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Get ready for Halloween with Kelley Jones

Because there has been a lot of Marvel content the last weeks I´m - only figuratively - killing four birds with one stone since a .) I haven´t done a post on Kelley Jones´ birthday this year, b .) All Hallow´s Eve is coming up and I don´t know if I can do a special post and last but not least c .) I get to feature one of my favorite artists in what is my 885th posting. Go, me !

Another reason why I chose to do this post is that I have already selected all of the artwork and put it in a special folder since this post has been in the pipeline for more than a year. For those readers who like to go back to my old posts : I already did two Kelley Jones posts last year. One about his work on other comic books than DC and one about his DC work. And since I already put most of what I have to say on the subject of Kelley Jones version of Batman in the DC post we can go right to the Batman pictures.

As always it´s time to give credit to all those people in the bloggosphere who make it possible for me to do these posts by providing content that I can use - even if it´s only as a source of reference or as something that may be of interest for my readers since I like to add a little extra content.

The original artwork for the covers of Batman 503, Detective Comics 669 and Batman : Gotham After Midnight 11 comes courtesy of a post from THE DORK REVIEW with a ton of original Kelley Jones art, the penciled and inked cover of Batman 516 and the variant cover of Justice League Dark 33 were found in COMIC CONVENTIONS Kelley Jones interview and there are a few more pieces on HORROR ILLUSTRATED . More interviews with Kelley Jones can be found at the STRANGE KIDS CLUB , ILLUSTRATION AGE - this one has a lot of Kelley Jones artwork in color and black and white - and for a different selection of Kelley Jones covers just go to 13TH DIMENSION

Dozens of Kelley Jones covers from his various series are at FRESH COMICSBIG COMIC PAGE has another interview with the master about Swamp Thing : The Dead Don´t Sleep and WEDNESDAY`S HEROES has not only a great review of the series but also features all of the covers in black and white. Speaking about black and white art and Swamp Thing, I know that most people are probably tired of hearing about any Kickstarter projects at this point since a large amount of the announced comics get scrapped at the last minute ( or with projects like Karl Kesel and Tom Grummet´s SECTION ZERO there is the problem of how to participate when you are in Germany. Do they ship the comic to me ? Is it even available outside the US ? Will it be sold through online comic shops or amazon ? ) but there is a Kickstarter by Spoof Comics to get their Swamp Thang issue 1 by Kelley Jones and Alfredo Alcala back in print that you might want to check out.

Finishing up the links Bernard O´Shea at THE COMIC BOOK CULCHIE takes a look at the Batman run by Doug Moench, Kelley Jones and John Beatty, our last Kelley Jones interview comes from GOTHAM IN RAIN and THOUGHT CO has the evolution of Batman Halloween costumes from 1964 to Today.

There are no important comic book related birthdays since the last post that I already addressed in previous years so I have decided to ignore any cult sirens who have had an anniversary in the interim. I think there will be plenty of opportunities to mention them in other upcoming posts.

So we start Todays birthday roll call with someone I have mentioned a few times but I don´t think I have posted any of her videos yet. As longtime readers of the blog know one of the things I often post about are the hot women on tv and just recently I have added romanian news anchor Oana Andoni who looks like a real life Power Girl ( including magical cleavage window, giant XXL boobs and all ) and czech tv presenter Lucie Borhyova, a stunning blonde with legs up to her chin who posed naked for PLAYBOY.

Now in these posts I have mentioned that Spain has the hottest women on tv worldwide and I was planning on doing a special with the top five - or even top ten - sexiest latimas on tv. I have so far posted videos of latin sexbombs like Thalia , Marlene Mourreau , Aylin Mujica , Ximena Cordoba, Ivonne Reyes , Anna Simon or Ana Morgade - to name just a few - and one of the best known is Cristina Pedroche who celebrates her 29th birthday.

Cristina really has done everything from starting as a tv reporter on such shows like Se Lo Que Hicisteis and Otra Movida to becoming a permanent cast member of Zapeando where her water war segments have become hugely popular ( she also used the show as a platform to raise awareness for ALS by competing in the Ice Bucket Challenge - and nominating three very hot blondes ) to hosting Peking Express. Cristina has been on the cover of the spanish FHM magazine in June 2010 and her appearances in see - through dresses at the annual New Year´s Eve Twelve Grapes have become rating records with La Sexta. She has also appeared in 5 music videos, 2 short films and 8 tv series among which can be found such tv hit shows like Sin Tetas No Hay Paradiso, La Que Se Avecina and Aguila Rojo.

