual cravings. I really got a kick out of doing some unscheduled fan encounters where I managed to sneak into their homes when they were all alone and then hiding naked under the covers of their bed in the dark or in the shower and surprise them.

Naturally it didn´t need much more to get those young strapping lads hard enough to cut a diamond and thanks to my rigorous blowjob training and superior deepthroating skills I made them squirt - and scream - all night long. They all were extremely thankful but gods, I ruined the poor saps for other women and probably turned a few of them into sexual predators.

Some of them became personal stalkers and there might have been a few incidents of sexual assaults I provoked myself that I didn´t report to the police out of fear my taking advantage of the attacker when he was underage might come out. And there were a few times when I secretly pined for them to tie me to the bed and vent all their sexual frustration on me because I enjoyed it too much. I might even have instigated a few.

I know that I should probably regret it but I still can´t help myself - when I see a guy at the height of his sexual prime who has a dick like a third leg I need to wrap my tits around his cock and swallow it whole. I guess I will always be addicted to deepthroating so maybe I am bi - sexual after all.

Like I said at the beginning of the post, it has taken me quite some time to finish this and while I can´t list all the celebrity birthdays since the first part of this there are still some cult sirens I want to mention. We begin with April the 28th, on which Jessica Alba turned 36. She has been in a lot of movies but her best known roles are Susan Storm in the GOOD Fantastic Four movies and Nancy Callahan in the Sin City movies. Where she didn´t go topless although she plays a stripper. I don´t know if we will see a third movie with the same cast because Rosario Dawson already told director Robert Rodriguez not too wait too much between movies ( it took him nine years to do the sequel ) because her body won´t stay firm forever.

And I could probably never return to Spain ( as unlikely as that is at the moment ) if I neglected to mention Penelope Cruz´ 43rd birthday. She´s in Zoolander 2 with Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson and Will Ferrell and I have to admit that I enjoyed the first movie much more than I had expected to.

One of the hottest women in sci fi entertainment Kari Wuhrer celebrated her 50th birthday. She is best know for her role of Maggie Beckett on the sci fi cult show Sliders. She was put on the cast as the boner guarantee for the male audience and they got more than their money´s worth in the Wild West episode where she´s almost spills out of her saloon girl corsage.

She also was in Hot Blooded, a really bad movie that doesn`t even have full frontal nudity. Nevertheless it´s one of my favorite movies with Kari because she looks really hot in this one. You get to see a lot of cleavage and boobs and in the first sex scene on the bed you can see her sexy ass.

And because one scene where she´s at a gas station and pulls down her leather top to make the desk clerck horny. She´s really pulling it in all directions so you get to see her full boobs. I have no evidence but I swear I can see some nipple. I bet Kari had to do this scene a hundred times as the crew was sabotaging all takes just to see her boobs again and again.

In any case, I had this scene on a video tape on a loop and I must have heard the words " This material just doesn´t breathe ! " a hundred times.

Like I said there is no full frontal nudity in this cineastic masterpiece but you get a bit of sideboob in a scene that was heavily cut on german tv.

They cut parts from when she´s using a whip to get into the mood and pours hot wax on his body. They also cut some parts from where she´s on top of him which I didn´t know until I found the movie on the internet.

Damn you, german tv for keeping Kari Wuhrer´s sideboob away from me !

On April the 29th Uma Thurman turned 47 and you probably expected me to do a post in honor of Uma´s magical boob window cleavage which was so impressive that it granted her an entry in my Search for Power Girl series on my old blog but I already did that in 2012 and there has not happened anything worthy since then that I haven´t already covered.

To prove that the photo above isn´t faked I wanted to add a video from the 2002 Oscars but since there is none where you can see much of Uma I made a GIF instead so I can add one more comic book related video.

The paparazzi and journalists have totally blown it on this one. How is it then can get footage of everything people DON´T want to see like celebs without make up or panties but when there is a sexy woman with big breasts and a huge cleavage - and we are not talking about an unknown starlet here - at a public event - and we are not talking about the opening of the local mall in some small town here - nobody is able to just point the camera at her and let it roll ? Even when they interview Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman they do not manage to get her in focus. The same with Denzel Washington´s acceptance speech for the Oscar as Best Actor there is only a short moment where Uma is sitting down. The best you get is in this docu about Ethan Hawke and even there that part is a bit short.

Our next birthday is Michelle Pfeiffer who is probably the last legit Catwoman we got in movies. She celebrated her 59th anniversary and after two really bad Christopher Nolan Batmovies the old Tim Burton Batman movies with Michael Keaton look better and better to me.

Because as much as I like Halle Berry´s costume in Catwoman she didn´t really play the character from the comic books. This is what happens when beancounters have control and don´t want to pay for the Bat connection and think they know better than dozens of comic writers before them.

But without any doubt the whole tone was wrong. Even the animated version of Catwoman is more of a horny slut than Halle Berry was.

I think what Catwoman needed was more nude Halle, including some explicit sex scenes and she has shown that she can deliver, push the boundaries and get down to business like she did with Monster´s Ball .

And according to one of her ex - lovers this is her second nature : Halle Berry is a kinky sex freak. She used me as her boy toy. She deepthroated me for hours to give me a giant erection and then  rode relentlessly on my rock hard member in a dentist´s chair with her huge breasts pounding against me until she had multiple orgasms. Sounds like my kind of woman.

