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A black and white mutant double feature

After putting the finishing touches on my last megalong post Yesterday I only wanted to clean up the laptop and take a few days off from blogging but like always I went over the birthday list - like we bloggers wont to say : After the post is before the post - and when I saw that Chris Claremont and Dan Green´s birthdays are only one day apart I waited with going to bed to prepare some stuff for a quick post in homage to two creators who have over the decades contributed greatly to my enjoyment of comics.

Yes, cleaning up is a big part of the work involved in writing a post since I can´t do that while I´m still writing it because until you are finished you never know what piece of artwork or which clips you are going to need.

Especially if you write posts like I do which means that you start writing about one thing but then go on a tangent and write about other things and end up with some completely different topic. I know that it makes it difficult to write posts but I think it is worth the extra effort because it keeps things interesting for me and my readers and it also motivates me to keep on writing. And then there is all the extra stuff and cult siren material I need for the entertainment block. But of course in the end I have to put it into folders so I can find stuff again when I need it. Which doesn´t sound too difficult but it´s always a struggle to decide if I should file according to series, characters or artists. Just Today I struggled with this dilemma because I have started some special folders for some of the artists where I did not make a special birthday post because their art was all over the place. So now I have folders for Terry Dodson, Joe Jusko and Mike Deodato but where do I put a piece by Terry Dodson with Psylocke - in the Terry Dodson folder or in the Psylocke folder ? Anyway, I try to put things where I will look for it first but that can be quite a taxing task.

But enough about other birthdays and let´s come to the topic of this post since you have not come here to hear me ramble about my problems. Chris Claremont celebrated his 67th birthday Yesterday and I thought I had to wait with doing a birthday post until next year. I have already prepared the stuff I need for the second part of the MARVEL VISIONARIES - CHRIS CLAREMONT hardcover and I thought that the next opportunity to write about Chris Claremont would be that ( you can check out the first part here ). But since Today is Dan Green´s birthday ( I don´t know how many years old he is now since his year of birth is not known ) and I thought I could include them both in one post. Yes, longtime readers already know that I like to cover more than one thing in my posts and I also always try to add a little something something extra. Now Dan Green has inked a lot of the great comic artists over the years but I have decided to focus on one series and two artists in this post. I am of course talking about UNCANNY X - MEN written by Chris Claremont where two of my favorite artist were embellished by Dan Green : John Romita Jr and Marc Silvestri. 

I have written about both of their runs in numerous posts so I think I don´t have to keep on repeating the same things. I keep buying these same issues again and again so there will be probably more posts on that anyway. Now usually I post the black and white art next to the colored art in these posts but since I don´t have good scans of most of the original art pieces - and I have two artists in this post - I am mainly sticking to the original art. It is a post to showcase Dan Green´s inks after all. As you can see above I found some of the inked pages at Heritage Auctions and the rest comes from ComicArt Fans or other websites. As I said before I do not scan in pages so all of the art you see here comes from other sources which is why I always try to give thanks to the original pieces posters so yes, I´m down with OPP. I also want to stress that I don´t own any of the original art you see here so if you want to buy that I´m sure you can find it at Heritage Auctions, Romitaman, ComicArt Fans or similar websites.

Now we start chronological with John Romita Jr´s issues and I must have written about him more often because I could not find as many good black and white original pages from UNCANNY X - MEN as I did of Marc Silvestri.   

So far I have not bought any artists edition because they cost an arm and a leg. A friend of mine recently told me that I do have the money needed but I´m still hesitant to pay between 100 and over 150 bucks for one book.

It may be what I usually spend in one month on comics but thanks to the bargain book section at amazon I can get a lot of comics for that. So IF I ever bought one of the artists editions it had to be art I really like and not something that I could get bored of looking at. Right now the list of runs is particularly short and with the exception of Mike Zeck - where it is art from various series - I don´t think any of them have been given the artists edition treatment. What I would pay such big bucks for is John Buscema´s second run on AVENGERS with Roger Stern, John Romita´s DAREDEVIL run with Ann Nocenti, selective DC titles by George Perez like his NEW TEEN TITANS, of course Jim Aparo on THE OUTSIDERS or THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD and Marc Silvestri on UNCANNY X - MEN. I know it is probably comic sacrilege but I would buy his X - Men stuff before that by John Romita Jr and John Byrne. Now some people always say that you like the artist the most you first experience on a series but the first issues I read of X - MEN were by Jack King Kirby so I can´t explain what my fascination with this particular period is. It was a time when there were a lot of moving pieces and I just immersed myself in cyborgs, the Reavers, cowboys and indians, Australia as the new headquarters and an almost completely new team. It had a lot of my favorite crossovers like FALL OF THE MUTANTS and INFERNO and Marc Silvestri´s art just looks really astonishing in the inked version.  