I have to admit that for the longest time I didn´t not realize Cristina´s hotness since I was more fixated on such megahot MILF sexbombs like Paula Prendes, Berta Collado, Anna Simon or the überbusty Ana Morgade.

But she finally won me over when her cleavages began to become bigger and bigger and her boobs almost jumped at you through the tv screen.

Besides her banging bikini body that she is never shy to display and her wardrobe that can only be described as beyond risque the reasons why Cristina is so hugely beloved by the spanish populace is her irresistible smile, the fact that she is up for anything without any concern if she may look stupid and her ability to laugh at herself. She is also a huge soccer fan and her proudest moment was not any tv show award she won but that she was honored to do the season kick - off for her favorite soccer team.

Originally I had posted another clip of Cristina from her many memorable moments on Otra Movida or Zapeando but after finding the animated GIF below I replaced it with her stunning appearance on Los Viernes Al Show where she surprised one of her biggest fans by reenacting Salma Hayek´s famous table dance from the movie From Dusk Till Dawn ( which is called Open Until Sunrise in the spanish version - Abierto Hasta El Amanecer ).

Yup, now you can see why she has so many fans but it´s too late, she got away. For the longest time she was talking on Zapeando that she can´t find the right man but in 2015 she married spanish chef David Muñoz.

We continue with another hot sexbomb, nubian 38D goddess, the lovely Nia Long who turns 47 which means that if I ever had sex with her I would still do it with a woman who´s younger than me. Chupate eso, Will Smith.

Of course this will not impress Will Smith since he probably banged her brains out when they were together. Now maybe you have heard of the Mandela Effect - which is in short when people think things happened a certain when in reality it is not true but because so many think it is true it is considered fact by most people - but the truth is that Will´s wife Jada Pinkett Smith was never on The Fresh Price of Bel Air. But they did meet on set. Okay, most people think that Jada then only Pinkett played Will´s girlfriend who tamed him and got him to give up his womanizing ways but while it is true that she auditioned for the role she was considered too short and so the role was given to Nia Long. Personally I would have given the part to Nia in the first place since I think she´s way hotter than Jada.

Anyway, Jada WAS on the set of The Fresh Price of Bel Air because she auditioned for the role of Will´s girlfriend and that´s when she met him.

Of course a big part of that show´s success and continued appeal around the world ( there are probably only a few people on the face of the planet who can´t recite the lyrics to the title song in their sleep ) is Tatyana Ali who grew from a cute little girl into an incredible sexbomb over the course of that series and who got to show her musical skills.

Much to the chagrin of the show´s producers she really bOObed all out in later movie appearances like The Clown at Midnight or Fall Into Darkness .

Now Will Smith has gone on record that the relationship between him and Tatyana Ali has always been that between a big brother and his little sister but I don´t believe that he never put her body to the test not even once.

The same goes for Nia Long since she and Will also were together in Made in America and if you have seen the movie you know how absolutely do - able Nia looks in that movie. And Will was in his sexual prime. So it´s a sure bet there were some r - rated rehearsals going on in their trailers.

Besides The Fresh Prince of Bel Air and Made in America Nia Long is best known for Boyz n the Hood, Friday ( which I have both seen ) and the Big Momma´s House movies which I haven´t seen. She has some lingerie scenes in the movies but so far seeing Martin Lawrence in women´s clothing has kept me from watching it so far. I don´t know why so many people think it´s especially funny to see a man wearing women´s clothing.

I did see The Best Man and The Best Man Holiday back to back because I was unaware of the first one and only found out about the big brouhaha they made when the second one came out. I think I first heard of this on an episode of The Arsenio Hall Show where the cast appeared and Nia looked like the star of one of those MILFs Like It Big porns that are so popular now. Which is why I knew I already wrote something about her.

Longtime readers may remember that I cut off the part with her, Tatyana Ali, Letoya Luckett and Kenya Moore from the post because the upload time for all the animated GIFs was way too long. Ah, the naiivite of youth.

Like I said I have not seen all of Nia Long´s movies partly because they are all following the same formula of a group of friends meeting after a long time - because of a holiday or to celebrate the success of one of them - and then they end up at each other´s throats but in the end they are friends again. A while ago I got a couple of those because I decided that I needed to see more of such sexbombs like Nia Long or Taraji P. Henson.

And one thing you can learn from those movies is that men and women are treated different by our society but not in the way you might think. The truth is that when a woman and a man do the exact same thing it is liberating and empowering and emancipated when the woman does it but chauvinistic and disgusting and degrading to all women on the planet when the man does it. Take for instance the movie Think Like A Man.