In the bedroom I take control because looks are not enough to make a fella stay faithful : you must bang his brains out. You have to be a friend, be independent , be a lady and shy but you need to be a total sex freak in the bed and milk his dick - make him squirt until he´s completely dry.

Naturally as a director who takes his job seriously I insist on rehearsing all explicit scenes with Halle Berry just to assure the integrity of the movie.

Ah, the sacrifices we make for art. It´s hardcore . . . I mean a hard job.

Now while Halle Berry´s costume played to her strengths other actresses who played that role were not as lucky ( I had such high hopes for Anna Hathaway and her massive tits after I saw her blowjob in Havoc and her sideboob wardrobe malfunction ) most movie superhero costumes suck.

Originally I wanted to post a video of a guy to explain why DC changed all the costumes for the movies but his thesis is that all comic book costumes suck and to look cool they have to look like street wear. Which is just a load of BS. Comic book costumes don´t have to work, they don´t even have to be possible - all they have to do is look cool. Comics are not recounts of real events so you have that leeway. And don´t tell me you can´t make the costumes like in the comics and make them look cool because hundreds of cosplayers manage to do that time after time.

Anyway, I´m letting NERDSYNCH bring my point across because they do it much better and for more Halle Berry sexcitement you might want to take a gander at the 17 Hellacious Hot Halle Berry GIFS over at GUYSPEED and make sure to check out their Hottest Halle Berry GIFs Ever as well as the collection of 34 Seductive & Stimulating Britney Spears GIFs before that.

Speaking about train wrecks in pop culture, our next birthday is Kate Mulgrew ( 62 ), best known for her role of Captain Kathryn Janeway on the worst Star Trek series ever, Star Trek Voyager. For me the series was only watchable for the holographic doctor, the hot half klingon B´Elanna Torres and the 36DD drone of borg Seven of Nine played by sexbomb Jeri Ryan.

Jeri´s boobs were so huge that they made her skintight suit darker and darker so you couldn´t see them as good but to no avail. Seven of Nine is THE cyborg sex machine every sci fi fanboy wants to assimilate and the only one who could hold a candle to her was Jolene Blalock as T´Pol, the sex massage specialist with the inbuilt Pon Farr automatic nympho mode.

Here´s a compilation of Jeri Ryan hosting the VH1 Countdown - in a bikini. She really doesn´t need to wear more, am I right boys ? Too bad it´s not spring break because she would turn all the drunk, horny college students crazy if she competed in a wet t - shirt contest with her big puppies.

One year older is comedian Jerry Seinfeld who created the cult show Seinfeld of which the best part was the funny and sexy Elaine Bennet.

Even though it was not shown to the general public in Germany ( they always aired it when most people were asleep ) I managed to catch a few with Elaine´s best scenes. Her sexiness was always downplayed but there were a few episodes where she fully opened her mouth and I could see that it would have been a perfect fit. I´m sure I´m not the only one who had fantasies of Elaine´s soft lips that were just made for milking giant boners wrapping themselves around my erect manhood and polishing my rod until it becomes hard like unto a thing of iron. And after a few hours of a private full body nuru massage I would come between her breasts.

Anyway, while I´m very much a boob guy Miss Dreyfus does have other qualities than just a nice rack and since I already posted a video where she shows her oral skills ( I do not mean her deepthroating ability since I don´t think that would be on YouTube but her incredibly sexy voice as she can make you come with that alone ) here we can see her long sexy legs.

With that we are making one big jump to Todays birthdays starting with Traci Lords who to the young crowd is that hot blonde with the killer body who guest starred twice on Married with Children, ( that old tv sitcom Ed O´Neil used to do before Modern Family ) who used to be a porn star.

Guys from my " time period " knew her as the hot chick who had her boobs done and lied about her age to do porn with 16. Traci was one of the big stars during my teenage years because of her youthful look, her titanic twin torpedoes and her penchant for oral stimulation especially the deepthroat blowjob sex techniques. She turns 49 Today and initially I wanted to add Jim Wynorsky 1988 movie Not of This Earth to this section but after re - watching the movie - only in tribute and not to see Miss Lord´s spectacular rack - there was more nudity than I remembered.

Honestly, I only remembered the parts with Traci Lords so I decided against it. You can find that movie easily on YouTube and if I risk my blog again it might well be for a worthy reason like to post Russ Meyer´s Up !

Today is also the anniversary of Gary Cooper´s birthday who is best known for starring in westerns, the most famous among them being High Noon. Towards the end of his career he also did Man of The West which initially was not a success but over the years this dirty and realistic tale about a man who is brutally confronted with his past as an outlaw has become kind of a cult movie. For those who never heard of Anthony Mann´s movie DVD TALK has a review and you can also find a german review on DER WAHLBERLINER . Should it worry me that I found the entire Not of This World on YouTube but only this small part of Man of The West ?

Now I would do my readers a big disservice if I didn´t mention this, but part of the appeal of the movie is full blooded - and full bodied - ( 37C !!! - 24 - 36 ) cult siren Julie London who plays the role of former saloon girl Billie in what could otherwise be the stereotypical woman in western.

Even though the fates don´t have many good things in store for her her captivating performance lifts the quality of the movie at least one level.

Since I have run out of Samantha Fox videos - she doesn´t have many good music videos - and Sabrina Salerno´s live appearance are better anyway here´s the italian sexbomb with her patented bouncing action.

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You can beat your dog and you can beat your woman but you can´t beat a blowjob.

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