This is my 888th post which means that post 900 is only 12 posts away - yay ! - and because I have already explained where the original art in this post comes from and I don´t have any links the usual link section gets scrapped. Well, not so much scrapped but more transferred. There will be some links but they are all in the entertainment block. Still there is one more thing I have to say about Dan Green and this is an actual reading recommendation. Because Dan Green did the fully painted artwork on the graphic novel Doctor Strange - Into Shamballa. I don´t think it has been reprinted yet but you can´t always rely on GRAND COMICS DATABASE because they apparently have no idea that it was translated to german.

Anyway, after the Doctor Strange movie people are gobbeling up anything with Marvel´s Master of the Mystic Arts in the hopes that it rises in value so if you see this at a reasonable price you might want to give it a look.

You can see sample pages at SUPER MEGA MONKEY`S MARVEL CHRONOLOGY but I can´t share his verdict of the comic because you don´t need word balloons to categorize something as a comic. And if you don´t believe me just check out Hal Foster´s classic Prince Valiant series. It´s one of the best comics ever created and it does not have one single word balloon.  

There are no comic related birthdays since my last post that I covered in any of my previous posts but I have a few important cult sirens I must mention who celebrated an anniversary since then. We start with Sophie Marceau who turned 51 on November the 17th and whom longtime readers might recognize from my very first post of CASTING THE JUSTICE LEAGUE MOVIE where I cast her as JUSTICE LEAGUE EUROPE´s Catherine Cobert.

The french sexbomb is best known in the US for appearing in the Bond flick THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH, and outside for taking her clothes of in such classics like MES NUITS SONT PLUS BELLES QUE VOS JOURS ( my nights are more beautiful than your days ) or DESCENT AUX ENFERS ( Descent into hell ) - where she appeared in nude scenes with Claude Brasseur who played her father in the romantic hit comedies LA BOUM and LA BOUM 2 which caused all kind of outrage at this perceived incest.

Her first nude scene was in HAPPY EASTER with Jean Paul Belmondo which I have to confess to have lying somewhere and still haven´t watched. She was 18 at the time she made the movie and payed the movie studio Gaumont money to get out of her contract to be able to do nude scenes.

What a trooper. In the movie she´s Jean Paul´s lover but when his wife returns a bit early from her vacations she says she´s his daughter from his ex. Sophie also starred in the horror movie NE TE RETOURNE PAS ( don´t turn around ) opposite Monica Bellucci which is like a dream sandwich.

Not only does Sophie drop her clothes very often in her movies she also shows great cleavage like in the film THE MUSKETEERS REVENGE ( or The daughter of D´Artagnan like it´s called in Germany ) that has one of my favorite scenes with her. D´Artagnan´s daughter ( Sophie Marceau ) is captured by the villain of the movie to be sold off to a brothel, but only " to the sleaziest one where they waste the whores very quick " as she says. The guy who has to sell her bitches starts complaining that at the price he has to get for her he´ll never get rid of her. At which point the bad woman tells him that in this case he should be glad, ripping open Sophie´s shirt and revealing her gorgeous breasts which shuts him up.

I still have not bought THE MUSKETEER`S REVENGE because for some reason it´s only available on DVD in Germany and priced very high. One might think it could be because of the nude scene but most of Sophie´s movies include some and the majority of them are not very expensive.

Writing this section is always a nice reminder of things that I planned to do and still have not been able to do and I really should get some of her movies. There is always so much to do that some things are put on the backburner for too long. One of these days I should get LA BOUM and the sequel to re - watch, once for the nostalgia but also because it has been really a long time since I first saw them and I don´t remember much of it. I was probably too young to fully appreciate Sophie´s emerging teenage sex appeal or more concerned about comics and I had completely forgotten her astonishing impression of Cyd Charise from An American In Paris.

Which is one of my favorite musicals of all times - and not only because of the spot on depiction of female art students in their first semester who visit Paris ( that´s another candidate for my must - buy movie list ).