In the movie a guy has written a book about how men think so women can understand them better and they can have a more harmonic life. So what is the first thing the women do when they get their hands on this ? They use it as a weapon to practically brainwash the men into doing what they want. I hink one of them even gets rid of her man´s comic book collection which for me would be the point when I walk out without looking back for one second. But women always have to change their guys and then they leave them because they are no longer the person they fell in love with.

Anyway, this whole campaign by the women is portrayed as funny and liberating but it is psychological warfare plain and simple. Of course the guys find out what is happening and after studying the book they use it to - just saying - only defend themselves and try to get on even ground.

But as soon as they make their first move the guys are portrayed as the villains and the women as the poor victims who only wanted to make life better for the men. Because they know better what they should be doing and what they should not be doing. The unrealistic part is that they could get what they want from the men if they just used their bodies to bang them into submission. Which also would have made for a better movie.

In the end the men have to compromise and admit that both sides were to blame just to get the women to back off. But we know that it´s not both sides who are to blame. It´s the women who started the whole thing because they wanted to brainwash the men and mold them to their liking and just because they use a book instead of electro shocks doesn´t make it better. The women here are at fault and are unrelenting until the end while the guys show real growth as they give up part of their freedom.

So you may understand that I´m a bit reluctant to watch these kind of movies that are advertised as comedies but are basically just propaganda for the cause that all men - and especially white men - are the cause of everything that women have to suffer. Wow, that was a long rant. I only hope I haven´t written this already in another post. Back to Nia Long, last time I mentioned her I posted videos from the premiere of The Best Man Holiday but since one of them was deleted are the female cast members.

By the way, is it just me or does Wendy have humonguous XXL hooters ?    

We come back to comic books with P. Craig Russell celebrating his 66th birthday. I don´t know if it was the first work I saw of P. Craig Russell but his adaption of Michael Moorcock´s Elric of Melniboné in Epic and the first Marvel graphic novels are some of my favorite comics by P. Craig Russell and they are definitely the first comics where I took notice of this artist.

So naturally I got his Killraven graphic novel when it came out and I don´t know if I was already aware of that character through his appearance in Marvel Team - Up or if this started my interest in that particular future.

Now I won´t go as far as saying that P. Craig Russell is one of my favorite artists since there is a lot of his stuff out there that I never cared to get like his adaptions of Oscar Wilde stories or certain operas but he´s also not an artist that I go out of my way to avoid. One of the reasons why I include these birthday sections is that with all the things life throws at you some things are forgotten and it´s nice to be reminded once in a while that maybe I should get these Elric comic books now that Titan Books has released them in nice new hardcovers. I may already have one or two of these but they are either split up between issues of Epic or my hardcover is so worn out that buying a new one might be a good idea.

Speaking of P. Craig Russell´s comic books based on operas the following links were originally going to be part of a Gil Kane post since he did the first comic book adaption of Richard Wagner´s The Ring of the Nibelung trilogy for DC but since I don´t know when - or even if - I will ever get to continue with my Gil Kane posts I´m putting them here in the meantime.

THE HOODED ULTILITARIAN takes a look at all of P. Craig Russell´s opera adaptions and of course a website called THE WAGNERIAN has to do a review Ring of the Nibelung even if it is a mini review. The comic is also part of the reviews for the 2nd week of August 2014 on the PAGE 45 blog.

One thing that Kelley Jones and P. Craig Russel have in common is they both worked with Neil Gaiman. Both worked on the seminal Sandman ( Kelley Jones on Dream Country and Season of Mists and P. Craig Russell on the 50th issue and Endless Nights ) and P. Craig Russell also illustrated the adaptions of Coraline and The Graveyard Book and is currently working on the comic book version American Gods which is hopefully not as gay - infested as the tv series. So I want to include the one Neil Gaiman link I always forget to post : his interview with spanish newspaper El Mundo from 2014 titled When you dream you go to a place where you really live

We start our Dearly Departed section with french writer Jean - Michel Charlier who worked on such classic bande designee series like Buck Danny, Tanguy et Laverdure, Barbe - Rouge and Blueberry among others.

Which means that he was a big part of my reading material as a tyke because all of those were published in Germany at that time in ZACK.

But his influence on comics doesn´t end there because besides his work as a writer he was also a co - founder of famous french comic magazine Pilote which launched popular series like Asterix or Valérian et Laureline.

Which I´m mentioning because Valérian et Laureline was adapted as a movie by Luc Besson whose The Fifth Element drew heavily on The Incal by Alexandro Jodorowsky and the late Moebius ( who also worked on the aforementioned Blueberry ). Now I haven´t watched the movie yet but I´m sure that Luc Besson stayed truthful to the spirit of the characters since he was a big fan of the comic as a kid. Which was influential on the entire science fiction genre in general and especially Star Wars but since that seems to be what everyone is constantly mentioning I´m not going to write about it until I have had a chance to see the movie. The only thing I want to point out is that nobody is comparing the movie to Star Trek so there must be some connection that´s working on a subconscious level.

So instead I´m posting the first episode of the cartoon series which sadly has that generic anime look that was so prevalent at that time. I wish the producers had tried to come close to the original look of the BD instead.

Our final birthday shout - out goes to Charles Atlas whose life story really reads like the famous ad you could find in countless comic books. But not only has this ad become known worldwide through many parodies in comic books, tv shows or movies it´s probably impossible to find a person on the face of the earth who has not heard the name Charles Atlas or knows the Hero of the Beach ad. The ad is probably the most successful ad campaign in history and I think it´s telling that Charles Atlas chose the comic book form for the ad proving that nothing gets a point across like a comic. Now it took me a while to find the spoof below in all the various folders on the laptop but the good news is that I have now made a special folder for all those famous Twinkies ads and other similar announcements and I will try to add some of them every now and then in my posts if it fits the topic.

One last thing about Charles Atlas : he even got turned into a comic book character by Grant Morrison called Flex Mentallo who debuted in his run on Doom Patrol and later had a 4 issue mini series drawn by Frank Quitely.

The mini series has become a very sought after item as there are always legal problems involved when a fictional work is based on the likeness of a living person. For decades it could not be reprinted ( I think this was also true for the issues of DOOM PATROL in which Flex Mentallo appeared ) but I guess that they somehow sorted it all out because for a few years now the Flex Mentallo series is available as a trade or a hardcover and there is not only a Doom Patrol omnibus DC is also re - printing Grant Morrison´s run in trade form for those who can´t afford those giant omnibus books.

Or those who are cautious after DC´s first omnibus books were poorly produced. The last one I got - the first of George Perez´ run on Wonder Woman - is okay but I still don´t dare to open the New Teen Titans ones.

Anyway, since I have already posted Comicbookgirl19´s brilliant videos on Flex Mentallo ( if you have not watched any of her videos you HAVE to watch those ! They are so good they should be on tv or available on DVD / BlueRay ) I should not have to tell you how great the comic is but in case you need a reminder AGAIN WITH THE COMICS has re - read the 1st issue. 

As this post was all about Kelley Jones´ Batman you probably expected a Batman video. But he also did the already mentioned Swamp Thing story and since I have more Bat related posts than Swamp Thing related posts I´m grabbing the chance to impart some Swamp Thing knowledge. Maybe this finally will get me mentioned on Mike Sterling´s PROGRESSIVE RUIN.

Since I have already covered the topic of sexiest tv women of the world with Cristina Pedroche and we also had nubian nympho Nia Long I want to end the post with some hasian transpiration. And since I am keeping my promise to lay off 40D cosplay sexbomb Yaya Han it´s time for another hot k - pop group which I discovered Today while making room on the laptop. 

Because the new seasons of CW´s Supergirl, The Flash, DC´s Legends of Tomorrow and Arrow have started I need more space as I like to put as many new episodes on one disc so I usually wait until I have a few new ones. So I decided to go through all of my videos and outsource the ones I do not watch anymore or at least have not watched in a very long time.

It´s something I should do on a regular basis but because of all the stuff I normally have to juggle I can only do it once in a while. The good thing is that I end up with more free space and I find a lot of stuff I completely forgot. The bad thing is that I find a lot of stuff I have forgotten about which can lead to a lot of more new videos - and again less free space.

So I spent the last 48 hours almost non - stop listening to some k - pop videos ( I think I was looking for Nine Muses´ adult ceremony videos ) when I came across Miss A and their song Hush. I am including their best live performances in this post and you can easily find the music video on YouTube but I have to warn you : the song is highly addictive - but in a good way - and once you have heard it it will stick in your head for days.

As always I am late to the party here because Miss A - a South Korean girl group based in South Korea formed by JYP Entertainment in 2010 - has already split up. The group started with four members, but Meng Jia left in May 2016 and the group currently has three members left : Suzy, Fei and Lee Min Young who is the most important one because she´s my favorite.

Although I might be in the minority here because ti seems that so far Suzy and Fei have been the big fan favorites with Miss A followers while Min ( I will be using the abbreviated version of her name for most of the rest of the post ) only seems to have gotten more attention starting with the Good Girl Bad Girl video where she showed how incredibly flexible she is.