But Sophie also had a wardrobe malfunction in Cannes 2005 where her dress slipped off. Some say this accident was faked but what the hey, I don´t care. If she did it on purpose that makes her cool in my book.

We continue with Bo Derek who celebrated her 61st birthday on the 20th of November. She appeared in a few movies when I was a teenager but the one that really put her on the map and forever cast her as the gold standard of bodily perfection all other women strove for was of course " 10 " the comedy with Dudley Moore in which she played - well, a perfect 10 .

I don´t know how common it was to rate women on a scale from 1 to 10 before the movie but afterwards ALL men were doing it. Only from that moment on 10 meant Bo Derek. Yes, when I was in school she was the biggest erotic movie star with photos in in all the men´s magazines like PLAYBOY or LUI. I remember that I went to see BOLERO in the cinema which back then all guys in my class did. The movie was not that great in hindsight but it was all Bo Derek all nude. What more could you want ? I´m not sure if I also went to the theater to see that awful TARZAN movie which was in full effect of the downward spiral of her career. I mean Bo Derek was also fully naked in that one but unlike BOLERO the rest of the movie just dragged it all down. Strangely enough what was the beginning of the end for Bo Derek was the start of Mile O´Keeffe´s movie career.

On November the 22nd MILF Jamie Lee Curtis turned 59 and I already did numerous reposts of her cult siren entry which in big part consists of her incredibly hot striptease in True Lies . This year I sadly do not have the time to do so again but you can check out the post I did on her last year where I put the best new animated GIFS of said striptease because that´s the first thing you find about Jamie on the interwebs. Which is not really surprising since it´s one of the best stripteases in movie history - period.

Jamie Lee was not always a sex symbol and started out in horror movies like Halloween and The Fog where she quickly became very famous for her impressive set of lungs as one of Hollywood´s scream queens. Although she later became quite literal famous for her impressive set of lungs as her boobs had busted out and she quickly got the nickname " freezeframe " because her scenes in movies like Trading Places or Perfect became the most paused on the vcr thanks to her 34C - 22 - 34 measurements. Today she is best known for her incredibly hot striptease on True Lies, the best striptease in movie history - at least according to a poll conducted in 2007.

Which is all the more impressive if you keep in mind that Jamie Lee Curtis was 36 at the time. So she did her best movie scene when her body was in remarkable shape - she exercised every day for this - and I cannot even begin to imagine how epic it would have been if she hadn´t kept on her underwear and gone full monty frontal nudity. Because James Cameron had seen her in A Fish Called Wanda and wrote the role of Helen Trasker specifically to see her nude body. A lot of other actresses auditioned for the role and while I could definitely see Demi Moore in that part ( who is the number one in my Top Movie Stripteases thanks to her spectacular performance in Striptease ) or even Kim Basinger, Michelle Pfeiffer, Geena Davis, Rosanna Arquette, Madonna, Jennifer Jason Leigh and possibly Lea Thompson or Sharon Stone I thank God that it wasn´t given to Emma Thompson, Melanie Griffith, Debra Winger, Anette Benning or Joan Cusak.

In the case of cuban MILF sexbomb Aylin Mujica who celebrated her 43rd birthday on November the 24th I did a lengthy post about her two years ago but I never did a repost. Mainly because I already said all there is to say about this hot tamale and I also have found no new material about her.

I still have not had time to watch the episodes of the telenovela Marina I found on the internet some time ago. And when I say watch that´s meant quite literal because it´s dubbed in polish or some other language I don´t understand. But I have started to look through the episodes and erased some where Aylin is not featured much or where she is wearing a dress that doesn´t favor her spectacular booty. Don´t worry, I only deleted them from the laptop, I still have them on DVDs as I´m still hoping to watch them some day. But I have too much stuff on my laptop right now.

Without the birthday post about Aylin Mujica I would not know that another hot cuban turned 45 : Aylen Alvarez. Because she doesn´t appear on any lists I usually consult when preparing the entertainment section.

I mean, what are the odds of two cuban sexbombs whose first names sound almost identical and who are both gifted with mindblowing derrieres were born on the same date - although two years apart ?

And with that we have wrapped up the old birthdays which brings us to Today´s anniversaries of notice that start with Jessica Camacho who turns 35. I vaguely remember her from her role of Special Agent Sophie Foster on season 3 of Sleepy Hollow but of course she´s best known to Today´s tv audience as Gypsy, the leather clad collector from Earth 19 on The Flash.

Who is a little different from the original Gypsy in the comic books. Not that I´m a big authority on that. I missed most of the Detroit Justice League era but with a bit of luck and a lot of change I can catch up on that with the new omnibus that´s coming out on the 12th of December.

Now one of the members of the Detroit era Justice League was Vibe who in the Flash tv show has it going on with Gypsy. I hope we will see more of that relationship in season four which I still have to see. So far I have not been able to watch any new episodes because I was so busy with other stuff but now that the big crossover event Crisis on Earth X is coming up and seven episodes have accumulated I have declared next week as Flash Week. Which sadly does not mean that I will write a new Flash related post each day but much rather that I will watch a new episode of season four of The Flash each day. So that at the end of the week not only will I have caught up on all the episodes but also I will have downloaded all the episodes of the crossover event. So far I have tried to avoid any spoilers but I am aware that Danny Trejo a.k.a. Machete will make an appearance and it looks like he will be playing Gypsy´s father which will be a lot of fun.

Now while doing the research the following GIF came up a lot and I just want to clarify that this is not Jessica Camacho but Puerto Rican Jessie Camacho who was a contestant on Survivor in 2000. This may be from Reno 911 but since I have never seen that show I can not confirm it. 

And we are staying with the super hero shows from CW with our next birthday as Pat Broderick who turns 64 has been the artist on Firestorm and Ragman. But that´s not surprising as he not only was a prominent artist on many new series like Captain Atom or old favorites like The Legion of Super - Heroes over at DC but with credits for Marvel books like Micronauts, Rom Spaceknight and Iron Fist his checklist reads like a Who´s Who of Bronze Age coolness. I´m not kidding. Pat Broderick may not be a name that keeps popping up much in Today´s comic conversations but I remember that when I was reading comics in the 80s and 90s his art kept popping up in everything from the Batman titles to Alpha Flight and one of his greatest accomplishments is Doom 2099 which is one of the two good titles to come out of that line together with Spider - Man 2099.

As usual I have no specific folder for his art - although I DO have some awesome cover recreations from The Fury of Firestorm - so I didn´t make a post for him but if all goes the usual way I will have more than enough material once I´m finished with this post. So don´t be surprised if one of the next posts is a Pat Broderick post which almost certainly will contain some art from his short stint on Legion of Super - Heroes since I use any excuse to put more Legion content on the blog. Speaking of which, you can find some great art from The Legion of Super - Heroes ( including some hot Legion babes ) at THE LEGION OF SUPER - BLOGGERS and there is more art from various other series Pat Broderick worked on in this post .

Apropos great art by Pat Broderick, you might want to jump over to COMIC BOOK SPECULATING & INVESTING and read the spotlight on Andrew Allen who collects a lot of science fiction comics including Rom and Micronauts ( part 1 / part 2 ). Now I know that there are a lot of comic book rookies out there and there still are no reprints of those seminal 80s cult series so I´m including the link to a mini - retrospective on Micronauts on THE COMICS CUBE ( part 1 / part 2 ) and don´t worry if you have never heard of the book because Paul O´Connor at LONGBOX GRAVEYARD can bring you up to speed. Furthermore there´s an interview about Pat Broderick´s return to the title with many original art pages on INNERSPACE ONLINE ( part 1 / part 2 ) and another interview with Pat Broderick at TUFFGNARL .

TITLES FROM THE BRONZE AGE has Marvel Premiere 24 featuring Iron Fist by Chris Claremont and Pat Broderick and once again Duy Tano on THE COMICS CUBE comes to the rescue with a slightly longer retrospective on Iron Fist ( part 1 / part 2 / part 3 / part 4 / part 5 / part 6 / part 7 / part 8 / part 9 / part 10 ). As a special treat for horror fans SPECTERGIRL`S CRYPT OF POST - CODE HORROR has The Witching Hour 81 which besides the story Blind Frenzy Pat Broderick also includes Two Faces of Evil by Tenny Henson and The Haunted Planet drawn by Jerry Grandentetti. You might also want to check out the post about Vault of Evil 11 for some great art by Bill Everett, Gene Colan and Jack Kirby and for more about DC´s and Marvel´s horror mag STEVE DOES COMICS covers The House of Secrets , The House of Mystery , Journey Into Mystery , Strange Tales and Tales to Astonish .