Now I am not saying that my taste is especially eclectic as I immediately was drawn to Min and you have to keep in mind that the first thing I saw of Miss A were their life performances of Hush where Min is already much sexier - at least according to what I could read on the internet. Anyway, in those live gigs Min clearly stands out, not only because of her haunting voice ( which according to the in - depth vocal analysis on AMINO is the best in the group ) but also because she´s the first one you see and she is absolutely stunning. Especially with the shiny blue outfits which are very effective in bringing across her sexiness while still looking classy. Adding to that look is the jewelry which is a cross between a posh necklace and a sado maso slave chain which instantly reminds you of 50 shades of Grey type of sex practices. On top of that the blue outfit fits like a second skin that does not leave much to the imagination so when Min pulls out her best stripper moves you get the urge to chain her up in your bedroom. 

A bit of background on my honey :  Lee Min Young ( her stage name is Min, since she is south korean Lee is her family name. I know, I also always get confused because in the occidental culture the family name sometimes comes before the persons name which is the other way round in Europe ) is an idol singer and dancer, songwriter and actress. She was born on June the 21st in the year 1991 - which makes her 26 years old - and besides being a member of Miss A she is best known for being Lil’ Jon’s protege.

In many ways, the fact that Min is reportedly having a solo debut soon has been a long time coming as Min has been in the entertainment industry pretty much her whole life. She was one half of the dancing duo Little Winners ( with Hyoyeon of SNSD fame ) and she auditioned for JYP Entertainment in the sixth grade. A year later, she was shuttled off to the US to train for a debut there back when JYP was still banking on k - pop taking the United States by storm. It was during this period that Min teamed up with Lil’ Jon. After six years worth of delays, Min returned to South Korea without telling her parents or her label. This turned into eight years of training after which Min became the new member of Miss A.

The girl can rap and sing and she’s incredibly easy on the eyes. While Miss A´s vocalists are often interchangeable, Min definitely brings a harder edge to her vocals that helps offset the softer stylings of Fei and Suzy.

That versatility suits her well. With a solo debut forthcoming, Min is positioned to slay everything. All that’s left is the coronation of Min.

Since Meng Jia left the group in May 2016 the remaining members of Miss A have concentrated on solo activities which for Min meant her acting career as she has starred in movies and musicals since then. Coming back to the music video Hush, the girl group delivered a strong comeback with a very adult image. In the video, each member resembles an automaton that is brought to life, with the sole purpose of seeking satisfaction.

The sensuality is pervasive from the lyrics of the song, the styling of their costumes, and the choreography. This is in direct contrast to the 2012 release I Don't Need A Man, which very much is like a response to Super Junior's Sexy, Free, and SingleI Don't Need A Man was the breakout hit from Miss A´s fifth project aptly titled Independent Women III.  If I Don't Need A Man was intended for Miss A´s younger audience and to promote girl power, then Hush serves as a more mature view on relationships.

Hush marked the first time since the inception of Miss A, that the group released an album that did not contain songs composed by label founder, J.Y. Park. Although varying reasons were provided the songs contained on their full length album were composed by other songwriters and the lead single Hush, composed by E - Tribe marked a fresh sound for the group.

Although fans were disturbed by the lack of participation by J. Y. Park in the songwriting process it is obvious that the concept behind the album and the release contains a different dimension for Miss A. As Miss A is a Chinese and Korean concept group, it is will definitely be interesting to see how audiences react to this change of image. And if you still want to read more about this there is an in depth review of Miss A´s Hush video with more animated GIFs of the sexy girls on YELLOW SLUG REVIEWS .

So after this very long introduction there is still one more video before we come to my actual top five Miss A live performances which I selected for this post. This was originally going to be in my top five because Min ( and the other girls as well ) looks absolutely stunning in the red latex outfit.

But halfway through the performance Min get accidentally ( at least I hope it was accidentally ) elbowed in the face by one of the dances and having suffered through my share of painful injuries in the last few years it´s a bit hard for me to watch this. Mind you, Min soldiers through like a real champ and finishes the number but I can´t watch it more than once. 

So with that said, here are my top five live performances of Hush by Miss A starting with the weakest ( which is still a very good performance since I started with over a dozen ) and ending with the ultimate number 1. As a radio dj would´ve said : your show gets better as the number gets smaller.

I thought about putting down some comments for each video but I think you have read more than enough text for Today and they best speak for themselves. Which also avoid´s me writing something offensive if I have not already done so. The next k - pop videos will probably be of AOA in a post about Scott Lobdell and Joe Madureira´s Uncanny X - Men since that can stand for either Age of Apocalypse or Army of Angels. Daum - eh bwa.

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