One of my least favorite parts of this section are the Dearly Departed but I include it to give tribute to people who had an impact on my life. Which is definitely true for Lorissa McComas who passed away in 2009 at only 38.

She starred in a lot of softcore skin flicks that used to play on Pro7, RTL II or KabelEins and whenever you read her name is the opening credits you knew that there would be at least some good scenes in the movie. There are always those erotic movies where you know that they picked the lead actress more for her acting ability than for her good looks and in some of these her best friend or sister looks way hotter but does not take her clothes off. Which for me is a huge waste of talent - in erotic movies.

Don´t get me wrong, I´m not saying that a good looking actress HAS to take her clothes off. But I´m also not against it. There are some cases where it may not be appropriate like in a childrens movie. BUT if you are making an erotic movie and you put an extremely attractive actress in a role where she does not take her clothes off anyway - that´s a waste of talent and money because then you should cast another actress who is better at acting. Which brings us back to Lorissa McComas. She played the female lead´s busty best friend or the hero´s cute co - worker or slutty sister very often and she always delivered. In many cases her parts were much better than what was going on during the rest of the erotic movie.

But Lorissa McComas was not your average mid - Western girl next door. With her mob doll looks and a bikini contest champion body, this raven - haired beauty is a total softcore sweetheart. Born in Columbus, Ohio, her family moved to Cincinnati when she was four. As a kid, she aspired to be in the spotlight, " I always wanted to be an actress or model when I was little. " Participating in as many extra - curricular activities as possible, she honed her talents and her body in choir, theater, gymnastics and ballet.

At 16 years old Lorissa took a trip to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for high school spring break. There, after a little encouragement, she entered a bikini contest and won first prize. Then after returning home she won Cincinnati´s Most Beautiful Girl pageant. With her dark brown hair, blue, innocent eyes at 5'4" and 104 pounds, Lorissa was poised for stardom.

She graduated early and headed back to Myrtle Beach where bikini and wet t - shirt contests became her specialty. Discussing her summer living off the prize money from wet t - shirt competitions, Lorissa said, " I think I won at least 30 of them that summer and retired undefeated. " Her young, fresh attitude and 34D - 22 - 34 figure propelled her into a Miss Hawaiian Tropic regional win and a Playboy scout discovered her in 1990.

Over the next three years she appeared in every PLAYBOY special edition and began posing for other publications like Penthouse, Club and Cheri. During her time as a glamour model in Los Angeles she started a strip - o - gram business back in Cincinnati. It was a huge success but the stress of leading two lives was too much and she decided to stay in California.

Lorissa reached the heights of success as a gorgeous pin - up and moved then on to acting. She added her sizzling body to late night scorchers on Showtime, gave sci - fi geeks something to gawk at in such mainstream productions like By the Numbers and Raptor, and continued to grace us with her unmistakable presence in productions from Penthouse Video.

Originally I wanted to include the midnight classic Love Games from 1998 but I could not find it on YouTube. The movie is also billed as Love Games V or Ultimate Love Games and there are literally at least a dozen different movies under the name of Love Games. The movie in question is one of her better ones and the plot is that a couple whose love life has become kind of routine comes into possession of a game thingie that looks like a souped up ouija board where you enter some kind of trance and have these elaborate sex fantasies. Lorissa plays the female half of said couple and the next thing they do is invite another couple so they can play all together and the audience gets to see them all living out different sex scenarios. While the other couple just take the experience as a way to spice up their sex life Lorissa and her guy get kind of obsessed about it.

I think in the end it turns out that the devil is behind it all or something equally cheesy but I don´t remember much. The important part is that it is a great movie with a lot of good looking women with every imaginable body type getting their freak on. It also has one of the best scenes of Lorissa´s career which strangely enough is not a sex scene and only has slight nudity. Lorissa´s character turns into a full blown nympho thanks to the game and her BFF and bosom friend - played very ably by the hot Sage Kirkpatrick with a big emphasis on the bosom part - comes over to see if she´s all right. Lorissa immediately starts getting it on with her and there is a clear lesbian attraction in the air that´s so thick you can cut it with a knife. I seldom write good things about the german dubbing but I have to say in this instance it is almost perfect. In these kind of movies it can be extremely distracting if the voice actress does not have an erotic voice or if she just reads text from a paper. I don´t know what the german actress was doing while recording this but you can hear there´s something more than pure lust going on and there is a quiver, a timbre in her voice that speaks more than Kate Perry´s entire song I kissed a girl and I liked it.

Like I said, I didn´t find this movie so you have to look for it somewhere else BUT I found a movie with Lorissa McComas. Droid Runner ( and not Cyberzone like it says in the video title ) is one of those cheap 90s movies which were upgraded considerably by Lorissa´s participation and she played the role of a pleasure droid ( we should have something like that now since it´s 2017 after all ) alongside fellow midnight special regulars like Brinke Stevens, Rochelle Swanson, Brittany Rollins, Meaghan Prester, Bianca Rocilili, Heidi Grotzky, Pam Philips, Greta Carlson and Tammy Parks.

My last shoutout goes to Charles Schulz, creator of the famous Peanuts. I would have posted this video earlier if I had managed to actually write a post on Halloween but better late than never. I even found a link : THE FW has 10 Things You Didn´t Know About " It´s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown ! " and there is a post with interesting tidbits about the Peanuts Christmas Special - which I hope I can include in a post around Christmas.

Since this post is also about Chris Claremont I´m including some pictures of Yaya Han´s Psylocke cosplay. She´s one of his favorite creations ( I mean Psylocke, not Yaya Han. At least I think so. I have no idea if Chris Claremont even knows of Yaya Han. ) and no matter how often a writer kills her off he always find a way to bring her back. Maybe the bigwigs at Disney ought to release a verdict stating that Psylocke is off limits for other writers as far as killing her off goes. Anyway, for some reason I have not included it in MY BIG YAYA HAN POST ( which I still have not finished ).

Okay, one of the reasons why I didn´t include it in my original Top Ten favorite Yaya Han cosplays is that for the most part I eliminated most of the costumes that were well known characters and only allowed for a few indispensable must - have favorites like Chun Li, Jessica Rabbit and Power Girl. But the more I think about it, the more I feel Yaya Han´s Psylocke cosplay deserves a spot. I mean I ranked Psylocke as number 3 in my X - Men Comicbabe Battle post - way back when I still had time to do those - and I always found her extremely sexy after she turned into a hot asian.

Now this is a bit of a " What came first, the egg or the hen ? " question because I can´t deny that there´s this special attraction asian women have to me but I´m not sure if that´s really racial stereotypes at work here. Would Psylocke be less hot if she had the same body but was not asian ? Or to put it simply : is she hot because she´s asian or is she just hot and happens to be asian ? If you have read this blog for any length you know that I also like afro - american women, latin women, spanish women, as a rule if a woman´s hot - then I´m there. No matter what the ethnicity.

But back to Yaya Han´s Psylocke cosplay, this is not her first version of the character. She already did a version that was more with regular cloth and less with this sturdier - leather ? - and it did not look as good. One of the reasons why I did not include some pictures of this version was that I did not have good ones. Here is one of the full costume and you can see one of the small drawbacks of the new material. Because while it looks better than just simple cloth it partly camouflages the silhouette and I had to search a bit for this pic where you can still see Yaya´s impressive chest.

Speaking of impressive body parts, for some reason you don´t see much of Yaya Han´s tush in most costumes so I´m especially thrilled that you not only get to see it in this cosplay but also that it proves that Yaya Han has nothing to hide in that department. The butt she got makes me so horny.

As a last comment in regards to Yaya I want to close with the observation that I find stuff when it´s already too late. In my last post about Nicole MILF Murphy I had a completely inapropriate Yaya Han rant were I added material of her Camilla from Fire Emblem cosplay and I looked for some GIFs of it but of course there were none and in the end I had to make some myself which cost me an additional day. And as usual, now that I no longer need it and was looking for something completely different I found one. In any case, after it took me so long to finish the last post I´m not going back to include the GIF I found but I still wanted to put it on the blog for the Yaya Han enthusiasts among my readers - which I know exist.

Once again what was supposed to be just a short post has become longer and longer but after eleven days I can finally put a lid on this and start shifting through all the material that has accumulated. But not before one final video with Dan Green´s inks which could only be the first part of X - Men : Inferno a topic that you can be sure will turn up in a lot of posts.

New to the blog ? Everything you need to know about TALES FROM THE KRYPTONIAN : top ten posts / more posts of interest / best of the best

Oh, my stars and garters !

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